Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yesterday was back down to John Chestnut Park to do the walking. Still so cool that we had to have long pants and a light jacket on to do the walking.
The trees have small flowering blooms on them along the boardwalk portion of the trail.
Saw this woodpecker on a tree as we got on into the woods.  It was almost to far away for me to get a good shot with my point and shoot camera.
After we did our walk we stopped at the Winn Dixie  Market to get a few things.
After getting home I grilled us some pork chops while Nancy prepared the side dishes for what turned out to be a very good dinner.
Then we spent the rest of the evening doing what old people do-resting.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Same Stuff

Yesterday the wind was still cool.  Before I went outside I thought it was warm enough for short pants so I started out with them on. Once I went outside I found out that I was going to have to change and put the long pants on.  After Nancy was ready we went to the mall to do our walking.  From there it was to Walmart again for a few things.   Then it was the same old stuff watching the tv and on the computer.  I get on the computer to see if I can find coupons we can use,but most of the sites have the same coupons that they have had for months.  We watched the news last night where this guy uses coupons and he says he gets a bunch of food for free or almost free with coupons.  I have not  been able to do that well with using the coupons,but I do save a little by using them.  Maybe I'll learn the secret after I have been at it a while.

Monday, March 29, 2010

You Guessed It

If you thought I would be watching basketball again yesterday you were right.  We are now set for the "Final Four" this week-end. 
We did go to church then came home to eat what was left over from saturday.  It was a good thing we didn't eat out yesterday because after we got home to eat it came a down pour that lasted all day long. Wasn;t a good day to be out at all. 
The weather is going to gradually get warm through the week and fell more like the Florida that we have come to know.  With the warming trend we will be able to do more of te things we like to do and with the basketball season coming to an end I won't be in front of the tv as much.
With the weather that we have had this season the time here has seemed so short and its not to long until we will hit the road again.  I hope my blog will be more interesting with more photos once we get on the road. I really like taking pictures,my camera is always in my pocket just waiting for that special "Kodak Moment".

Sunday, March 28, 2010

WV in Final Four

Yesterday was spent watching the basketball games again.  West Virginia had a mild upset over Kentucky which puts them in the final four.  The last time they were in a final four was in 1959 so I guess they feel like its about time.  Butler also won their game.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flea Market Day

Yesterday we went to the USA Flea Market.  I went to get some hot peppers that I buy from time to time that I can.  Well they didn't have any so I will have to wait on those to come in and go back in a week or so.  I was talking to the produce guy about the high cost of all the produce,he didn't have any green peppers because he said the wholesale wanted to charge him $50.00 a box for them.  The cold winter season in Florida this year really just froze all the crops.
After we finished walking around in the flea market we had dinner at the "China Buffet" since I had a coupon that made the cost $4.99 each for the meal.  I like to use coupons. They have small advertising booklets in the stores. that have a bunch of coupons in them that we use.
From there we went to Big Lots where Nancy bought a few things. Then it was time to come home and get ready for the "March Madness" basketball games.  

Friday, March 26, 2010

Walking and Eating

Yesterday we went to J B Starkey Park to do some walking. We actually got in 5 miles of trail walking,that is the most we've done in a while.
I don't know if all that walking did any good because after the walk we went to the Golden Corral for the senior early bird price.  That walking sure gets you hungry.
There are a few wild flowers beginning to sprout out.
 Of course last night I watched the basketball "March Madness"playoffs.  Both of my teams won.  The bad thing is that now they will face each other on saturday.  Oh my,now who do I pull for?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Different Park

Yesterday we went walking in the Crew's Lake Park.
 The Azalea's are out in full bloom.
This is another tree lined bike trail and walkway.  They have trails all through out the park.  We had a very nice day weather wise and a very pleasent day to be outside.  It was a short pants day today.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Park Walking

Yesterday we went to John Chestnut Park again to walk.  It was a little cool by the lake but the interior it wasn't that bad.

We saw this big o'boy out on the bank. He looked to be every bit of ten feet long and very heavy.

We also saw these deer feeding on the leaves of low branches. Click on start button to see short video clip.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Eyeglasses

Yesterday was an all day of getting new eyeglasses.  Went went to several places to compare the prices of glasses for Nancy and me they went from expensive to very expensive.  We took a break to the Golden Corral for a late lunch and discussing where we should get our glasses made.  We have always had the progressive lens with photo gray or whatever you call them now. Lenscrafters quote was a little over $800.00.  So we thought maybe the vision center in Walmart might be a little cheaper.  We were shockedwhen the price on the glasses were $1000.00 plus a few more dollars.  So we ended going to Sears Optical where they had a deal that we could each get two pair of glasses for $755.00 including our eye exam.  Needless to say we went with Sears. This took us all day and evening to do.  

