Friday, June 29, 2018

No Rain?

Can you believe it, there was no rain yesterday.  In fact it was a sunny day for the whole day.  I told Nancy that we have had rain so long that I kind a missed it not raining.

We left yesterday afternoon to go to Morehead to do our shopping, but first Jackie and Nancy thought we needed to eat.
We went to Reno's for our meal and Reno's is a steak place.  I had a sirloin while Jackie and Nancy had the steak tips with onions and peppers.  We all agreed our steak tasted delicious.

First it was off to Walmart to get the things that was needed and some of those only Walmart has.
Our next stop was off to Kroger for those special things that Kroger has.
Nancy didn't go into Kroger because by the time she walked Walmart she was too tired, s she sat in the car waiting on Jackie and me.

By the time we got back home, unloaded and put away the groceries all we could do was sit around the rest of the day.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Enough rain already

Friday, after getting ready to leave and before hooking the car to the motorhome we went to the Depot to visit Joe one more time.
Then hooking the car tom the motor home we were ready to leave.

After a three and a half hours we were arriving at Jackie's house.
This is another of our stops in visiting Nancy's sisters.  Nancy went in with Jackie while I got everything ready before I needed her.  This is one of the places where I pull upon the ramps to be level because where we park it is not level and I need Nancy to watch that I will not over shoot the ramps.  After that she goes back with visiting her sister.

Just as we were in Matewan our ATT and Verizon Hotspots do no get a signal. 
But here we can get a signal and use Jackie's wifi that she has in her house since we are parked so close.

We are still having rain, I should say rain and thunder storms that seem to be following us since we left Florida. But we do have the nice and sunny breaks in between.
So far like every stop along the way I'm still repairing things and this stop is no exception.  I have put in a new kitchen faucet that has been leaking water for a while.  I thought I could just install a rubber gasket, but it was leaking in the housing.  So it was off to Lowes for the new one. Also a new cap for the grey water vent pipe.  Somewhere along the way a tree limb must have knocked off the one that was on it.

Today it will be a trip to Walmart and Kroger to drive Nancy and Jackie  so they can do their shopping.
Maybe we will be lucky enough that it will not rain.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Historic Matewan, West Virginia

We arrived in Historic Matewan Wednesday evening to visit our son Joe and his wife Mishell.
We stayed Wednesday and Thursday night visiting with them.

We parked in town against the flood wall where they have electric connections for rv's.

This is the land of the famous feuding Hatfield and McCoy family's.

And here in Historic Matewan is where they battle back and forth across the river.

Late Wednesday evening as we sat and looked out the front window we saw an ambulance and fire truck with red lights flashing that came to the grassy spot just down from where we were.
Joe and I went down to see what was going on? They were waiting for the Med-Vac Copter to arrive.

Here it is about to touch down.
They were coming in for a lady that we have known since she was a small child.
She was just released from the hospital the day before, after having heart surgery and now she had a stroke after just hours of being released.

By the time medics got her ready for take off it was nearing dark of the night.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wheels are turning tomorrow.

Yesterday seem to end before it started.   Before we knew it was time for supper and we had plans for all of us to go have our meal at Texas Roadhouse.
We all had a very good meal and David picked up the tab.  Thank you, David for the meal and most of all for being here the same time we are visiting.
Talk about visiting today is our last day here with our plans to leave tomorrow.
It just so happens that David and Karen are also going back home to Nashville, Tennessee.

We have enjoyed our visit once again here with Peach and Don as always.  But ww have to keep the wheels turning to our next stop.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Rain Storm

Yesterday I went to church with Don.
After we got back we both got a bite to eat, waited on Dave and his daughter Karen to get ready.
Dave and Karen are Don's son and grand daughter.
Then we were off to the Milton Flea Market.

A lot of the vendors were closed, but enough were open to severe the people that came out.
The Flea Market was very hot even with the fans going it didn't cool it down very much.
Don did not buy anything a double dip ice cream cone and he wasn't the only one trying to beat the heat that way.
Dave and Karen bought a few things, while I got a few tomatoes and hot banana peppers.

