Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It did cold again last night,but not as cold as was expected. At least not in our area.
Yesterday it was cool all day long and Nancy decided she didn't want to do the washing so now that is what we will do today. We did most of our walking in the mall and then a little more after we got home.
I went to the tax place to get my Florida drivers license changed because I had a change of address. This is what they call a snowbird Florida license. This way you can keep your home state drivers license also. You may asked why I would want the Florida license?
With this I can get in the State Park Campgrounds for 1/2 price and some attractions around the state just like the residents of Florida. I didn't know about this until a few years ago when I was talking to a guy from Michigan. He asked if I had the Florida winter resident license. Then he explained how it worked.

Its not right

It just doesn't seem right to travel to Florida for the winter and then have this kind of weather.
This morning it was 37* and that is way to cold. If the weater people are right tonight will be colder. They said it will be the coldest it has been in 2 years. This is the time you say "global warming"?
We went to church yesterday and then back to the motorhome. We just don't like to get out in this kind of weather and the wind was blowing at 25 mph so it made a cool day.
We've got to get out today because,it is time to go to the laundromat and do up the laundry.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another week has rolled around. Here it is Saturday again.Earl and Lena are coming over today with their friends and we are going to the flea market. You have to go to the flea market every once in awhile to pick up some of those things that you just can't live without.Its been awhile since I've posted pictures and I know people like to see journals with plenty of pics. I will try to get some and put on later today.Don't forget today is college basketball game day. If you like those games I hope your team wins.

At the flea market looking around, Need a good deal on a real leather wallet.

Ok we've walked all around the outside walls. Do you want to go in and out the aisles now or what? Lena says I'm hungry lets go eat. 3:00pm

So off to eat we go. Here we are at the Perkins Restuarant enjoying a meal and some conversation. It was a good meal to eat and chat with great friends. A good day today.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Here it is another cold morning. It was 38* this morning,way to cold for me. This is suppose to be the last cold one for awhile. The weather people say it is going to start warming up.
Well yesterdy Nancy went to Bealls to see if she could find herself some shorts. No luck there.
So next we went to Kmarts. She got 3 pairs of shorts and 2 tops,This was good. When we got back home she tried on her new stuff. Two of the shorts didn't fit right so back to the store we go today. This is one of the reasons that I don't like to buy myself new clothes,new things just don't seem to fit right.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Boy 'O' Boy,did it get cold last night. When I woke up this morning it was 46*. That is rather cool for me. Just to think I use to work outside in the weather with the temperature sometimes in the 20's.
We got out yesterday and went to the Salvation Army store,Nancy bought her some books. She loves to get a deal on books to read. From there we stopped in at the Webb's 99 cent store. This tore is loaded with merchandise from salvaged from stores that looked like some of the stuff had been in a fire. There was a feww good bargains. We also stopped in the Dollar Tree and got a few things.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The rain has moved into the New Port Richey,Florida area,so for the next couple of days it will be dreary. We can't complain though. We're not having a bad winter here like many parts of the US are.
The pollen count here is very high and my allergies have been acting up. Getting older sure is rough at times.
Nancy and I will maybe have to walk in the mall unless we get a break in between the rain. We always try to get out and into something anyway.
The weather is finally cooling down to normal temps today. at 10:00 this morning it is 63* and is going to get up to 71* So the colder temps are here for a few days.Today we will naturally do our walking and later on this evening there will be a fish fry here in the park. The guys do a good fry with their beer badder on the fish. They will be doing the frying outside under the tarp and the eating will be inside at the club house.

The fish dinner did get under way at 4:00pm. Here the people are waiting to get in. I took this pic after Nancy and I had already eaten. The fish was delicious,we also had potato salad,slaw,coffee or tea and a cookie.

Here are some of the guys battering up the fish and frying it. Guys you did an excellent job. They had to move fast because there were 400 people eating and each serving was 2 or 3 pieces.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Nancy and I did get out to get our prescription drugs fill at WalMart yesterday. I told her as we were waling in that the bag full of bottles looked like she was going to replenise her pharmacy.When you are young you seem to never have to take any kind of medication. Boy you sure make up for it when you get older. If you don't take any medicene you are trully blessed.The weather here is still great. Although there is a chance of rain for the next three days and then the temps are going to get in the 60's.

Nancy and I did get out to walk in a park that we hadn't been to before. It was the John R. Chestnut Park. The park is on the east side of Tarpon Lake.

