Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Spine Center

I took the laundry down to the laundry room and did all the clothes yesterday because Nancy is still not feeling very good. 
I know what she is going trough because I had the same virus and it does take a few weeks to get over it.

Yesterday I went to four different stores to get some things that we needed.  I usually start at the store at the far end and work my way back home.

Our nice sunny days are gone for a few days.  Instead we have rain which started early this morning and is suppose to last until the middle of the day tomorrow.

Nancy has an appointment with the   Spine Center today to get her back electrode implant adjusted.
She has to do this each year in order to get the electric paddles produce the shock to the places to ease her pain. This does not eliminate the pain but it does ease it some what.


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