Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good day

Yesterday afternoon Nancy told me she needed a couple of items from the store. So I grabbed my keys,billold and camera. I always have my camera,you never know when that kodak moments will come.
I stepped out to the car and there is the kodak moment for the day. This pond turtle around ten inches in diameter was under the carport. It was still wet with all the green stuff on it from the lake that is behind the house.
I;m glad it was this turtle instead of one of the eight foot alligators that we have in the lakes at the park.
Our weather has been nice and sunny with the temp in the 80's.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Saturday was a repeat from the previous saturday in that I watched college basketball games. We are still in the slow mode and probably will be until Nancy feels better.
We went to church sunday then went to Caposey's for dinner on the way home.  Yesteday we went to Lenscrafters to pick up our new glasses. I never can get my glasses made in an hour because of my prescription.
Nancy got her an appointment with the kidney specialist,which will be February,4.  So we still have no idea how long it will be until they do the cardiac catheterization. So I told her she will just have to sit and take it easy until we find out what her problem is.

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Around and around

Well folks the drama continues.  We waited for the hospital to call to tell Nancy what time to be there to be ready for the cardiologist to do the catheterization. Well they did call only to tell her that checking her blood from the previous day that it shows her kidneys are not functioning right(huh). With that report they would not be doing the  catheterization because of the dye they use during the procedure the kidneys have to be ok. So now it will be off to see a urologist to have her kidneys checked. Nancy has had blood work done three or four times in the last three months and this was the first time they have told her about her kidneys. Its seems as though we are on a Merry Go Round with the doctors. So again stay tuned for the next chapter.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doing a project

Just the same here and Nancy still feeling lousy.
I started on a long over due project yesterday. Soon after we go our motorhome I was looking for more usable space. Well I found such a place in the towel closet,on the top of where the door opens was a space of around 14" with a front board that I took out,then I put a shelf in. Nancy keeps all her lotions soaps and all her other bottles of things that women have to use.
When we are in the traveling mode she just stuffs a pillow in it. I told her I would put a door on it whenever I find one,"think cheap".  Well yesterday I found a door in the dumpster that someone had thrown away while doing their remodeling. Its not the exact fit but I can cut a little off of two ends and it will be the right size. It would be easy if I had a bench saw which I don't have. So I had to rig up one. I have one of those fold-up benches with the two screw handles on them. So I drilled four holes in it and countersunk them and bolted my circular saw from the bottom."Presto" a bench saw that is somewhat crude but will work. Stay tuned for the result.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Still doing appointments

Things will be slow for us until Nancy is feeling better,so stay with us.
Thursday we went down to the Sausage House in Palm Harbor to get I few items that I can't find anywhere else.  A couple of meat items that I grew up eating and a homemade nut roll that is delicious. This place is only open thursday thru saturday and I wanted to get there before they sold out of the items I wanted.
Yesterday morning we had to get up early because Nancy had more blood work and a chest xray scheduled. It was 42 degrees when we woke up and with the wind blowing it didn't get much warmer thru the day. It was close to lunch time when they were finished with Nancy.
I had a Bob Evans coupon for buy one breakfast get one free,so guess where we ate? You are right,it is hard to beat those kind of coupons.
Today is saturday so you know what I will be doing. Also we try not to get out on the weekends in the way of the people that work and only have those days free to do their thing.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Catching up

Ok,lets get a little catching up on what we have been doing. Before you start reading let me warn you this is not going to be exciting.
Monday Nancy went to her appointment with the cardiologist. She told him about the pain she had saturday night which was the most pain that she has had. So his assistant took another ekg which she took to him. He came back in and and said we need to do a heart  catheterization. So next thursdaay she has her pre-op and then friday he will do the catch. We are hoping if there is anything wrong that he will find it.
Tuesday we were off to Lenscrafters for new glasses. Talk about sticker shock,wow. The price on our glasses are a little over $100.00 each more than they were a couple of years ago. So much for the cost of living not raising. I think the only place the the cost of living not going up much is in the social security checks.
Yesteday,we went to our regular doctor who more or less told us nothing new. On my blood work the  cholesterol was 126 and everything else was within wat its suppose to be. With Nancy he was just asking her what was going on with the cardiologist.
Nothing exciting going on in the park. Just a few alligator sightings.
This is the lake that is behind our house that is all grown up with trees and weeds. Every now and then an alligator will decide to travel from this lake to the one that is at the entrance to the park and they walk down the street in the park to get there,
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Hanging around

