Saturday, September 29, 2012

To the doctor

Yesterday Nancy and I had a doctors appointment.  The doctor was really concerned about her blood pressure being so high since she had no previous problems with it. He took her off of some of the medication that the doctor in Morehead,Kentucky had prescribed and gave her some new ones. He gave her one pill to take while we were still in the office.  He told her not to worry that he seemed so concerned about it.  He also gave her a cortizone shot in the region of her lower spine and told her he would check more on it after he had the blood pressure problem under control.
I had fluid drained off of my knee that had been swollen up for the last 3 months. I'm good to go for whenever,but he wants to see Nancy in a week.
So that is whats going on for two people that are getting older.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I don't know about the rest of the country,but I think this part of Florida does not have a drought problem. All of the lakes around here are way up to the top of the banks. With all the rain and the sunshine all the plants and trees have really been growing.
Yeah and with that I have been cutting and trimming in back of the house.  Only a couple of hours each morning because the temperature starts climbing and soon it is close to 90°. But like my neighbor says,I have plenty of time its going to be a long winter.
We did take time out to go to Walmart for groceries and to get our medicines refilled. Thats a day within its self.
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Doing things

Well folks I know my views will slow down since we are sitting still.  Theres not very much to report on two old folks living a normal life,whatever normal is.
We are still unloading the motorhome and trying to get things in place in the house. There are things that are being thrown away that we have not used in a while.  I'm slowly pulling up weeds around the place and I've got to do some tree triming whenever the time comes.  Nothing happens fast with us these days.
Nancy's blood pressure is still up,she has an appointment with our doctor friday. So maybe we can get to the cause of her trouble.
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Making Change

We had a goodnight at the Breezy Oaks Campground with full hookups and 50 amp electric where we could run both airconditioners.  We were ready to leave yesterday at 11:30am.
Leaving the campground we had a few to see us off.
Or maybe would love to get those horns into us.  You never know what they are thinking. With those tags in their ears I may see one of you on my plate in the future.
This on looks like a mixture of mule and burro.  He was watching us leave also.
We had a nice drive to our park. After arriving and checking out our park model to make sure we did not have any critters take up homesteading while we were gone,we started the process of moving from the motorhome into the house.  We spent some long hours walking back and forth carrying things.  It will take another day or two to complete the job.
Nancy and I both had leg cramps most of the night from the walking and climbing up and down the stairs of the motorhome.  Today will be more of the same.
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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last road day

After a good nights sleep at the Walmart lot,we got ready and got on I-75 south again.
After 15-20 minutes we came to the Florida Welcome Center where I pulled in so I could empty our trash can with the two days of trash we had.
After that it was back down the interstate.
We ran into a cloud of love bugs that really made a mess of the windshield.
I got off of I-75 at exit 399 and took 441 south. did I ever tell you I like traveling on other roads over the interstate highways?
The route took us by the University of Florida where there were bikes and small motor scooters lining the streets.
One of a few drive in theatres in the USA. I can remember those evenings and nights at the drive in with the kids on top of the station wagon.
You don't get this kind of view from the interstate highways. Those trees with the hanging moss are breathtaking as you pass under them. So much more to see on the smaller roads.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Almost there

After a good nights rest in the Sams Club parking lot,we just was lazy for a while before getting ready.
We did get ready and went to Fazoli's to pick up six dinner to take over to Jeremy,Allison and the kids to eat. We had our dinner and a little more talking before coming back to the motorhome.
We changed from the Sam's Club lot to the Walmart parking lot which is just across the road. We thank the Walmart Corp. for allowing rvers to park overnight. These two are on I-75 exit 16 and are on the east side of I-75. After getting off at the exit drive to Norman drive and go north they are just off the street.
Today will be another travel day and almost getting back to our Florida park model. I stop at a Passport America park for the night to empty the holding tanks before getting to our park. I also like to get into our park earlier in the day to start unloading the motorhome.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Yesterday was the day to say goodbye to Joan,Nick and the kids. 
So after filling the fresh water tank,unhooking the electric cord,then hooking the car we were on our way.  We stopped at Kroger to fill up the motorhome at 3.65 a gallon with the 3 cents off using our Kroger card.
We then turned south on I-75.  After traveling somewhere around 40 miles to a rest area to dump our tanks.
 We saw this nice restored 1963 Dodge Travco motorhome parked in the rest area. I sure would have liked to see the inside of it.
After getting into Valdosta we called our grandson Jeremy to see if they would like for us to bring over some burgers and fries. He said sure,so we stopped at a Wendys which had been voted the "Best Wendy's in the world."  This was out of a total of 6600 Wendy's.
Hannah our great granddaughter enjoyed the burger and fries,but enjoying seeing us just as much.
Andy our great grandson was glad to see us also.  Oh yeah,he enjoyed the burger and fries also.
We didn't stay to long because Jeremy is still recuperating from his bout with lung infection.  After getting back to the motorhome we walked aroud for a while in Sam's Club were we are parked for the night.
We had a good trip and a better time visiting with our family.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012