When we got back home I took my produce in the motor home, Nancy was over visiting with Peach so I went over to join them.
We stayed a while longer the came home to have something to eat.
Later on a thunderstorm and lightning with wind hit our area with the phone giving an area flash flood warning.
We didn't receive a flash flood but we did get some 40 mph winds so not even enough to rock the motor home.

Thnks for stopping by and have a great day. 

aren bought a few things

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

Yes, I wish all you Father's a very Happy Day.
If your father is still living you are a blessed person, because some of us no longer are that fortunate.
My father was killed in a coal mining accident a day after my 12th birthday.  So I didn't have much time with him. but the time I had, I enjoyed it.
  So Dad, Happy Father's Day that little 12 year old boy inside of me still misses you. 

Nancy didn't feel very well yesterday so we did not go anywhere.  Except  I did go out to the store to buy me enough to heat up and fix me some hot dogs.
That was all the outside I did because going out for a short while felt like stepping inside an oven.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Visiting in Culloden, West Virginia

After having lunch with Mark and Sherry we were on our way at 1:35 pm.

We were very fortunate to only have a few sprinkles of rain and not a down pour like we thought might happen.
Everything was nice and smooth until we got on I-77 at Ripley, then the road changed.
It was like we were riding in a buckboard wagon. Yes it was that rough and the travel time was only around two hours.  Nancy and I really had sore bones in our bodies the rest of the day.

We stopped at a rest area before going on the Peach and Don's house because it have a dump station.
Even though Don has a place for a sewer hookup where we park in the drive way I wanted to empty the tanks.
When we got there I unhooked the car and backed in beside the house with Don making sure I got back just enough so he could still get in his garage.
The days weather was so hot that I waited until later to hook up to the water and rest of the land lines.

We were all glad to see each other and after a brief visit Don and I went to get a couple of pizzas for us.  After eating Nancy and I came out to the motor home to set up everything for our week of visiting.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Traveling day

Yesterday Mark and Sherry had to go to Parkersburg to get a few things.  They wanted us to go but Nancy wasn't feeling well so we stayed home. 
I put the new wiper blades on the car, also between the rains I managed to vacuum out the inside.
It was long over due but not to the point that I needed a shovel to get started..

Today we will be leaving down to Culloden to spend time with Nancy's sister Peach and her husband Don.  This is another one of our stops during our summer rounds.
Like all of our stops during the summer visiting kin folks we enjoy it as we do all the others.

We have enjoyed being here with Mark and Sherry.  Of course we have been with Sherry since April the 6th when she came down on a plane to be with us, on our way up north.

We are suppose to have rain and I hope it isn't going to pour down on us traveling today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

Monday, June 11, 2018

Wrapping up loose ends

Just going to Walmart a couple of times and another one called "Value Shopper" one time just to compare prices. 
After all is said and done both store are almost the same prices.  
Walmart uses the "roll back" price on their prices.  While Value Shopper price is lower, but at check out the cashier adds a 10% to the total.  So there is really not much difference in the price.

Still doing a few small things to the backup camera, really just checking it out.  The camera has night vision so last I wanted to see what that was all about.  We are backed up close to the garage which has a light over the entrance door.  So with that in mind I turned on the monitor and I could see behind me pretty good.  Then I went out to see just how much light the garage lamp was showing.
Well the garage lamp was not even on so I says to my self wow that night vision camera is going to work out good.

I've got one more small project to do before we leave Wednesday and the is to put new wiper blades on the car.  I usually put new ones on when we leave for the summer but they where doing good so I didn't change them.  But along the trip I looked at them and the metal is rusting to the point that I'm afraid the wiper blades are going to fall off.  I guess spending the winter months near the salt waters of the gulf has taken its toll on the wiper blades.

