Thursday, March 29, 2012

3 Wheel Bike

I've had an old 3 wheel bike here for a while and yesterday decided to fix it up. I bought a new tire for it at Target. The same size as the old one that came off of it,but it seems smaller and I could not get it over the rim. The only difference is the new tire is for mountain riding and was wondering if that makes any difference in size?  I thought a 24 X 1 3/4 tire makes no difference if a mountain or street.  The mountain tire is a heavier tire and may not be as easy to stretch over the rim. The thing is I went to three different stores and the only tire they had was the mountain bike tire.  I may have to go to a bike shop to get some help.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Same Stuff

Saturday was spent watching the NCAA basketball games and the same thing for sunday. We did go to church and on the way home we stopped at one of our favorite restaurants to have lunch,which was reall a late breakfast. Nancy hasn't been feeling very well for the last few days to really want to do anything so we will have to wait for her to get better then maybe we can get into something.
Hope your day is a good one.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

No Tomatoes

Yesterday was another day to Walmart. On the way I stopped to buy some tomatoes at the roadside market. They still had Florida grown tomatoes,but they were over ripe and also the price had gone up. That just didn't look right. Tomatoes a few days from being thrown away and the price is higher? Needless to say I didn't buy any. From there it was to Walmart. Their tomatoes were higher than the roadside market. No tomatoes bought yesterday.
After a light dinner and sitting around for a little it was time for the NCAA games. There was at least one upset and a couple more close games. It was a good night for watching the basketball games. I have a few small projects to do today then it will be more basketball games this evening.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Hanging Around

Nancy did get her hair cut wednesday,we also went to Walmart since it was close. We got a pound cake to go with the strawberries that we bought at the roadside market a couple of days ago.  The strawberry crop was good this year due to the warm winter we had. That is good for the consumer because the prices are very low.  I bought a gift card while in Walmart so I could get gas 3¢ off on the gallon. While putting gas in the car the guy in the next lane comes over carrying a one gallon gas can and says "er mister I'm old and don't get very much could you donate me some gas".  Yeah sure buddy good luck on that one. He looked to be 10-15 years younger than me and had a car way better and newer than the one I drive. While I have given to some down and out people,you just can't give to everyone that comes along.
Yesterday we did the walk around in the park here.  
I watched the NCAA Tournament again. It is getting close to the final few teams.
I hope you enjoy this day.   

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yesterday we went to J B Starkey Park to walk a little.  Nancy's back is acting up and She is having a time with it. So we didn't walk near enough like we should have.
 I did get a couple of pics and you can tell it is springtime. With wild flowers and weeds and a bunch of pollen for the nose.
The only thing in the way of wild animals were a couple of gopher tortoise roaming around finding just the right type of grass to eat.
Later on today Nancy will be getting her hair cut at Great Clips.
Take care and don't let the sun burn you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Yesterday the only new thing is that I got a long overdue haircut. I don't have that much hair on top and at times I get to thinking maybe I should just get it all cut off.  Then I could take my electric razor and go over it every other day or so. That would save me the time of going to the barber and also a little money. I'll have to think a little more on that.
The last couple of days a couple of gators have been spotted swimming in the park lake. This one is about five feet long and looks well feed. A year or so I saw "the big one" out on the street. It is at least ten feet long and only has three feet to get around on. It must have been in a fight at one time or another. They start roaming the streets here in may during mating season going from the lake  that is behind us to the lake in front of the park.
I'm still doing a small amount of cleaning and the usual things around the house.
Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Games On

If you have been following my blogs you know I have not been doing much of anything while the NCAA Tournnment is going on. This weekend has been full of games for me. I did get time to wash the car before the games started saturday. I'm posting this while at the same time watching the Ohio-USF game which Ohio just tied it up.
Got to go,see you maybe tomorrow.
Give someone a hug tomorrow.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting Cool

The radiator fan did come in yesterday. So it was time to get down and get dirty.  Really thats what I did. After more than a couple of times I was on my back udner the car and then out and looking from the topside and back under again. After some tugging and pulling and pushing it finally came out. Getting it back in was much easier. After getting my hands dirty and greasy,plus a few skinned knuckles the project was finished. I can now report I gave a good working airconditioner in the car.
After cleaning up it was time to settle in for the NCAA Tournament for the day. It turned out to be a great day and I expect today will be better.
I hope you had a good day and may your day be better today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NCAA Tournament

Wow, what a way to start the tournament. If you didn't watch the first game yesterday you may have missed the best game of the tournament. Western Kentucky was down by so many points and with so little time left it looked like they were going to lose for sure. But they mounted an unbelieveable comeback and won. And for the they get to play Kentucky.  All I can say is Kentucky had better not take them lightly.
Yesterday was a normal day doing the daily chores and waiting on the radiator fan to arrive. It is suppose to be here tomorrow via Fedex.
Some of you were wondering how I was going to do the fan repair with the tournament going on. Well now that will take some real planning but I'll have to get'er done. You know how it is with old people working they have to rest every once in a while so what better way to rest by watching the basketball games. This looks like one of those two hour jobs that will take two days to finish.  If you are in the New Port Richey area and want to learn how to instal a radiator fan come on by. LOL
You have a great day today and tell someone you love them. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Orchid Lake

