Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brake problem

Thursday I was under the motorhome to grease the front brake slider pins and after doing that I went to the back to check the brakes and wheels that's when I found the problem.
I had been hearing what sounded like the disc brake making noise but I thought it was the front brakes but it was actually coming from the back. Not only are the disc brakes warn out the brake rotor will have to be replaced. I went to a truck repair shop that can start on it Monday I told him that would work for us since we would be at the campground until Monday. I don't know how long it will take but I think they will have to order the rotor so we hope they will be finished in a couple of days. This is the first real problem we have had with the motorhome in the 15 years of being on the road.
Yesterday I grilled a couple of the pork loin slices we have and they turned out to be delicious. We also went to the Laundromat to do the laundry.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Made a move

Even though we had five more days here at the Cumberland Gap Campground we had to move?  Remember the trees with the red ribbons in a photo that was going to be cut down?  Well yesterday afternoon a ranger came and said they were ready to be cut down and we had to move. He asked how long we were staying I said five more days he says have I already paid I told him yes he then said what he could do to get us to move now. My head began to think and I said I would move if I could get the camphost spot that was not occupied at the time with the full hookups. He says let me make a call and see he then told me they would do that since a camphost wasn't coming in until the 15th of September. So now we have a full hookup site for the next five days without any extra charge. The only down side to this is I can't get a satellite signal through the trees I guess I can live with that for a few days.
I also grill a couple of large chicken breast yesterday which I bought at Krogers for .99 cents a pound so life is good.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rain has stopped

The pants that Nancy bought the other day didn't fit just right for her so we had to go back and get a refund. She said she doesn't like the hip hugger jeans.
As you can see we have a site that is really in the woods and this is the reason we like the National Parks and the National Forest campgrounds. Also I got my awning pulled out and strapped down.
None to soon for the rain that came shortly after getting the awning out.
A couple of trees marked by the red ribbons to be cut down behind our motorhome. They are very busy thinning out the dead trees. There will be plenty of fire wood for those that want a campfire.
The site next to us on the door side of us.
We have had a couple of days with sunshine and no rain. It has been so nice that I got in the mood to do a few things. Like cleaning the ceiling and walls in the motorhome it was dusty but not real bad as we did this before getting on the road but it will get dusty when the weather is nice and the windows and door come open to let the fresh air in.
We still have another week here before making a move again.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some loafing time

Friday we went down the Middlesboro to loaf a while in the Rose's store. We like this store because it has some different things than Walmart.  I bought some candy and Nancy bought a few pants and tops to wear. After doing all the walking we could looking the store over we went to Pelancho's Mexican Restaurant and had the two for one at $10.99. It was a lot to eat which both of us couldn't eat all of it and left some in our plates.
Yesterday was a day to watch the PGA Golf Tournament. It looks like Tiger Wood may be doing a little better than he has been with being in second place and today we will watch to see what happens. Again there is a chance of showers today.
Our time is half gone for staying here in the Cumberland Gap area where we have enjoyed a nice peaceful time.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015


Tuesday we went to Walmart to get a few things then jn to Kroger for a few more.  It was just a more or less a resting day with another day of rain.
Yesterday was the Laundromat day for washing the clothes and drying. On the way back I stopped at Kroger to fill up the car at $2.06 with the Kroger card. I also went in to get some sliced ham. Looking around as I walked by the meat section I saw a large sale on sliced pork loin and bought a package marked at $11.00 and some cents but with the Kroger card it was marked down to $3.73 I couldn't pass that up and it was fresh meat not the manager's special.
I then stopped at the Pizza Hut to get a long overdue pizza. It was a medium for $5.00 Nancy and I ate the whole thing. Of course it rained real hard again it has rained everyday that we have been here.
Yeah that is what it looks like each day.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Long time

Yes its been too long since I've posted.
We were at the Big south Fork Recreation Area in the Blue Heron campground. The Straight Talk Hot Spot that I have for internet could not pick up a signal so I couldn't do any posting.
I did have a nice site where I could get a satellite signal so not all was lost and at $8.50 a night with electric and water it was a pretty good deal.
The area has some rock arches. Here is a small one.
A large one with steps underneath it. We were on a cliff on top off the arch.
One day we made a day trip down to Rugby, Tennessee to see this small British Village that was established I the late 1800's.
The houses are build in the time period. A very peaceful little community.
The small church.
Young people taking a Sunday ride out in the country.
Wild turkeys in the campground area.
Something you would not want to see before going out on a trail in the woods.
We arrived at Cumberland Gap yesterday and will  be here for a few weeks before moving. All is good here with phone, satellite internet and local tv channels.

