Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Still Cool

The cool weather is still hanging on with the temperature at 45* this morning.  So I just wear long pants and a light jacket until around the middle of the day when the temps reach close to 70*.

Back to the cricket problem, I went to the Cricket Store to get my problem taken care of.
I explained to the young man what was happening and he said he could take care of it.

He asked if I had put a one in front of my phone number, I said no, I didn't think you had to, he said that was the problem.
So he proceeded to entered my phone number and password and up came the problem for him.
He stayed with his computer for fifteen minutes and said he had taken care of it and showed me on the computer he had my account site.

After getting home I got on my computer to sign in to my Cricket account and the same problem was there.

I just had to leave it all set for a couple of days before I called Cricket to help me online.

To shorten this, I was on the phone trying all the things the nice lady told me to do and still having the same problem.
She said would have to reset my account for me, she stayed on the phone until I tried on my computer to sign into my account.

After 40 minutes with the lady helping me I can now get into the account.

Sometimes I like the computer and at other times I think it needs a hammer taken to it.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Passing the days

Is it just me, or do the week ends come sooner after you retire.

I can remember when being in school it seemed to take forever for the week end to get around.

The price of regular gas has come down to $2.29 a gallon in the last two weeks here.  So I guess there will be a reason for it to go back up soon.
But we can enjoy the price while it is lower.

Nancy and I are doing good at least we seem to be, since we are going to the doctors less then we were last season.

The weather has turned very cool again with the temperature being 45+ this morning.    And today the high is suppose to be 68* which is not bad for the winter season.

I will have to go to the cricket phone store today.  I tried to get on the web site to check my account the other day without any luck.
I put m my ID and password then up comes wrong password, which I knew was right.  Then Ithought I would change the password, it then says put in my phone number and they would send a code I could use.
when I did this came back--(there is no cricket phone by this number).
Well then I will just used the Chat that has been popping up.  I put in the problem that was happening and this is what comes back--"I don't understand I'm just learning".
After a few more times of rewording my problem the same answer come back, before I realize I've been talking to a robot.
How has your week end going?

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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Doctor and a meal out

The temperature will be back in the 70's today after having three days of being in the low 50's, but I don't think it will last very long.  After all we are in the winter season.

Nancy had an appointment with her doctor at the Florida Cancer Institute to see if she needed another iron infusion. The doctor said her blood work looked good at this time and she would not have to have to have the iron infusion.
That was good news, because we would have been there another hour while she would be in a chair for an hour and a half while the iron infusion was at a slow drip.

On the way back home we stopped at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant to have something to eat.
We both ordered off the breakfast menu, because we both were wanting a good breakfast and a couple cups of their good tasting coffee.
The reason we chose Cracker Barrel was that we had a $25.00 gist card for Christmas.  We must have ordered the right things because the total came out to be $25.11.
So our meal cost us .11 and a tip for our waitress.

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Same things going on here

Yeah, just the same things going on here.

Going to the store one or two days a week, taking out the garbage, house cleaning, and all the things that take up the time in a normal week.
I didn't need to go to the store very much this week because we had our freezer full and had to empty out some of the food so it would not get too old.

Of course watching the college basketball games, some good and some not so good.
Basketball is kind of crazy this year with more upsets than usual.

Being off the road means nothing exciting in the blog. 
Nancy and I are relaxing more this year.  Last year with all the things that I did kind of wore me down and did make me feel my age.

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Almost a busy day.

Our weather here in Florida keeps jumping around.
It has been rather cool with day time in the 6o's and night time in the low 40's.   Last night the temperature was a low of 61 and today will be the real Florida temperature of 86.
Now this is more like it and why people come to Florida for.

Yesterday I was at the mall doing some shopping for myself for a pair of sneaker's.

The Gulf View Mall looks kind of deserted with half of the stores closed.
The Shoe Dept. Encore is the only store in the mall that sales shoes.  At one time there were at least five stores that sold shores.

So after walking up and down the rolls of shoes I decide on a pair of Skecher's that felt good on my feet.

I told Nancy that I would prepare supper when I got back from the mall, since she wasn't feeling well today.

So after getting back home I started with the food.  First it was slicing the steak into small strips and set it to the side.
Then it was cutting the green pepper and onions up.  Next I fried up the steak almost done before I took it out of the skillet to put the peppers and onions in.
After the peppers and onions were all most finished I put the steak back in (with Nancy having a loud grin at the way I was doing things).
After all that looking just right to my satisfaction it was ready to put on the warm " super soft" tortillas and wrap up.
All of it tasted good and the steak surprised me at how good and tender it was.

The rest of the evening was just relaxing.

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Sunday, January 05, 2020

Cooler Weather

Well I hope that everyone is safely over the holidays and are ready to get back to whatever is your normal day of living.

Nancy and I had some kind of stomach bug the kind that last three days or so.  We  were like the first day you don't want anything to eat because the night before we had stomach cramps and you kind of feel like you have the flu coming on.   But we are ok now.

I did get out Saturday to get us some drinking water.  We got into the habit of bottled water when we went full timing because of the different places we were and knew the water departments never have the same kind of water mixture.

Our weather has changed to be cooler now from the 80s and 70s at night to 60s day time to middle 40s at night.
So what ever the weather you just have to dress accordingly to it.

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Thursday, January 02, 2020

A good day with Cabbage Rolls

I hope everyone had a good and safe New Years eve and day,

I spent the most of Tuesday evening making Nancy and myself cabbage rolls for New Years Day because I knew I would not want to be busy on the 1st of the year.

I would be watching ball games and eating some of the cabbage rolls.  They were really good this year with the taste just right.  So good that I started on eating that I almost forgot to take a photo.

I did take all the scatter rugs outside to shake out and use the swifter to dust and wet with a lemon scent pad. 

I finished one half and hour before the games so I had time to get a couple of the cabbage rolls and settle in my recliner to watch some football.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish all my readers
A Happy New Year
                                        May the new year first bring you a healthy year with less worries.

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