Monday, August 30, 2021

Cherokee side of the Smokies.

 We left Joe and Mishell headed for the Smokie Mountains.

Pigeon Forge was crowded and the traffic slow moving and Gatlinburg was more traffic.
Plus if you take the right side lane going through Gatlinburg you have to watch so you will not hit the people on the sidewalk..
For some reason the like to walk right on the traffic side as close to the traffic as possible that some of them have to turn side ways to avoid getting hit,


We stopped on the mountain top to have a little lunch while enjoying the view which is always very relaxing.

But this view of a snake with its four youngin's all cuddled up, is not good to see. 

Soon we where going down the North Carolina side of the mountain headed for our destination of Smokemont Campground for a couple of nights.

After checking in Vicki and I unhooked the car pared the motorhome, parked it leveled up then extended the slides and we were all set for a couple of days.


The next day we went out for dinner and by the time we finished as we had it timed the elk where out in the field.  We got a chance to see a couple of the very young one out with their mother and father.

Here one of the small ones where hungry and just had to have some milk.

While while we were close to the visitors center and "Heritage Village" 

Vicki and I walked around to look it over.
First would be an old house that you would have in the 1800's.

A view of the back porch.

Here is the meat house with the barrel of salt to put the meat in.

I remember Dad having a small smoke house to put fresh killed and butchered hog in.

Big barn on the left.

The inside where the horses are stabled.

They even had an old oxen yolk hung up inside.

It took us around an hour to walk through the village, but worth it to see some of this old stuff that brought back some memories.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.




Friday, August 20, 2021

Dandridge, Tennessee

We are still visiting with Son Joe and his wife Mishell and we are enjoying the visit with them.

Although Joe has retired he still is doing a part time job at Dollywood, so visiting time with him is limited. Still we did get to make a trip out to the land fill.  This is always interesting in the they have a section that when people buy new things for their house like furniture or washers and dryers it is in a section for these so you can buy those and some of the things are usable.


Getting down to Joe's house is very steep off the main road, so steep that Nancy rode down in the car with Vicki.  


                                                 Another view of the driveway .

Joe and I put in 50 amp connection last year so the completed what we needed for staying with water and  a place to dump our tanks. 

But there is nothing to do about the steep incline

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



Sunday, August 15, 2021

Around Cumberland Gap

We just finished up visiting The Cumberland Gap area where we stayed in the Wilderness Road Campground.

The main reason for this stop was to have the rear levelers repaired at the G & S Truck Service that is a very good place for service.


We did get to play tourist around the area. Here is a cannon to represent a look-out position on pinnacle mountain during the Civil War.


And from this position the enemy could be spotted.


                                                         And looking the other way.


We drove down into the old town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.   Here is an old church that they are redoing it to the way it was.


                                                      The old covered bridge in town.

We really enjoyed our time here in the "gap" getting the levelers repaired and also enjoying the scenery, resting up a bit.

We are now visiting with our son Joe and his wife Mishell and enjoying it. 




Sunday, August 08, 2021

Cumberland Gap

We made it to Danville and the first thing I did was filling up the gas tank on the motor home at $2.79 a gallon for gas.

Then it was to the Pioneer Campground  where I expected it to be better then it was, but that's another story and if you are planning on being here, check it out first.


The ticket office and campground office is combined into one for both of them.



The old village is real old and they do get more visitors to see the play  then I thought they would have.    


Nancy and I enjoyed our visit with our grandson Jarod his wife Chelsea and their four children.  Wow, that was a blast, non stop. We really enjoyed the little ones and their antics.

Thank you Jarod and Chelsea for a wonderful visit.

Our older daughter Vicki is on the trip back to Florida.  This is the first time that she will be  trip with us, so we shall see how she likes the rv style of living.

We are  now at Cumberland Gap staying in the Wilderness Road Campgroun