Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

Yes thats me,I'm 69 today. It won't be long until I'm an old man.
I started the morning by climbing on the motorhome and giving the roof a good scrubbing. I try to do this at least twice a year and I still have some black streaks that come down the sides.
The pot roast Nancy fixed yesterday was delicious. She always cooks good whenever she wants to. Again no plans today just doing up some small things,slowly getting ready to get on the road.
Another warm day today. Temps getting up to around 85. Hopefully a little walking and then that is about all.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yeah,Nancy has a beef roast in the crock pot that has been on all night. I'll have to wait until we get back from church before I can pig out. She does make one great tasting roast.
Yesterday afternon was just relaxing. Wow we do a lot of that. Well what do you expect,we are retired and fulltime on the road. We did a walk around the park,then we went down to the pool for a couple of hours. After we came back home I grilled steak,nancy prepared the trimmings and we had a good meal. After it cooled down we did another walk around the park.
This retirement stuff is good.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Busy Today

Well not busy all day. Its not 12 noon yet and I have washed the car,washed the motorhome and vacuumed the motorhome so this looks like it may be a work day. It wouldn't be to bad except I have my left knee giving me trouble the last couple of days. When I twist it a little or turn around quick it crunches. Thats the best way I can explain it. If it doesn't get better I will mention it to the doctor when we see him friday.

The time keeps getting shorter for when we will leave here. Eight more days here and off we go.

Friday, April 27, 2007

We said our good byes to our neighbors Marty and Arlene last night. They are heading back to Canada this morning. Hopefully we will all meet this winter season when all of us get back to the park.
I've been getting everything ready to go to the RV place to get the Dometic refrigerator recall taken care of. It is only suppose to take them 30-40 minutes to fix it. I hope they don't run in to any problems. Getting ready to go and then coming back,setting up will take up some time but it must be done.
Maybe we will have time to get some walking in.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Blood Work Again

Nancy and I had to get up early this morning to go get some blood work. The doctor changed my cholesterol medicne and he wanted to see how the new one was doing. Also he wanted to see how Nancys was working. We have to go see him friday of next week.
We got out of there and went to Dennys for breakfast. From there we went to WalMart to exchange the tops that Nancy bought that didn't fit her right. After we got home we took out the garbage and was going to go in the pool but,they had shocked it,so it was closed.
Then we got in the car and went down to the Other WalMart to get some groceries. When we got back the pool was open with some of the folks in so then we went down to the pool for 2 1/2 hours came home ate dinner.
Now I'm waiting for the sun to go down. I've got a couple of things to do because tomorrow I'm taking the motorhome to a dealer to get the fix for the refrigerator thats on recall.
So this has been a steady day doing things.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beautiful Day

With the day looking so nice we once again did our walking at the John Chestnut Park.
We drove into the Park and down to where we always park the car. Of course the turtles were out on the log catching some sun. The pollen is still laying thick on top of the water and also on the turtles.

I took some peanuts to feed the squirrels that always come and beg for a handout. I think that if I didn't give them anything they would look in my pockets. Those little varmits are fearless.

Even this little woodpecker came down close to feed on the peanuts on the railing. This is so nice to walk thru the woods on the trails and see all of the wildlife. It is much cooler walking under the shade off the palm and oak trees.

At the end of this trail a crane was moving ever so slowly trying to slip upon an unexpecting fish.
There are plenty of small fish for it to feed on.
Another nice day in the park walking the trails.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Washing over for now

yes we got the laundry finished yesterday. Then I drove out to see where the Freedom RV was located. I've got to take my motorhome there when they set up an appointment to do the" fix" on the Dometic refrigerator.

The gas prices here in florida are going up just like everywhere else. Is summertime so we can expect that to happen. All the excuses for raising the price of oil. Looks like they wouldn't give excuses. Why don't they say we are going to do it because we want more money. You know companies use to be happy with millions of dollar profits. Not anymore,it has to be billions. Oh well,nothing we can do about it.
Here are two baby alligators that are in the lake. They look large in this close-up but,they are only 18 inches long. We saw them when we was doing our evening walk.

