Sunday, February 28, 2010

Slow Day

The sun is setting and the street lights come on.  Thats the way it was at evening time yesterday. If you look close at the lights you will see dolphins holding them.  After a day of watching basketball games I was ready to call it a day.
Nancy wasn't up to par so we skiped church today and I know we missed a good sermon. Not any news just what you have been reading in the news papers and watching television.  Another large earthquake,this time in Chile.  The news here in Florida is still about the trainer that was killed by the orca whale.
Today looks to be a slow day.  So you be carefull and have yourself a great day.    

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Good Steak

Nancy has been hearing about the Aldi store being cheaper than the other stores.  So yesterday went went to one in Clearwater.  It was a little better in prices but I don't think it was much cheaper to go down there to do our shopping.  Anyway we needed some reason to get out of the house anyway.
It has been a while since I've had a real good steak.  So on the way back we stopped at the Long Horn Steakhouse to have a steak.  We ate at a Long Horn Steakhouse in Bowling Green,Kentucky and it was good. 
This one looked about the same inside and the steak was just as good.  The inside is in the western decor.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rain and Cool

It turned ool after it rained yesterday.  The normal for this time of year is in the 70's but the temps can't seem to let go of the low 60s and high 50s.  This is indeed a very unusual winter all over the states. 

I heard a strange vehicle sound yesterday while I was inside the house.  So I looked out and saw this strange vehicle.  After looking it up on the internet I see were they have been in production for a few years.  It is a Ford Stallion Trike. 
It has a steering wheel instead of handle bars.  It is has air conditioning. 
Looks like a small sports car from the view of the back.  You can see the Ford blue oval  medallion on the back. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Solar Clothes Dryer

The IRS gives a tax break if you use solar energy.  This is Nancy's solar clothes dryer,do you think it will give me a refund on my taxes?  Theres nothing like the old fashion clothes line for drying things and making them smell fresh.  
Yesterday was the park parade.  It wasn't as good as the previous years,but everyone had fun.
Old people have as much fun as the young ones.  We just get tired sooner.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday a little different

Yesterday we went to church again,the sermon was good as usual.  Then we went to Christo's for dinner which was actually breakfast.  After we got back home and changed clothes is where the difference started.
We went out to the James E. Grey Preserve to walk since it was another nice day.  The sign above list some animals that may be within the preserve but,we have only seen gopher tortoise.
We like this walk because some of the trail just meananders along the river.
Tere is a boardwalk over the marsh lands in the preserve that leads to this fishing pier.
Then part of the trail that leads out into the dry land is nice and wide.
With the trail that leads into the trees that hang overhead making a nice canopy. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to West Virginia

Yesterday Sam and Carolyn stopped in to tell us bye. They left this morning going back home to West Virginia. We sure enjoyed having them down here for what seemed like to short of a time. I just wished the weather had been beter so we could have done more getting out and seeing things.
The park got a new sign on the Little Road. I have to say the old one they had up was terrible and did the park an injustice.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Walking Yesterday

Well what do you know,the weather warmed up to 70° yesterday and we went walking in the John Chestnut Park.  This is first time in a long time that we have felt the weather warm enough for us to really get out and walk.  This is one of our favorite places to walk because of the beautiful scenery.
There were a lot of different birds out enjoying the day.
We even saw a couple of deer that were out and settled down on a high and dry spot with the water around them.  They were so content to just watch us as we watched them. 
I thought getting out and away from all the basketball games would be nice,but what do you know? I had a reminder that was on the edge of the lake. 

The new walkways that they had recently build were so nice to walk on. They have rebuild all the wooden walkways in the park
We had a very nice day walking.
Today is saturday though and that means basketball game again. So there won't be any walking today.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Same O Same,thats what its been for what seems like forever.  The weather is still very cool.  At least too cool for us to get out and do the things we like to do.  We like to get out and walk,but we haven't did very much of that.  This has been an unusual winter season here in Florida and naturally that has been all the news.  By this time Nancy and I have started a pretty good tan.  This year we are all most as white as the snow that has been in the northern states.  One thing for sure though is that the weather will change and the sun will warm up the place sooner or later.  We do get out to the mall and walk every now and then,but the mall walking is not my thing.  It is so much better when you walk out in the woods and watch the animals and hear the birds singing.  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Slow Living

Yes life is slow right now and not much excitement here in Florida.  The weather has been a little on the warming trend,but the wind is still a mite chilly. Our temps are around 20° below normal.   Yesterday was wednesday so that was discount at the Little Caesar's Pizza.  We enjoy our pizza once a week.
The squirrel is still enjoying the bird seeds that I put out for the birds. This little fella sits there and eats all day long.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yesterday Sam and I went to Harbor Freight to get us a free 25' tape measure. They had a coupon in the sunday paper so we took them up on it.  While we were doing this Carolyn and Nancy went shopping over in the Bealls store. After we all got through we went to Wendys since no one was really hungry enough for a big meal.  After that Nancy and I went to Walmarts to grocery shop,but first we stopped into the roadside market for some fresh fruit and vegetables.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Typical Sunday

Yesterday was a regular Sunday for us.  Going to church with Sam and Carolyn.  The pastor's sermon was really good as was the music and singing.  After church we went to Kaposey's for lunch or dinner which ever you prefer to call it.
Came home watched a little tv,then on the computer for a while.  Being on the computer made me sleepy so I took a short nap.  This no doubt is boring but it is what we did for the day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Virus

Earlier today I had an issue with a virus.  It was in the form of a pop-up ad that said to click on and run a scan of your computer.  If anyone would click on the hacker would get all the information off of your computer.  I'm glad to say it has been taken care of and off the site.
I see all these ads on the internet and magazines on "how to make a fortune working from home". Or "How to make $500.00 and hour".  I've often wondered if it was that easy why are they wasting their time advertising.   One good one is this guy is going to let you in on his secret for only $69.95.  The thing is some people want to make money so fast they send off for these.  

