Friday, July 31, 2015

Moving day

The time is up here with our visiting Jackie. As it is with all the family visits the time seems short but the wheels of the old motorhome need to be rolling.  We will be going, lets see west over to Lexington, Kentucky to visit with Vicki and family.
Yesterday was another day of being a little busy checking the air pressure in the tires of the motorhome and car, checking the oil and cleaning some on the outside of the motorhome. Also the replacement of the 2000 amp pure sine wave inverter came from Amazon so I installed that and this one is working with everything ok.  Now we will have clean ac power that is better than the modified inverter.
Well gotta go and get ready to leave see you later.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The bad and the good

I've been quite busy the last few days.  Monday the 2000 amp pure sine wave inverter came in so I went to work on installing it which was a chore in itself. So after making sure everything was connected correct it was time to try it out. Turned it on the green light came on good so far then I plugged in the hand held vacuum which the inverter ran it with no effort. This pure sine inverter is so quite no fans come on like the modified inverter that I had before. Next it was time to try out the remote so I plugged in the line for the remote which is just a simple phone line. Now it was time to push the button on the remote that's when things went downhill sparks flew from the line connection at the inverter not good then the red light came on and nothing. Taking the remote line loose I tried turning the inverter on again but it didn't start so the inverter is back in the box to be returned. I have another one that is suppose to be here tomorrow.
Now the good part is that yesterday I installed the 100w solar panel on the roof and connected all the wiring into the junction box on the roof and everything is good with that part.
We will be leaving here Friday to go down to Lexington to visit our daughter Vicki and the grandkids. So today Nancy and I will be in Morehead to do the laundry.

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Monday, July 27, 2015


Saturday Nancy and I went to the wedding of our nephew Tyler. Tyler is Jackie's grandson and Nancy used to baby set with him from time to time when he was a small young'un.
Looks like a barn because it is a barn. Yep those young people wanted to be married in a barn.
The bride arrived in a horse drawn covered wagon.
A reception after the wedding with the cutting of the wedding cake.
It was a long day that lasted much longer after Nancy and I had come home. We are old folks you know and can't handle those late nights anymore.  It was a very nice wedding and everything went very well. We wish Kirstie and Tyler all the luck in the world.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Laundry day

Nancy and I went back to Morehead yesterday this time to do the laundry.  We also bought a few things I went to Lowes to get some aluminum angle to make the feet on a 100w solar panel that I ordered from Amazon. This will add to what I have on the roof for a total of 325w. I also ordered a 2000w pure sine wave inverter so we would have clean ac power for the time we are boondocking and without hookups. There are a few things still on my to do list before we leave here.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another battery

Nancy and I had to go into Morehead Monday to get a few things at Walmart and I also had to buy a new chassis battery for the motorhome as it had been acting up for a few weeks and I had been starting the motorhome off the house batteries. At first I thought it was a relay but then decided it was the battery after close inspection. The old one was 62 months old so it was time. Last month I had to buy two new house batteries so now I've got three new batteries in the motorhome.

After Walmart we went to Fazoli's to get a baked spaghetti dinner. Both of us like the baked spaghetti especially when it has a lot of cheese on it which this Fazoli's didn't have. This is a new place the replaced one that they use to have, I think the other one was better.
After getting back home and carrying in the groceries I installed the new battery and everything seems to be ok for now.
I'm using this time here at Jackie's to catch up on some needed things that I have fond that needs attention to. 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

A Kentucky stop

We left Peach and Don's as planned on the way for Kentucky.
It was only a short time that we arrived in the state of Kentucky traveling on I-64 and exiting at Morehead.
The roadway to get to Jackie's goes over a bridge over Cave Run Lake and then a cut through a mountain of stone. With all the rain storms in the area some of the rocks have fallen as you can see on the left of this photo. We also saw where trees have been uprooted and we are still having the storms daily here.
I did get set up with 30amp electric and water which is good. We are here for a visit with Jackie the youngest of the sisters of Nancy. Also Jackie's grandson Tyler is getting married this Saturday.
We will be here a few weeks before moving again.
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Last day here

Wow I can't believe how fast the time has gone by here visiting with Peach and Don.  I'm a little behind on the posting so today I will do some catching up.