Monday, April 23, 2007

RV Park

Once again I say that the park is slowly emptying out. There is a few more that will be leaving and only a handful of the people that stay year round will be here.
Today is another wash day so that with our walking will take up the day.
2 weeks from today is the day we will be leaving the park to start north. This is the day that has been long coming for me. I just love to be on the road traveling and see different things and people That is what the fulltime life is suppose to be about right?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

We did a little walking yesterday. It took us quite a while to get around the park. What few are here were outside and wanted to talk. So by the time we got back almost 2 hours had pasted.
After the walk we went down to the pool. We thought we were going to get some sun but the clouds came over and stayed most of the time.
Today we will got to church and then have no plans for the rest of the day.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


We had a good visit with our friends Vern and Gerry yesterday. They seem to be doing better then the last time we visited them,but are still weak. Vern has to be on oxygen all the time so he doesn't get out very much.
As we were coing back home we stopped in at this place to try out the fried green tomatoes. We were disappointed because they didn't taste very good. I think the tomatoes were a little to green and that made them hard. Aslo they fried them on the grill. To have good fried green tomatoes they have to be a little more ripe but still green and deep fried I think to really taste good. We also stopped in Brooksville and ate at Ci Ci's Pizza. Oh,did we pig out,with the pizza,alfredo sauce and noodles,cheese stix and oh my goodness cinnamon rolls with icing.
Another nice day is about to happen with the temps in the middle 80's.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Nothing exciting happened yesterday. We did our walking and picked up our medicine for the next month.
It is going to be a nice day today. We are going up to Clermont to visit with our friends Vern and Gerry. We met these two fine people our first winter here in Florida. We were together at a campground in Narvarre and have been in touch all these years. There are a lot of people we met along the way as we travel and some of them are special. This would be Vern and Gerry.
We try to see them when we come down for the season. They are from New York and have settle down in Clermont close to their daughter. So we will enjoy this day very much.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Walking Day

Another nice day is coming up for today. The temp is going to get 82* and sunny. Just hope it doesn't get to muggy. Yesterday we had a good walk and caught up on our daily average. We had 7.8 miles for the day. Thats the way we try to keep up. If we are slow a day or two we just increase it the next day.

Here is part of one trail we walk. It is all on a boardwalk because it is so close to the water. As we walk for some reason Nancy is the lead walker. I guess because I'm such a gentlemen that I let ladies go first. Anyway off from the main walks they have section you turn out where they have picnic tables. As she turned into one of these places all of a sudden she stops and I almost run over her. Nancy yells out a "snake". This is the first snake we've seen on this trail.
This is another trail. This one has the boardwalks plus some of it is on land and another part of it has a bridge over water.

On this trail we saw this redheaded woodpecker. We have seen smaller ones but this one looked to be about 12 to 15 inches long. We also saw the squirrels that come up to you and beg for a hand out. I had some peanuts to feed them. We got so ticked at one squirrel because it kept jumping from rail to rail just a couple of inches in front of Nancy. She thought it was going to jump on her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nice day starting out today. Sunny and 74* at 11:16am.
As I said yesterday we went to the doctor for what I thought our last visit until we got back in the area again,but this was not to be. The doctor decided that he wanted to see some blood work results on Nancy so she has to get that over with. I also have to see him again. After changing from the Crestor to Zetia my cholesterol went up. He said it wasn't to bad and we could stay with that. I told him Dr. Lin (my cardioligist) said he doubt if the Zetia alone would hold the cholesterol down. He was right. So I asked him to try Vytorin which was what Dr. Lin suggested. So now I've got to do the blood work to see if it is working better.

