Sunday, August 30, 2020

More Thunderstorms

We are still getting thunderstorms each day so there for sure is no drought for this area.

Sherry and I put together a mighty good tasting beef stew yesterday and even had enough for todays supper.
Mixed everything in the Instant Pot which only took 67 minutes to cook with the beef being really tender.

I was want a butterscotch pie which for some reason the stores never have any. Not only here but in our travels. 
So I said I would just make one myself.  Well I kind of cheated a little bit with the ingredients.
I bought a graham cracker pie crust, some butterscotch pudding in the small snack packs to fill the crust. then whipped cream for the topping.
It didn't taste as good as the real thing but you know anything close if you can't find the real thing.

I thought it was good for a substitute for the real thing.

Nancy is getting better each day so that is good news. Her body was already weak and whatever happened really took everything right out of her.  One thing about her she never does give up.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Rough evening

Nancy is feeling about the same, her blood pressure is still yo-yoing but not going as high.
The new medicine is not agreeing with her but she has to take it to control her b/p.

The other day when I went to the store I brought some flowers back for her.  She did enjoy them, but it is going to take more then flowers to get her feeling well!

You can tell you're in the south when you see flowers every where you look.

After telling Justin I was staying a month we had to move to another site because we were in the overnight sites.

On this site this see what you see at the bottom of the steps when the door is opened.

We have noisy neighbors at this new site.

And when they invite their friends over, you would not believe the noise they make.

The other day there was a knock on the door and when I opened it there they were with a couple of their friend wanting to know if they could come in for a visit?
I told them No, my wife does not want any visitors.

So, she turns around to her friends and say's, "he said no".

The result of probably one of the largest thunder and lightning storms we have been in. At one point I thought we had been hit with lightning, but it was just close.
It was so close that I told Nancy and Sherry to be ready to leave if we smelled or saw any smoke in the motorhome.
There was a tornado warning also for our exact area but none did form.

Hopefully some good things will happen today.

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Staying here longer

Ok, first and most important is about Nancy.
She has been feeling very week since being home and the rest of the things that goes with an hospital, like why is it taking so long for me to feel any better, or I'm so week Its taking to long for me to get my  strength back and a few more things,  You know what I mean if you have spent a couple of days in the hospital,  Its just one of those things that happens to all of us.

With her feeling like she does I went ahead and took this site for a month so she would not be worrying about holding us up from our summer trip, and I would take much more time if need be.

Good news is she has been feeling a little better today and I told her she will feel much better in a couple of weeks.

Back to when Nancy was in the hospital and they would not allow visitors in the rooms.

Jeremy ask me if I wanted to go out to a Peach Orchard that had home made ice cream and some more things.  I said I would very much lie to go.

They had some old things hanging around.

Who doesn't like old cars.

and trucks

and car

Then we went out to the old swampy lake where some years back they filmed the movie "Gator" staring Burt Reynolds.
We have been to this lake several time but have not seen any gators.
That could be the reason the movie was shot at the location.

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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sometimes things just don't go as planned

We did get away Tuesday and traveled along our usual route stopping at Live Oak, Florida to eat at Kens BBQ for supper.
Then after eating it was on to Valdosta, Georgia where we stopped at the Walmart to stay overnight.
Its only 12 miles to Cain's Riverside Park where we will be for the next couple of days.

Wait hold on did I say that?

Yeah that was the plan, but our plans have not been as planned so far.
Friday morning at 4:30 Nancy woke me up feeling bad and saying her arms were numb.
So I took her temperature which was ok,  Then I took her blood pressure which was 191/91.
I took it a couple more times and the last time an hour from the time she woke me up her blood pressure which had gone up to 212/107,  I told her I was going to call an ambulance which I did.
After the paramedics checked her they said she needed to go to the hospital to be checked out.
Anyway she was checked in the ER,  they said her blood pressure increasing it what caused her arms to tingle and the numb feeling. 
I stay with her in the ER while they gave her an iv, but her blood pressure increased to 228/117 before it started to coming down but was still up.
They told me they would have to keep her a couple of nights and have her blood pressure in range before she could be dismissed.
They took her to a room but I could not go because they are not allowing any visitors because of the COVID-19.

