Sunday, June 30, 2013


We got to Culloden around 4:00pm. We just took our usual slow time and even stopped to eat a sandwhich before getting to Peach and Don's place.  After unhooking the car I backed into Don's driveway with his help.  First thing was to level the motorhome the hooking the electric power cord. It started to rain so we went into the house to wait out the rain. In a short time I came back out to finish letting the slides out and hooking the water and sewer lines up.  Folloing that it was back in to visit for the evening.
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Culloden,West Virginia next

Our time is up here in Oak Hill,West Virginia visiting with Mark and Sherry. We have had a great time plus Mark took us out for dinner a couple of times. Thanks Mark.
Yesterday we went with Mark and Sherry over to Lewisburg where Mark and his family use to live.
The drive over was a pleasent one,with a different view of West Virginia. There was still mountains but also a lot of flat land in between the mountains.
Lewisburg is a nice old town that hasn't died out like some of the towns in West Virginia. Lewisburg is the host of the West Virginia State Fair which draws in a great number of people.
The building above was a bank long ago.
One of a couple of old theaters that was in town. Years ago towns of any size had a movie theater.
The old Civil War Cemetery.
Yeah,Lewisburg is a cool town,but I don't know about the coolest town in America. There is Bluefield,the natural air conditioned city when the temperature gets to 90 they serve free lemonade on the street.
We dinner at the upscale restaurant Food and Friends. Marks parents Bob and Ruby who drove up from Virginia for the  occasion. It was good to see Bob and Ruby since it has been a couple of years when we last saw them. We had a very good meal and a very good time with all of us catching up on what we have been doing.
Mark brought us back a different way to see the back road which use to be the main road and also to avoid the rain that was ahead of us.
Love the old barns along the country roads. Another nice day to remember.
We will be going to Nancy's sister Peach and Don's house for,I don't know how long, for awhile.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rainy Day

Just hanging loose while we visit with Mark and Sherry. Sherry has served up some good dinners for us to enjoy eating and gaining a little weight.
From time to time I have been doing some maintenance on the motorhome. I installed the new lock on the entance door, yesterday I cleaned up the front clearance lights and recaulked around them.
Nancy is still feeling about the same. It is still a month away before she has to go in for blood work. We are hoping that her numbers are still good or better. This will determine if we stay on the road longer or have to go back to Florida to see her doctors.
We have been having rain almost everyday since we have been here.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

West Virginia Hills

We left Sunday after church as scheduled to go to Clarksburg to see Amanda and her daughter Abby.
Sherry did all the driving for the 2 1/2 hour trip by car.
This gave me the time to look at the scenery and take photos along the way and maybe a time or two to rest my eyes. This is Summersville Lake.
The road through the beautiful mountains is nice indeed.
West Virginia has many good state parks to visit. Nancy and I have been in most of them.
Like some state at this time of year there is road construction going on.
We had a good time visiting Amanda and Abby and as usual the visit was too short.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oak Hill,West Virginia

Parked in front of Callie's.
Yesterday we left Callie's house and off farther north we went. I got on interstate 77 up to Beckley where I pulled off on exit 45 to go to the large fuel station at the Tamarack to dump the tanks. Then a short distance on 77 I took the exit to route 19 on to Oak Hill where we parked beside the church that Mark(Sherry's husband)is the pastor.
After church  service today we will go up to Clarksburg to see Amanda(Sherry's daughter). This will be a one day trip so we will go in the car.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Princeton,West Virginia

We left our site #19 at Stony Fork and off to Princeton,West Virginia we went. It was a short time we were on I-77 going north.
First we went trough the Big Walker Mountain Tunnel.
It wasn't long until the traffic was down to one lane,because the were resurfacing the road. I guess we can't complain when the do work on the roads.
Then it was through the East River Mountain Tunnel.
After coming out of that tunnel we were in West Virginia. We got into Princeton in ten minutes or so.
In another fifteen minutes I had the motorhome parked and leveling it up. Then it was getting the electric cord out to plug into the receptacle that Callie had installed for us a couple of years ago.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Leaving Jefferson National Forest

We got the same site at the Stony Fork Campground and by not backing all the way into the site I'm able to get tv with the satellite. We are not able to get any local tv stations parked here at the foot of Big Walker Mountain.
Yesterday it was to the laundromat again and that as always takes up most of the day.
So today we are on the move again going into Princeton,West Virginia to visit with Nancy's sister Callie. I know it will be another good visit as all of the visits to the family are.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stony Fork Campground