This morning I took the screen out of the bathroom vent to clean. This has to be cleaned ever so often because the fan draws the lint and stuff to the screen. After doing this for the first time I looked at the window screens to see if I could get them out. What do you know,with just a little tugging they came out. So I took them outside and spray with a water hose. It sure made a difference in the looks by taking all that dust off of them.
Another no plan day,except for getting some walking in. We are a few miles behind so far for this week. We'll go down to the Chestnut Park again because when we walk on the trails down there and looking around to see what we can it dosen't take long to rack up the miles.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blogger Trouble

I had trouble getting onto my blog. I had to log into the new blogger because I was still using the old one. After changing my password and trying for a few times it finally took me to the right place.

Well anyway,it looks like its going to be a nice day with the sun coming out early this morning.
Nancy and I have to go to the doctor today for our final checkup before we leave the area for the summer. I will get a report on the blood work that I had done a week ago. The doc will let me know if the zetia he changed for the cholestrol is working ok. All I know that I'm not feeling as tired as I was with the crestor.
We will still be hanging around here for 3 more weeks the reason is that we have already paid up to the 7th and it wouldn't be smart to leave when we are paid up to that time.
I sure can't wait to get on the road though and set my feet on different soil.
I'll be taking a few different roads as we go so sometimes thats good and sometimes not. At least its an adventure waiting to happen. The trail will be laid out for a few miles so I get headed in the right direction but can change at any crossroads we come to. This is the fun of being a fulltimer. It really dosen't matter where we end up because we are always at home.
I remember one time taking a road in north Georgia that was on the mountain tops that was so curvy it had nancy nerous as heck. Later did I learn that this section of road was known as "The Dragons Tail". It is used for cycle runs.
Maybe we'll get a little more walking in today.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Cool last night,down in the 50's. It is 1:20pm and the temp is only 67*.
Oh well we know it will warm up as the week goes by.
Nothing unusual happened yesterday. We did a very little walk arond the park and noticed more people had left with some more pulling out today.
Just saw on the news where they had a shooting at Virginia Tech University. Killing 20 aome people and more are injured.
People often asked if we feel safe in the places we park. With the news this morning is there really a safe place to be. Of course when we park for the day or for the night,you just have to asked yourself if it "feels right" and looks right. You should used your better judgement and go for it. We've only moved a couple of times when we thought it wasn't the right place to stay the night. This is one reason I like the motorhome,if I'm in a situation that I need to move I just have to jump in the driver seat and pull out.
I guess we may go to the mall and do a little walking. We will have to do more a couple of days to make up for yesterday. We try to get at least 30 miles a week.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


The storm hit around 9:00am this morning. Although it was a short one we had a lot of rain and not a lot of wind. We were under a tornado watch for a while. The weather report was a tornado over us here in New Port Richey,Florida but it didn't touch down. Now that is getting close. We didn't get ready to go to church today because we didn't know how the weather was going to be.
The perdiction was worse than the out come,which suited us just fine.
The temps will be down a few days in the 70's and then back up to the 80's.
The rain is gone but the wind is still around so I guess anything could happen for the day.
We'll no doubt stay close to home today.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yesterday we went up to the flea market and walked around. We did buy a few small items. I was looking for a knife that I had seen up there, but I couldn't find it yesterday.
After the flea market we drove down to the WalMart. Man seems like we've got to go there about everyday. We got back ate our dinner and sat around for a little while then did our evening walk. Talk to so of the people that are leaving out this week end.

Some people may wonder what the google ads are on my blog. This is on the blog to help a little in keeping up the blog. Each time a visitor clicks one of the ads I get a few cents for sending them to that advertiser. It doesn't cost you anything to do it and it helps me a little. I have heard of people making a few dollars on doing this and some making more. I'm sure if you have a lot of traffic on your blog this would be possible,but I don't have that many checking mine very often.
Today will be nice weather then later on in the night it is suppose to turn nasty with some wind. I hope it isn't too bad.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yesterday we walked around the park then at the mall we walked some more. Not really an exciting day. I did stop at the rv place and got a light fixture to replace the one that went bad.There seems to be something that needs replacing ever so often.The weather is cool this morning but,slowly warming up. I don't know about the week end though. The storm is moving our way and should be here saturday night or early sunday.I don't think the weather people know how bad its going to be by the time it gets here.I did get a small project finished yesterday. I did a rewebbing on a lounge chair. I got 2 chairs down at the mall-junk area. The frames were in good shape so the one that has the new webbing looks good. I don't know what we will get into today. It will be as usual to just let it happen without any plans.

