Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Mt Airy (Mayberry)

After a good nights rest overnighting behind the Cracker Barrel we got ready and went in for a good big breakfast.
After breakfast it was time to head on up the road for a short drive to the Mayberry Campground.
It was a two nights at the Passport America rate, so that means we are leaving tomorrow.

Sherry wanted to go into town look around, we saw Wally's Service.

Wally's is the place where they have a couple of 50's police cars that for a price your can tour around the town in.

You just have to see the statues of Andy and little Opie that are in front of the Andy Griffith Museum.

I have to end the blog here because the internet connection is really to slow to try to post more pictures and finish it.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Raining, but enjoying things.

This is where we were for the last four days.  Needless to say we did not have wifi or phone service but we did have a good time.  we did have a water spigot beside the motor home and I could just hook a hose to it for all the water I wanted.  Also a shower and bathroom, a dump station all this for $3.50 a day.

The site was a tight squeeze getting into between the trees.

I did manage to get in some time to grill burgers with out it raining as it did most of the time we were there.

A nice small lake to enjoy and do some fishing.

We drove to Abbeville to look at the old houses.  The town is full of old houses that Nancy and Sherry love to look at.

They are trying to get enough funds to repair this  old church, that dates back to 1854.

We left Parsons Mountain Lake in the rain yesterday and overnighted in a Cracker Barrel parking lot.  We are going in this morning to enjoy one of their breakfast.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rain, Lots of Rain

Yes the heading says it all.  But we do have bits of sunshine through out the day so all is not lost.

One of those long sunshine spells was Monday so we went to the Walmart in Evans to some much needed shopping.  First thing was to get us a bite to eat at Fatz, Sherry said her and Mark had eaten at one of these restaurants before and the food was good.
She was right the food was very good and more than enough.  As a matter of fact Nancy and I split one entree of 4 piece fried chicken, 6oz steak and 2 sides. Nancy did have to order her a baked sweet potato to go with her chicken.

You can forget about that saying to "never go shopping on an empty stomach".  It is suppose to keep you from buying to much groceries.  I'm here to tell you that didn't work for us Monday because, "wow" did we shop.

Yesterday was a busy day for us.  I emptied the grey tank over and over.   The reason was that Nancy was doing the laundry on our small electric washer/spin dryer.  The washer and spin dryer are separate, with the washer holding 13 pounds and the spin dryer holding 11 pounds.
The dryer does not completely dryer the clothes but rings the clothes out more that a regular house washer. So with the park here that has a laundromat and the dryer costing .75 I used it.

Tomorrow will be going to another area and hopefully getting a camping site for a few days.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

A tour of Lincolnton

Yesterday was a nice sunny day, a change from the rain we have been having.  So I suggested that we go and check out the Bussey Campground. 

So as usual on two lane roads to find the primitive campground you see these old broken down barns.

Houses with boarded windows, that I can't understand why people just leave them.

You mean I can't just keep on driving!

We checked out a couple of campgrounds to see what they looked like.

We went to see the town of Lincolnton the county seat of Lincoln county.
There we had a good Mexican meal at Habaneros Mexican Grill.

We like to drive in and out the streets of the old towns looking at the old beautiful houses and so after our meal we drove around Lincolnton.
Thinking this was the county seat it must have a court house, we looked for it.

When we saw the old court house we were in awe at the beauty of the building.  So many towns have demolished the old court houses and built new ones.  It is so sad to see the beautiful buildings being replaced by the new "cold" buildings that are without the charm of the old ones.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Beatiful Lake Day

I started looking to see what was wrong with the backup camera having the black screen.  The first thing was to check for a 12 volt fuse that may be blown.  I checked the fuses under the dash where the steering wheel is located.  That was a little difficult but not so much as There is a door on the drivers side so it was standing on the ladder and half of me in the floor under the steering wheel.
All the fuses ok there then to check the fuses in the bedroom.  Those were ok also.  Next was the fuses in the engine compartment no blown fuses in there also.

So it was taking the dash front out to get the video backup monitor out and looking in the back of it for a fuse.  And there it was a 2amp fuse that had blown.  So I put a new one in and there was light on the screen, but the light was only a thin streak of light down the middle of the screen.
So checking the back of monitor again I saw two small switches each marked one and two.  They where both in the number one position so I flipped them to the number two position and what do you know the screen came on and I could see the back of the motor home.

In short there is something wrong with it but I'm going to use it until the monitor goes plumb out then get a new one.

As expected yesterday the lake was full of boats.

Boats of all sizes and shapes.

Jet skies everyone having their summer fun.

