Monday, August 30, 2010

Just a Day

Yesterday was spent here on the lake without going anywhere. Haven our grandson stayed the night with us.

A place to get a drink of water or just sit and rest a while. In hot weather the water will not be that cool to drink,but at least it will be wet.

Here is two ladies looking out across the lake and seem to be talking about something.
Could it be that they saw this lady following her gentleman friend around the lake?
We've got to go into Sevierville for a little business today.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pigeon Forge

They were having a "Bass Tournament" this week end on Douglas Lake.  It is always a good turn out for these fishing tournaments.

If you come to Pigeon Forge in the "Great Smokie Mountains" you might want to take in one of the many shows that are in town. They have many to choose from.  Country Tonite is one of the good ones. 
Or maybe you would like to see the Titanic. I haven't been to this one so I can't comment on it.  Or maybe go to Dollywood and see several shows for one price.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Around the Lake

Yesterday we went to the "China Buffet" for our dinner. It was good but we have had better at other places,we would go back again.  From there it was to Walmart for a few groceries and a new coffee pot. Then it was back to the campground for the day.

Here are a few photos around the lake without words hope you enjoy them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Moved Again

We got ready yesterday to go to the laundromat,with everything in the car we decided to drive to the lower end to see if a site had come open. what do you know there was one open site,so we left the car at the site and walked up the hill to the motorhome.  After getting the motorhome ready to move first I dumped the tanks then set up on the new site by the lake. 

Going thru town we could see that the price of gas was .32¢ cheaper then the last time we had to fuel up.
On our evening walk we saw several boaters or fishermen out on the lake.
Looking over the lake and in the background is The Great Smokie Mountains. That is the mountains way back in the haze. 
A Blue Heron taking flight across the lake.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got a Site

By the time we got under way yesterday it was noon time. Its not as simple as jumping in a car and taking to the road.  There is unhooking everything then stopping to fill up the fresh water tank and then emptying the grey and black tanks.  We left the campground and then got on a back road for 7 miles that took us through the country with beautiful farm land. Then it was I-81 until it intersected with I-40 the rest of the way.

We did get a campsite on Douglas Lake.  Here is the view from our site.  It is on the hill which is very unlevel but at least we did get a site.  We had a long drive for me(168 miles).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On Down The Road

We've had a nice two days here in Stony Fork Park just relaxing and walking around.

It was a nice day yesterday,that is until we got through with our morning walk.  Then it clouded up and rained for the rest of the day and all night. 

The park has a nice stream flowing through it with cool water.
That is nice unless you get in the water with one of these snakes.  We didn't go swimming with this one,Nancy saw it as we were walking across one of the small bridges.
Today we are going all the way to Sevierville and hope to get a campsite at Douglas Lake.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stony Fork

We left Callie's around 11:30AM yesterday.  After doing some shopping in Kroger's and the Walmart we were on our way.  It was a very pleasant day and driving was good,not much traffic.

Here we are coming upon Big Walker Mountain Tunnel,which was the second tunnel on the route.

Still closer and entering the tunnel.  Theres a sign telling you to turn on your headlights.  I have no idea why,because there is good lighting in the tunnel.

Also in case you have been wondering,yes there is light at the end of the tunnel.
A beautiful view of the Virginia mountains.
We have a good campsite in Stony Fork Campground in the Jefferson National Forest. It is much cooler here at the base of the mountain. Oh,almost forgot,we have a very good internet signal here with the  Verizon  USB 760 for the laptop. As a matter of fact it is the best signal since I've had it.  That was a pleasant surprise.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Again

Our short week-end here visiting Callie is over already.
Saturday we went to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and I had the nine ounce ribeye. Oh was it good,this steak was one to remember.  Yesterday it was to Sams Club to get us a new clock,the one Callie gave to us was working but the remote sender quit working so we wanted to see the outside temp. That was the reason for the new one since they don't sell the remotes alone.  After walking in Sams for awhile we went to Ryans for dinner.
Today we will be going to Stony Fork Campground which is in the Jefferson US Forest. So we may or may not be able to write the blog or have a phone signal for a couple of days.
Again we had a very nice time with Callie.  