It had a few bridges over water and ramps over the swampy areas. It was a nice place to walk,we will be going back to it I'm sure.
Another week has gone by and here it is start of another. It might just be me but the time seems to go by fast when you get older. I know when you are young and had something planned for the next week,the present week would seem to never pass.
We will once again start this day off by going to church and then another day of watching the NFL playoff games on the tube. See not much is different in the lives of the full timing people and "regular"stick house people. That is except in the spring we seem to get a special itch that is cured by being on the road.
I hope you have a blessed day.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunny Day

A good sunshine day coming up. The temp is going to be 72*
Another ball game day today. So won't be doing anything else.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

It is now 59* and should get to 72* today according to the weather man. I guess we can take that. It really got cool early yesterday afternoon because the fog off of the gulf was covering the area. You could feel the dampness it was so thick.

We went to the Dollar General Market after doing the laundry. I was wanting to go there instead of WalMart. WalMart most of the time gets on my nerves because we have to wait so long getting thru the check out. I believe if they're going to have 30 check out lanes they ought to have more than 4 or 5 of them open. There is no sense having 7 people lined up waiting to be checked out.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Same 'o' Same

Same weather today as yesterday except it is very foggy today.
Today is another go to the laundromat day. Wether you live in a house on wheels or a fixed house the laundy has to be do.
I was talking with my friend Earl and he asked if I was going to the "RV Super Show in Tampa" this you. I told him with the price of $8.00 for tickets that I didn't think I would be going.
He said that he was suppose to get some free tickets if I wanted to go he had a couple to spare.
Of I said yes I would. Good 'Ole' Earl. Nancy and I consider Earl and Lena some of our best friends.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


The cool weather has hit us. If you can call 60* at 9:30am cool. The temp are only going to be up to 70* today. Probably not good going in the pool temp for today. There maybe a few brave enough to do it. It is not bad because the pool is heated but,when you get out the wind will be chilly. I don't think we are going anywhere today. Just another lazy around day.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A little cool this morning but,still going to be very warm today. Again temps up to 80* and then tomorrow the cool weather sets in. Although the temps will be close to normal for this time of year. People were in the pool yesterday and I said to them don't you people know its in the middle of January that it is winter time. Their reply was "can't you see us shoveling snow"then they all had a big laugh. We do feel sorry for the people in the ice and snow storm and at the same time are grateful that we can have our winter time this way.

After our walk we sat around awhile and decided to go down to the pool to cool down and get some sun. We thought since this will be the last day for a while to do this. It is going to only be close to 70* for the next week. Which is normal here this time of the year.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Winter time in Florida

Same old stuff again today. The weather is record breaking or near it for this time of year. Really warm to hot temps,up to 81* again today. We had the window open all night with the temp around 60* we can do that.
The life of a full time RV'er you can usually pick your weather. Some like to travel all the time and others like to sit in one spot for a while longer. Thats the beauty of it,whatever you want.
It would be a good day for the beach but I guess it will be a little crowded with it being a holiday.
We will just let it happen and see what comes today.

The temp got to 80* today. We went down to see what Crystal Beach looked like. As you can see not really a beach just a little sand. The scenery was nice though with the small boats anchored out in the water, There was a park there also,so we had to do some more walking.


Another nice day coming up. 67* at 9:11 this morning with temp getting up to 81* today.The rest of the nation is having rain and snow,ice storms thats why we like it in Florida for the winter. Although it is hard for me to sit that long in one place. I've got the traveling bug already but, nancy and I have to finish our doctors appointments first and with some tests we have to take it will be awhile. Well the time will past fast enough as it usually does.Hope your day will be what you want it to be.

Sunday evening jam session. Another way besides watching television to pass the time.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


I got up and out this morning earlier than usual. I wanted to wash the car before Nancy was stiring about. I told her a few years back I wouldn't have thought on January 13th I would be out in shorts and sandels washing my car. No no not up in West Virginia.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A nice morning with the the temp at 56* this morning and is suppose to get up in the high 70's it will be a nice day. Today after a walk around the park we will go up to the USA Flea Market.

On the way out of the park and to the flea market we go. By looking at the clock it is about time.

We did get to the flea market. This section didn't have much of a crowd as some had. There are those things that you have to buy and the flea market is the only place to buy.

On the road from the flea market saw a man and his best friend out cruising. Both posed for this pic for me.

