Thursday, April 29, 2021

How is this possible?

How do you carry around so much "stuff" in your rv?

Going from this size 8'x32' packed up.


To this size 14'x48' moving not all the "stuff" in and still filling all the drawers and cabinets in the house is a mystery. Nancy and I are moving slowly but we are still getting mighty tired, and just think when we leave on our summer trip some of it will go back in the motorhome.


This is what happens when you have your thumb in the door jam when (ouch) shutting the door.

That's what  happened a couple of weeks ago.  What's amazing it hurt for 15 minutes , no throbbing at any time.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Got a home base

Nancy and I have been looking for sometme now for a place to call home. Well we finally found one that we thought would work and bought it. It is a 14' X 48' trailer with a room built on like most of the many that are in the parks here in Florida. It is two bedroom with a bath and a half which Nancy likes because we will have room for visitors.
                                                                   It has a car port.
                                                      Plenty of room between houses.

                                     What Nancy likes she has been using this kitchen.

                                        Now she has this one to move around in.

We are still going to travel in our motorhome this summer to visit with family.

Right now we still have things to do that will keep us busy.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

We got shot

Friday the 2nd day of April I started looking on the internet for places in our county to get the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

  Since Nancy wanted to get the Johnson & Johnson one shot deal thats what I was looking for. There were around a dozen places that gave the shots but had run out of the one we wanted.

I finally found one that had the Johnson & Johnson that was five miles away. It was a small Family Pharmacy so I make us an appoinment for last friday at 3:00pm.

I told Nancy about the appointment and told her we would be there maybe an hour and a half because of the people getting the shot and the wait time they tell you to wait after the shot.

Friday we got to the Pharmacy ten minutes early where they gave us some papers to read and sign. As soon as we gave the papers back to them we where called to get the shot and ready to leave by 3:30 including the wait time.

It felt like a normal shot but in a short time it did have a small pain to the needle section.

 Then by bedtime I felt like miled case of the flu with a stuffy nose.

Then waking up yesterday morning Nancy and I woke up with our bone joints really aching. Then this morning everthing was back to our old self so all and all it was ok.

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Sunday, April 04, 2021

Happy Easter

Nancy and I wish you a Happy and Safe Easter.

I hope everyone of you have a great time this Easter with friends or family. Nancy and I will be eating in as we usually do for our Easter.

  I told Nancy we could go out to eat, but she always likes to have a nice ham and the trimmings for us.

Of course I watch the Final Four basketball games yesterday and that one with Gonzaga and UCLA was really a good one.

Nancy and I are schduled to get Covid-19 shot this coming Friday and it is suppose to be the Johnson and Johnson one shot deal.

Nancy has her appointment with the Nephrologist Thursday and that is all on our schedule for this coming week.

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