Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pot Luck Dinner

The folks that are still here in the park hard a pot luck this evening. We had hot dogs and hamburgers and so much side dishes I can't remember all on it. Everything tasted real good. There are a few here that will be heading north in a few weeks.
The bathroom is slowly coming along. The shower base is in with the surround and it looks pretty good. Things are going more slow then I had planned on with all the new water and drain lines. Also the new flooring and walls it just takes more time then I had wanted to. I still have to put in the new vanity and then new tile on the floor. Then I think its some down time for old Joe to rest up a little bit.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh My Aching Back

That is no joke. I got into more then I bargained for. Thats what happens when you tear into a project to do some remodeling. I had to replace half of the bathroom floor and wall. When they built these little park models years ago they used particle board and when there is a water leak it just crumbles up,so out it came and in went the plywood. Also running new drain lines. The wall has to come in 2 1/2" for the new shower base. I can tell allready that this will make the very small bathroom appear to have more room.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

There will be lots of activities today,with people visiting ,cook outs,swimming and all the other things that kick off summer. The stores will have their start of summer sales.
Let us never forget what this day was set aside for-"To Honor Our Fallen Heros". Yes it will be a sad day for those that have lost loved ones in battle. Just remember to thank a veteran for the privilage to do all the things that we are free to do.
Hope you have a great day in all the things that you do today.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I set Nancy a hummingbird feeder out over a week ago and still no Hummingbirds are coming around. I wonder why,and where are these little rascal's. I've never had this problem before.
We did go to church today and enjoyed it very much. After church we went out to dinner with our good friends Lee and Hazel.
The rest of the day will be just being lazy and watching the tv.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Very Hot

Yesterday was the same old "stuff" therapy for Nancy and a little work around the "bungalo"
The weather is so hot and humid that its almost impossible to do much of any kind of work.
I did get out and wash my car this morning. You would think I was doing hard labor work the way I was sweating. Sometimes its not much fun getting older but like so many other things theres not much choice,and the other choice that I have on that I don't think I would want that.
Nancy and I are both just waiting for her to finish with the therapy so we can be off to visit with the family.
Of course all the news is about the high fuel prices and why they are high. All I know is that it is high and I can't do anything about it. Its suppose to be supply and demand and the news this morning reported how many millions of gallons less that the United States used this year then last year. Go figure that one out?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Need a Truck?

Sometimes I wish I had a truck. Like yesterday when I went to pick up the bathroom fixtures. The shower surround was in a big box that didn't fit in the trunk,so we opened the box and with a little bending here and there it did manage to go in. Having a small car where the back seats fold down sure helps a lot. I wouldn't mind having a small truck but I don't want to give up the small car with its fuel mileage of 30--33 miles to the gallon. Today has started out with rain again but not a big down pour like yesterday. Nancy has therapy again today and I have to get some additional tools to work with. I use to have all the tools to do about everything,but when we went fulltiming I couldn't carry all of it. Guess I will have to stock up a little now that I will have a place to keep them.
I had a good day with the google ad clicking yesterday,nothing really great but for me it was good. Even if that amount would only buy one and a half gallon of gas I sure do thank you for doing so.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Needed Rain

Yesterday morning started out with much needed rain. It looked as though it might rain all day.
The streets were flooded with water. The rain only lasted a couple of hours,but it was some good rain and the dry ground really needed it. It did clear up and the sun was back out hot as usual.
Nancy was suppose to go to therapy at 3:00 but they called and wanted to know if she could come in 2:00 which she did. From there we went and loafed a little in some stores.
I got a call this morning from the place that I ordered the shower parts monday that it was already in. So now I'm going to be busy for the next several days taking out the old and putting in the new.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Small green oranges

We've got a few small green oranges on the tree beside the bungalo. They are growing fast even though it is very dry ground. I got the shower bas and the bathroom sink ordered today it should be in by the weekend and then I have the big job of remodeling the small bathroom.
I has been awfully hot here in the 90's and it is tough working out in the weather. Nancy is enjoying her washer and dryer,the clothes are coming out cleaner looking then they did when we were doing them at the laundromat.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

HooRay Finished

Boy O' Boy I finally finish with the washer and dryer install. I didn't think I would ever get through running back and forth to Home Depot for parts. So next is to get the bathroom sink and shower base ordered so I can redo the bathroom. On the way out of the park this morning I saw an 8 foot long alligator walking down the street in the park. Dad gum it I didn't have my camera with me. He was a mean looking rascal too. He looked like one of the gators that Tarzan used to wrestle with in the movies. I mean a real ugly one. Nancy is doing good with her shoulder,but it still hurts her. She jumped right in and did some washing and drying clothes just as I finished my part. She did have quite a load because we didn't go to the laundromat for a while.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Still Working on the Bungalow

Yep,thats where we ate the other day. I don't know how it got the name unless its because they serve breakfast all day. This is not a fancy restaurant,it kind of reminds you of the ones back in the 50's and 60's. Good food and friendly people.

