Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tomorrow is the day.

Well time has caught up with us. There just was so much to do that I wanted to do before we start on the road for the summer or maybe I'm just a little slow. But whichever it will have to be finished while we are traveling.   Anyway tomorrow will be the day we hit the road for the summer.
  The motorhome has been setting still for four months. Not a long time for Nancy but to long of a time for me. When we started full timing back in 2000 we agreed this lifestyle would be for the both of us with time traveling and time sitting still.
The last couple of days we went to visit with our friends. Wednesday it was with our friends from West Virginia Sam and Carolyn that are spending the winter here in the area.
Yesterday it was with Hazel and Lee whom we me in church and became sudden friends that will last us a life time.
So today will be another getting ready day with checking tire pressure in the tires and such.
Tomorrow we will get up at our regular time and have just sort of a normal day but the wheels of our house will be moving. 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting things ready

Yesterday after breakfast, doing the computer things and getting ready I was outside doing a little more cleaning on the motorhome.  Yeah I hear you its taking a long time to do that. Well after this second heart attack I can't seem to get my strength back as quick.  I get tired to soon after working and need to rest often but I will get it finished.
In the early afternoon it was time it was time to take Nancy for her hair appointment.
Then we went to check out an rv park that someone told us about.  We want to stay at a different park next winter and have been looking at the other ones in the area.
Then it was to Walmart to get a large order filled that we had of the things we will need for our departure Friday.
After getting back home we unloaded the car then put the things away we heated up the Easter leftovers for our supper.
The rest of the evening was for computer time and watching the tv.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter dinner

Nancy said she would fix our Easter dinner instead of going out to eat. I told her she didn't have to do that but she said she wanted to fix me a good dinner so I said suit yourself. I bought a ham a few days ago. The kind Nancy likes with the bone in it.  So after I trimmed the ham down in slices that we bagged and put in the freezer Nancy put the ham with the bone in the crock pot. While the ham was baking Nancy was busy getting the other things ready.  After I peeled the sweet potatoes she put them on the stove after adding her secret ingredients what ever that was.
Here is her plate full with mine looking the same. Everything tasted so good with enough left over for our meal today.  Nancy can cook green beans in a way that they taste just like they came straight out of the garden.
We had a very nice day just the two of us. When we have these holiday dinners we think about when our children and grand children lived close to us and the big dinners we had. But as we all know life moves on and in different directions.  As Bob Hope use to say "Thanks for the memories".
Evening time found me once again watching the basketball games to see who would be the last two teams in the final four.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Going to be busy

Nancy and I have been a little more busy than usual with getting things cleaned in preparing to get on the road. I have been doing extra cleaning inside and out side of the motorhome.  The things that we can leave out setting around will need to be put up in cabinets or in the outside bays.
I still take the time to watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament and boy this has been a year to remember with the teams winning and losing. I don't think anyone that made out a bracket got it right.
Nancy and I need to get our haircuts and then there are several people we want to visit before we leave the area. So it is going to be a real busy next few days. But not to busy to watch todays Basketball Tournament games.
I hope everyone enjoys this special Easter day.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Harbor Freight and such

Well the cool weather has finally left us. After waking up the last few mornings with the temperatures being in the low 40's it was 55 this morning.
Yesterday was another early day running around to different stores.  First it was to Harbor Freight where I was long overdue for my Harbor Freight fix. I had a 20% off coupon plus a coupon for an item that was free with any purchase.  I have enough digital volt meters to do me for a long time. I figger its better getting free meters than buying batteries for them.
Then it was to Walmart, "its always a stop at the Walmart" for a couple of different kinds of crackers and a half gallon of 2%  milk. Then it was Home Depot to get a 30 amp plug. From there it was a stop into the Aldi store for a bag of salad that was 80 cents cheaper than Walmart. Hey no problem it was on the way home so it wasn't going out off the way to do it.
After getting back home I labeled the breakers correctly so now maybe this will help a bit. Even though you throw the breaker off still check to see if you have power on what you are working on.
After supper I spent some time on the computer checking on maps and things for when we start back on the road the first of April.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Doing laundry

