Monday, September 28, 2015

Nothing but rain

It have been the same here for a week.  Rain everyday and the weather report is the same for this week. We do get a break every now and then with a little sunshine but can 't plan on doing anything around the outside of the motorhome. I thought I would get a chance on cleaning and getting the bays straighten out some what.
I watched the PGA Golf Tournament all week and enjoyed it very much.
Today Nancy and I are going to try and get out to some of the stores and just loaf a little and see what we might see that we just can't do without. I know at times its not good to do that because we end up buying things that we could do without.
We have been here a week and have not had the kind of weather we need to spend time on the beach.
I sure hope we do have some beach time before we leave here.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Doing what we do

We had to go to the Laundromat Tuesday because we were just about overdue and it would not be very easy for Nancy if she would have to hand wash the clothes. I tell her it would save some money if I buy her a wash board where she could do the laundry in the motorhome but she says no.
We had dinner at the Golden Corral that is new since  we were here a couple of years ago.
Yesterday I got some time to look and throw a few things away. Today and  some more days this month the plan is the same. When we sold the park model and Sherry helping to load up things we haven't had or taken the time to see what we've had packed. I'm sure there are things we will not need and we sure could use the space it is taking up.
I went down to Shallotte and got us a Pizza Hut pizza yesterday for dinner.
The weather forecast is for rain the next four days with it being heavy at times.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sunset Beach

We left Flanner's Campground in the Croatan National Forest yesterday down the coast of North Carolina and are now in Sunset Beach just north of Myrtle Beach.  We had a pleasant drive going through several small town along the way.
We are in the Wishing Well Campground which is a nice quiet older park with 30 amp service, water and sewer hookups. The park has 27 sites large enough for any size rig.
We will be here for a month of relaxing,  looking around the area  and having some beach time. 

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beaufort, North Carolina

Our campground is around 25 miles from Beaufort I've seen several blogs where people have enjoyed the old water front town so we went there Thursday. I have to say it was nice.
With boats and yachts of every size.
I told Nancy a boat or yacht is like owning a motorhome no mater what size you have someone has one bigger.
It doesn't mater what size you own you can have just as much fun as the next guy.

We walked the length of the boardwalk enjoyed looking at the boats.
All that walking with her walker Nancy said she was hungry so we stopped in to one of the water front restaurants for a bite to eat. Looking at the menu we were surprised that the pricing was no more than other places we have eaten.
Nancy also enjoyed the old houses that are close to the water dating back to the early 1700's.
This was another good day of sightseeing. We would tell anyone if they get a chace to go and look around Beaufort, North Carolina. 
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Friday, September 18, 2015

Croaton National Forest

Wednesday it was good to drive in some flat land seeing flowers along the highway.
A few old barns and cotton fields along the way of the two lane roads.
Tobacco fields that you can't see from the interstates.
Large grain building with silo's.
Through the town of Mt. Olive. Folks get off the interstates and see the real America.
Soon we were getting close to the coast of North Carolina.

After getting to our destination Croatan National Forest and setting up the motorhome we went down to the beach of the Neuse river which is in the campground.
It doesn't have the white sand of the Florida beaches but is very nice.
These are the stairs that you have to take from the campground.  The beach is so inviting you can almost here it saying come and relax.
We don't have any idea how long we will be here.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Blowing Rock

We did get out medicine filled on Sunday.
Monday we went back to see The Rock.
After 60 some years I couldn't remember much of the area but I remembered The Rock. It we nice getting back to it after all these years of thinking about it.
Yeah the old man still had to climb upon it.
From up here you can see the mountain tops and the houses scattered around on them.
For those that wanted a closer look you can put your coin in look at the mountains.
They have a couple of short trails and a flower garden to enjoy. We enjoyed our time visiting Boone and Blowing Rock but we could tell that we were high up that was a little hard on our breathing.
Nancy watching the deer that come close to the motorhome to feed of the evening.
There were two large ones and a couple of smaller ones.
Then they were back yesterday morning.  After emptying the tanks and taking on fresh water it was 1:30 and time to hit the road. I drove 190 miles yesterday more than I usually do. We had a nice drive out of the mountains and in some what level country. We got as far as Sanford still in North Carolina were we stopped at the Walmart to spend the night.
We are just taking our time this morning, after we get ready we will slowly keep going south.

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Mountains and lake

After traveling a total of 22 miles yesterday we arrived at the Julian Price campground. The reason for the move was to be close to Blowing Rock and Boone. We had to have or medicine filled and  just look to what we could see. I wanted to see The Blowing Rock because I was upon it 60 years ago and I always wanted to go back to it.
Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway there are pull outs on the road with nice views as this one of Grandfather Mountain.
Here is a close up of the mountain.
Each and every pull out you can see something different.

This is our site for two days.
On the way to Boone where we will get out medicine filled at a Walgreens.
The lake is a nice size lake and surrounded by the beauty of the mountains.
Lake over flow. I think we will enjoy the couple of days here.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blue Ridge Parkway

After leaving Douglas Lake and filling the motorhome up at Kroger's it was a little after 1:30 pm. We stopped in Newport to fix a sandwich to eat. Look close at the pic above have you seen a Krystal like this one. It is in a fifth wheel and is a drive up where the girls where carhops. the one is getting a drink out of a cooler.  They are remodeling the present Krystal and I guess they didn't want to lose any business.
Yesterday we drove more that I wanted to but I had a hard time finding the Linville Falls Campground that is off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. I was talking to the lady in the park office and telling her about being a campground hard to fine she said you used your gps didn't you I told her yes. She told me where I ended up going on the other side of the mountain and I said yes again. She said those reading  for some reason will read the same in the campground.
Well anyway even though we got there and set up by then it was dark when I went up and put the money in the box. I found a pull through site and that was good because we were moving on the next morning. This is a campground with no hookups but does have water and a dump. That was ok I got to try out my solar system which worked out good. We have led lights that hardly uses any amps from the battery. I can watched tv for 3 1/2 hours at night and still have enough power to make coffee with the electric drip coffee maker. The 325 solar on the roof and a 2000 amp pure sine wave inverter pulling power from two Walmart 27 batteries is doing good.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Heading northeast today

Yesterday was the Laundromat day again. So we had to go through Sevierville and the traffic was something else with all the people in for the Shades of the Past car show and I know they enjoyed seeing all the classic cars.
I enjoyed watching the cars going by as the laundry was washing and drying.
Yeah trucks also, there were all kinds.
Old convertibles.
Most of the time it was hard taking the photo as the cars zoomed by but every once in a while traffic would come to a stand still for a better shot.
Had to get some going.
This old school bus was nice.
This was a neat setup. the cars look like they are alike which they are but the one behind is being pulled by the one in front and is small being used for a cargo van probably no motor and just a shell to haul the excess luggage.
Today is another moving day for us. We will be going northeast to someplace probably in North Carolina. Its time to get out of all this traffic.
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Country Roads

Yesterday Nancy and I drove out around the area to see if we could find some new scenery.
We did get on a road that we had not been on and saw some old barns which I love to see.
This looked like an old house.
Even though this area in the Smoky Mountains has mountains there are still wide open fields.
We soon came upon a small road as we were driving came around a curve and this is what we saw that we drove through. I've seen covered bridges but I think this is one of a few that I have driven through on a country road.
After going through the covered bridge and around a curve this is the scene that was facing us. I thought I was in the twilight zone in a book about the old back country roads.
Tree in the road between Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.
We were soon out of the twilight zone and back in Pigeon Forge where they are having Shades of the Past with old cars ling the street.
I like to look at all the old cars and trucks.
Nancy and I had a nice day riding around.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.