Monday, March 22, 2010

Basketball is all

The whole week-end was basketball games for me.  I've really have got into "March Madness" by watching all the games that I can.  I have seen some good games and quite a few upsets.  This is the first year I can remember that so many of the lower seeds winning.  Yesterday was a day of rain for us then the weather turned a little cool once again.  I won't have ball games until thursday night so maybe we can do a little walking or other things.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Still Basketball

Still doing the same thing,watching the "March Madness" basketball games.
We did get down to the JB Starkey Wilderness Park and do some walking yesterday.  It will be quite a while before we get back into shape.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Madness

Yesterday was one of the slow days.  We did get to the mall to do some walking then to Walmarts for a little shopping.
It is "March Madness" time and I will be stuck to the tv for a few weeks.  It is going to be good to watch the teams.  I didn't like the idea of putting West Virginia and Kentucky in the same bracket since these are two of my favorite teams.  If they win a few games they will face each other.  That will be a hard game to watch,I will be glad for the winner and very sad for the loser.
I hope your day will be as good as mine is going to be. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Park

Yesterday I wanted to walk in a park that we had not walked in.  So we went to the Philippe County  Park.  This park is in Pinellas County by the bay. 
As you can see it is by the water.  This park was the Odett Philippe plantation at one time.  Philippe is bury somewhere on the grounds,but the exact location is unknown.  
As you can see the tree lined canopy along the road that goes up and down the terrain is anything but level.  Off the road and on a trail you walk up the indian mound that is here. We got a real workout in doing our walking here yesterday and our legs can feel the result of it today.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No Games Today

Yesterday there wasn't any basketball games on so we went to the Chestnut Park to do some much needed walking.  When we got out of the car and to the bridge that goes across part of the lake this baby alligator about 3-4 foot look was there to greet everyone.  I don't know if he was grinning or maybe waiting on some food to come along.  

We saw several different birds but,no other wildlife could be found.  It is always a plus to see the animals and trees when we go walking in the forest. Just a small pond of water at times will facinate us. We also enjoy the birds that walk along the waters edge trying to catch a meal. 
Like I always say when we get out to walk "another great day".

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yesterday was church day so we did go to church.  The pastor had a good sermon as usual.  After church was over we saw our friends Lee and Hazel King coming out so we talked a short bit and decided that we would meet up for dinner after we all went home and changed.  We meet them at "The Inn on the Gulf".  We had a nice dinner and better conversation with them. Afterwards we came home,Nancy did some reading while I watched a basketball game that I had recorded.  It was a very nice day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yeah Sun

After a day of rain off and on yesterday,the sun is finally shining this morning. But like I said before the weather is not effecting me through these days of watching my basketball games.  I'm a big fan of West Virginia and Kentucky.  Of course Nancy is putting up with all this. It matters little to her when the weather is "nasty" outside but when the weather is nice she wants to get out and go walking.  She knows how I like my basketball games and she goes along with being inside.    
Nancy says the eggs doesn't look good after being fried in bacon grease. They taste better then they look.  2 eggs,3 pc bacon,1 biscuit and a cup of coffee a good way to start the day. 

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rain and Wind

Heavy rain and wind yesterday all day long and it looks like it may rain all day again.  Well I'm going to watch the ballgames all day any way.  We had several tornadoes to touch down but they weren't close to us.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well thats what I could put on the blog for yesterday.  Or looks like for the whole week.  I'm really enjoying all these tournaments.  With the weather the way it is today thus far it doesn't look as though we will get out to walk.  The only people I see out is those that are going out to the mail box.
One thing for sure is that me watching the basketball games is we are not going anywhere to spend money.  I like that,but Nancy says our frig and cupboards are getting empty.
I hope you will enjoy your day as much as I enjoy this day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


What can you write about on your blog when you spend the whole day watching basketball games?  Thats what I did yesterday and today will be the same.  Four games,this is "March Madness" time you know.  I'm watching the "Big East Tournament". 
I did take the time between games to take the garbage to the dumptster. Then Nancy and I walked around the park a short distance.  This is one bad bench the park has here. 