Saturday wasn't a very good day. We went to the Royal Super Buffet friday evening for dinner and I piged out. The result was not a good feeling friday night and saturday. I didn't even feel like having my usual big breakfast saturday morning. I did watch some college basketball games. Some were great others not so good.
It was Nancys turn and she had a bad night saturday which lasted her all day yesterday. She still is not feeling well and the doctors can't find anything wrong so they can't help her anyway.  The doctors have tried all kinds of different medicines but her blood pressure is still high,so I guess that is the reason she doesn't feel good.  Mybe they will find something soon.

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Walking yesterday

We did some walking yesterday and Nancy got tired,but she made it.
We went to John Chesnut Park in Pinellas county. One of our favorite parks and they don't charge you to get in like the parks in Pasco county does.  
The first thing we saw was this gray bird walking along the shore of the lake hunting for a morsel of food.
Then we saw this Blue Heron attending her nest of eggs. After checking the eggs and turning them over she sat down on them.
The trails here are nice and wide. It is a papular place for walkers and runners.
The Spanish moss is slowly killing the trees.
This young deer came close to the boardwalk we were on and posed for a couple of photos.
It was a nice day to be out and walking instead of staying home.
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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Not a lot of excitement happening.  I have no idea what happened to the blooger,but I used to be able to upload a photo from my computer. Now I have to load it to a photo album on the Picasa site then from there,upload it into my blog. I guess its one of those things that is suppose to be better,but it seems more difficult to me?
I started out yesterday by getting out while Nancy was taking a shower and getting ready to sit at the house all day. I went to the Dollar Tree to buy a couple of things. Then to the Murphy gas At Walmart to fill up the tank. Yeah gas is going up fast again. Then it was to Harbor Freight for a few things that I have been wanting,but didn't have a coupon until a few days ago. According to the Harbor Freight receipt I saved $22.93. How come you have to spend money in order to save it?
I had to get up this morning and get to the doctor to have some blood drawn. I haven't had blood work done in a year so it was time.

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Monday, January 07, 2013

Market stop

Yesterday we went to church since Nancy said she was feeling up to it.

After church I stopped in at the roadside market which has fresh fruit and vegetables.
I bought a few florida tomatoes.
They have a large selection of fruit and garden vegetables.

The prices are better than the markets and also a lot fresher.
After the roadside market stop we went to Christo's for our brunch. It was good and the coffee tasted extra good.

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Friday, January 04, 2013

Rain & Cool

We have been having rain and cool weather the last couple of days. With that and Nancy not feeling good these days we haven't been out very much.
We did get out for an hour or so yesterday to take back a couple of gifts that I bought Nancy for Christmas and our Anniversary. Like I told the sales lady when I was buying them,that my wife is easy to buy for. She said good,I said yes it doesn't matter what I buy her she always takes it back and thats the truth.  I tell Nancy to go ahead and buy herself something,but she says that she likes for me to get her the gift. Then I say why,you always take it back. Somethings never change,whats a fella going to do?
The squirrels are still getting well fed.
Here is a male painted bunting at the feeder.
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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year

We went and had our anniversary dinner at Sioux City Steakhouse. After our early dinner we were off to Walmart for somethings we needed for New Years.  After getting home and putting the groceries away we began making cabbage rolls as we have since we've been married. we use to make a bunch,but just for the two of us we make 30 of them.  They were in the crock pot and cooked all night long. This was the first time that we have cooked them in a crock pot. 
Today I'm eating cabbage rolls and watching football games.
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