She did get to come home today but she is week and shaky.
I told her we will be setting still until she feels like traveling.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Been busy, sorry

First I want to say sorry about being slow on my posting.

Saturday I was busy doing the laundry, I had three load to do that took most of the day.
Of course I started out at 8:oo am doing that.

When the laundry was finish I went to two different stores to do some shopping plus made a stop at the Little Caesar's to pick us up a pepperoni pizza and an order of stuffed crazy bread.

Now here comes the crazy part of the week, hang on to your hats.

Monday:  We went down to the St Pete Airport to pick up Sherry who had flown in from West Virginia.
While setting and waiting for here 5:17 pm flight to come in  she called us at 5:00 that her plane had just landed.   We said that's good now we will be able to get home early.

But wait here it comes, some times things just does not go as planned.
Well a thunder and lightning storm had come up and they were not letting the passengers of the plane.  So this had the passengers staying on the plane (here it comes) for two hours before the storm was over.

 Well that part was over here comes the rest of the story.

After the hour to get back it felt good to be pulling in the rv park.
pulling in to the street where our site is located, I pulled up to back in our site I said Oh, No.

If you still have your hat on really hand on to it this time.

This is what I saw.  There was also a wind storm at our Park while we were gone.
Not a very pleasant thing to happen when you have planned to leave the next day.

So the next day I called my insurance on what to do got all the info on that.
The Park is going to take care of the junked awning.
And we left as planned.

We are now in Hahira visiting with our grandson and his family for a couple of days then will make a stop in Warner Robins, Georgia for a visit with my brother Nick and his family.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   


Tuesday, August 04, 2020

We had a nice day

We were up early yesterday morning because this was the day to have the four new tires put on the rear of the motor home.

I was there for only 10 minutes before they started working on taking the old tires off.

Then with the old off.

The new tires come rolling in two at a time, they had the tires install and we were rolling out in a short one and a half and hour later.
Since Nancy and I were both filling the hunger pains we stopped a a restaurant and had a nice breakfast.
She had a couple of with bacon, grits, gravy and a couple cups of coffee.
I had the two eggs, sausage, home fries, couple cups of coffee and the gravy we both shared.
We took our time and enjoyed our meal eating out for the first time in months.

After getting back with our home that it was such a nice day to spend it inside.
So I asked Nancy if she would like to go for a ride, she said she did and off we went.

I drove down to Tarpon Springs which is where the Howard Park is located that we used to go a few years back.

We just rode through the park, not getting out of the car.

Enjoying the palm trees and the gulf water.

Also the nice flowering bushes.

On the way back home I asked Nancy if she would like an Slushy drink, she did.
It was the first time we have had one in a number of years, it was good and cold.

This was the first leisurely day that we have had in a while.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



Saturday, August 01, 2020

Short range plans

Florida is getting ready for the Hurricane that is to hit between now and tomorrow.
Of course here on the west coast we should be ok with maybe some rain and I don't think very much wind.

As yesterdays evening progressed.
There were clouds moving in, not rain clouds, but nice white clouds.

Then this morning clear blue skies.

Tomorrow evening I will slowly be getting ready to move the motor home out.
But not to hit the road but to take the motor home down to the tire shop to get the four new tires put on the rear.
They didn't have the brand I wanted but they did give me a discount on a better tire which is the Iron Man tire.
This is a good brand that I had put on the front a few years back and have had good results with.
So now all six will be the same.

                       Now for the short range plans that can change if need be.

Our daughter Sherry is coming down from West Virginia a week from Monday and we will be picking her up at the St Petersburg Airport at 5:30 pm.
Then Tuesday, the next day will be leaving out to finally head north for our summer vacation.
This will be the three and a half months longer staying here then anytime before.  With doing so it looks like we will have to cut our times shorter visiting all of the family.
But whatever time with them we will cherish each moment.

Thanks for stopping by and do have a great day.