Saturday when Don and I went to the Flea Market it was a nice day and it was crowded but you can always squeeze one more car in.
I was wanting to go to this Amish market but they had a large vendor place at the Flea Market so that severed the purpose and need of not going to the market.
Don bought a new carburetor for his lawn mower that was giving him problems of not running all the time. After putting the new carburetor on the lawn mower sounded like a new one and no problem in running the whole time cutting all the grass.
The recent storms in the area brought down this large tree behind the motorhome a couple of nights ago it looks closer than it is.
Yesterday Don grilled the burgers to perfection and with the addition of cheese made a good tasting cheese burger.
Nancy and I have had a good time here with Peach and Don as we always do when we visit them. We are glad that we have the time to visit all of our family as we travel.
Tomorrow will be a moving day as we will be going to visit with Jackie who lives in Kentucky.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Visiting time

Spending the time here visiting and going to the store every now and then.  Don and I went to a prayer breakfast this morning at the Shoney's in Huntington.  On the way back home we stopped to go through the flea market to see what they had.  Later on in the evening we got our supper from Giovanni's.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Moving day

Yesterday day was moving day. After having setting still for 10 days we were ready to get on the road again. We really had a good time and very nice visit with Mark and Sherry thanks for being so nice.
We drove the way on I-64 up and down the hills all the way. I don't think we had a one mile straight stretch the whole day. You can see they had to cut away mountain tops on this interstate.
Here is the golden dome of the West Virginia capitol. Well it used to be a golden dome with gold leaf paint but now its only gold paint still beautiful and shiny.
It only took a few hour to get to Culloden where Nancy's sister and her husband Don live. We are parked in their driveway would you believe with full hookups.
We will be visiting them for about the same amount of time as with Sherry.

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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Looking out the window

It rained Friday night and still raining Saturday morning.
This is what it looked like Saturday morning, notice the steady stream of water coming off the leaf.
By evening time it did clear up so Mark put some ribeye steaks on the grill boy did they taste good yes they did.  Mark really out did his self on those steaks. After we finished the steaks we went to shoney's for dessert. Mark Sherry and I had hot fudge cake while Nancy had a piece of cherry pie. After eating the dessert we all waddled out to the car and came home.

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Friday, July 03, 2015

Day trip

It was a rain on rain off day yesterday but we still took off on our one day trip.  Sherry wanted to go down to Matewan to see how it has changed. This is the town where we lived for most of our lives and raised our children.  Matewan is in the land of the Hatfield's and McCoy's the family's that had the famous battle back in the early 1900's. Also the area is famous for the battle between the coal miners and the Baldwin Felts security guards that the coal company's had.
We took the mountain top highway that is fairly new and the first time we have been on this road.
As you can see when it wasn't raining it was foggy.
It was amazing at the amount of rock and soil that had to be removed to build the highway.  Looking up at the rock walls looked more like the landscape of the western states.
We had a nice day and Sherry sure had a good time she even got to see and talk with one of her school friends. We also had dinner in town at the Mexican Restaurant.

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Will it ever stop?

We have had rain every day we have been here in Oak Hill, West Virginia.  There is a break every now and then when we can get out but most of the time when we do we end up getting a little wet.
It started raining last night and was still coming down a little this morning . We have a road trip today with Mark and Sherry but we will have to talk it over and see if that is still on since its raining.
I have been able to catch up on a few thing while being here like straightening out some of the stuff in the outside bays. Then there is always getting the inside cleaning and putting things away. It was quite a mess with us packing and leaving in such a short time. There was a lot of thing that was left behind that we thought we had packed up and put in the motorhome that we can't find so those things were left unless they are in here somewhere. I found out long ago a sure way of finding a misplaced item is to buy a new one and for some strange way the old one will show up.

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