The last few days have been going to the stores with my brother Nick and watching him do the shopping.  I guess you would call him a professional shopper the way he uses sales and coupons on items.  Many times he gets groceries free just using the coupons.  We also went to Warner Robins Supply where I usually find things on sale that I may need. We didn't find anything on this trip.
We are mostly visiting and enjoying our time with Joan and Nick and eating way to much.
Our visit is being cut short because of Nancys need to get back to see her doctor to deal with  health issuses she has that came up this summer.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Short Day

After a good night rest at the Walmart south of  Atlanta on I-75 exit 224. we were on the road again yesterday.  With around 75-80 miles to our next stop I took I-75 for this short distance. I stopped at the rest area just before getting on route 475 that by passes Macon we had a small lunch.  We also had a walk around the picnic area. Then I dumped the holding tanks.
We arrived at my brother Nick's where I unhooked the car and parked the motorhome in his yard. After a short time talking Joan had supper ready. We had ham,corn,beans,peas,mashed potatoes and rolls all of which tasted really good. The rest of the evening we talked and from time to time one of us would drift off for a short nap. A good day and evening for us.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Slow Day

We got away from the Quinn Springs Campground around 12:30 yesterday.  I filled the fresh water tank and emptied the grey water tank.
We took the same route as the day before going south.
I saw this sign and asked Nancy if she was wanting a late breakfast,which would be lunch for us.  She said she would because she hasn't had a "cat head biscuit" since she had one in the Ozark's around ten years ago.
We had a western omelette that was way to big for us to finish,with hash browns,gravy,coffe and the cat head biscuit.  It more than filled us up,it ran us over. The little diner was busy with all the local's.
Once back o the road we passed barns and old houses. The kind of things I enjoy seeing traveling the back roads.
And more barns that are close to the road. It was a long but enjoyable day.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Going Somewhere

It isn't everyone that can take all day to drive 90 miles. But if you have the practice like we have its easy.
We got into the town of Etowah,Tennessee and had dinner at the Farmhouse Restaurant.
I know we would be staying near by so I searched the internet to see if the town had a restaurant that served country cookin.  So this was the one.  The food was good and so was the price.
I've been wanting to see what the Quinn Springs Campground in the Cherokee National Forest was like for sometime so yesterday was the day.
There are only 15 sites in the campground. No electric,two water spigots a bathhouse with flush toilets and hot showers. There were only two of the sites where my motorhome ould fit.
I took the trail up the hillside this morning while Nancy was getting ready.
I always like to get out in the hills whenever I get a chance. There is always things to see.
Wild flowers and the bees.
And more wild flowers.
I don't know where we will be at the end of this day.  I've got to decide because we are going to be leaving within the hour and I have not a clue in which direction.
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On the road

The same view but it always looks a little different.  This is the view we had yesterday morning with low lying clouds in the mountains.
Yesterday I took Nancy out for a special dinner to the Old Mill Restaurant.
Nancy had the country fried steak with gravy dinner and I had the fried pork chops. Neither of us could finish our meal,with the two large portions of meat. We had to bring one of the meats back to the motorhome.
From the Old Mill Restaurant we went to Krogers for a few items.
Back at the motorhome I fed the ducks that came to see what I was doing.
Today we will take our time getting ready,then slow down once we get on the road to travel south.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Last Day

Yesterday we had to go to the laundromat or jump in the lake with our clothes on so we could have some clean clothes to wear. We decided it would be best to go to the laundromat. I could go longer but Nancy like any other woman said we need to go to the laundromat because she didn't have anything to wear. How come a woman says she has nothing to wear but you look in their closet and see a closet for of clothes?  But give a guy a couple of  bluejeans,a handfull of tshirts and that will do him.
Today is our last day here for this visit. Tomorrow we will be slowly going on south. We are not going to like getting back to Florida while it is still hurricane season,but Nancy needs to see our doctor to get her health back to being a little more normal.
Today will be the day that we make sure everything is cleaned up and put in the traveling mode. I also promised Nancy we would eat out while we was in the area at one of the local resteraurants.  We got to noticing the other day that they have quite a few country shows and the theme of Pigeon Forge is country. But not many restaurants are like they were years ago. I think there is one log cabin restaurant and the rest are of the chain restaurants. The days of the mom and pop run things are just about all in the past. I'm glad I grew up in the days were you could enjoy these small stores,motels,gas stations.  Oh well I can still think about them.
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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Plans Foiled