The lake as it is facing 8th street and also behind 9th street.
Well I have to go and get ready to watch four more games today. I'm sure busy these days. 

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Good Walking Day

Yesterday I was looking in the folders and touist books I had. I saw a park that we had not been to that is close to us so we had to check it out.  This is a nice small park good for a picnic and it sits along the river. It is not good for walking though. Name of the park is Francis Avenue Park.  
So with the day being so nice we drove out to J B Starkey Wilderness Park.  This is the first time that we have been here to walk because the weather has been too cool and most of the time there is a breeze blowing over the open area.  The park has had a huge fire and has burned much of the park. But there is still a greater percentage is nice and green.  

The Armadillos were out in great numbers yesterday. That and the birds were the only wildlife that we saw. It was a perfect walking day.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sunny Day

Yesterday was church day.  After church we stopped and had dinner at another restaurant that we hadn't been.  It was ok but not special.  We like to try different ones to see if they are good or not.

After dinner we came home changed clothes and went to Key Vista Park to walk since it was a nice sunny day.  This park is close to the gulf and has trails that lead out to the gulf waters.
Some of the trails looks as though they have had a fire and were closed off.
They had plenty of trails open that you can walk and enjoy.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Park Walk

In between basketball games yesterday we did get a little walking in.  Of course it was in the park here.  As we walked around we saw that the green parrots had once again flown in.
I managed to get a few photos before they took off.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Warmer Weather.

Only thing new is that Nancy had her hair cut yesterday.
The weather is the same.  It is suppose to warm up to 70° today and be in the 70's all week. That will be a very welcome change.
This is a well worn place in our house for too long of a time this season.   Reading and watching the television.  It really has not been a good winter for Florida.  I saw a photo in yesterdays paper where the tomato crops have frozen.  The tomatoes are always high priced anyway and with this happening I would say that you will really have to love tomatoes to buy them. A few days ago they were $2.98 a pound.  When the price on the tomatoes,lettuce and peppers go up I don't buy them.  The stores will keep the price up high and would rather let it spoil on the shelf than lower the price.
Well this is another Saturday and another full day of watching basketball games.  That old couch is getting a real workout. 

Friday, March 05, 2010


After complaints of a virus when clicking on the ads,I took off all the ads since I didn't know which one might have contained a virus.  After reading in the blogger help section it seems as though my blog was not the only one that had this problem.  Blogger help said to look  in the template to see if you could find anything that was not suppose to be there.  I did this and found a couple of things that I thought it might be so I deleted them and then looked at my blog.  It didn't change the looks of my blog so maybe I did find what was causing the problem.  If you do not have virus protection on your computer please get a good one so your computer will not be at risk.  A good one that is free is "AVG Free".   
Please do not let this problem keep you from clicking on ads when you visit  web pages on the internet,because this is the only way some of them have to make a small income for the time it takes to keep up a blog.


We're not doing anything,just getting out to the store a few times.  The weather has been just plain to cool for us and we have no need to be out.  We are just trying to wait for the weather to turn better so we can get out and walk in comfort.  I had to put something on the blog to let family know we are doing ok/

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Yesteday we had rain in the early morning hours that cleared up by noon.  We had hard wind all day long so Nancy and I went down to the Sams Club to walk and see what they had to offer.  We only bought a few things because we were there a couple of days ago and stocked up.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Got to Walk

Yesterday it got warm enough to go walking,so we went down to our favorite place-John Chestnut Park.  Here Nancy and I are looking over the bridge railing into the water.
The park trail has so many different scenes through out.
The lake is quit full still.  With all the rain it has more water than usual.
A bunch of dead bleached out trees.
At the end of the trail you cross a bridge unto a small island.  There was an alligator at the edge of the water.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Cheap Burgers

Yesterday day went as we thought it would with Nancy a little down with some kind of bug.  She is feeling better today but not up to par.  With the weather looking like it might warm up a little we will try to get out and walk.  The
gopher Tortoise coming out of its hole is a sign that the weather is going to warm up.
Since Nancy didn't feel wery well yesterday and I wasn't really that hungry,I went down to the McDonald's and pick up some of their special priced (49¢) hamburger's.
After fixing them up with cheese,tomato,lettuce and a slice of onion,now turning them into a cheeseburger it tasted pretty good.  They have that special price on Sundays and Wednesdays.
So I was watching basketball games and eating the cheese burgers most of the day.