Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its a Lemon

I've called this tree a lime,an orange tree. I now know its a lemon tree,with a few lemons on it. The guy next door says it is usually loaded down but this year not so.
Some of the lemons are larger than the normal size that you see in stores.
Yesterday I did some yard work cutting out the old shabby edges. I will plant a row of flowers in the place they were along the driveway. I still have some more to cut along side the house.
That little amount of work and going to Lowes for a couple of hanging baskets of flowers for Nancy was about it,we did do our walking.
Today we will go to Walgreens to get our flu shots.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Right Down Cold

Oh,was it cold this morning,it was 39 here and Tampa set a record with 42 for the overnight temp.
Yesterday I got my haircut that was much needed. We went to Taco Bell for our free taco,because they had someone to steal a base in the world series. Of course we went to WalMart for groceries and a hoe and rake for me. I also bought 3 tomato plants and a pot of mums for Nancy.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Bike

Not much is happening these days. When Nancy and I took our morning walk I saw where someone had brought a bike down to the mall(the place where you take and leave the things you don't want that someone else might use. Well the bike looked better than the one I had so I took it to the house and worked on it a bit,put air in the tires and "walla" I had myself a new bike. I took the other one I had and parked it down at the mall. Someone else may want to try and fix it up. We walked again this evening and by the time we did this and talked to the people that are slowly and everyday coming back for the winter,it took up some time.
Now this would be a good day if the Rays would win another game.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nice Day

We went to church today,which was good and afterwards we had dinner out with our friends Hazel and Lee. After dinner they invited us to their house. We did go but first we stopped by the house and changed into our other clothes. We sat around and then we played a game of I think it was called yahoo. The game lasted for quite a while,we didn't finish. Hazel had carrot cake and coffee which tasted good. We chatted a bit more then came home.
It was a nice visit. Thank you Hazel and Lee.
It is 7:45pm,so I will watch the Phillies and the Rays game once again tonight very shortly at 8:00.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Roadside Market

Yesterday it rained on and off all day long. We are still trying toget all the things that we will need out of the motorhome,but it seems that we keep going back to it to get something.
When the rain stopped for a short time I went down to the roadside fruit and vegetable market. They had some good prices,the bananas were .32 a pound and the golden delicious apples were .89 a pound. The produce the have here seem to be a lot fresher than in the large food stores,and why not help out the little guy.
Today will be watch a ballgame day.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Did I get Lazy?

Wow am I behind on posting. We left Valdosta yesterday and believe it or not I drove all the way to New Port Richey,Florida in one day. We usually make this a 2 day trip but once we got started we thought may as well get there and get set back up in the park model. We carried most of the stuff out of the motorhome yesterday but,still had a lot more to do today. Nancy and I are both tired from the trips we made from the motorhome to the park model and putting the stuff where its suppose to be. We did a little walk around the park this evening and saw some of our friends that are here already.
I watched the World Series last night and was a little dissapointed in the Rays. Maybe they will do a little better tonight.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Burgers and Hot Dogs

I watched a couple of games on tv yesterday and evening time we went over to visit and have dinner with Mark and Sherry. We had cheesebugers,hot dogs and chips,which tasted very good. After dinner I watched another game while Nancy and Sherry listened to some music. Mark was on the new computer which had just got set up with high speed internet.
We came home around 7:30,I watched the game between the Red Soxs and the Rays. The Soxs won the game again,now its tied up 3-3 games with the deciding game tonight for the Word Series. I sure hope the Rays can come back and win like they should have a couple of games ago.
We are going to meet with Mark and Sherry to day for dinner at CiCi's Pizza. Nancy likes that because she can get her fill on pizza.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mickey Mouse

This morning started out with Andy wanting a Mickey Mouse pancake and whatever Andy wants Nancy tries her best to get. So a Mickey pancake Andy got and he was happy.
They're clearing out some of the tall pine trees for lumber. They can do this quick with the machinery they have. The trees are cut then the clam shell pulls it through a shredder like machine to cut the limbs off.
A large plane going in for a landing at the Moody Air Base landing field.
We went over to Sherry and Mark's this evening for dinner,BarBQ,slaw,steak fries and corn on the cob yum good.
Some of the gas stations here have regular gas for $2.79 a gallon. That is good but the price will be going up again just as soon as the OPEC ministers have their meeting late next week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Walking Down the Road

Nancy and I went walking down the road here around Jeremy's place. We saw the wild flowers growing along the roadside.
Here are some berries of some kind.

I think these are black eyed susan.

