Sunday, August 31, 2014

Family reunion time

 Friday we did make the 90 mile drive from Cumberland Gap to Pigeon Forge.  After checking in at Clabough's office I pulled our site for the weekend. There were a few of our gang already here so after setting up we made the rounds of visiting.
Here Jackie and Don discussing how many and what kind of pizza to buy.  After many  years of having Hot dogs and burgers on Saturday evening it was decided to forgo that for pizza. The men that were doing the grilling were getting hotter each year and the hair on the head getting thinner it was a good choice.
So ten pizza's it was, cheese, pepperoni, deep dish it was all good.
Here facing three of the sisters left to right Nancy, Callie and Jackie. In the background are Cherisa, Haven and Joe.
Vicki and Callie walking in with big smiles on their faces.
David has the floor on the conversation here.
Even the little ones were busy visiting.  Kathyrn and Haven in deep thought.  Yes we have two Havens in the family. They were named after Haven "Buck" Mitchell with his wife Laura the start of this Mitchell Family.
Here are some looking around to see what was going on.
The first day was good with a lot of individual and small get together  visiting going on.
Today will be much of the same after Don has the usual Sunday sermon and then the Chicken Dinner with all the extras that each one has made and that's a big "YUMMY".
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Around the park

Yesterday was a day in the park getting things ready for the trip to Pigeon Forge tomorrow.
I thought I would show you a little of what the Cumberland Gap campground looks like. This is row E.
The E row is more suited for tents or small pop-up trailers as this site.
This site you may be able to get a small class c motorhome in. There are no electric sites on row E.
As you can see this is the start of row F.
The sites on row F are not as good as the other rows.
Not as good unless you have a group that wants to pitch a tent in this large field. There are eight tents in this group at this time. This is a group of young men that are doing some work through out the Cumberland National Park.
Here is a pile of firewood waiting to be split. I didn't see a log splitter so I guess after a hard days work they will split the wood the old fashioned way with an axe.
Well I ended my day grilling a nice 3/4" ribeye steak.  Nancy had a baked potato and cooked cabbage to go with the grilled steak.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Laundy time

We are still enjoying the park here at Cumberland Gap.  There are campers arriving everyday and setting up for the Labor Day weekend.
I was sitting outside the other morning drinking my coffee and I noticed the dew on the grass and weeds. The way the due was sparkling it looked like a field of diamonds.
Here is the rustic primitive campsite next to us. There are three rows of these sites and three rows with electric. There is a dump station at the entrance to the park.
Yesterday it was Laundromat time again so we made the six mile trip into Middlesboro to do the laundry.  There are two Laundromats in Middlesboro and we like this one as it seems to be the best of the two.
After doing the laundry we stopped at Walmart to get a few things. I went in and did the shopping since Nancy was very tired from doing the laundry. It doesn't take much to make her tired these days, but she keeps on going.
After the Walmart stop it was a Pizza Hut stop for a pizza. This time it was a large cheese filled crust and man was it good.  Would you believe we ate the whole thing.
Today will be more of doing things around the motorhome, like carrying more fresh water to put in the tank.  Yesterday I checked the house batteries and had to add a little of the distilled water that I carry for that purpose.
We only have two more days here until we move on to Pigeon Forge for the Family Reunion at Clabough's Campground.

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Honey and more

Yesterday was a slow day  getting started for us.  Well let me say slower day getting started as our days are always slow getting started. We are retired and when we were working we had hoped we would be doing this one of the days.
I carried a few tanks full of grey water to the dump to be emptied and some fresh water to put in the fresh water tank.
Nancy has been wanting some good honey to go with her biscuits, because all the honey she has is the mass produced store honey. While she was getting ready I went to a couple of stores close by to see if any of them had some fresh honey.
The scenery  along route 58 here in Virginia is beautiful.
One of the nicest barns with the silos I have seen.

