Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The gangs gone

Vicki and her girls and the baby left yesterday morning by 8:am.  She called us late in the evening to tell us she was home safe.
I spent some time cleaning up the house and getting it back to our normal after the family left.
Even though it was crowded we enjoy it when we have our family visit us.
Nancy has been trying to come down with something for the last four days with a sore throat and stuffed nose.  We thought it might by allergies but it hit her full force yesterday evening.  She started
 sneezing and coughing so it looks like a trip to see a doctor today.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Enjoying our family.

Our daughter Vicki along with our two granddaughters and two great grand children arrived Friday evening hunger so we all went into Calabash for supper. Nancy and I had the chicken tender dinners and the others had seafood dinners. Nancy and I neither like seafood all that much.
After dinner the gang wanted to go to The beach to walk and get in the water.
Nancy and I came home with the little three week old one to take care of him.
Yesterday Rachel and Rebekah went down to Myrtle Beach while Vicki and I went down also to get a few things.  It is Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach and they have a barricade down one side of the street. It sure was crowded but traffic moved along quite well.
I took Vicki to Barefoot Landing to see all the shops and restaurants.
We saw all the boats that were moored and setting along the waterway.
After getting back home we had hotdogs with the homemade chili that Nancy made a week ago and it sure tasted good.
All of them are gone now for the evening to see a show and we are babysitting again.
Vicki and her gang will be leaving to go home tomorrow to Lexington, Kentucky.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Like old times---Almost

Took this photo the other day while walking in the park. These large bushes are over the campground and look nice when the are blooming.
We had our breakfast yesterday morning Nancy had the biscuit with egg, bacon mayo and lettuce and I had biscuit with egg, sausage mayo and lettuce. We then relaxed with another cup of coffee while doing our usual morning talking. We then were on our computers checking on our different blogs we follow.
When it came supper time I grilled us a couple of center cut boneless pork chops while Nancy was busy with the mixed vegetables and baked potatoes, a very good meal. 
After cleaning up the kitchen I told Nancy that the motorhome had warmed up so much from the cooking and the sun bearing down on it that we should get in the car and take a short ride.
The air-conditioning in the car felt very nice and cool.
We stopped at the new park that is along the intercostal waterway to watch the boat traffic. There was a very nice cool breeze coming off the water.
I told Nancy this was like old times going back 60 years when we were first married and lived in Detroit, Michigan.  Our small apartment didn't have air-conditioning and we used to sit on a bench and watch the large boats and barges navigate up the river.
Small boats and large boats use the ICW.
Here goes a yellow tow boat to the rescue.  With the tide going out someone may be grounded and need a good pull from this boat.
It was good to just relax in one of the 6 swings in the park. Nancy loves a swing we have had swings on our porches in every house the we owned.
The motorhome had cooled down by the time we arrived back home. We can only run one air-conditioner since we have 30 amp throughout the campground.
It was another nice day indeed.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Busy and not

The week has been the usual things like going to the Laundromat and Walmart to do grocery shopping which seems to take the whole day.  I did grill some hamburger patties with peppers and onions that really tasted very good.  The commercials every things is better with Ritz crackers but I think every thing taste better with onions.
We did go to the beach yesterday around 3:00.  The reason we didn't go earlier was because the free parking place would be full and me being cheap I don't like to pay the $5.00 fee for the parking that is beside the free parking.  At least Nancy says I'm cheap but I tell her its the way I was brought up and its hard to break old habits.
We are waiting for our daughter Vicki and her daughters and our newest great grandson which we haven't  yet that are going to be with us for the weekend. They will be here tomorrow and leaving Monday so we will be busy.

