Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Good vision again.

 Monday it was to the Florida Eye Institute to have laser surgery on the left eye to have the edema burned off that was partially covering the pupil.
I want to tell you this was the way I supposed to see after having the cataract surgery, but I did not.
The doctor that checked my eyes after the cataract surgery follow up appointment saw the problems with my eyes.
Anyway, I'm very satisfied now with my vision even though the vision in the left eye I'm seeing double, but glasses will take care of that.

Yesterday, I spent part of the day at Pep Boys having them changing the fan motor on the car.  The reason for that was the old one burned up and we sure need the a/c this time of year.

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Sunday, May 08, 2022

Happy Mothers Day

 Wish all you mothers a very happy day on the day set aside for you. You people that still have your mothers living do go to see them or call them it will mean a lot to them.

Friday was another day of going to the storage yard to clean on the motorhome.  This time it was to wash the front and rear caps as there was green pollen and dirt on it.
Since there was no water at the storage yard to use, I had to use water out of the motorhome tank which holds 67 gallons, that is more than enough. 
Even though it did not come clean, it will need some deep cleaning to look better. 

Tomorrow will be another day to do the eye surgery, this time on my left eye. 

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Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Seeing much better

 Monday Nancy and I was at the Florida Eye Institute for our scheduled appointment to have the Laser Surgery.
It was for the growth in our eyes after the cataract surgery that grows over the pupil making it blurry just the same as the cataract's.  It sounds like a big deal but only takes about five mintues to complete and not painful.

I could tell right away it really did help doing the right eye that was giving me trouble about reading and watching tv.  The doctor will do my left eye this coming Monday.

Nancy on the other hand did not fair as well as she said it did not help her sight.  She will have to get the doctor to check her eyes again to see what the problem is.

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Sunday, May 01, 2022

Doctor and Birthday wishes

 Nancy and I had our doctor's appointment Friday at 2:30 pm, so after seeing the doctor it was time to eat. 
  It's always waiting to get called into the room to see the doctor then waiting for him to come in and by that time, getting all the information on our blood work.  Then the doctor checking us out and telling us everything "looks good", sometimes two hours have gone by.    

So after all that it was time for us to eat.  It was to the Hibachi Buffet this time for my Birthday dinner even though it was a day early.


Yesterday it was a trip to Walmart for a few items that Nancy needed to have.
The birds where out in great numbers enjoying the nice warm weather.

The rest of the day I was on the phone with our children and grand children wishing me a Happy Birthday and asking me, how does it feel to be 84 years old.
My answer was, the same as it was being 83.

Later in the evening it was watching some television before bedtime.

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