I did fine some honey for Nancy but no one had fresh honey. They sell out of the fresh honey as soon as it hits the shelf.
I spiced up some chicken breast and grilled them for supper in the evening time.
The chicken plus pinto beans, baked  potato and home made slaw was a good meal.
The rest of the evening was just a full stomach and a big grin on our face.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shopping and such

Thursday after getting the motorhome all connect we went to Middlesboro to buy some groceries.
To get back to Middlesboro we had to go through the tunnel again.
Nancy wanted to look at some clothes in a few of the stores. So guess what we did? Right look at some clothes.  She found some pants and tops that she like a a very good price.  I bet you that she will have to bring them back and exchange them.  She always has to exchange what she buys.
By that time we were getting hungry and I wanted to eat a Mexican meal so it was a Mexican feast for this evening.
We went to Pelancho's that had a crowd of cars parked so we thought that the food might be good. By the look on Nancy's face we were right about the good food and what I like about a restaurant was a very good price.
Would you look at my plate. A 12oz T-bone with rice, refried beans and a salad. We left the restaurant with a full stomach and a big grin on our face.
We then went to the grocery store and bought some groceries.
Yesterday was cleaning day, so we did our housework and a few needed things. It was still early in the day when we were through with our work so Nancy says "I need to take back the clothes I bought and exchange them".   I told you so didn't I.  I've been through this many a times.
We got back home and Nancy prepared the smoked pork chops, baked potato and a salad very good.
After eating and sitting down looking out the front window we saw these two deer running down the road and stopping long enough for me to take a photo of them. A good way to end a nice day.  


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

We left London yesterday at 12:30pm and was back on I-75 10 miles. Then we made the exit to 25E which is know as Cumberland Gap Parkway for this section of the road.
This photo is a left over from a previous morning where Nancy cooked some fresh peeled apples. They were delicious.
I'm always eating or thinking of food.
Back to the trip.  The above photo is when we were entering Middlesboro, Ky with a population of 1200+ people.
A red sign that would be hard to miss warns of the tunnel, which is through the mountain under the gap of the mountain that was a trail for the pioneers and animals to cross.
We're getting close to the campground.
We did make it. Only about a mile to the campground.
We did find an open site and with a little backing and pulling forward I managed to get a open shot through the tree for the Direct tv satellite. It looks like the left side of the motorhome is much higher than the drivers side. The site is at an angle down hill and gives an optical illusion with the motorhome.
We had a severe thunderstorm late yesterday evening. Other than a lot of rain, thunder, lightning and some braches falling, no damage in the park.  Of course I've not been out and around yet.
Nancy is tired from the two days traveling for we will just hang around today so she can get some rest.
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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Traveling day

Well we did get underway at 12:30pm from Jackie's.
After 19 miles of country road we were on I-64 headed west. Soon we were getting off of I-64 at the Winchester exit to take 10 miles of country road that connected with I-75 going south.
We saw quite a few old barns. I like the old barns and the older the better.
Another barn. I told you I like barns.

If you like counry music this is the exit you will want to get off.  There is a campground behind the complex .  Years ago we took in an all night singing and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed Mike Snider as I had always watched him on the tv when he was on. They have the Bluegrass music also. It is crowded on the weekends so it would be wise to get a reservation.
We drove to London were we emptied the tanks at the welcome center which there was no charge for doing so.  We spent the night at the Walmart with 4 or 5 other rv's.
Today we will go on to Cumberland Gap National Park and hope they have a site open with electric.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Moving time

Nothing new here. We've been going to the store and Walmart a few times other than that its the same thing.  Jackie made some more of her delicious chicken and dumplings. I think I could eat those everyday. She also had corn, potatoes and green beans to go with it.
I've been having a bout with bursitis in my shoulder and elbow. Man is it painful. I've been enjoying the visits as much as possible, but its been rough this year. This old age will either kill you or make you tough.
Our time is up here at Jackie's  so we will be moving on down the road today. We will be going to Cumberland Gap where we will staying for a while. It is not raining this morning and I hope it will stay this way all day long.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Catching up

It was getting up a little earlier today because we had to go to Huntington to pick up our prescriptions at the Walgreens. You know at the corner of Happy and Healthy. We use to get our meds at Walmart but they were not giving us the service that we thought was good enough. Like we would call on the phone and they would say our meds are ready to pick up. We would go to get them and they would still be working on filling the prescriptions, plus numerous other things.
After getting our meds we(Nancy, Jackie and I) met Peach and Don for dinner at the Cracker Barrel. After eating and talking with much laughter it was time to head back to Morehead.  On the way back it started to rain very hard so I turned on the wipers and what do you know? The drivers side stopped wiping. Looking out of the passengers side I drove until we came to the Flying J where I was going to fill up with fuel anyway. I looked at the problem and the linkage to the drivers side had come loose. By that time the sun had come out so we drove on home. The wiper trouble can wait until tomorrow.
This was the day to work on the wipers. After taking some covering and the wipers blades off the trouble was, a nylon bushing was worn out. No problem, I checked on line with the Advance Auto.  It shows they have one in stock. So into Morehead which is a 12 mile drive. It looks like they don't have the part and they don't even make the part. After checking with other auto parts places no one can get the bushing. I have to buy the whole wiper transmission part.
So the wiper transmission is ordered from Amazon and will be here Friday.
Vicki came from Lexington to visit and stay overnight. I'm glad she is able to spend the time with us while we are here.