Nancy woke up yesterday morning hardly able to move so she knew she was in for a rough day.
We had planned to go to the Laundromat today but when I saw Nancy would probably not feel like it I told her I would do a load of laundry in the park laundry room while she was getting ready for her appointment with the kidney doctor. After throwing the washed clothes in the dryer I came home to see how Nancy was doing.  I could see she still had a way to go to be ready I took another load of clothes to do.
When Nancy was ready we went to the kidney doctor.  She asked Nancy a few questions then went over her blood report and told her to keep doing whatever she was doing. Her blood work report was she was holding her own.  So that was good, we know without something out of the ordinary her kidneys we not get any better. All we can hope it never gets any worse than the stage 4.
On the way home it was a stop into Winn Dixie for a few things then a stop at Little Caesar's Pizza for a "Hot and Ready" pepperoni pizza. We have not been having very many pizza's these days and the one yesterday tasted real good.
Nancy is still in much pain this morning so I will be doing the last of the laundry and let things go from there.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Good food and basketball

Yesterday after breakfast I got ready to go out to do a few things before the NCAA Tournament was to start.  The first thing was to take the trash to the dumpster on the way out of the park.
My first stop was at Walmart to buy some mini colored sweet peppers that Nancy just loves and can't eat enough of.  She likes to add the peppers and sweet onions to everything she cooks or fries.
Then it was a stop at the USPS Store to return the OBD 2 scanner to Amazon. I ordered one that had a Bluetooth connection instead of the WIFI connection. Since my tablet doesn't have Bluetooth I have to have the WIFI connection on the scanner.
Next up was a stop into Walgreens for three bags of cashew nuts that were on sale this week for $1.99 with the Walgreen card. I like to use the Walgreen card because it adds up reward points that turns into cash points you can use on your purchases. 
From Walgreens it was a stop at the Save A Lot store for a couple cases of drinking water and canned vegetables.
Then it was time to return back home where I settled in for a day of basketball games. Of course I took tome to eat a plate of fried chicken, seasoned baked potatoes and steamed vegetables which were a little better than some of the games I was watching.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

A little this 'n' that

Yesterday morning Vicki and Rebekah got an early start because there were some things they wanted to see in Atlanta.
After they left I got ready to go out to get a few things.  I also install the electric switch on the water heater. I also found out that most of the breakers were labeled wrong. I will have to check them all and label them right.
The OBD 2 Scanner I ordered from Amazon came in so I checked it out with the Torque App that I download on the tablet.  It connect and looks like it will work very well.
All that was finished before noon so then I settled down and watched the NCAA Tournament.  It was a good day watching the games even though some of the teams I was wanting to win didn't come through.
This evening Vicki called to tell us they made it home safe.
Nancy and I enjoyed having them visit with us.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Tuesday was a tourist day for us. We went to Weeki Wachee  to see the Mermaid Show.
Here Nancy, Vicki and Rebekah at the fountain in front of the entrance.
They have also added a water park since the last time we were here. Of course it has been 50 years that we attended the show so a lot of things have changed in the time. Vicki wanted to go because she had fond memories of the show and has always wanted to go back to see it again.

The young ladies have to train for a year to be able to learn how to do all the different things. Like staying in one place or going up and down during their routines.
We had a nice day out but as usual Nancy got very tired.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Vicki and Rebekah arrived here Sunday afternoon. We spent the evening talking and catching up what has been happening in all our lives. We didn't go anywhere and when it came time to eat we just snacked on what was available.
Yesterday Vicki and Rebekah went to Tampa for some sightseeing while Nancy and I stayed home.
After they got back to the motorhome we went down to The Leaning Tower of Pizza for our evening meal.  We all took the Spaghetti Special with the past that each one of us getting the pasta and sauce we liked best.  The rest of the evening was filled with talk and laughing.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A lot in a short time

Friday we went to do the laundry.
In the parking lot of the Laundromat I just happened to spot this Osprey at the nest on top of a light pole. You can see the Osprey nesting on the light poles, the electric poles, the radio towers and any other place they think  is good. 