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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Laundry and such

Friday was the day to do the laundry again. We found a Laundromat just a few miles from the campground which was nice.
No Nancy didn't use that washing machine although she could have since she had used a washing machine somewhat like that one in her younger years. The Laundromat was new with new machines so that was good. Some of the Laundromats that we have visited have old machines that sounds like a whole marching drum corp.
After doing the laundry it was time to eat so we chose the Golden Corral and the senior early bird special for around $7.50 which included the drinks. We've been holding back on eating at Golden Corral since the last time we ate at one the food wasn't that good.  Tis time it was a good choice because the food was really good and they have added the all day breakfast bar which made the day for Nancy, I hope all of them are better with the food like this one.
Yesterday Nancy had to have her hair cut so it was out to the Great Clips for the hair cut. Since we were out we took a little ride to see what was in the area and it was time to eat so we stopped in at a new Steak & Shake. While we were eating Nancy was count the people they had working at this location which was eighteen employees. Oh the food was good and so was the price of $10.27 with our senior discount no bad at all for two meals.
Today is out last day here tomorrow we will move on down the road.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Around Somerset, Kentucky

Yesterday we got a break from the rain so we did a little running around to see what was in the area.
We saw this little apple farm so we stopped to check it out.
It had all the jams and jelly made with apple and more fruits and berries that you could name.
Of course they sell fresh picked apples. The apple were larger than we thought.
The apples look small as you drive by but they are a nice size apple.
After looking around Nancy bought a quart jar of apple sauce and a fresh baked apple cinnamon muffin we were on our way.
Next stop was the Mill Springs Battlefield Visitor Center.
This is a place of one of many of the battles of the Civil War with many lives from both sides lost.
After looking around a little we were getting hungry so it was time to look for a place to eat.
On the way to finding the place to eat a fire truck came around me and a short distance down the road we saw were it was going. This truck had rolled over and was on its side. They already had the guy out and sitting up it looked like that he had a head injury very lucky to be alive.
We stopped at the Sharon's Mill Springs Restaurant a nice very friendly place. Nancy had the chicken tender special and I had the 14oz ribeye steak which was just right.  After finishing our meal we came out of the restaurant to a rain storm so we set on the bench they had out front for the rain to slow down. Sharon the owner came out and invited us back in our of the cold wind and rain saying come on back in and set down we are just country folk here. Getting back in we struck up a conversation with an elderly gentlemen that was very friendly.  Soon the rain slowed down so we said goodbye and came home for some hot coffee and a large fresh baked apple cinnamon muffin.
It was a very nice day.
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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Somerset, Kentucky

We got away from Lexington at 12:45 am after letting the jacks up and emptying the black and grey tanks and filling the fresh water tank.
I took I-75 down then at Renfro Valley went west to Somerset.
After passing barns and farm land.

We had enough time to stop at a vegetable and fruit stand to by a few things.
We were lucky enough to find an open site for the week at the Fishing Creek Campground which is a Corp of Engineer Campground so I got it for half price with the old people pass card. We will be here for a week.
Our view out the front door of Cumberland Lake.
It was late by the time we set up that I suggested we go into town to buy our dinner. We went to the Triangle Restaurant in Nancy a small community.  We shared onion chips for the appetizer. Nancy had the crispy chicken and I has the Triangle cheeseburger Mine was good and Nancy said her chicken sandwich was about the best had eaten.

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Good weekend

Saturday it was back to visit with Vicki and Rebekah. Vicki had a spaghetti dinner with some more of the good tasting salad. After eating we sat around talking for a while then Vicki said she want to take us out and show us some things.
She took us to an old distillery that they have been trying to revitalize with different things inside of it.
One such place was the Crank and Boom ice cream shop who are making their own ice cream. Looks like someone has found where they had left some bourbon behind. First time I have seen Burbon and Honey ice cream.
They even had the old light bulbs.
One building where they made the wooden barrels to let the Burbon age in.
We had a good time looking at the old things. Vicki even drove around Lexington showing us the old houses.

Sunday it was Vicki fixing some delicious bar b que ribs with five side to go with it. She had a house full with Rachel  Corey and Kathryn. Plus Jarod his wife Chelsea and Haven, Toby the two boys. We watched the little one play and laughed at them having a ball.
Very nice time with Vicki. Thank you Vicki we enjoyed visting with you so much.
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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Lexington, Kentucky

We did get away yesterday after hooking up the car disconnecting the electric and the water we were on our way.
It was only a short time until we came and passed Cave Run Lake.
In another 20 minutes or so  we were on I-64 heading for Lexington. It only took us a couple of hours to get to the Kentucky Horse Park where we were able to get a site in the primitive with electric. I always thought primitive was no hook ups at all.  We leveled up connected the electric extended the slides and then it was off to see Vicki and Rebekah. We visit for a short while then Vicki went out and brought back pizza then she made a salad. All this made for some good eating.  We had a nice evening visiting.

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