Friday, November 30, 2007


We got ready this morning,I rolled up the electric cord jump in the motorhome switched on the button to let the jacks up and nothing happened. Oh no now what! Well I didn't take the time to check to see what was wrong. I just hit the switched to the emergency retract and up came the jacks. I will have to see if a fuse is blown or maybe something else. We traveled around an hour and a half then stopped for lunch and a little walking.
I drove down to the FlyingJ where I was going to spend the night but,a couple of old geezers parked so close to me I thought they where going to take the side out of the motorhome.
So I decided to just come on in to the WalMart which is close to our park where we will spend the winter.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Almost Time

Today we will go to Sherry and Marks again to wash clothes and have dinner with them.
Tomorrow we will leave for Florida to spend the winter. I will spend the night somewhere and go to Orchid Lake Park on saturday. I always like for the last day to be a short day because that way I won't be to tired to set up everything once we get there.
Our time here visiting has once again been enjoyable.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Changing the fluid

I was busy today with something I have never done before. I changed the transmission fluid and filter in the motorhome. The filter I bought wasn't the right one so I took it back and the parts place didn't have the right one so off I went to another place and got it. After draining the fluid and removing the pan. I cleaned out the bottom of the pan,the magnet had very little black "sludge"around it. After putting it back on I started to fill with new fluid only to find out it was close quarters under the hood. So off I went to find a small pump to pump it in. After a few hours I was finished. So won't have to fool with that for awhile. I did get some help from my grandson Jeremy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Yesterday we went to church with Mark and Sherry. After church we had dinner with them at their house. Mark fixed spaghetti and garlic toast,which was very good. Then last night we went with Jeremy and Tiff to their church. The young people had a good program and Jeremy had a short message,in which he did good. It was a good day.
Today we had to go out to the Hess Station to dump the tanks. This is on I-75 exit 11 and a short drive from where Jeremy lives.
Tonight Mark and Sherry brought over a ham,Nancy fixed some things as did Tiff. All together it was a good dinner. After the dinner I played a little with the small ones.
This was another good day and evening.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We didn't do anything exciting yesterday. We did go over to Mark and Sherry's to do our washing of the clothes. Oh,something was exciting! We watch the last quarter of the Arkansas and LSU football game. It went into 3 overtimes with the Arkansas tem winning.
When we are here Jeremy likes for his Nanny to fix at least one breakfast. So this morning we will have eggs,bacon,gravy and biscuits.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Heres hoping everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving. Theres nothing better than getting with family and enjoying a big meal. Some will be thinking of memories past which is good to do. We may think that what we are doing today is just nothing special,but we are making memories for tomorrow.
Here Nancy and Sherry are hard at it preparing the food. We did eat a little late and it was delicious. Now after a short time I will decide on pumpkin or pecan pie. Then again maybe just have a piece of both with a large scoop of whipped cream.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Free Camping??

We went a little ways down into Florida looking for a free camping spot,that was suppose to be beside the river. We looked but we couldn't find it.

On the way down we saw a few cotton fields ready for harvest. It looks like snow on top of weeds.
On the way back we saw this Direct TV blimp. I guess it was heading to some football game that will be played on Thanksgiving day. The pilot was have a time maneuvering it in the breeze.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Great Grandson

Yes thats who that is on the go cart. Its Andy. His uncle Nick and aunt Joan gave it to him and he just loves it. He wants to stay on it all the time.
I wash the top of the motorhome,but its still dirty. It will take a couple more time of scrubbing.
Jeremy helped me with the sides. After that we went over to Mark and Sherry's for dinner.
We're just mostly taking it easy while we are here.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Jeremy's Yard

We are parked in the yard of my grandson Jeremy. He has plenty of room. This past spring I put in 30amp breaker so I could have a hook up. With electric,water here and a dump 7 miles out at a Hess station it makes a good place to park.
We met Mark and Sherry this afternoon for dinner,then went to their place for a couple of hours to visit. It was another good day today.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

After getting everything secured in the motorhome and the slides put in. We said our goodbyes and was on our way south again. My brother Nick and his wife Joan are always so good and kind to us when we stay there. Hopefully when we come back up in the spring time next year we can stay longer.
We only had a little over a hundred miles to drive so we took our time. We stopped at a rest area to dump. I got out and could see why they are slowly closing the dump stations in each state. I don't know if people are dumb or just filthy. Someone had emptied their tanks and didn't use a sewer hose like they are supposed to. Not only that. They didn't bother to clean it up with the water hose that is right there. It only takes a few like this to make it look like all RVer's are like this.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Drive way

Cement truck ready to pour cement for the nice new wide drive way at my brothers house. He still had enough room for me to park in the front of the house.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Warner Robins

After stopping in at the Georgia Welcome Center and dealing with a guy trying to scam me we dumped our tanks and continued south. we drove all the way to Macon before pulling into to a WalMart to walk a little and fill up with gas. This stop took $185.00 to fill up. The price was $2.85.9 a gallon. We got to my brothers house at 4:30. He was gone when we got here but arrived shortly with a couple of pizzas. After we ate we went down to the Kroger store to get our flu shots. We will spend a couple of days here then on to Valdosta to visit with Sherry and Jeremy and families.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

On the move

After being in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee for four days we are on the move south again.
We took route 411 south for a nice slow drive. We passed some nice farm land along the way. Also the trees are still beautiful with full colors. It seems to be to late in the year for the leaves to show so much color.
After we were on the road for 5 hours we stopped to spend the night at the FlyingJ on I-75 at Resaca,Georgia. Resaca is the place where the first Confederate Cemetary in Georgia is located.
We didn't stop to look but maybe next time. The cemetary is on route 41 just north of town.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dinner Out

Today we went out for dinner with our son his wife and son. He set us up so,once again I over ate. After that Nancy and I loafed around some. I have been wanting to redo the propane connect so I can use the 20 lb. bottles. The RV places have what is called extend-a-stay hose but it is $160.00. While over at our friends yesterday he had a bottle outside so I saw how he had it connected. Today I went to Tractor Supply Co. and bought a hose for the connect at a cost of $12.99. Boy did I feel good about that. The time it took for the conversion was 10 minutes.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Visiting Friends

We spent most of the day just sitting around. Joe,Cherisa and Haven did come out to visit for awhile. Then this evening we went to visit some of our road friends(David and Joyce Gilchrist which we haven't seen in around 3 years. After chatting a little bit we went out for dinner and then took David and Joyce back to their motorhome for some more talking. We enjoyed the time with these two long time friend that we meet in a campground in 2000 our first year out fulltiming. Our paths cross from time to time and we get together. We do keep in touch with them by phone.

Friday, November 09, 2007

On the road

After being in Kentucky the last couple of months helping as much as we could with our brother in law Jim and the family. We are on the road again. Sadly to say Jim lost his battle with cancer. He will be missed by all the family and friends. We will always have all the memories of the good times we had together.
After driving down some back roads of Kentucky and enjoying the scenery of the farms and the old barns.
We arrived in Pigeon Forge,Tennessee to see that they have finished "The Inn at Christmas Place. This looks like a nice place to stay,if you like motels. We prefer our own bed in our motorhome.
We will stay here a few days and then head down to Florida for the winter.