The one on the right is the one with the new webbing. When I said that I got the lounges down at the mall,that is the place we have here in the park where everyone takes the things they don't want anymore. If you can use it you take it. Someone is always placing things here that someone else can use.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pollen Everywhere

We did our walking in the Chestnut Park where the pollen on the canals was so thick it looked like pea soup. I don't know if that was the reason we saw 12 turtles out of the water on a branch or not. As we looked at the pollen laden water we could see the turtles bobing their heads up and down. We've never noticed this many since we have been coming to the park. Maybe it was more noticeable because of the tick pollen on the water.
At least out in the main lake it was clear. As we walked the trails yesterday for the first time we saw a raccoon. Nancy was the first to see it,it was just ever so still looking at us until a guy came running and scared it away. I thought it was unusual to see a raccoon in daylight hours. We also saw two deer in the forest on the trail.
We had lots of rain last night and even a tornado watch posted a short distance from us. All ended well though with just a little wind.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It started to rain again yesterday afternoon but,we did our laundry anyway. After the laundry I took Nancy to WalMart and I drove down to Harbor Freight to look around. Neither one of us bought anything. After we got home we ate the chicken and dumpling dinner that she had cooking in the crock pot. It tastes pretty good. Then Nancy watched dancing with the stars and I watched the unit. After those shows we both watched criminal minds.
Today has started out nice with sunshine and 76 degress at 10:39am. We probably go down to the park to do our walking today.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


That was yesterday. The weatherman said we had a 20 percent chance of rain and it rained all day long. This morning he says an 80 percent chance of rain and here it is 11:07 am and not a drop of rain. I've heard the there are two people you shouldn't listen to. That is the weather people and a politician. Well I guess maybe most of the time the weather people will get it right. I don't know about the politician. We didn't go to do the laundry because of the rain. Hopefully we will do that today.
People are still leaving the park each day heading back north to there homes. The RV Park is looking more barren each day. We will probably be the last out.
If the gas prices doesn't go up too much we will try to travel more in our motorhome this season. We will just have to travel a little slow and look for free spots to spend the night.
It is so nice of our family to have a spot on their land that we can park our motorhome and visit them. This way we can visit longer and still stay in our own house and not disturbe them so much. They are so kind to us,even letting us hook up to electric. We enjoy and love all of our family so much.

Monday, April 09, 2007


After church yesterday we came home and changed clothes. Then we went out for dinner.
We ate at a small place just down the road from where we are. This was our first time eating at the Breakfast Station. They serve breakfast and lunch and then close at 3:00pm. They have great prices on their menu. We both had breakfast,Nancy had eggs,bacon,hash browns,pancakes and coffee. I had eggs,6oz sirloin steak,home fried potatoes and 1 of Nancy's pancake and coffee.
The "ouch" part was this morning I had to get up early to go down to have some blood work done. The nurse tried the right arm but couldn't find the vein,so to the left arm she went. After sticking the needle in she had to move it around to get into the vein. Boy use to the veins would just pop right out of my arm,but not any more.
Today we will once again go to the laundromat and do the laundry.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Yesterday was not a day for walking for me. I was doing a little work putting up the flat panel tv. I had to go to Lowes a couple of times to get bolts and other things. I did manage to get it hung up though. I have put it up on a door that opens right to left. I had to put additional screws in the wood structure to make sure it wouldn't fall,with the tv weighing 32 pounds. I put door hinges on instead of small ones. I usually overkill with support on projects like this. I think it is better to have to much thatn not enough. Now I have line up the empty hole and put in a shelve.
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Short Trip

We took off Thursday for Fort Myers. I didn't go down the interstate. I took RT 19.

