Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Time for pizza

I needed to get out yesterday as Nancy was needing some things for our first-aid kit.
So it was just to the Dollar General Store which is only a couple hundred yards up the road.

I lucked up also that they had three packages of toilet tissue of which I only took one of them since someone else might need to get some.

 Nancy has been wanting a pizza for a few weeks so checked in the freezer and what do you know.  They had Red Baron Pizza on sale so I bought one of them.
We had the pizza for our supper and it did taste good.  Also it satisfied Nancy very much.

Nancy is still not getting out any and she seems to be handling it very well.

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Friday, March 27, 2020

Only getting out to the store.

It was such a nice day that I did get out after staying in a couple of days.

The temperatures have been in the middle 80's with a nice breeze, it felt good being out.
There were a few things that we needed from several stores.   One thing I was wanting was tat I was out of Hungarian Peppers and you know how it is when you get used to eating certain things you just gotta have them.

I also bought a bottle of "Texas Pete" mini hot peppers.  I have been looking for them for at least a couple of weeks, so when I found them at the Publix I was one happy old fella.

The store shelves are still empty of toilet tissue and paper towels, most of the paper products.
I know we hope that all this will be over soon.

Thank you for stopping by and try to have a great day.


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Appointments and changes

I've stayed in a couple of days.

Sunday Nancy put together one of my many favorite dishes.

First she fries the onions then adds very good and rich Hungarian Paprika, add the water then the kielbasi, potatoes, then in goes the large rigatoni pasta, salt and pepper to taste.
I have gained a few pounds while eating it but it taste so good.

Monday I got up early to get to Winn Dixie because from 8:00 am until 9:00am it is senior only shopping time.
I lucked out with some more of the seniors as we were able to get a pack of toilet tissue.  Only one pack to a customer.  
There was one lady that put three packs in her shopping cart but, had to take two of them out when a clerk told her one to a customer.   She should have known better because ther was a sign hanging there that said "only one per customer".

I also bought the las pack of chicken breast that was in the cooler.  I was happy about that because Nancy is suppose to eat mostly chicken or turkey meats.

I had an appointment at the Eye Center for some more eye exams.  They called Sunday to tell me the cataract surgery was changed from arch, 30 to April, 9.
Well yesterday it has changed again and now as far as they can tell it will be May, 11.
The reason is the Governor has ordered a 60 halt on that type of surgery, because of COVID 19.

So our time here will be extended and since I want to go ahead and get this finished now that I have it going, I thought it the best than waiting.

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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Getting out

Well I stay inside three or four days then I just had to get out of the house.

Yesterday I went to around six different stores to get some things we needed, but some of the things I was going after they were sold plum out of those.
Like toilet tissue, paper towels nd the meat case was empty of chicken very little of ground beef which we didn't need and most of the things that other people were looking for.

I did get caught up on some of the things that needed attention, like two loads of laundry.
I used Pledge polish on the woodwork to brighten and put a shine back on.

This would be a good time for people to do some of the things that they have been putting off to do.
In other words do you remember saying "I will do the whenever I get the time".

So____now what's your excuse?

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, March 16, 2020

Did some Grillin

The weather is really sunny and nice with just a little wind so in all it is good.

Saturday after deciding that without all the rain storms a wind look to be over for a while anyway , I pulled the patio awning out.
Then I proceeded to get our small propane grill out of the bay to clean it up.

Later on in the day I put the two half a pounder New York Strip Steaks on to grill.  They looked good on the grill sizzling  away and smoking a little.  ( sorry I was so excited to be grilling I forgot to take a photo).

Nancy and I looked at them and decided that the full 8 oz, was to much for us.  So I cut them into and the 4 oz was just right for a meal.
The steak with Italian green beans, baked potato, cole slaw and a soft drink was more than enough for us.
The steak was as done to perfection as I could get it so it was a satisfying meal.

Sunday's meal was the steak again but prepared some what different. 

I cut up the steak while Nancy was cutting peppers and onions then frying them.  When the peppers and onions where about ready I put the steak in with them to let all heat up and get finished to our taste.
Nancy then added Teriyaki Asian Sauce.

That on a bed of rice and a helping of pinto beans came out looking like this.  Oh, was that another tasty meal.
I also went to Walmart to get a few items and walking through aisle after aisle looking at empty shelves.  Man people are really stocking up, they must be going to stay inside for months!

I hope all of you will be staying well and safe.

Thanks for stopping by and have a geat day.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Stores and Doctor

Still going to the store and places that I need to go to.   I have tried to cut the number of times though.

Nancy and I went to the doctor to see the report of our bloodwork and what he said about it.
Nancy is about the same as usual with her ongoing problems, so that was good that she has no new things that have come up.

As for me I'm still good to go and the doc said I'm doing real good.
I had lost 20 pounds from my last appointment December 10. but not to fear I put myself on a diet and I've still a few more to lose.

I told Nancy that she needed to not get out to the store or in crowded places due to her weak condition and she agreed with me.

Yesterday I got up early to do two loads of laundry, because there were some college basketball tournaments coming on at noon time.
The games are on most of the day and I will be watching them.  The thing with the Coronavirus is they don't know how much it will effect the college games.  Its just a wait and see thing as of now.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, March 06, 2020

Fresh Produce

Things are about the same around here.

The weather has been nice and in the 80's with the night time close to 70 which made for a good temperature to sleep.  And even sometimes having window above our heads open.
But that has changed this morning with the weather guy saying the high for the day is expected to be 71.
I did get out yesterday to go to a couple of places, one being the Dollar General for a couple of items.

Then it was to new place for me, a small produce market. I always like to shop at these small family stores because these people have a hard time making it.  Besides most of the time they have better prices on their vegetables and fruits that the large box stores.  Also they are helping the local farmers by selling fresh out of the garden food for you.

Update on my fall, I've still got a large brown-blue bruise on my right hip that is just a little sore.
What I can't figure out is I fell on my right side but my left thigh bone hurts when I'm in certain positions.  This being old is not what I thought it would be.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.