Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sometimes busy and sometimes not so

 I took Vicki to the airport to go back home in Kentucky after she had been here for a week helping me to clear our the "stuff" in the motorhome.
Even though we worked and have a lot cleared out I'm not even half through with it.  I'm taking my time doing it so I will not be wearing myself out.

Nancy and I thought since we will have a lot more room to put every thing from the motorhome into the house it would be nice.  Not so, its hard to believe it but the motorhome house much more room for storing "stuff" then the house does.  I guess it must be the large bays on the out side.

I got around to cleaning out the trunk of the car, where it was one of our storage places.  So now I have more room there that's useable again.

After going to Winn Dixie and Walmart yesterday I settled in and watched a couple of College Football games.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Doctors and other things

 After Thurmond Lake it was time to move on down the road again.

This time we moved on down to Lake Sinclair one of our usual stops on the way back home.  
I can say home now that we have bought one in a nice 55+ Park in Port Richey.

After staying a few days it was time to move again down the road to visit my brother Nick where we had planned to stay for five days.

As sometime plans do change and it was this time.  With Nancy feeling as bad as a bushel of rotten tomatoes, she said she does need to go on home and see the doctor.

With the news to Nick telling how bad Nancy was feeling that we would only be spending overnight, he said he understood us doing so.
Nancy didn't even get out of the motor home while we were there, because she was in the thought she might have the Covid-19.

We had also planned a visit with our grandson Jeremy in Valdosta.
So Nancy called him to tell him we would not be  stopping to visit this time.

Anyway Nancy did see the doctor, had the Covid test and was negative on that so it cleared her mind of that worry.
She has some more checking to do with different doctors also.

With Vicki here to help me we spent a lot of time clearing out the motor home of things and later on it will be up for sale.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Thurmond Lake

 After Leaving Smokemont we stopped in Cherokee at the Laundromat to do our our laundry.

When that was finished we were tired after a short distance and Nancy was very tired so we spent the night at the Walmart in Clayton Georgia.


Our next stop was Thurmond Lake in the Petersburg Campground.  It was for only a couple of night because that is the all I could get every other sites were booked solid.  


We did manage to stay on the lake though for five days at the Ridge Road Campground and Vicki said she liked it better.  I even got to let out the awning for the first time sense it was put on new two years ago.


Here Nancy and Vicki enjoying a meal under the shade of the awning.

And here the two of them relaxing looking out over the lake.

A nice view of the lake.

A sunset over water is always beautiful,

We did have some wind that made the waters choppy.

It was nice at the lake but like always we had to make another move on dow the road.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.