This lead us a cross the SkyLine Bridge. This is a very tall bridge that all the cruise ships go under leaving from Tampa Bay.
On both sides of the bridge they have a fishing pier that extend out into the water. You can drive out onto it. We saw a couple of motorhomes park there. I guess you can spend the night on it.
On the way back we stopped and took a short walk at Sarasota Bay. This is very nice scenery with the boats tied up in the bay.
We even took time to go over to see what Siesta Key was all about. One thing for sure that little place is very crowded. Nancy happened to look up and see these coconuts growing in the tree top. We have never seen coconuts in a tree,so this was a first for us.
We had a nice trip and a very nice visit with Sally.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Fort Myers

Today will not be much in the way of walking. We are going down to Fort Myers to visit Nancy's sister Sally. We try to see her at least once while we are wintering here in Florida. If we don't go down to see her she trys to come up and see us. This is nice that we can visit. We do get together in September when we have the family reunion. That is always nice when all the family gets together. Maybe we can stop at a rest area and walk a little bit. Wherever we are and go we try to get the walking in.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


What a day yesterday was. We did a walk on the outside area of the park as we took the garbage to the dump. By that time it was so hot we took off to the mall to finish up the walk.
Our television has been going on and off for a while now and each time it goes off it stays off a little longer before coming back on,oh no time for a new tv. Nancy has been wanting one of the flat panel LCD tv's so we looked at them in the different stores. We were going to get a 20" size that would fit right up to the front panel where the old one sets. Sears had a 32" that had an excellent price on it. So with being just a little more in price than the smaller ones and even cheaper than some. We decided on getting the large one. Now I have to plan on how to hang it in the front where the old one was. The weight on the new one isn't too much(32 Pounds). I have to no doubt inforce the front wood panel to take the weight. I'm planing on making a door on the existing opening and attaching the flat tv on the front of that. With a couple of shelves in the opening that should give a little extra space for storage. Thereis always a few projects that I get into from time to time.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Once again we went down to our favorite place to walk,Chestnut Park. We like this place because the animals are so friendly and yet so wild. They are used to people because they get food brought to them. We seem to see something different each time we visit the park. Here Nancy is enjoying the big bird close to her on the railing.

Here is a small redheaded woodpecker that I tried to get a good picture of but it kept going around the tree. This is the smallest I've seen of this type of woodpecker.
I decided not to take the motorhome into the transmission shop for a fluid change. I just didn't have a good gut feeling about doing it here. When I talked with them I just didn't like some of the things they said that they wanted to do. Like when I asked how much it would cost and they quoted a price. I asked about draining the converter and they said that would be extra. I don't think they were going to drain it if I hadn't ask and anyone should know that you have to drain the converter to get a proper fluid change.
I will just have to do it myself when I get up to my grandson in Valdosta,Ga.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Things to do

About yesterday. The preacher did have a good sermon and I didn't think too much about the roast beef,but a few times I did. Boy was it good. I had several plate fulls yummy.
Today we will do our walking and then later on this evening I've got to get the motorhome ready to be at the transmission shop for a fluid and filter change. I've got 33000 mile on the odometer,so its a good time to do it. I could probably go a little longer but I don't want to worry about it. It is better to change it now since all of those miles I have towed the car.
The guy at the shop said they use the Mercon fluid with a with a synblend in it.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Already

Yes another month has come and gone. It seems as though the older you get the faster the days go by. Well I did sleep pretty good last night It feels good to have the temps to where you can sleep with the window open and feel the cool night air coming in. I was sleeping good until a hoot owl starting its yelling and woke me up. It only lasted a little while then after it woke me up it must have thought that it needed to fly off and wake someone else up.
Today we will go to church. Nancy put a beef roast in the crock pot last night and it sure does smell good this morning. Now that is not going to be fair to the preacher delivering the sermon this morning. He is going to have to have a powerful message to compete with a beef roast. Hope my mind can listen to him instead of the roast. Nancy loaded that thing with carrots which I really like.