Monday, September 30, 2013

Same stuff.

Things are about the same as they always are when we get back from our summer trip. Cleaning inside of the house and most of the time is spent getting rid of the overgrown weeds out back. I don't know how weeds and trees can grown so much in a few months but they do. The trees like the park model so much that they grow out over it. Why can't they grow the other way?
Nancy felt good enough to go to church yesterday so that was good. The service with the sermon and singing was good.  After church we stopped at Caposey's the small friendly resteraurant to have our dinner. It is nice to have a restaurant like this when everyone and the people that wait on the tables are all talking with each other. 
Well its to more of the same today!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rain every day

We have had rain  everyday and I haven't had a chance to do much outside work. I really need to get all the weeds cut,with all the rain the weeds are looking like small trees.
We have been doing inside work though.  So I will just have to do the outside when I can.
At least nothing has been breaking down like it was in the motorhome and I'm very glad of that.
Nancy made a good beef stew in the crock pot tuesday and as usual I ate more than I should have.
Yesterday we had the Pizza Hut special. The large one topping pizza for $6.55. We chose the pan crust and I think Nancy is the one that had to much the eat this time.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Parked again

We left Cain's Riverside Park friday and drove to Brezzy Oaks Park in Bushnell for the night. It is a short drive down to Orchid Lake RV Resort but we don't like to get into our park late so we stop and then the next day we can get there early.
We usually park in a site next to the house at our park and then take several days to empty the motorhome. But to our surprise there was a camper in the site so we parked in front of the house to unload the things out of the motorhome.  We walked back and forth unloading and unloading most of the day so I could park the motorhome in the spot they for the campers. Needless to say Nancy and I have not had to work so much in a very long time. By the time we were ready for bed we were beat.
There are still a few things that we have to get from the motorhome from time to time.
I think it will take a day or two or three to get rested up.
Man its tough getting old.

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Relaxing and visiting

We left Nick and Joann's house around noon tuesday for the drive down to Cain's Riverside Campground Which is a Passport America Park in Hihara. If you don't have the Passport America Membership you should get it,the parks are one-half price and it pays for itself the first couple of times you use it.
After being on I-75 for a short distance and seeing so many trucks I had to get on route 41 going south. I'm glad I did because we went through the small towns and saw some of the small mom and pop motels. Some of which were out of business with the old signs still hanging in front. We also stopped at a large Farmer's Market.
People if you want to see something besides that long boring interstate get on the two lane roads.
We can only see Jeremy,Allison and the kids in the evenings as they have to work and the kids are in school during the day. We will be going out for dinner with the gang this evening which will be nice and kinda sad because we are leaving tomorrow heading on south. We have enjoyed our time here visitng once again.
This is the last scheduled family visit for this year. We have really enjoyed going to each of the family's house and staying awhile visiting. We do love our family.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moving again

Not much going on.  I did find time to wash the motorhome and it was in the hot weather again,but it needed washing. It also needs buffing out but I don't know when that will happen,
Nick and I also went out to several grocery stores.
Our time here is over and we will be leaving today when we are ready.
We will be visiting our grandson,his wife Allison and the two great-grand kids,Andy and Hannah down in Valdosta.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Problem taken care of

I last left you as I was having trouble with a waterfall coming from the back bedroom air conditioner.
So friday I climbed on top of the motorhome. The first thing to do was to remove about 12 screw so I could remove the shroud to have a look,everything looked normal so far. Then I took the  evaporator coil cover off and I could see the problem. The evaporator coil was very dirty even though I had changed the filter two or three times during the summer. Time out here to say that the coil should be cleaned at least every year or two,which I didn't do. I guess I was lucky that all happened was the water coming in. A coil that gets plugged up causes the motor to labor and eventually may burn the motor up. So I cleaned the coil blew it out with a blower. Assembled everything back up and back down the ladder to try it. The air conditioner now has no water leaking inside,sounds better and is cooling better so another problem taken care of. 
Let me say here and now this is not a problem you want to work on when the sun is shining and the temp is 90 and you are 75 years of age or older.
Yesterday My brother Nick and I went up to Smiley's Flea Market. Nick found a couple of things that he was looking for but I didn't see a thing I couln't do without. We got back arounf 3:30 and watched a football game for the rest of the evening. 