A nice red one of a few.

We even saw a chopper from near by Moody Air Force Base.
Jeremy has DSL but for some reason I can't get connected. Even when I do it kicks me off very often.

Monday, October 13, 2008

In Valdosta,Georgia

We left Nicks 11:30 and got here in Valdosta 3:30. We will be visiting Jeremy,his family. We will also be visiting with Mark and Sherry. We have no idea how long we'll be here.
We ran into rain several times coming down,also constrction on I-75 along the way.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Air Museum Visit

Nick and I went down to the Robins Air Museum today to look at the various vintage planes they have.
I'm having problems with blogger today. It will let me only publish on photo at a time.
The Midnight Train from Georgia was painted on one of the planes.
A large turbo helicopter
Here is one of a number of the planes that are outside.
They had the older prop planes also.
This was a world war II Flying Tiger they had there.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Another busy Day

We watched the tv a little today and saw where the crude oil was still going lower. The price at the gas pumps were also going lower which is good news. The price of gas is still costing to much.

Nick and I spent most of the day working over at Linda's house,taking a refrigerator over and setting it up. Then Nick had to go to Lowe's to look around.

Now that I've taken a shower I'm ready to settle down and watch the Rays and the Red Sox ball game.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cheap by no Means

Yesterday was a rainy day all day long.

The price of gas is coming down but you can not say it is cheap.
Nick and I did a little running around again yesterday. I got Nancy some more Red Plum Jam,this made 10 jars she has now. Hope that will last her for a while. Nick also had to go to a couple of stores to look for a bargain. He really likes things on sale,plus he uses a lot of coupons. A thrifty shopper he is.
The rain turned into a thunder and lightning storm last night. We had tornado warning for the county. Everything turned out ok though.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A little work

Yesterday Nick and I went over to the house that Linda bought to change the locks on the doors. Of course Nick did most of the work I was just the helper on this job. Linda has a nice house with a really large yard. We also went back to change some hair stuff that Nancy had picked up the wrong kind.
The price of gas is slowly coming down,it is $3.55 here now in Warner Robins,Georgia. That is still way to much to be considered cheap. I don't think the price will ever be down around $2.00 anymore,even if the crude oil prices come way down.
Nancy is going to take our laundry in to the house and use Joan's washing machine and dryer. We still don't know when we are leaving here it depends on how our holding tank getting full.
It is finally raining here with much needed rain. The ground is so dry it will have to rain quite a bit to get the soil damp.
I have know idea what Nick has planned on doing today.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Motorhome Brakes

When we came into Warner Robins friday I thought I heard my brakes making a noise. So today Nick and I took the front tire off so we could look at the brake pads. Well the pads looked good with plenty of pad left. I greased the sliding pins and put everything back together. Knowing that nothing is wrong with the brakes is good news,it is always better to do this than wait and let something really mess up.
Nancy and I along with Nick went to WalMart Pharmacy to get our monthly meds filled and did a little grocery shopping. Also watched the Tampa Bay Rays take another win over the White Sox.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Running Around

Today I ran around with my brother Nick. I know when I go out with him that we will be out for awhile because he usually goes to all the stores in town.

We started with going out to the Warner Robins Base Store. Here is one of the planes that set outside at the entrance to the base. I always buy Nancy jars of Smucker's Red Plum Jam here because this is one of the few places that sells it. From there it was Kroger's then Publix. After a late lunch we went to a few more places. By that time it was time to eat dinner and today it was pizza,then time to watch the playoff game between the White Sox and Tampa Bay Rays. This was a f
ull day.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

We Moved

Well yesterday it was time to leave Sinclair Lake and head on south. We had our breakfast and did our walk before we started.

Looks like the hay was getting baled up for the winter season. They were doing this in the many farms that we passed. We travel down route 129 enjoying all the things that you can see unlike travel down I-75 and fighting the traffic trying to be the first one to wherever they were going. There are so many things that you can see on the country roads that you won't see going down the interstate. It didn't ake us long to get to my brother's house in Warner Robins,Georgia since it was only 53 miles from where we started. We have no idea how long we will be here,we have no plans. Like most of the time we travel we just let it happen.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jim and Judy

We had a good visit with Jim and Judy Maddox yesterday evening. They are in the process of becoming fulltimers with a target date in 3 years. The plan they have sounds good. They wanted to have first hand information on flltiming and I hope we have helped them.

This is one of the tent sites overlooking the lake here in the campground.
The circle you see is a spider web. It looks like the spider made a target for the bugs to hit in.