You know you have to come in to have a good grilled food to eat with all the fun going on you do get hungry.

But alas the day does come to an end and the boat needs to be shut down for another day.

Another beautiful sunset for another nice day at the lake.

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Up the road

This day was a fairly good day, I finished the polishing up of "Little Red" our car while Nancy and Sherry got ready. 
We haven't eat out in a while and so it was decided that it had better be today.  We drove to Milledgeville to have supper at Judy's Country Kitchen.  This is our go to place when we are staying at the Lake Sinclair Campground.  It is more or less the place the where local's eat and is a small buffet that is good home cooking.   The price of the buffet has not change in six or more years and at $6.00 for seniors is a deal and a half.

This was a moving on up the road day for us, so on to Petersburg Campground we headed.
This is a COE campground and is usually all filled up but we have managed to get a site without  reservations each time.  I was really surprised when the host said that they have plenty of sites open.
He gave me a list of the sites that would be opened for at least the next week, so Sherry and I unhooked the car to go look the sites over.

Site #59 looked good and Nancy saying she needed at least a week to rest up this will be her rest area for a week.

A good view looking out as you open the door.

This campground is on Thurmond Lake and very popular with fishermen.

We had a beautiful sunset for our evening enjoyment.

Sherry was taking many photos and enjoying the site by the lake.

Of course what would a day be of moving without something else to be repaired.
Somewhere along the journey the back up camera wet out, nothing but a black.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Here we are all set up at our camp site in the Lake Sinclair Campground.
This was suppose to be a relaxing few days while we are here but things have to been taken care of.

Monday I went to Walmart to buy the oil and filters for the motor home and the car.
After getting back I proceeded to change the oil and filter then grease the motor home which was easy to get under since I had to drive the motor home up on some block.  That is if rolling around on the ground with a tarp under me and rocks and gravel under the tarp is easy!

Three of the sites were open Tuesday after the people that occupied them where gone.

Tuesday was not the relaxing day either in that the car needed the oil and filter change so on with it, maybe Wednesday will be the relaxing day.
But come to think the inside walls do need to be wiped down?

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Lake Sinclair Campground

Yesterday day was moving day and the way our luck has been going on this trip it stayed the same yesterday? 
We got everything put away, let the levelers up and closed the door but, but the steps stayed out.

They were supposed to come in, didn't the steps know that?  It was that time again to check why the steps thought something had to quit working and they were elected to stop working.
OK time to look why the "dad gum" steps had gone lazy on us.
After checking everything electric to it and that was good so now to the mechanical  part.
In short the steps were stuck and a few light taps to the motor with a hammer was the repair that got it going.

With that we were on our way for a nice short trip to our next stop.  That was until, until the traffic was stopped within 7 miles of our destination. 
So what could we do but to fall in line with the rest of the people that were there.

After around 45 minutes the line started moving with traffic in front of us.

And a line of traffic behind us moving along a 15 mph with a police escort leading the huge tow truck pulling the semi with the trailer that had turned over on its side in the middle of the road.

Can you see that load that had us blocked.  It was a beer truck that had turned over.

So we did finally get to Lake Sinclair Campground with one of the 5 electric sites open.
I don't know how long we will be here but I need to change the oil and grease the motor home and also do it on the car.  This has been my oil change stop for a number of years.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mothers Day & Moving Day

Well yesterday was the last running around with Nick until the next trip.

This time it was only the grocery stores because Nick had to take time for needed repairs on his grand daughter's house.

We stayed a little longer here than planned but really enjoyed it.  But we can do this when something unexpected comes up since we are full timers and it is easy to change schedule.

We sure want to thank Joann and Nick for being so nice to us and not only this time but every time we have stopped to visit with them.

We are going to try and get one of the five electric sites at Lake Sinclair.  So far in all the years we have been going there we have been able to get one so we shall see.

Happy Mothers day to all you mother's out there.  There's just nothing in this world like a mother's love.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, May 11, 2018

What another Birthday

Yes it was another day out to the stores.
We did the best at the Home Depot where Nick got several items at a deep discount that he can use.
I had no luck in getting a heavy duty bin to fit in the outside bay of the motor home.  The one I have is coming apart but I'm sure I will find another one.

After getting back home we had a nice big birthday dinner for Nancy.

Here is the Birthday girl and yes that is number 79 on the cake.

I knew she could blow out the candles.  Oh that lady has a lot of wind!

She does look like she enjoyed the dinner doesn't she.

Sherry will be her tomorrow up from Valdosta Since Jeremy is doing better.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, May 10, 2018


This is what Nick and I saw when we pulled out on the main street yesterday.  The fire truck and police car with their red and blue lights flashing.