We woke up early enough yesterday to a beautful morning breaking through the clouds.
Just a few moments later it still looked good,  So with the temperature only going to get up to 74,we thought it would be a good day to go out to Dollywood to see some our friends. So after breakfast and getting ready off we went.  We always park the car at Patriot Park and catch the trolley to Dollywood. The trolley charges fifty cents to ride out to Dollywood and takes you up to the front gate. Taking the car to Dollywood cost around $7.00,the you have to ride the shuttle to the front gate.
By the time we arrived it had start to rain and after getting inside it really came down.  So our time was short and we didn't get to see any of our friends.  We came straight back to the motorhome and spent a nice relaxing time inside the rest of the evening.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Top of old Smoky

When we are in the Pigeon Forge area I always like to make a trip to the top of the smokie Mountains. I have been to the top more times ten you can count on your fingers and toes. I never get tired of the view from the top. So yesterday was the day to go.
Of course we had to drive through Pigeon Forge. There is a new attraction with "King Kong".  Of couse the building is scaled down,but old kong is still very large.
The photo was taken through the windshield so kind of faded out.  It was slow moving through town with everyone looking at the old cars and trucks.
The car show is called Shades of the past. You will see every old car ever made here.
It didn't take long getting through Gatlingburg. I guess most of the people were in Pigeon Forge looking at the old cars.  Soon we were in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
It got cooler as we went up the mountain. There are a few wild flowers still hanging on in the mountains.
It was a lot cooler beside the mountain stream,which is always running cold no matter how hot it is in the valley.

Then after a 15 mile drive it was time for the main attraction that brings millions of people to this spot. The breath taking view from the famous Smoky Mountains.
It was another great day in our travels  If you ever get a chance treat yourself with a trip to the Smoky Mountain National Park. You won't be sorry that you did. You can hike the many trails or relax and soak your feet in a cool mountain stream.
Thanks for stopping by.    

Friday, September 07, 2012

Hanging Around

Nancy was feeling tired yesterday,so we didn't go anywhere or do anything.  That was ok with me because I can stay busy finding things to do around the motorhome. Something always needs cleaning or tightening up or chaging out or you know what I mean if you have a recreational vehicle.
Or you could sit outside and look at the Great Smokies across the lake.
We have no plans for the day. We will just let things happen.
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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Old Cars

Yesterday we went to pigeon Forge to get a couple of things for the motorhome. But first we dropped off Nancy's medicine bottle to get it refilled. Then I went to Jimmys to get a window awining pull strap. He had one but like I told him his price was about $10.00 to much. Next was the tool place to get a couple of chain links for the safety chain when pulling the car.

   It was one of the many car shows in Pigeon Forge.
This had to be the big one for the season. There had to be close to 1000 of cars and trucks lined up and down the parkway.

Every kind and color you would want.
I used to have a Volkswagen like this. Mine was a blue and white that we enjoyed very much.
I told you it was a big car show. This one had a Nebraska license plate.
The owners are proud of their cars and some of them are for sale. People were looking at the cars and taking photos of them. No doubt they were thinking "I used to own one like that".
I hope you enjoy seeing the few I have for you here.
Thanks for stopping by.
I do wish you a great day.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Verizon Hotspot

The Verizon Hotspot internet connection has really been bad in this area. It took me over an hour being able to get on line this morning and when I did it is as slow as dail up. Do you remember how slow that was. At least dail up is not as costly as the Verizon Hotspot.
Well anyway,the few of us from the family reunion that stayed until yesterday has gone.
Nancy and I are going to hang around a few more days.  We have a site on Douglas Lake at the Tennessee Valley Authority Campground. We try to stay at the lake whenever we come into this area.
After the rain yesterday we were sitting outside and saw this nice rainbow.
Even just being very faint it was a nice four color rainbow.
We have a few things to take care of while we are here in the Pigeon Forge area. After that we will be going south in our slow mode.
Have yourself a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Family Reunion 2

Everyone is having a grand time.
Yesterday started out with Don having a sermon with most attending.
There was a few that fell asleep during the sunday service.  Or maybe it was the couple of songs that were sung.
One of the too many desserts that we had. There was just to much to eat as hard as we tried.
We had to get a feww tables from the other sites so everyone could be comfortable.
I tried to get everyones photo,but that was impossible with fourty people.

The lone brother of the Mitchells talking with his five sisters. Clockwise,Jackie,Peach,Don,Sally,Callie and Nancy. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.
We all enjoyed getting together and having a good time visiting and as usual it was to short of a time.
I hope you had as much fun as we did.
Thanks for stopping by.