Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The weather here is still nice in the 80's while the temps up north are getting cooler.
Our doctor is made an appointment with another doctor to see about the arthritis we have. Man it is tough getting older. Nancy has dealt with this for years, but it is new stuff for me.
The median with the flowers look nice here in New Port Richey. It still seems strange to me to see people buying flowers to plant instead of getting ready for winter.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Hanging out

Everything is pretty much the same here.
We had to go to the store Friday to stock up on groceries.  Actually it was to Walmart for some things that Nancy says Walmart only have or is the best price.  From Walmart to Save A Lot for our can vegetables and bottled water.
Saturday was my day to watch college football.  So watching football and eating hotdogs with homemade chili that Nancy had fixed earlier.  As they say priceless.
Today we have our doctor appointment. Nothing special just our back in Florida appointment.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Around town

The weather here in Florida is nice for this time of year.  Daytime temps are around 82 and the nighttime is 65.  A little warm in the day but night time is good sleeping temps.
The price of gas is still slowly coming down. I don't know how long it will last but we can enjoy these prices as long as they last.
Nancy and I did stop and set on a bench to enjoy the bay water and the cool breeze which felt real good.  We did this on the way to Walmart the other day.
We both are still tired Nancy more so than I.  I do gain a little strength back but Nancy can't seem to get her strength back no matter how much she sits and rest.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sore and slow

We have the motorhome unpacked and moved to its location until we get ready to use it again. Now we have a mess in the house to take care of.  I've still had to go to the motorhome and get a few things that we forgot to bring in and taking the sheets and things that we had to clean that stays in the motorhome.
Nancy cooked me a large pot of cabbage and noodles to eat on while I watched my college football game yesterday. We are still in the tired and slow mode. But we'll get finished some time.
The people from the north are slowly coming in for the winter. As the temperature gets colder more will show up.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Back home

We left Valdosta Monday and drove as far as Bushnell, Florida. We stay at the Breezy Oaks R V Park so we can have a full day unpacking the motorhome when we get to Orchid Lake R V Resort.
That is a good thing to do but we cannot do it all in one day. We kind of worked ourselves down Tuesday so we didn't get very much work done yesterday. No problem though there is no time limit on getting it finished and the motorhome parked.  I did have to go to the store yesterday to stock up on groceries while Nancy was doing the laundry all day. Today will be more of the same.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Great Grandchildren

After the meal Saturday evening and then visiting it was time to go home again. The two great grandchildren wanted to stay with us overnight in the motorhome so we said it would be alright they enjoyed the night with us.
Sunday while Nancy was getting ready I took the kids over to Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge.
There was an exercise course and the children enjoyed that part as you can see them at the bars.
The lake was simple beautiful, the trees look like they were embedded in a mirror. Not a ripple on the lake.
This is south folks look at the moss hanging from the trees.

Some guys out enjoying the nice sunny day.
After staying around the lake the kids wanted to hike one of the trails so off we went. This trail had a boardwalk along some of the trail. 
After a couple of hours in the hot day we were ready to go back to the motorhome. We did bring a bottle of cold water with us that went down nice and cool after the hike.
This was a good day with the kids and I'm sure it is one day they will remember.

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Eat, eat and eating

We arrived in Valdosta a couple of hours after filling up the motorhome with fuel.
After checking in at the office of Cains Creekside R V Park we moved to our site.  Then it was unhooking the car, leveling the motorhome hooking into the water, electric and sewer, extending the slides it was time to go meet Jeremy at exit 22.  He and Allison wanted to take us to Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse.  Let me tell you the food was delicious and enough for two or more people. Nancy and I both could eat only half of our food. It was the first time we had yum yum sauce and I can see how it got the name.  After dinner it was a little late plus Nancy was hurting somewhat so we came back home.
Yesterday after visiting for a while Allison and Jeremy took us to Rays Millpond Restaurant. I didn't think we were going to get to it but after going from the highway to a small gravel road then a dirt road we made it.  Folks this place with no road signs and you have to be told about it and how to get there was crowded that I say 40 cars or more.  When it was time to order the waitress asked me if I wanted cheese or butter with my grits. I was surprised because I only eat grit at breakfast. I forgot that these southern people eat grits at every meal, I said butter.  It was another good meal and another good day.

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Time moves on

Here is an old train depot located in Gray, Georgia that we passed the town on the way to Warner Robins. You don't see anything like this when you travel the interstates.
The gas prices are falling slow real slow. I am glad for that.
Our time here with Nick and Joan is coming to a close as we will be leaving tomorrow.
We will be in Valdosta sometime tomorrow evening to see Jeremy for a few days. He called yesterday and is anxious to see us as we are him.
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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Warner Robins,Georgia

We left the Lake Sinclair campground Friday and drove the short 72 miles to Warner Robins where my brother lives. We will be here until Friday at which time we will go down to Valdosta for a short visit with our grandson Jeremy and the two great grand children.
It is good to be here to visit with Nick and Joan. We haven't seen them for a year. We usually stop to see them on the way up north but they where gone on vacation.
The time here would be better but my shoulder is acting up again and every time I get up to do much of anything it hurts like you would not believe.  I'm putting off going to the doctor until I get back down to Florida because it will take more tests and x rays to find the problem causing the pain.
Getting older is tough.
It is the same when we visit here in that we over eat. For some reason Nick and Joan must think that we never eat because they are always asking us if we want anything to eat or snack on. We sure enjoy their kindness.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2014


We did make it to Sinclair Lake and got a site with electric. We didn't get the site we usually stay on which is site 4. We had to get the site next to it which is number 5. The big surprise is we have phone service and also the HotSpot WiFi works at this site. You wouldn't think one site over would make a difference. Of course they are always upgrading and adding towers so that could be the answer.
Today we will make a run into Milledgeville to do the laundry.

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