As we got closer it looked like someone had stopped and the person behind them could not stop soon enough.  There was an ambulance on the scene but they left without anyone aboard so I guess that was the good part.
Warner Robins is not a town I would want to drive in all the time.  I'm telling you this place is always bumper to bumper.

Yesterday was a repeat of the day before only we did add the Publix yesterday.
We also did find a couple of discounted items at the Kroger Store that we bought.

Nick and I will be going out again today hunting for bargains and using some of the man coupons that he has.  I'm enjoying my time here with my brother.

Also update on Jeremy, he is out of the hospital and slowly mending.
While Nancy and I are here visiting with Nick and Joann, Sherry has our car and visiting with Jeremy down in Valdosta and will join us on Friday.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

I've been with Nick most of the day as he does his normal things such as going to two different Kroger stores.  From there it would be Publix ever now and then. 
Some what like what I do when we are holed up in Florida for the winter season.

We did go out to the Base Commissary one day and also to the Walgreen Pharmacy to pick up Nancy and my prescription medications that I had refilled online.

This day and time you have to go where the prices are the best for you, and when you have coupons it is a much better deal.

As usual Nick and Joann are feeding us way too much and we always gain weight when we are visiting here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, May 07, 2018

A day of rest

With the new Automatic Transfer Switch installed and the cover on Nick and I decided we would take the day off yesterday.

What better way to start the day than to have a good breakfast.  This is what we had waiting on us when we went out to Nick and Joann.  We could not imagine that there would be a buffet on the table
large enough to fee 15 or more people.  Nick prepared all this himself.  This was actually  "Brunch".
 After eating and sitting for a short time Nick and I did his favorite thing of going out to the different stores looking so bargains.
We did find a few that were half off of the original price that we could use.

When we got back home it was time to eat again.  This time we had sandwiches of ham, turkey, bacon and sausage. It was all good and very filling.
Then came the best part of sitting down with our visiting.

I will say it was another great day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Saturday, May 05, 2018

The magic "click"

Yesterday we arrived at my brother Nick and family without anything messing up on the motorhome so that was good news.  Maybe, hopefully everything has played out.

After having supper and sitting around visiting for a while I just had to open up the package containing the new Progressive  Automatic Transfer Switch and checking out the schematic diagram
of the wiring. It looked pretty much simple to do the wiring.

So this morning Nick and I began the change over from the old one.  The wiring was different since the switch was different.  There was  a lot of wire cutting because the connections were so different.
We had to go to Home Depot to buy a wire clamp and some new screws.
First was wiring in the load side which was to power the house side.  When that was finished then it was to wire in the generator.  After that it was time to start the generator to see what would happen.
With the generator started and waiting the 30 seconds or so we heard the beautiful sound of the "click" with the switch  engaging  and powering the house electric.

Next was wiring the ac side with that and then plugging in the power  cord I heard a "kerr-plunk"  I knew it was the switch to power the house.

So with two old guys doing the work of installing the automatic transfer switch and taking two maybe two and a half hours we thought we did pretty good.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, May 03, 2018


I'm sorry, in my last post I reported that our grandson had a perforated stomach but it actually was his colon.  He has somewhat improved but has a long way to go before he will be ok.
He will be in the hospital at least until Monday.  Today he was able to eat some chicken broth and jello.  He is on IV and being treated with medication and they think with time it would heal.

So with Jeremy improving we will again try to leave tomorrow for Warner Robins to visit with my brother Nick where he and I will do some work on getting the new Automatic Transfer Switch all connected up.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Change in plans

We were going to be leaving today for Warner Robins, Georgia to visit a few days with my brother Nick. 
But as many times plans have a way of sudden change.
In the case today Jeremy our grandson who we have been visiting had to be admitted  in the hospital yesterday.  He has been having stomach pains for almost a week and yesterday he went to the er and after several tests they determined he has a perforated stomach.  The doctors said it was caught soon enough that they thought it could be treated with medication and it would heal.
So we will be staying here until Jeremy is feeling better.

I called my brother Nick what was going on and we would be there later that scheduled.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018


80 ?  Well that was yesterday my Eightieth birthday  where did all those days go?
I got more birthday wishes than I could count.  I thank you all for all of that.
For my birthday I had to climb on top of the motor home to do some work on the satellite dish which was giving me a problem.

Our automatic transfer switch decided since everything else was giving us trouble that it might as well quit working. I checked it out and the points were burnt and stuck together.  So I ordered a new one from Amazon and it should arrive by Wednesday at my brother Nick's house.  So while we are there visiting for the next few days Nick and I will install it.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.