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Friday, September 13, 2013

What "another problem"

After being at the National Forest Campground on Lake Sinclair for a week it was time to move on.
There was one lone fisherman that I saw on the lake yesterday morning.
I wanted to fill up the motorhome in Milledgeville because looking at Gasbuddy it had some of the cheapest gas in the state.  I stopped at the kroger and with the kroger card it was 3.05 a gallon for the 87 octane which I use in the motorhome.
Some hour and a half we were parked in my brother Nick's yard. We will be here a few days visiting again. As always no plans on how long we will be staying. Oh,as things have been going this trip. Before going into their house Nancy turned on the back air conditioner and upon returning some hours later Nancy walks to the back bedroom and yells "Joe" come here.  I never like it when she does it that way.  I go back to see we have a waterfall coming from the air condition and onto an already soaked bed.  So as been happening this trip,another stop another problem.
Guess what I will be doing today?

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hanging Loose

Things are coming along very well on the small projects that I wanted to get finished before getting back to Florida and parking the motorhome.
This is our site. Even though it is mostly shady I still have an opening through the trees to get a clear view where we can have the satellite channels. The channels on the house top antenna come and go so we do not have the local channels.
 I even got a chance to do a small hike through the woods which felt good. I always like to get out in the forest when I can.
There are some small wild flowers growing around the camp sites. I mean small,this one is about the size of my finger nail on my little finger.
We are keeping an eye on "Humberto" the storm is exlected to be a hurricane later today.  We sure don;t want to be in Florida with a hurricane headed that way.
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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Working on a few things

We left out of Pigeon Forge thursday,got on route 411 heading east until we connected to I-40. I took exit 27 off of I-40 which was route 74 west until it connected to route 441 going south.  I called it a day just north of Clayton,Georgia at the Cross Creek Campgound that is a Passport America member for a couple of nights. I met another guy that was original from West Virginia. We had a nice short chat, I should have written his name down as I have forgotten it. I'm sorry about that and if you read this please leave a comment.
Tuesday we got as far as Cornelia where I pulled into the Walmart unhooked the car and drove out to Lake Russell.  I wanted to check out the National Forest Campground out by the lake. It is a nice campground without hookups,it does have a dump station. Then getting back to Walmart hooking the car on and moving on down 441 to Eatonton to route 129 and following route 129 to route 212 over to Sinclair Lake to the National Forest Campground where we have stayed many times. There are five electric sites and we were lucky enough to find an open site.
I have no plans of how long we will be here as I have several projects to work on with the motorhome that need to be taken care of and it is cool enough under the shade of the trees to do them.  I have put the Eternabond Tape on the front and back cap so now that will eliminate the need to do any caulking as the tape has a warranty of ten years.

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


For some reason I couldn't load up two pictures yesterday so here are some of the food we had for our Family Reunion.
 Fruit and vegetable pies.
 Green beans and deviled eggs.
 Chicken and dumplin's
 Fried chicken
 Spiral cut baked honey ham

We had a big table of food and it was all goooood.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Traveling On

Well another Family Reunion has come and gone all to fast.
Everyone seem to enjoy the get together the ranged in age from 3 t0 81.
 Well it didn't look like Cami was at the moment. Maybe she was told to settle down and you know how a 3 year old likes to be still.
Don at 81 doesn't like to set still either.
We had the grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with slaw,mac/chesse on the side saturday.
Saturday evening the park had karaoke and the kids enjoyed showing their talent.
Some of the little ones suprised me on how well they can sing.
Sunday Don brought another good sermon.  After that we had a couple of hour before we had our covered dish dinner and this is always so good. There was so many different items that they don't make plates large enough to hold it all.
We left Pigeon Forge just before noon and are in Clayton,Georgia at the Cross Creek RV Park. We will stay here a couple of days to check and see whats in the area. We have passed through when we used to vacation in Florida years ago.  We did spend a night in the Days Inn motel one time but that was it.  The way we travel now we have the time and if we want to see more of the area we do it.

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