We woke up to rain this morning so I had to hurry and close the window over our bed.
Not much work be going on outside today.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Installing new backup system

We are enjoying our visit with Mark and Sherry.
We went out for our dinner the first day we were here to the Country Kitchen.
This restaurant is kind of where the locals go to meet and eat.  Our meal was good and tasty, thank you Mark.  Yesterday Mark did the cooking and invited us in for dinner.  He had salad and very good Spaghetti and I think I shouldn't have had the second helping.

My backup camera did get to the point where it was fading out so I ordered a new one from Amazon and had it delivered here to Mark and Sherry's house.
That has been taking up most of my time so far.

Taking out the old square monitor and leaving a big square hole, doesn't work to well when you have a new flat screen monitor.

Here is the new color monitor.

And here is the size difference having a two inch gap to fill in.

What I did was use 1/4" plywood to cover the larger opening where the old monitor was and cut out the size for the new monitor.  I will stain and varnish the plywood to match the dash board.
I used the cable 5 pin cable for the 4 pin cable to connect the monitor and camera by cutting the ends off and matching up the wires to both.

As happening this trip from the start there has been something to keep me busy.
Maybe the next stop in the journey I can sit still and enjoy it.  Maybe not!

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Thursday, June 07, 2018

Spencer, West Virginia

Tuesday our time at Stony Fork Campground in the Sumter National Forest was up, so it was time to travel again.

I got on I-77 but only for a few miles then off again to take the back roads.  That was due to the fact that in West Virginia they are working on the Interstate all the way from the Virginia line until Princeton.

Arriving at Nancy's sister Callie we sat and visited, then went out to Ryans Buffet to eat, thank you very much Callie.  After our meal it was back to Callie's house for a much to short of a visit. 
But then it was time to leave.

This was the scene that we faced getting on route 460.  This is where all the detoured traffic gets back on I-77 in Princeton.

It was getting late so we overnighted at the Walmart in Fayetteville.
This was a good spot to overnight with being across the road from a Bob Evans.
So yesterday morning I got up and on the computer to order us a Breakfast Family Meal for four at the price of $21.99.  The meal of scrambled eggs, bacon, bacon, hash browns and biscuits which I walked over to pick up and bring back to the motor home for a delicious breakfast.
Its a beautiful time to be on the road in the mountains.  Why, you asked me why, because the rhododendron are in full bloom all in the mountains.

If you are traveling I-77 be aware of the many trucks that travel along this interstate highway.
The one here must have taken his eye off the road just for a second or two.
We did finally get to Spencer where Sherry lives.
We usually stat at the Charles For Lake Campground, but this time we are parked in her and Mark's driveway.  It is on quite an incline but I have it leveled out near enough to suit us.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  




Monday, June 04, 2018

Rural Retreat

Yesterday I put a steak on the grill and some potatoes wrap in aluminum to cook.
I have no idea what kind of steak it was all the tag on it said beef steak.  What I do know is after it was finished on the grill and in my plate it was really tender and tasted mighty good, with the potatoes and some vegetables Nancy did in the micro.

After eating we took a drive through the country side.  That is cattle grazing on the hillside. This area around Wytheville, Virginia is simple beautiful.

You don't see things like this hurrying down the Interstate Highways.

Some of my many favorite photos are the old barns.

And of course when you get into the old towns that date back to the 1700's & 1800's are the old houses.
The town we were in was Rural Retreat once the cabbage producing place of the world.

It was a nice relaxing drive and a good ending to another great day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Stony Fork

We left Mt Airy, North Carolina Thursday,  stopped to fill up the tank at a Flying J with my rewards card at $2.52.9 a gallon.
Then we stopped in the Wytheville  Walmart for a few things, and also bought some Little Caesar's Pizza to eat before moving on.  We did get a site at the Stony Fork Campground for 5 days.

This is our nice large site for the next few days.

As promised some pictures from Mt Airy.


I think this triple dip ice cream cone is just too much for Sherry.

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