Boy I had a busy before noon Saturday.  After eating breakfast then getting ready I was out the door.
First it was to Winn Dixie to get a few groceries. From there I went to RV World again to get a on/of switch for the Suburban water heater. The switch that is the one out side on the water heater its self.  The old one was getting hard to turn off. I even gave it a shot of WD 40 a couple of times before so it was time for a new one.
From RV World it was up to the roadside market on route 52 to get tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. The fruit and vegetables are always fresher at the roadside market and a lot of it comes directly from the local farms.
From the market it was to the carwash where I did the washing myself.  I never get a good wash at one of those that you drive through.
Then a stop at Walgreens to pick up one of Nancy's medicine that they didn't have the other day.
I made it back home in time to settle down and watched four of the college basketball games that were really good.
Today we are awaiting for our daughter Vicki and our granddaughter Rebekah that are coming from Lexington, Kentucky to spend the week with us.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blood drawn

Yesterday it was getting up and getting ready without eating any breakfast.  This was because we have to have our blood drawn and the paper work said fasting.
After getting down to Gulf Coast Medical Clinic where we always go to have the blood drawn we signed in and waited to be called in.  Even though there were not a lot of people waiting it was an hour or so before we were on our way out the door.
Even though with Nancy's kidney problems she hasn't lost her appetite. The first thing out the door she says I'm starving and I was getting hungry myself.
So it was off to Susie's Restaurant we went. Susie's is a nice little place where a lot of locals go and everyone seems to know each other.  The food is good at a reasonable price.  The time was 11:30am there about so we ordered breakfast. Looking around most of the customers were having breakfast with a few having a lunch meal. Maybe they were late sleepers is why they were eating breakfast.
After getting back home we took our medicine then it was a trip to the dumpster for me and also checking the mail.
Then it was time for our day of settling in with our day.  When it was evening time we both were not really very hungry so we just had a salad which was very good and tasty.
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Good food

Nancy's appointment with the spine doctor that nothing has changed so do as she has been doing for a couple of years she is holding her own. That is all she can hope for because after the kidneys are in stage four they will not get better because of the damage they have received.
After the doctor appointment we decided to go to Steak and Shake for our supper.  Nancy has a grilled chicken sandwich and I tried something new. I had the Double Jamacian Jerk Sandwich with pepper jack cheese and jerk sauce. I ask the waitress how spicy it was and she said pretty spicy.  After biting into my sandwich the words that came out of my mouth were ummmm that's good.  It really didn't seem very hot spicy to me.
After our meal we ordered a milkshake to go, this is something we never do. It was the first milkshake we have had in at least twenty or thirty years. It tasted good and it should have at $3.69.
The last one I know cost $1.00 or less.
When we got back home we were up to our things we do. I watched college basketball games and Nancy on the computer.
Today both of us have to go in to have blood drawn to see how all that stuff is doing.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A little repair

Yesterday morning after breakfast then getting ready I was of to RV World of Hudson. After thinking about the leak at the water heater I thought that RV World would have the right PEX fitting. So off I went to check with them and sure enough they had just what I needed.
 From there I stopped at the Save A Lot store to buy us two cases of 16 oz. bottled water. We have been drinking the bottled water for a long time because of the many places we have traveled some of the city water doesn't look nor taste just right.  The water might not kill us but after running the water in a glass and looking at it we would rather drink the bottled water.
After leaving Save A Lot I went on to Home Depot to return the parts I had bought the day before.
When I got back home I proceeded to take care of the water heater leak.  It didn't take long to change out the fitting and tighten it up.  The hardest part of that repair was lying on the floor to do it.  Well not to hard laying on the floor but getting back up if you know what I mean.
Nancy has an appointment with the spine doctor today which we hope will be the last one for this trip in Florida.
From there we have no plans as most of the time we just let things happen.

