Thursday, June 30, 2016

Time is up

We didn't do the laundry Monday because the Laundromat that we usually use closed the day before.
So we then said we will go to the other one but by the time we got there it started raining really hard and it was crowded.
We did do the laundry Tuesday and it taking up most of the day.  When we got back Peach had prepared us a good chicken and pasta supper that we had not eaten before and it tasted good, thanks again Peach.
What am I going to do with Nancy?  She woke up yesterday morning with her lips and face swollen about twice the normal size.  I took her to the Med-Ex where they prescribed her with some antibiotics and steroid medication. She is better this morning but her face is still swollen somewhat.
Our time is up for staying here visiting Peach and Don and it is time to move on to our next stop for a visit with Jackie in Kentucky.
The time seems to fly as we visit with family as we really enjoy our time with each and everyone of them.
So it will be time to load up the flowers and move on.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Visiting and eating

We are sitting way to much but that's what you do when you are visiting and we love to visit family.
We have had Little Caesar's Pan Pizza, went to Logan's Steak House but the best was Peaches good home cooking with pinto beans a pot roast with potatoes and carrots.
Don and I went to the Flea Market again Saturday. Don bought some apples and I bought tomatoes that looked and tasted good.
Chris came from Morehead to take Jackie back home after her visit for the week.
Nancy and I need to go to the Laundromat today so that will take up most of the day for us.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

We had rain.

Wednesday -after taking our time through the morning hours eating breakfast and having our computer time we finally started getting ready.
Nancy was wanting to get hair haircut so off to Great Clips which was around 3 or so miles.  She was lucky that they took her right in.  While she was getting her haircut I went in to the Dollar Tree to see if they had anything we might need. All I got was a bag of onion rings which I snacked on while waiting on Nancy.
I then stopped at the Walmart where I bought some bottled drinking water.
Yesterday was a complete washout as we had a way more rain than we needed. I mean it really down and with all the thunder and lightning we were in like a monsoon. Later on watching the news we had 6-8 inches of rain in West Virginia and the neighboring states. There was road closures, mudslides, bridges washed out and homes flooded, also maybe a few tornados. It was a rough day, but we stayed safe.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A couple of trips

Sunday Don and I went to Crum which is a an hour and a half drive to church where he was the pastor for many years. He was doing the preaching for the day.  Then we went to the cemetery to place some flowers on our mother and father in-laws grave and also Don and Peaches daughter's grave.
After getting back home we got Peach and Nancy and we went to the Cracker Barrel to eat.
After getting back to the house we visited a little then Nancy and I came back home.
Yesterday Don and I went to the store and from there after coming home for a short time went to Grayson, Kentucky to get Jackie(Nancy and Peaches sister). She is going to stay and visit for a few days.
It was late in the evening when we got back and we all got caught up on a few things then it was time for Nancy and I to take our medicine for the night. Telling everyone goodnight we came home took our meds, watched a little tv until bedtime.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Culloden, West Virginia

A couple of weeks when we were in Virginia on I-77 going north to West Virginia we came upon this sign right before we got to the tunnel.  The reason they were escorting a truck with fuel through he tunnel.
After it was clear to go they let all the traffic go.
A short distance after getting through the tunnel we were in West Virginia.
Yesterday we left Oak Hill around 11:00 and drove the 92 miles to Culloden on I-64 in a couple of hours.  After getting to Peach and Don's I unhooked the car and backed the motorhome into the drive way. After leveling up I connected the electric, water and sewer lines.
After visiting with Peach and Don we came back to the motorhome to finish up setting the things into place for the time we are here.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Anothe day

First off a couple of photo's I forgot I had in my camera of the trails in the Stony Fork Campground.
They even have one for a wheel chair which is a very good thing.
Yesterday Mark took his parents to a pick up point where his brother Chuck was waiting to pick them up. 
Nancy and I stayed at the motorhome for most of the day.  I did make a trip out for an hour or so to pick up a few things such as Orange Sherbet for Nancy and ice cream for me.
We have some Catalpa trees beside our motorhome with beautiful flowers on them and it is nice looking out the window to see the flowers.
Toward evening time Mark and Sherry asked if we wanted to go and have dinner at the Olive Garden in Beckley with them.  It was close to 4:00 so we had a lunch special since it last until 4:00. Sherry had the Steak Fettuccine Alfredo Mark, Nancy and I had the Spaghetti.  The Lunch Specials came with a large bowl of house salad for each couple of us and was too much for us to eat all of it.
The meal was really good and the conversation was just as good.  Thank you Mark and Sherry.
After getting back home Mark and Sherry came in and spent a little time with us then went home.