Well I'm still working on the old place. I took out the old propane water heater and plumb in and hooked the electric to the new water heater. In case you don't already know it don't try to work on 2 or 3 things at one time. I let all the water out of the old water heater,while it was draining I was plumbing the new one. When the water was down enough I took the old plumbing off and connected in the new. After the rest of the tank drained I took the plumbing loose,then I finished the plumbing on the new water heater. I then turned the water on,I couldn't hear the water filling up the tank ummm,but what I did hear was Nancy screaming water is all over the place. You guessed it,I forgot about the loose line on the old tank. LOL What can you do but laugh about stuff like this. Well anyway the new water heater is in and working. They are bringing the clothes dryer and washer tomorrow so I have another project to do.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I haven't felt good today,I think I may have a little virus of some kind. I did do some work. I ran a new drain for Nancy's clothes washer. It and the clothes dryer are suppose to be here Friday. I also took out the old gas furnace that hasn't been used in years. That gave us another small storage area. With doing that and going to Lowes and Home Depot around 3 times a piece mad a long day. I can't get down and under houses like I use to. Maybe the houses are closer to the ground you think? Nancy is still getting along real well,I know its not fast enough for her but she'll make it. We went with Jim and Donna to a new restaurant yesterday,it was called "The Broken Yolk".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hot Times

Nothing new to report on,just that Nancy is doing very well. We are walking around the park some but not going out and doing any big time walking. She said she didn't think a small operation like that would effect her as much as it did. I'm still cleaning and doing some work around the park model. I haven't started in on any of the remodeling yet.
It has been close to 90 degrees these days and muggy. Just getting outside and not doing much of anything and the sweat starts pouring. It still looks like it will be some time before we can get out of here and go visit family.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Cutting the Cactus

The same things are happening around here. Working and taking Nancy to therapy. I called Good Sam Emergency Road Care yesterday and they sent someone out to take the tire off that had the blow out and put my spare on. So this coverage has paid off this time.

I got the small cactus plants cut out of the front. These dad gum things were sticking my legs everytime I got around them,but no more they will not.
Here is one I've been cutting on in the back. It is 4 foot tall and is going to be though cutting it up and out.

Here is one that is 8 foot tall. I don't have to worry about it,it belongs to the neighbor. It looks like a jungle back here. Maybe I can get some of the important things finished up before we leave for the summer.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Big Blow Out

Yeah really,is there a time that you are glad to have a blow out on the front tire of your motorhome. Well that happened friday. We got home from Nancy's therapy session and several neighbors came over to tell me that my front tire had blown out. They said it like to have scared them to death,I guess it did sound like a big explosion. Anyway I'm glad we were'nt traveling down the highway at 60 mph. That might have been a very bad experience.
Most of the last few days has been hard work still cleaning out the park model and getting it in somewhat of a shape. I'm going to have quite a bit of renewing and remodeling. This unit has sit many years of people living in it a neglecting to keep it up. I will do what I can before we get back on the road and then work on it again when we come back for the winter.
Nancy is doing real good and although her shoulder is sore she says she can tell it is better.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Big 70

We've really been busy with Nancy going to therapy 3 times a week. We also bought a small park model here at Orchid Lake RV Resort. So trying to fix the old place up and moving out a bunch of stuff that was left behind by the previous owner. We park the motorhome close and taking some of the things out of it to use while we are here. Its really up in the air as to when we will hit the road with Nancy going to be on therapy for 2 months. With the price of gas and that going up each day it gets hard to be on the road. We are not rich people so we feel the increase quite a bit. The google ads have not been clicking only a small amount so I can't count on that to help hardly anything at all.
Oh the big 70 is for my birthday that I had yesterday. I guess I will be getting old in a few years.