Saturday, August 21, 2010


We left Peach and Don's around 12:00 yesterday. 

We got a good look at the capitol building as we drove around Charleston. The dome doesn't shine like it once did. I think that due to the expense of the gold leaf paint they used to have on it.  It is painted with something less expensive now. 

As we approached the toll booth of the West Virginia Turnpike the traffic was backing up.  It sure looked as though they were taking in a lot of money today.  The toll for me towing the car was $3.25 and before I was through I paid that amount two more times. The road was pretty rough quite a few spots.  Makes one wonder what the toll money is used for?   

After a few more miles the traffic was backed up again and moving slow.  We soon saw why.  This vehicle looked like it did a roll over.  It was a Toyota make---Hmmmm.
We did make it to Callie's safe and sound. After leveling out and hooking up we had a nice evening talking with her as we sat out in the gazebo,with a nice cool breeze blowing.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Moving Out

Well our time here visiting Peach and Don has come and gone,so today is moving day.  We will be getting on I-64 heading east and then picking up I-77 south to Princeton.
We will be visiting Nancy's sister Callie for the week-end.  We always enjoy our trips when we can visit the family.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laundromat and Mall

Yesterday started out with rain and it looked as though it would rain for the day,but it cleared up.  Don was gone to the school for a seminar of his work.  

Nancy and I went to the laundromat to do the clothes. It was much cooler this time because the temp only got up tp 76°.  When we got back Don was home,we then all went to the mall to do our walking and have our dinner.  This day was a day that seemed so short,it was over quick.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's Happening

Lets see what have I been doing?   Mondsay I went to Walmart to get a universal remote for the VCR that I bought in the flea market.  Did you ever try to set one of these things up to work with a tv or other thing that you have.  I tried to put the code in using the fastest way but couldn't get it in,I guess it was me.  Then I tried the nest way and it went in very quickly.
Yesterday Don and I checked on the laundromat in Milton. Dog gone it,it wasn't in bussiness any longer. So I guess back to the one where we were last week. At least it is cooler today.  Don grilled and bbq'd some chicken while the ladies did the sides.  Another great meal for us to enjoy.
Also yesterday I set the VCR to tape a ball game. Not only did I have the wrong channel set but it didn't tape.  So checking to see why it didn't tape,I hit the record button,after a short time it would stop. I did the about 5 or 6 times with the same result. I'm thinking all this time maybe the VCR was bad. Then the thought hit me "try a new tape". Whew,thats what it was.  So everything is working good now.  

Monday, August 16, 2010

Nothing new

I've just been doing the little projects around the motorhome the last few days.
Yesterday we went to Crum where Don does the preaching.  On the way home we stopped in Giovanni's for dinner.  Don had Grilled chicken,Peach had cheese bread,Nancy had baked spaghetti and I ordered a filly cheese. All of us enjoyed the meal that we had.  When we got home Don and I went to the flea market to see what we could get that we couldn't do without.  I found a vcr that I had been looking for in different stores but could not find.  Brought it home to check it out and it works just fine,oh and only cost $5.00--my kind of price. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Just hanging loose

We did do the laundry wednesday so that is out of the way for a week or so. The laundromat was so hot.  The place didn't have a/c or even a fan going so Nancy says we have to fined a different place the next time.
Wednesday evening Don grilled pork chops,Nancy and Peach prepared the sides,the meal was fantastic. We had enough left over for our dinner yesterday and it tasted better then the day before.  Don and I watched Nathan(Don's grandson) practice football.  He is in the 7th grade and this is his first year at football so he's very excited.
We are having a good time visiting and not doing much of anything else which is ok with us.   

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Work Day

Yesterday we were going to go to the laundromat to do the clothes but that didn't happen. The commode had been loose and rocking so I thought I would tighten it down a bit and it wouldn't tighten up.  So I took it up then I saw the problem,the flange was broken.  Thats when the work started. The flange and the section that goes down in the tank were all glued together.  After pulling,twisting and tuging for a while it finally came out.  I was lucky it wasn't glued to the holding tank,that part has a couple of rubber seals that the pipe slips into.  Don and I went to a couple of places before we found all we needed for the repair.  After a few hours and a lot of sweating I was finished.
Maybe we can do the laundry today.  That is the plan for today.      