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Church time

Yesterday morning I got on line and had our medicine filled at the Walgreens site.  We had to make the 12 mile run into Beckley because that is the Walgreens is located. There is not a Walgreens any closer than that.  They didn't have two of our meds so it will be another trip back in tomorrow.
Today was the 70th anniversary of the church where Mark is the pastor and they were having special service and a dinner afterwards. I did go but Nancy was coughing most of the night and didn't feel like going.  I did fix her up a plate of food and brought it home for her.
I have to move the motorhome from where it was parked because the garbage truck will be emptying the dumpster early in the morning and it is located behind the motorhome.
Sherry and Mark are going to have a busy week and said they will not have as much time as they would like to visit with us.  We told them we understand and not worry about us that we know how to take care of ourselves, we have been doing it for a long time.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016


Thursday I took Nancy to the Urgent Care Clinic because she still has a bad cough. The doctor checked her and said her lungs were clear so he prescribed her some medicine and nose spray.  The docs say she just has allergies.  She has be miserable for two weeks and isn't feeling any better.
After getting back home Sherry called and said she had supper ready so went to eat a foil pack of chicken and potatoes which was delicious. We sat and visited awhile with Sherry, Mark and his parents Ruby and Bob which are here visiting.
Friday was more time with the family until it was time to eat where we had pizza for supper and pizza always is good. 
I sure hope Nancy starts to feel better so se can enjoy her time here visiting.

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Thursday, June 09, 2016

Stony Fork

We left Mayberry Campground around 11:00 and soon started up the steep and high mountain in Virginia. The sun disappeared and the fog started to settle in and it felt so much like morning again that we had a cup of coffee.
The truck traffic was heavy going up the mountain because they were slowed down to a crawl.
Once we were down the other side and in to the valley the sun was shinning again.
We did get a good site at the Stony Fork Campground where we received several local tv stations and a good satellite view of the open sky. This is often hard to do with all the trees in a National Forest Campground.  The only drawback was we didn't have a wifi signal with our Cricket Hotspot and only hit and miss phone signal.
We stayed three days and got caught up on our laundry at the Laundromat in Wytheville.
Yesterday was a traveling day heading north again and a stop in Princeton, West Virginia to see Nancy's sister Callie.
I parked I a Kroger parking lot to unhook the car to go to see Callie.
Callie had us a great late lunch or early supper that we enjoyed very much and a better time just catching up on things for 3 1/2 hours.
Getting back to the motorhome hooking everything back on we were soon on the road again.
In an hour we were in Oak Hill were we parked the motorhome next to the church connected to the electric power while we visit with our daughter Sherry and husband Mark who is the pastor of the church were we will be for around a week.
We awoke this morning to a temperature of 48* the inside of the motorhome was 68* without any heat being on was nice. 
The motorhome is insulated really good.

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Sunday, June 05, 2016


We got away around 1:00 pm Friday with our first stop a Roses store.  We ate a sandwich and chips before going into the store I was wanting to see if they had a grill mat like the one I bought in Myrtle Beach. After using the mat I knew I would need a couple more because it make grill easy and no mess with the aluminum foil. They didn't have any so the hunt is on now until I find some.
I got on a divided highway and saw the truck that had got out of control and ended up in the medium.
It looked like it just happened minutes before we had gotten there. While we are in the travel mode we see this type of accident each day.
We traveled until reaching Biscoe where we spent the night at a Walmart.
After getting up yesterday and having breakfast and a couple cups of coffee it was time to get ready to move again.
Traveling the two lane roads we passed corn fields after corn field. Nancy said she didn't know they had so much corn.  We remember these fields as tobacco field and now it looks like corn is the money maker with the use of ethanol in the gas.
New corn silo's replacing the old ones.
I drove until we got to Mt Airy and the Mayberry Campground.
After checking in and getting the motorhome hooked up we went to the Hungry Farmer Restaurant to have supper. It is a few mile in the Virginia line.  We eat here every time we are in the area because we like the real country buffet that the have.  Everyone the comes in to eat are very friendly and it is not hard to strike up a conversation.
Today we will move on north and try to get in the Stony Fork  Campground at the foot of Big Walker Mountain which is in the Jefferson National Forest.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Getting ready

Yesterday after having breakfast and an extra cup of coffee it was time to get with it.  First I took the garbage to the county dumpsters after getting back home next was putting the folding chairs in their bags and storing them in the bays. Next up were the beach loungers that we left setting under the awning was their place in the bays. Just taking my time getting things put up and ready for us to make our move tomorrow.
We didn't go anywhere because Nancy says she may be a little better she still didn't good enough to do very much. I told her we could just have the couple of  frozen microwaveable pizza and a salad for supper. 
We will be leaving and heading northeast tomorrow with no plan of where we will spend the night.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Seeing the doctor

We went to Shallotte to see if Nancy could see a doctor. We went to the Novant Health Family Med & Convenient Care.  Not only could she get in without an appointment she was in and out in less than an hour.  This is the fastest we have seen a doctor ever.  Nancy found that her problem was allergies and we think it is something in the campground. We sleep with the window open at night and have the Fantastic Fan on so it dawns in through the window which is above our heads.
After seeing doctor we went to the San Felipe  Mexican Restaurant to eat.
We had the two-fer steak and chicken.  This is what was left over after eating.
We hope with the medicine and the nose drops Nancy will be feeling better today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.