Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm Still Here

Yes I'm still here,but I didn't think that writing about me doing the same work cleaning up around the place would interest anyone. Its amazing how in a few months that the weeds and trees can grow so much.  I'm still pulling the weeds at a slow pace because it is hot here and I don't want to overdue it. After that I will start trimming back the tree limbs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


What can you put on your blog when you haven't did anything.  Well I take that back.  We got to Orchid Lake park around 1:30 pm yesterday,then the work started.  First thing was to check to see if any critters took up in our park model while we were gone for the summer.  Lucky us nothing inside that was moving around and everything looked safe.  The next order was sweeping,vacuuming and dusting.  Then the work started with the rest of the day carrying all of our things from the motorhome.  Needless to say we didn't finish doing that and it will take maybe a couple of more days.  Did I say we were tired when we decided to quit for the day.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Today

We got up earlier yesterday morning to get us an early start on the road.  Of course getting started early is just not for us and no matter how early we want to go it always ends up being around the same time.

 After fueling up at the Wilco Hess station at exit 11 on I-75 we were on our way and shortly was in Florida.  We stopped at the Welcome Center to do some very needed walking.
 The Welcome Center is landscaped very nice and looks to be welcoming the visitors.
We stopped and ate our dinner (left overs)at a rest area just before stopping for the night.
 We spent the night at the Breezy Oaks RV Park at exit 309. We could have drove all the way but we wanted to pull in the Orchid Lake Park early enough to do the unpacking of the motorhome,which will take a few days to do anyway.
 This is a Passport America and a Recreation USA park so the nights stay was $12.50 andt that is for full hook ups.
This is looking out at the sunset from under the oak trees in front of the motorhome. Also looks unto I-75 and all the traffic which didn't bother us.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Heading South

Yesterday we went to church with Mark and Sherry.  This was their last day at this church.  Mark has accepted a Pastor position at Oak Hill,West Virginia.  It took a while for them to get all the goodbye hugs from everyone and the tears were flowing freely. Although they are excited about the move they are sad about leaving the many friends they have.  After leaving church we went out to eat at Appleby's restaurant.  Then they were on their way.  As for Nancy and myself we will be heading on south today.  I will not make it all the way today,because I want to get to Orchid Lake as early in the day as I can so we will have time to unload as much as we can from the motorhome into the house.  Boy it seems like the excitement of leaving the house and going in the motorhome was just a few weeks. I really like it when I can live and travel in the motorhome.  I guess I'm really a gypsy.    

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Them Old Cotton Fields

I've heard of walking in high cotton but this field is the tallest that I have seen.  It looks to be 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall. It is located on the street where Jeremy lives.
Yesterday we went to Mark and Sherrys to spend some time while they were still packing up things.  When dinner time came we went to the KFC Buffet for dinner.
Nothing special tasting but good enough to satisfy the hunger.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cook Out

Yesterday I did go back to Target to return the small tv. 
Yesterday evening I grilled burgers and Nancy prepared green beans,mac and cheese,mashed potatoes. This has been jeremys favorite dinner for as long as we can remember so Nancy gets it altogether for him when she can.  Mark and Sherry came over also,that made eight of us in the motorhome.  Thats ok though we have always had a crowd at our houses and we do enjoy it.  After everyone had their meal,we sat around doing our thing.  With everyone gone Nancy cleaned up the kitchen,then it was relaxing time for the rest of the evening.  Another good day that has come and gone.     

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Good Dinner

Yesterday we went back to Target to get me the 7" tv that I saw the day before. It was marked 75% off which was an excellent price.  I have been wanting to get one of these for some time but couldn't bring myself to paying the price,but with that mark down I couldn't pass it up.
All excited to get home and try it out,which I did.  Oh the let down when I saw that it didn't bring in any of the digitial channels.  Well if I couldn't pick up any channels here in Valdosta,where the land is flat I thought it would not be that good anywhere else. 
So its back to Target today to take it back.
Yesterday evening we had dinner at the church that Sherry and Mark attend.  They have dinners every wednesday.  The dinner consisting of pork chops,broccoli,rice with brown gravy and a tossed salad was a really tasty dinner which we enjoyed very much.  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Back Yard

While I was waiting on Nancy to get ready yesterday I decided to look around the back yard of the place jeremy rents.

 Here is the water tank out in the open over the well. This is still a little to far north to be warm in the winter it looks like it should be in a building.  I guess it doesn't get that cold because it looks to have been here a long time.