We slept in just a little  longer this morning and it did fill good. After eating breakfast and doing our morning things it was time for Vicki to leave.  Nancy and I just piddled the day away.
We went over and visited with Jackie, when we got ready to leave Jackie said she had some leftovers for supper and we could eat with her if we wanted to. We did. Jackie has been feeding us soooo good. Nancy and I watched America's got Talent on the television and then it was off to bed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.    


Monday, August 11, 2014


Friday it was tine to empty the black tank so it was off to Twin Knobs campground to empty. They have a charge of $6.00 for use of the sewer. After getting back it was setting up leveling and hooking the electric back up. It only took 1 1/2 hour from the time we left until we were back like we was.  We were going to also do the laundry but Nancy's pain was to much so we put it off.

Nancy's pain was still with her Saturday but we were overdue on the laundry and we had to go.  We go to the University Laundromat which is next to Morehead University in the town of Morehead.
After doing the laundry Nancy took back some clothes she had from Walmart. I don't like going to Walmart! We were going to do a little shopping but it was really crowded with long lines at the check out.
I went to church yesterday while Nancy still feeling terrible stayed home.  We just stayed in the rest of the day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Around the area

We had to go to Morehead to do some grocery shopping and ended up getting a few other things.
Another one of the cars that are around town. This one looks more like a wingless plane.
Jackie and Chris met us in town and we decided that we would have a Mexican meal this time. The meal was good but the get together was better.
Vicki and Rebekah came from Lexington to spend the day and night with us. Its always good to see them. They stayed with us until around 5:00 yesterday.
One of the houses or cabins on the mountain. This mountain is full of houses or cabins as they call them.
Today we have to go and empty the black tank on the motorhome.

Monday, August 04, 2014

Think you have had a bad?

Friday was going so good, I got a couple of things caught up
in the motorhome that I have been putting off.  Then Jackie had her fabulous chicken and dumplings. After resting up from the meal, I went out to see why there was no power to the extension cord in the garage. I rolled out the 100' of cord and went back to look at the other end.
Don't get scared that's just me!  Yeah, there was a wasp nest in the reel and one of those darn wasps chased me all over the driveway until it caught me on the upper eye lid. This is how it looked Saturday morning.
Sunday morning it looked worse than the previous morning.
  So it was off to the ER to get some help. It seems I'm allergic to the wasp sting. The doc gave me a prescription for some meds that will take a week to finish up.
Morehead is getting ready for Hillbilly Days and there are a bunch of these old cars parked around town.
Even a covered wagon on the way to town. This one is in front of the Old Country Store.
Sitting on Jackie's front porch in the evening is a nice relaxing way to end a day. Watching the humming birds, looking out over the mountains seeing a buzzard gliding in the soft breeze. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Friday, August 01, 2014

Laundromat day

We left Peach and Don's house somewhere around 1:00.  After traveling a few miles on route 60 we got on I-64 heading west.
It wasn't long before we pulled off the road for a stop at the Barboursville Walmart for a few groceries. Walmart's is on a hill over looking the mall.
Back on I-64 we passed the Carter Caves exit. We visited the cave long ago when our kids were small and we enjoyed going through the cave.
We did get to Jackie's house and set up in our spot here. The driveway goes downhill pretty steep so I've got some ramp boards the are built out of 2x12's I use while here to make the motorhome level before I put the jack's down. There is a 30amp plugin on the side of the garage.
We had to go into Morehead to the Laundromat to do our laundry.  Morehead is a nice small town with just about everything you would need.
This is not a good time to have to be in Morehead because they are repaving the roads and traffic is very heavy and very slow moving.
We met Jackie and Chris for dinner which Jackie paid for, Thanks Jackie for a good meal and a good get together.
Nancy and I were going to go to Walmart after doing the laundry, but the traffic was moving so slow we cancelled that out and came on home.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.