 It is still in the 80"s here in New Port Richey,Florida. I don't want to drive the car any that we don't have to until I get the fan and install it on the car. So Yesterday we just took a walk around in Orchid Lake Rv Resort where we are.
 We saw all the nice flowers in pots and in the ground where the people have planted them on their site lots. It sure feels like spring looking at all the flowers.
Even though the temp was in the 80's with the sky mostly cloudy and a kind of cool breeze blowing it made for a good walk. We had to stop every once in a while to talk to the various people that we know here on the park.
It was a nice walk,but not as well as walking in the woods.
Thanks for stopping by and do come this way again.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Always Something

Yesterday after church we went to Caposey's Restaurant to have dinner. We like this restaurant because it is small and has a family feel to it. Just about everyone that comes in the cashier which is also the owner of the place gives them a hug. The food is good and the service is great.
While we were waiting and looking at the menu I noticed this kid at the table behind Nancy must have had a new camera because he was having a ball taking everyone's picture. When he looked at me and took my picture I took out my camera and was just going to act like I was going to take his picture he gave me a smile that I had to get it.
Our car is a 2004 cavalier and it been a good little auto,but a few days ago the airconditioner quit working. It would cool as long as the car was moving,but when stopped it would blow warm to hot air. After checking everything I saw the the radiator fan was not running. This is a small electric fan. So checking all of the relays I think its the fan itself. Well its a small fan it shouldn't cost that much. I went to Autozone to see what the price was and "Ouch" $200.00 was the cost for that small item. The labor charge for install the fan at a service center is two hours that would bring the total cost for the replacement close to $400.00. Way to much for a cheap guy like me.  I looked up ""online and  their cost for the same name and number fan was $64.84 with the shipping charge. The fan will be here in a couple of days and I have me a small project on my hands.
Thanks for coming this way and stopping to visit me.
Have a great day.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Out Walking

Well we finally got out to walk yesterday.  After way too many days of being inside with doctor appointments and Nancy going to the dentist we went to the John Chesnut Park. It was probably a little to hot to do the walking because by the time we were through we were soaking wet with sweat. But we were determined that we were going to walk.
 Tarpon Lake looked like  it was slowly clearing up from the pollen that has been on the surface for a long time.
 We sa a few small alligators but no large ones.
 There were more than a few turtles. The edge of the lake was full of turtles.
 The birds were looking for small fish to catch.
 It looks like spring time here in Florida with all the wild flowers in bloom.
We really have had a good winter here in Florida,not having very many cold days to put up with.

Theres no swimming in the lake.  I don't think anyone would want to swim with the gators anyway.
We had to stop at the roadside market for fresh Florida produce. A few weeks ago we bought cabbage at Walmart for 69¢ a pound.  The roadside market had it for 19¢ a pound yesterday.
It got us tired and hot walking,but it sure did feel good to be out in the woods walking.
Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a great day and do drop in again. 

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Dentist Again

We were back to the dentist tuesday.  Nancy's mouth was still sore and the new teeth needed some adjustment. After looking the dentist saw where he had left part of a tooth still left in the gums,which he pulled out and did the adjusting on the new teeth.  So now Nancy said it feels a lot better.
Then it was a stop in Walmarts for a few groceries. Talk about grocery shopping,I went to Sweetbay and bought three one pound packs of "Plant City" strawberries and the were simple delicious. I cut them up put a little sugar on them,let stand for a few hour. Had a piece of pound cake with strawberries and whipped cream--yummmm boy was it good.
This week most of my time is watching the different college basketball tournaments to see who plays their way into the NCAA Tournament.
Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

All is Well

I got my computer back from the "Geek Squad" yesterday and I'm happy to report that they were able to bring back all of the information that the Trojan Virus had wiped out. The virus had actually had it hidden in the computer some where.
So if you come across a website "Band of Boondockers" be very careful because when I was on that site is when the virus hit the computer. Of course I don't know that much about viruses. Maybe they can move from site to site.
I always have my camera with me. When Nancy was at the doctor the other day I was looking around the room and this light that the doc uses to check your ears and throat caught my I. I have somewhat of a imagination sometimes. It does look like a mechanical bird doesn't it?
I hope you have a great and trouble free day.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Still Down

I'm posting with Nancy's netbook. I took my laptop into Best Buy to see if the "Geek Sqaud" could bring all of my information back. I know it is in there somewhere because when I try to put a blog in favorites it says it is already there when I can't actually see it. The same way with photos.
We have been busy with Nancy going to the dentist monday and getting a lot of work on her teeth. I also have been working in the park model laying wood laminate in the kitchen and hallway.  Nancy also had the ultra sound on her kidneys which turned out to be ok. The doc thinks it may be all the medicine she is taking that has thrown her numbers off.