 At the bottom of the tank where there is a small leak these small flowers look healthy enough and are serviving.
A Toyota in the bushes.  Now this has been here a long time.  No doubt the owner has some reason he does not want to get rid of it. 
After Nancy was ready we went to Target to do our walking and after that we sent the evening with Sherry,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Night Out

We did move from Walmart to Jeremy's yard yesterday.  I was worried that maybe he didn't have enough room for the motorhome so I checked it out the day before.  He has more than enough and he also checked with his land lord to make sure it was ok.  Also next door is C-Tech Water Solutions,LLC with owner Chris West that has wifi that I'm using which means I can save some of my Verizon 5 GB's. 
I got a $25.00 gift certificate to the Las Banderas Mexican Restaurant from so Mark Sherry Nancy and I had dinner there last night.

Here we are waiting for our food.  We really ate way to much,the food was good and also the service. We had food left over so we brought some home for Jeremy and the kids. They were going to go with us,but something came up that prevented them from going.  We once again had a very nice day and evening.  

Monday, October 18, 2010


We left Nick and joan's house around 12:15 PM yesterday,but not before Nick fixed a big breakfast for us.  That brother of mine can really cook.  After we said our goodbye's we were on the road.

Driving passed Perry on interstate 75 we saw what was going to be the last day of the Georgia National Fair. Even though it was early in the day the crowd of cars were lining up to get in for their last day of fun.
I had to stop at the first rest area in order to dump the holding tanks and then we were on our way again.  By the time we were in the town of Adel it was our dinner time so we stopped at a "Western Sizzlin Steakhouse.  I have been wanting to stop here for the last few years and this time I made it.  It has been a long time since I've had a steak at a "Western Sizzlin".  The steak tasted as good as I remembered they had at these places.  After the good dinner which neither Nancy or myself could finish we were on our way once more.
Arriving at the Valdosta Walmart where 5 or 6 more motorhomes were parked for the night.  Our grandson Jeremy wanted us to stay in his yard,with it getting late we just stayed were we where.  We will move to his yard today were we will spend the next 6 nights.   

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Run Around

 It was a run around day for Nick and I yesterday.  We went to the Home Center for a 75% off sale where we bought a few things.
 We also went to Lowes and Home Depot to look around.
Our last stop was Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for some of there good doughnuts. 
By the time we got back home it was time for a great steak dinner that Joan had ready for us.  After dinner all we were able to do was set around and watch television.  It was another of those good days.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

 Tuesday we went to Milledgeville to the Lockerly Arboretum to do our walking and see what else was there.  This is the old Hatcher House on the grounds.
 Of course we had to take one of the walking trails.
 The bridge over to the small island in the small lake that has fish in it.  There is "no fishing" here.
Here is a "Bonzi Tree".  They had many different trees from countries all over the world.  Some of which we had never heard of. It was worth the trip.

Yesterday we made the short trip to my brother's for a visit until Sunday.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nice Day and Better Evening

Yesterday started out as a nice sunny day and stayed that way all day long.
As I was waiting for Nancy to get ready I looked down over the trail that leads into the woods and saw this wood bridge across a small stream.  I just had to go down to see what else was there.
I walked out on the bridge to look at the stream of water that was there.
I could see that the water was just at a stand still.  So I didn't know if the lake was up and then went down or if it was due to a recent heavy rain. Anyway it was nice to be beneath the trees and so close to nature.  
At around 5:00 PM Jim and Judy Maddox came by to pick us up for dinner.  Before dinner we went on a short side trip in which they show us the very nice place they lived right on the lake.  From there we drove to the Senic Campground to look it over. Then it was to the town of Milledgeville "the first capitol of Georgia".  We sa the old courthouse,college and a number of old houses that still had all their charm.  It was then to the "Brick" for dinner. This is a pizza place the a large menu to suit everyone's taste buds.  We had a very good dinner and a better time with Jim and Judy. They are in the process of selling their house and going fulltime in an "RV".  Anytime we talk to someone about fulltiming we get just as excited as tell are.  I just hope we had some of the answers they needed.  I'll have to say these two are taking there time and going the right way about it without jumping into it quick.
Like I say we had a very nice evening.
Thank Jim and Judy for the evening.    

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lake Sinclair,Georgia

Here we are at the Lake Sinclair Campground.  This is a US Forest campground with around 50 sites and only 5 of them has sites with water and electric. When we travel close to this place we like to stay here and this time we will be here until Wednesday.  We like it here because it is very quite and out in the woods away from all the things of a private campground.  I got an email from Jim and Judy Maddox a nice couple we met when we were here two years ago.  They are taking Nancy and me out to dinner this evening,I find that very nice of them.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

On the Road

We didn't get started until 11:30 AM yesterday.  Did I tell you we really like to take our time. 