Monday, August 09, 2010

Singing in Church

Jackie on the left and Nancy on the right singing in church.  Yesterday we went to Crum to church,where Don does the preaching.  The people here are very friendly and they really welcome you in.  After church we got home and just relaxed and snacked on what we had handy.  Of course later on we did have a "Little Caesar's"pizza.
Saturday Callie and Jim came up for the day to visit with the rest of us.  The we all went to Bob Evans for dinner before they had to go back to Princeton.  It was a good week-end.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Excitment Today

Yesterday morning Don and I went down to the flea market to see what they had that we might need.  About half of the places were closed  and wasn't going to be opened until today. Of the places that were open we didn't see anything that drew our interest.  Then once again we all went to the mall to do our walking.  We stayed in the mall for around 4-5 hours then started home. 
This is when the excitement started.  We were a short distance from our exit off of I-64 when this car passes us.  We noticed his left rear tire look as though it was "wobbling" as he came back into the lane in front of us.  All of a sudden he skidded side ways and then became airborne and off into the ditch line rolling over about 3 times. Don thinking real quick speeded up so the car wouldn't roll over on us in case it came out of the ditch line. Good and quick thinking Don!

As you can see the car is in better shape than we thought it would be when we went back to check on the driver.
The driver thankfully wasn;t injured either. But he was really shaking.  This is the driver looking at his car. 
After getting back home we had a good cook out consisiting of hot dogs and cheese burgers.
How was your day?

Friday, August 06, 2010

Doing a Thursday

Yesterday morning I went up to the barber in Hurricane to get a hair cut.  I've been to this barber before so I knew I would get a good hair cut.
The town has a nice gazebo with a clock that has the correct timme on it.  We have seen many towns with gazebos but not very often with clocks on them.
After having lunch we went to the mall to do some walking,by the time we finished it was getting late so we had dinner in the mall at the food court.  
Now look at this. This is first class driveway parking with full hook ups.  All of the families we visit are so great to accomadate us and the motorhome. But the greatest part is visiting with them.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Hooked up again

Yesterday after unhooking the electric,putting the jacks up and backing off the ramps. I put all the lumber in the bays. Hooked on the car,then it was time for Nancy and Jackie to get in for our journey to Peach and Dons. We went thru Morehead then onto I-64 heading east. I made a stop for gas at the FlyingJ before leaving Kentucky. I put 44 gallons in the motorhome after driving it 375 miles,that came out to average 8.5 mpg which is pretty good for a class a motorhome.  Thats why I try to drive around 55mph so I will average better mpg. The sun was really hot while I was out side filling the fuel tank.
We made a stop at the Walmart so Nancy could get one of her meds refilled and also to grab dinner so Peach wouldn't have to prepare anything for us since she has just had a back operation.
We did get to Peach and Dons house,Don came out and helped me get all hooked up again,then we visited the rest of the evening.  It is good to see them again and talk with them.   

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Almost Time

Sometimes there just isn't a level spot and you have to do the best you can.  After running up the ramps and setting the jacks,all is level.

Yesterday we went to Morehead to do the laundry.  We could have used Jackie's washer and dryer but Nancy likes to  get the chore over as quick as she can.  She also got her hair cut.  I was going to get mine cut also. I went to two barber shops and they were closed. I guess it was their day off in the town of Morehead.

Tomorrow we will be on the road to Nancy's other sister Peach.  Jackie will be going with us also,she says this is her vacation time.  We always have a good time when we are all together and I'm sure this time will be no exception.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Busy Saturday

Yesterday morning I put the new alternator on checked it and now everything is working like it should.  We went to see Tyler do a basketball shoot with all the other players.  They shot foul shots and he had the best percentage. 
Tyler getting ready to shoot one of his foul shots.  Tyler is Jackie's grandson.