After spending sometime in the flea market we were off to Cotee Park and do some walking by the river
A bit better in weather this morning.
Did you ever have one of those times. I did yesterday. Got a letter from the hospital saying my insurance company hasn't paid the bill yet. That I should get in touch with them and see why.
So I called and asked the lady,she says the hospital hasn't sent in the papers. I say they sent in the papers. ok She says not to worry they will pay. Why do I have to call and be the "go between" in this this is why I pay for insurance. Not worry, if they don't pay I will have to pay thats why "I worry".
Maybe today will be different day.
Isn't it good to be alive.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Looks like a wear your long pants kind of day. The temp is 45* and is gonna get up to 64* today. So this is not to bad,it is winter time here in Port Richey,Florida.
We are slow moving today as usual. There is no hurry,this is the life of being retired and enjoying whatever you want or whatever you do not want to do.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On the trail today

Here we are starting down the trail.

When we went to the other side of the tree we had seen that it was hollowed out quite a bit.

Here Nancy is standing in front of a very large tree. This is one of the largest that we have seen here in Florida.

The trail ends here. This is the start of the Cootee River.


Its going to be a little cooler today according to the weather man. Only up to 77* today. Here at 10:28am its 76* and starting to rain. It is a muggy,sticky day. It is another go to the laundromat day. When we do this there is not much time to do anything else. Oh well it is raining anyway. But we shall see.

Our phone has been out a couple of days so I called for service. The lady asked if the line was laying on the ground. Yes it is I say,she asked if any dogs around in the park,"no there isn't" I answer. She asked if I had taken the phone and tried it in the box outside,answer no I didn't but I know it should be working. The repairman came out this morning and checked. You're right it was in the line on the ground. Lesson learned "never be to sure". That plus $40.00 bill for being dumb when I know better.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Saw this sign on a dentist window today. I always like to look a road signs and signs along the way. Sometimes they come up with good ones. Look at the sign in front of churches as you go down the road they have some real eye catching phrases that will make you think.

Dinner Out

After church we went down to Tarpon Springs to eat here at the ABC spaghetti place. We had the $3.99 special. Good spaghetti,baked with a lot of cheese on top. Nancy had the meat sauce and I had the meat balls. A beautiful sunny day with temp up to 83*.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wall Springs Park

The famous not so famous Wall Springs. The springs had its heyday in the 1940's when it was owned by the Wall Family.
A post card picture of the springs. Back in the forties the wealthy people from the north came here to bath in the springs for its supposed healing powers. In promoting the springs the Wall family said Ponce de leon visited here in search of the "fountain of youth".
This is where the springs come up out of the ground. The water has no smell and no taste. It is just pure water.

The park has an observation tower that is several stories high. From atop the tower you can see out over the gulf waters. There were a bunch of school kids here and we did't go up in the tower.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


It was hot and stuffy today with the temp 82* we decided to go to the beach. It was a mostly hazy day all day long but, we still got some sun. The water is still a little to cool although there were some people in swimming. This is always nice to do is go to the beach. It is hard to realize it is winter time.

RV Park

The park is slowly filling up as more people are coming in. They have been north spending the holidays with their families,now they are redy to enjoy the warmth of Florida. It is now 75* and should get to near 80 according to the weather man. We got almost 5 miles of walking yesterday.
We went to the Verizon phone store to get a new phone. Which was free because,we are on the new every 2 years so why not a new phone. I asked them if they would transfer the numbers in the phone book to the new phone. He said yes but they now charge $10.00 for doing it. I told him never mind. I did it when I got home,it took about 20 minutes. At that rate I was making $30.00 an hour,not bad. I was going to pay the home phone there but they only take the wireless payment at this store. So we had to got to the Verizon Plus Store in the mall to pay it. After this to WalMart to buy groceries,the outdoor produce market to buy fresh produce,a stop in Walgreens Drug for Nancy.
So another full day of doing what people do that live in a house on a foundation.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well hope everyone servived the long week-end. I got my fill of all the football games,I hope your team won. I was keeping up with three different ones. Two won and a loss for one which I guess 2 out of 3 isn't bad.
Nancy and I are behind on our walking with the rain that fell all day yesterday.
Of course we have 5 more days this week to catch up.
So many people have made New Year resolutions for the year. I myself never make any. If you're going to do something just do it. Why make a resolutin at the start of a new year?

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year
Nancy and I would like to wish everyone this for the year 2007.
Another year has gone by and another year getting older. I'm very thankful that I can see another year start. Back in April of this year it looked very slim for awhile if I would be here at this time or not. The good Lord spared me and gave me more time. May the year bring you a lot of happiness. Today will be a day of watching all the bowl games that I can get in.

Monday, January 01, 2007

50 Years

Today is Nancy and my 50th wedding anniversary. This has been some 50 years. I hope the next 50 will be as exciting. We are going in on our 7th year of rv fulltiming with a motorhome.
Not the same motorhome,we have had two different ones since we started in 2000.
Toady will be another relaxing day after attending church this morning.