Our time was up visiting with Dee and the family and what a time we had.
I even went to Food City and found my favorite butterscotch pie. It was even on sale with $1.00 off.
One evening we went to the Amis Mill Eatery.
 Where we all had a good dinner. Sitting around the table waiting for our food to arrive.
Another evening I grilled some wieners for hotdogs. That with Nancys home made chili made for a good hotdog. It must have been good because before I was finished the number we had to eat was 21 people.
All that and a good place to park the motorhome is hard to beat.
Nancy and I can't thank the family enough to provide parking for ou motorhome as we travel to visit them.
We left Dee's yesterday in a rain that lasted all day. We did make it to the US Forest Stony Fork Campground.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

All you Dads out there I wish you a Happy Fathers Day. All you children that are fortunate to still have you father living visit or call them today.
This is the view out the side window where we are parked in Dee's yard.
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Saturday, June 15, 2013


Nancy did the laundry thursday. While we were in the laundromat it came another heavy rainstorm. By the time the clothes dryed it had stopped raining.Yesterday before we left Pigeon Forge we had brunch with our daughter Vicki and grand daughter Rebekah. They were in Pigeon Forge on their last leg of a weeks vacation. It was a very good surprise that we were here at the same time. After we said our goodbyes it was back on the road for us. Our distination was Rogersville,Tennessee to see Dee and the great grand children. Dee was wanting us to stay for a few days parked in her yard,so when I got to Rogersville I stopped at the Walmart. I unhooked the car so I could go check out her place to see if the motorhome could get in and parked ok. Even when someone says I think you can get in and parked ok they have no idea the size and what it takes to get the motorhome into a place. We did get in and parked ok and even had a 15 amp  receptacle on the outside I could use. Ah,life is good with all great family makes it better.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pigeon Forge,TN

We didn't do anything when we got here tuesday.
After parking in the site and setting everything up it was too late to do anything and Nancy was tired.
Yesterday morning Sherry was wanting a Smokie Mountain breakfast,so we went to the Log Cabin House for breakfast.
Here is Nancy and Sherry after breakfast. Now don't they look like two well fed ladies?
After eating we went up on top of the mountains. The Smokies are beautiful anytime of the year.
A few of the rhododendron are still in bloom. When all the rhododendron are in bloom and have the mountains cover it is a beautiful sight to see.
Also the beauty of a cool mountain stream. Who says you have to spend money to be happy?  Just look at these mountains that have been here for centuries that people have enjoyed.
And then you get to the top for a breath taking view.
Late yesterday Dee,Sherry's daughter came over to pick her up to spend a couple of days with her.
This was another good day.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moving up the road

Monday we left the Appalachian Campground in very much rain. I had to drive about 50 mile before we were out of the rain. Going through the town of Hiwassee. We entered the Cherokee National Forest and got a site in the Thunder Rock Campground.
I took site 15 which is along the fast flowing Ocoee river. Using the my Golden Age Passport card it was half price. These sites have no hookups,which is ok since I have the solar for electric and the tanks for water and sewer.
By that time it was dinner time. Nancy and Sherry were wanting to have a country dinner so we traveled a short distance to Pat's Kountry Kitchen for a good country dinner including the pinto beans.
The restaurant is in Copperhill Georgia. The town was named after the copper mined in the 1800's. Above is the old copper mining plant.
I enjoyed taking it easy out by the river. The cool breeze coming off the river with the beautiful scenery is hard to beat.
 Yesterday as we left the campground we stopped at the dam just a short distance and enjoyed the mist coming off of the falls.
On down the river and yet another stop at the site of the 1996 White Water Summer Olympics.
After the rain we had a nice travel day where we are now in Pigeon Forge at the Waldens Creek Campground.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Traveling on

Sunday as we always do,taking our time getting ready we left Winder and still heading north. We traveled to the Alpine Village of Helen,Georgia.
 We stopped and ate our lunch then moved on up the road 9 miles to  Appalachian Campground which is a Passport America member. So it was half price for us to stay the night. Tis is a nice campground with good wifi. After setting everything up we got in the car and went back to Helen to look around and have dinner.
This old windmill sits on the north side of town.
The town has added more Motels,Shops and a water park plus other tourist things since the last time we were here.

Want a horse and carriage ride?  They have those also.
It was a hot day so the river was full of tubers. It is a good price on the tubing. They take you up river in an old painted up school bus,put you out in the river for the ride down. All this for $15.00 a day.
We had dinner in a restaurant near the river and of course like any tourist town the price was above normal.
All in all it was another good day.
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