Nothing is new except the weather as that is the news all over the USA.
Today is the usual saturday with the basketball games all day.
This is the rain we had yesteday.  It came down hard at times and was cold.
The streets in the park were flowing with water.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tarpon Springs

Yesterday Sam,Carolyn,Nancy and I once again went out to explore thr area.  We ended up in Tarpon Springs at the St. Nichilas Orthodox Church.
They will let visitors go in and look in the church.   It is a beautiful church that was build in 1943 with donations from the people in the community and mostly the sponge divers.  15 tons of marble was from the government of Greece at no charge except the shipping.
It has many  stained glass windows.
The large dome in the middle is beautifully painted.
As are several of the walls. It is very detailed in everyway.  The church is much larger than it looks to be from the outside.
From there we walked to the old Tarpon Springs Depot,which also had some very interesting history about the city.
Then it was time for dinner so we ended up eating at the Golden Corral Buffet.  

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday Sam,Carolyn,Nancy and I went to Dennys for their free "Grand Slam" breakfast. As you can see they had a crowd that was enjoying the free breakfast.  It really wasn't that crowded since it rained most of the day.  It was a first come first served deal. The chasier was getting irritated,someone called and wanted to place a reservation, She told them they had to come in and stand in line like everyone else.  We got in ate our breakfast in a little over an hour.  Much faster that I thought we would.
We were going to go out and just "bum" around but the rain was coming down hard most of the day and it was cool so we stayed in.
Today is going to be a very cool day for Florida,but at least the sun is shining. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Bad Ear

I did get to the doctor yesterday.  He said I ha a swimmers ear,which was puzzling because I having been swimming.  I must have gotten water in it from taking a shower. Besides the swimmers ear my sinus and allergies are acting up,so this old boy is not real good today.  But you just have to go along with whatever comes along and accept it.  The doctor gave me a shot for the alleries and sinus problem and inserted an ear wick to help drainage. 
Last night was not a good night for basketball if you are a West Virginia fan.  Even though I think Villanova has the best team I was still pulling for my Mountaineers.
Today we are going with Sam and Carolyn to "Dennys" to see if we can get in for the free "Grand Slam Breakfast".  Nancy and myself tried it last year but the line was out the door and around the side of the building.  We saw that and just drove on without stopping.  It will no doubt be the sam way today. 

Monday, February 08, 2010


What happened to the team that was supposed to win.  All you could hear was "the colts" and how good Peyton Manning is and that the Saints didn't have a chance.  I've watched my share of ballgames and as good as Peyton is it takes more than one person to win a game. I know there is a lot of if,and,buts after the game. Sometimes you've got to play the game and not listen to all the hype. 
I don't usually get up at 4:00am but this morning was not the usual morning. I like to watch the shuttles lift off and being this is the last night time lift off on schedule I wanted to see it.  I have seen a few and the night time is more spectacular. Above photo just before lift off,watching the NASA Channel. 
Another one with one minute to go.

And finally a view from New Port Richey holding the camera with shaky hands.  This is the third one I've seen at night time and I don't get tired of the view. I'm amazed even watching airplanes fly over. Everytime I hear one I've got to look up and watch it fly by.

My ear is hurting a little more and swollen so I guess its to the doctor I go.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Yesterday was good basketball game watching in the both of my teams won. That is West Virginia and Kentucky.  I have been following these two teams for a long,long time.
Nancy has been feeling to peppy this week so we didn't go to church today.  Also I've got a "plugged up" ear that is hurting,so both of us are a little miserable right now.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tornado Watch

Yesterday was a very rainy,wind blowing day.  We had tornado watches up for most of the day. We didn't get any tornados in our area,but there were reports of several around close to us.  We didn't go anywhere with the weather like it was,we just stayed inside all day.  Today is a different day with the sun shinning.  The wind is still blowing but nothing like it was yesterday.  Of course today is saturday and that means basketball games all day long for me. 

Friday, February 05, 2010

Dinner and a walk

Yesterday we went to the Golden Corral for dinner with Sam and Carolyn again. Sam likes The price of $4.99 for the buffet and so do I.
After dinner Sam says what are we going to do now?  Since they haven't been able to see the gopher turtle here on the park we suggested that we go to J B Starkey Park. Nancy says we always see turtles and armadillo's there just about everytime we go. So we drove through the park and sure enough we saw a gopher turtle.  We got out and walked on the short boardwalk that is there. That is when Carolyn thought she could climb on the railing and pick an orange. They were out of her reach so no picking oranges.  We also saw a couple of armadillo's.
We had another nice day. 

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Well the rain stopped and the sun did come out.  Sure did feel good to see the blue sky.
Lets what has happened?  Aw nothing just usual living,I did get a haircut tuesday and Nancy got hers cut yesterday.  Also yesterday was pizza day again.  Watched a few ball games.  Rest of the time on computer and watching news on the television.  Boy it sure sounds like a couple of old people living around here.  We have forced ourselves to do a little waling but not up to what we would like to do.  Maybe with the weather changing we can get back into the habit of walking more.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


                                           Here is what its looked like for the past few days,so what are you going to write about when you don't get out?   I did get out in the rain to go get a hair cut and then fill up the car with gas.
It is a little past noon and the rain has stopped so Nancy and I will go to Walmart for a little grocery shopping and get our monthly prescription on medicine filled.
We are not having our typical Florida weather this season.  The temperature is mostly on the down side with a few days of warmth thrown in.  Still better then the freezing weather up north.