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Some cleaning up

Saturday was just a few of the necessary things.
I did the vacuuming and shaking out the small rugs. After I did that Nancy mopped the kitchen and bathroom area.  While she did that I took the garbage down to the county dumpsters and went to the store to fill our water jugs up with water. We don't drink or cook with the water here at the campground because it turns our bathroom fixture kind of red and we are constantly cleaning them.  So I don't know if it is the iron in the water or something else.
With all of our work finished it was a day to relax with me watching the golfing and the Preakness Horse Race.  Then later on I watched an NBA Basketball game.
Nancy was on the computer and then reading books on her Kindle Fire tablet.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Getting out day

Monday Nancy made some of her good home made chili. Well it was really what all the family calls the Snack Bar chili.  The reason is it is the chili that my mom made when she had the Snack Bar which was a restaurant beside the old Matewan High School. That place was so crowded during the school season with a bunch of kids coming in to eat..
Well back to the chili.  we had hot dogs for supper and they tasted really, really good.
Tuesday we decided to get out so we drove down to North Myrtle Beach to look around.  We stopped at a Roses Store and spent quite a while in there before starting back home.
We then saw back the cars clock it was getting late and would be too late for us to eat when we got back home.  We stopped to go into Benito's Brick Oven to eat since both of us have been wanting spaghetti for some time.  We have seen this place every time we come down the way and have thought it might cost more than we wanted to pay but we took a chance on it anyway.
To our surprise it was priced very reasonable and the spaghetti  was very good. we got served so much that we could only eat half of it and brought the other half back home.
We went back to Roses yesterday to take back the things that Nancy bought that didn't fit hear.
On the way back home I stopped at Lowes and got a couple of hanging flower baskets that we have been wanting to get. There's just something about having flowers and plants around a place that make it look and feel better.
These flowery bushes are all around the campground.
We have no plans for the day so it is a just let it happen day.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Slow weekend

After a nice beach day Thursday the day and night temps have been cool.  With the last two morning temps in the middle 50's.
We don't go to the beach on weekends anyway so the low temps would not come into play on going to the beach. Nancy has stomach problems over the weekend so we sat around the house doing just the usual things watching the tv and on the computers several times during the day.
Oh we did go out Friday to several thrift shops in Calabash to look if they had anything that we couldn't do with out. Nancy bought a ring and some ear rings and I ended up not finding anything that I couldn't do with out.
When you live fulltime in an rv you have to be carefull what you buy because everything adds weight.  I guess a ring and some ear rings will not put me over the weight limit.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Finally a beach day

Wednesday we had a busy day.  We first went to the Laundromat from there Walmart, Hills grocery, came home unloaded the groceries and laundry then had us a bite to eat then it was to Walgreens to pick up our prescriptions. By the time we got back home it was hitting on 8:00pm.
Yesterday was a beach day for us. We didn't stay very long because we know what the beach sun can do from past experience.
It was very pleasant just being in our lounger's laying back and listening to the sound of the waves.
After a short time it became cloudy and misty not a good day to get photos of the landscape.
Then the thunder came with the black clouds and we headed for home.
Even though the day ended that way we still had a nice relaxing day.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Eating too much

Sunday we were at the house and didn't do anything much. I did go to Hardees and used some coupons for buy one sandwich get one free. So I got two for Nancy and two for myself since she likes chicken and I like burgers. The sandwiches were good. Monday we ate the sandwiches we had left over from Sunday.
Yesterday was Nancy's Birthday so I got up earlier and went to Hardees and with coupons I bought us both the big breakfast. Nancy had the bacon, egg, hash rounds, biscuit and gravy. Mine was the same only I had sausage instead of bacon and it was good.
So I told Nancy we would go out for supper where ever she wanted to eat. She thought about it and said she has wanted some pasta for some time and decided she would like for me to just go to Pizza Hut and bring home some of their pasta. Well since she likes the Pan Meaty Marinara and I like the Pan Chicken Alfredo I got one of each which was enough for 4.  That was ok though because on Tuesdays it is 2 for $10.00 and that is with bread sticks. Both of us eat a little more than we should have but it sure was good.  We topped that off with a piece of strawberry cake and ice cream that I bought for her Birthday.

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Sunday, May 08, 2016

Happy Mothers Day

We wish all of you Mothers a great day today. All of you that have a mother still living please get in touch with them today and tell her how much you love her.