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Monday, March 07, 2016

Relaxing sometimes

Saturday started out by Nancy having us a good breakfast of scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, turkey bacon and a couple of toast with jelly that with a good cup of coffee is a good way of starting a day.
After breakfast and getting ready I was off to the roadside market for some fresh vegetables and fruit.
From there I stopped in Walgreens to see if they still had the 8 oz. bags of cashew nuts on sale. No they were not on sale so I bought a bag of trail mix that was on sale.
Then it was to the Flea Market for a quick look, but before I got there it was traffic time. When I was close to the intersection of the two main roads the cars were backed up more than usual. When I got close enough to the traffic light I could see what all the confusion was about.  The light on the north south route was staying green for a long time. When the light changed green for the east, west traffic it was green just long enough for three cars to go through and then back to red it was. Sure hope they get the light to working out to the right timing.
I did get to the Flea Market and a quick run through without buying anything.
The rest of the day I was watching the college basketball games.
Yesterday was a relaxing morning until Nancy notice some water on the floor in front of a cabinet.
I looked to find this.
A slow leak on the hot water line coming out of the water heater. It had leaked a couple of weeks ago and I tightened the fitting but now it was time to buy a new fitting.
So off to Home Depot I went to see if the had the elbow fitting I needed.  They do have the PEX tubing but not the plastic elbow. They have the new brass Shark-bite fittings.  I will look today to see if I can get the original type fitting.
Not doubt something else will come up that I may need. With a motorhome twelve years old things do wear out.

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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Window Blinds

The window blind project finished. The rear boxed window.
The two windows of the slideout.  This one is at the sofa. 

This is the one at the table.
The small one at the sink.
The long narrow one at the entrance door.
It took all day long to finish because I couldn't get the exact length.  So I had to cut everyone of them the right length.  I think we are going to like the new look better. It seems to be more light and a fresher look in the motorhome.  It did seem odd this morning not pulling up the old shades and just opening the blinds.  As a matter of fact I started to reach for the bottom of the blinds to raise them.
After many of years doing that each morning I guess you can understand that.
I don't know what the next project will be but I know Nancy or me will think of something.

Well today is Saturday again so it will be a day full of college basketball games and there are a few good ones on today.
But first it will be a day to go to the roadside market stand to get a few things. Then to Dollar Tree
for some more stuff.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Still warm and sunny

Nancy wants the motorhome to have a fresh look.  After deciding of some of the things we want to change it was to the Amazon website I went.  We have six windows on the motorhome that I measured and ordered window blinds for. They are suppose to be here today. The pull down window shades that came with the motorhome was ok but they have been up way to long and we thought the blinds would give us more of a house look. Some of the camping units have the 1" blinds and they look nice with the curtains.  I will be taking the boxes off that surrounds the shades and throwing them in the dumpster. So now for the next few days or weeks I know what I will be doing.
The weather is still warm and sunny so my solar panels are really clicking away putting the amps in the batteries which in turn are supplying the dc power to the inverter. In turn the power cord plugged into the inverter is supplying the whole house with ac power.  Some time later it looks like another house battery is in our future to hold more of the electric the panels are putting out.  I tell Nancy that without enough batteries to hold all the power that the solar panels supply its like seeing money rolling off the top of the motorhome.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Doing the laundry

The weather here in Port Richey, Florida is what the snowbirds come here for.  It has simply been beautiful the last few days with the temps ranging in the middle to upper 70's.
Nancy and I went to the Laundromat yesterday afternoon to do the laundry. What else would a person go to the Laundromat for?
Like most of the Laundromats we have been to the air conditioning wasn't working at its best. It  also could be that the doors are always swinging open.  We have been to a few that are out of the morm of being nice and cool.
With being able to use several washers and dryers it takes around an hour and a half to complete the task at hand.
After getting back home we took the clothes in, put everything where they belong.
Then we had the pizza and Italian Cheese Bread for supper that was left over from Sunday. 
Man what excitement we two old people have.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.