As we were driving through South Carolina I told Nancy I would like a good "home cooked" country meal.  We passed several restaurants that looked like the place to stop, but the parking was to small for us with the motorhome and car attached.  So we just drove on.  In the suburbs of Columbia we saw the Lizard's Thicket restaurant that says "real country cooking". It had a large parking lot so we stopped.  Not knowing what to expect as we've stopped at many places advertising country and home cooking that were just out of the can and warmed up.  Well let me tell you,we got real country cooking at "Lizard's Thicket".  We ordered the country fried steak and gravy with mashed potaoes,green beans and cabbage.  Mmmmh,I mean to tell you. First thing was the plate was running over with food and this was not the frozen country steak. It was fresh and around an inch thick smoothered with good ol' brown gravy.  We had so much food neither Nancy or myself could finish our food.  We usually clean our plate,not this time.  You owe it to yourself to stop and eat at a Lizard's Thicket if you get a chance.        

Our plan is to be at Lake Sinclair today,but as you know we might or might not.  Because if we see something we like on our way there we will stop and check it out.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Yeah the Beach

We did get to the beach yesterday and it felt real good to be walking along and letting the waves lap at our feet.  The sun was actually very hot on the skin and I'm sure there are a lot of red people this morning from to much sun.

The waves were nice and smooth,not chopy like the last time we were out.
This morning we will be heading out and in a few days be at Lake Sinclair.  We will send a couple of days there. 

Friday, October 08, 2010

Leaving Tomorrow

We are leaving Sunset Beach tomorrow heading slowly west and south. 
So yesterday it was time to do the laundry again. We were going to go to Walmart after doing the laundry but decided to just do some grocery shopping while we are on our way. After the laundry we went to Wendy's were we were going to eat.  After standing in line to long with only a couple of people ahead of us due to the slow service.  One slow young lady doing the order taking and also filling orders. What the deciding factor was that she was so long trying to make change by counting on her fingers.  Every once in a while we come upon a Wendy's were the service is slow,but most of the times everything moves along quickly.  We ended up going to the KFC for dinner.
We are going to try and go to the beach today if it warms up enough.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Getting Warmer

 Yesterday believe it or not we got out to do some walking. 

It was not walking on the beach.  We went to the park in Shallote to walk all around the park.  Tey have a playground,three ball fields and a soccer field.
They are constructing a new water tower that looks tall and better looking than most.

After our walking we drove around a little,went to see if the new bridge would be opened since we haven,t been down there in over a week.  The bridge hasn't opened yet.  We were hoping it was going to open before we were gone.
Frome there we ended up in Calabash at the Boundry House for dinner.  This was our first time eating here and the food and service were good.
After dinner we walked around for a little while longer looking over the shops.  Here is an old telephone booth that has seen better days.
We felt somewhat better being able to get out and walking today.  Our bodies can tell when we are not doing our walking.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Colder this morning than yesterday,it was 47° when it woke up.  It is certainly time to head south.
Yesterday we got started slowly as usual.  Both of us needed a haircut so after getting ready it was off to Shallotte again.  I went to a real barber shop to get my haircut and after I was through it was Nancys time to get hers.  She had her hair cut at a Great Clips Salon which she does whenever she can find one.  After getting our haircuts it was off to Walmart.  This time it was not for groceries.  We thought that while we were out and had time we might as well get our flu shots which we did.  We don't get our shots this early in the year,but we thought it was as good a time as any to do so.  The rest of our evening was spent on the computer and watching tv.  

Monday, October 04, 2010

Cool Week Ahead

Yesterday we had to go back down to the Walmart in Shallotte.  When I got the meds refilled they gave me a refill of 3 instead of 30 on one of mine. Nancy called to see what the problem was and they said it was probably a parcial refill and they would have the rest ready when we came in. When I picked up the medicine and checked they had 3 again. I spoke with the parmacist and he said it was a comupter glich that show up 3 instead of 30. That always seem to happen on mistakes anymore. Anyway he said he corrected the problem.
It is going to be a cool week ahead and doesn't look promising for going to the beach so today we will get a haircut for the both of us.  

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rain and Water

Yesterday we drove down to Shallotte to do the laundry and grocery shop.  The rain of the passed week had all the rivers still up in their banks and they looked as though had not started to recede yet. The ground is still soaked and a muddy mess.
We had our dinner between doing the laundry and going to Walmart. We went to Bojangle's to eat some of their Cajun Chicken which was a little on the spicy side.
This is saturday and football day again.