I didn't have any plans for doing anything yesterday, but as it turned out I did a few things.
I vacuumed, wiped down the ceiling and walls in the motorhome. I even took a short walk then settled in to watched the Kentucky Derby and then a couple of basketball games on the tv.  Like I say it is hard to sit down and not think of something that needs to be done.
Again no plans for today we will just let things happen and see what comes up.

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Friday, May 06, 2016

Wishing Well Campground

Yesterday's project with the Fantastic Fan vent cover wasn't as I thought it would be.  Thought I would be on top of the motorhome longer but it only took about an 1/2 hour to be finished with it.
So now we can leave the vent open without the fear of rain coming in.
But not last night or even today. It got cool and the temp was 48 this morning and going to be maybe 58 today so no vent fan at this time.
I just happened to think I've told you where we were but didn't show you around the Wishing Well Campground. This is the sign looking on it from highway 904. The campground is 5 miles from the beach.
It does actually have a wishing well. I looked in the well the other day to see how deep the water in the well is.  But all I saw was cement with some coins were people have made a wish. So it is not a real well.  I will have to check and see if it was ever a real well.
Here is our site a little under the trees but not so much that I can still get my satellite dish working.
Here is the shower house.
Power pedestals for the tent campers. The lawn is nice and always cut and trimmed up.
Several picnic tables spread out under the trees.
Here is the dirt road on the backside. With the trees and camp sites this campground is more like a forest campground but is still close to the beach. It is a Pass Port Campground so the price is right also if you are a member.

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Thursday, May 05, 2016

In town today

Yesterday we had to go to Shallotte for a few things. 
First was for Nancy to get her hair cut and she wanted to get to Great Clips before May 8 because they were having a special going on.  Needless to say the place was full but it still didn't take to long for her to get her hair cut
Then is was to Dollar Tree to get some shower spray and a few other things. Right next door was Home Depot where I got a few items I needed.
The a stop at the gas pumps of Murphy's Gas to fill up the car at $2.03 a gallon,
It was getting late and on the way home I stopped at the Hardees where I used some coupons I had and our supper only cost us a total of $5.85.  So we had a good discount day today.
I ordered a fantastic fan cover for the fan I install back in December from Amazon which came in yesterday.  So if it doesn't rain today I may get that project finished today.  Then we can let the fan run while we are away from the house without the worry of rain coming inside.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Riding around

Yesterday was suppose to be partly cloudy with less chance of rain so we thought we would go into Myrtle Beach to look around.
There are different kinds and sizes of miniature golf courses,
Places to eat like if you only want a donut in the morning to start you day.
Or if you would like more than a donut there are several pancake houses.
Then after breakfast you might find some new golf equipment here for a round of golf.
After golf I'm sure you have worked up an appetite.

You can eat on the strip or down by the water for many of the sea food restaurants.
We chose Ella's in Calabash north of Myrtle beach.  A nice place to eat that we eat at several times when we visit the Myrtle Beach area.
We had an order of their onion rings to start off with.  Nancy had the chicken strip and I had the hamburger steak.
You might want to have some ice cream later at one of the shops along the way.

Our choice was to go out to the beachside and watch the waves.  Not many people where out since it was a cloudy and damp day. We did enjoy the short time we were there.
We had a nice day out riding and looking around.

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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Roaming around

roaI had a good day yesterday.  After the special breakfast Nancy had for me I got ready and went to the flea market.
This flea market has a large building with vendors inside and several small building surrounding it also vendors with tables out in the open. I bought a couple of sockets of the sizes that I have misplaced. I looked at the small selection of vegetable and bought a couple of tomatoes.

Next it was to the Dollar Tree and Food Lion where there was a car show going on in the parking lot.
Some of the 15 Corvettes lined up.

It was a small car show but there were enough cars to enjoy it.
Here is a nice 57 Chevy.  I have a special place for the 57 Chevrolet model because Nancy and me had a new 57 Chevy convertible for our first car. Man how many times I wish I still had that car.
Even an old Chevrolet.
Look here there was one "rat rod".
I always enjoy a car show looking at the different automobiles.
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