Saturday, April 30, 2016

Laundry and shopping

Yesterday was a day to go to the Laundromat.  We thought it would be a good day because the next few days they have forecast rain.
After doing the laundry it was time for a bite to eat and we didn't want to eat very much so we went to McDonalds. Nancy had a chicken sandwich with a salad and I had a cheap burger with fries.
next it was a stop at Walmart for groceries.
After getting back home, putting clothes and groceries away we relaxed the rest of the evening. I think the couple of days traveling and doing the laundry caught up with us.
Today day has started out good with Nancy having me country ham, hash browns, 2 eggs, toast and coffee. Yeah, it is my day. My birthday and you feel pretty good at reaching the age of 78. When I was young I never thought I would get that age.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Sunset Beach

Wednesday left the Lizard's Thicket Restaurant where we were parked for the night and headed out toward Sunset Beach, North Carolina. It was only a short time until I stopped to fill up with fuel for $1.85 a gallon.
Along the way on the 2 lane roads I passed some old houses the are still being lived in.
We even passed through the Promised Land.
We knew we were getting close to Sumter.

It wasn't long before we got to Sumter and passing by the Shaw Air Force Base.
 We did eventually arrive at our destination we always stay at the Wishing Well Campground which is 5 miles from the beach and is a no frills campground but is a nice quiet place to relax. This is a Pass Port America Campground and we always stay a month here and that is the plan at this time.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trying to get to somewhere

Yesterday we left the Hawe Creek Campground headed for Parsons Mountain Lake Campground in the Sumter National forest. We stayed there last October on our way to Florida for the winter. It is a nice little campground and lake and I just fell in love with it. When we got there though the gate was locked and upon checking it doesn't open until May 1.
So looking and thinking we are now on our way to Sunset Beach, North Carolina unless that changes.

We got as far as Lexington, South Carolina where we stopped to have supper at a Lizard's Thicket Restaurant. We have eaten at these restaurants before and each one of them have been good.
You can see by the menu it is real country cooking.

We enjoyed our supper and after paying for our meal I asked the manager if it would be ok if we spent the night parked in the over flow section. As you can see he said it would be alright and he would leave a note for the day shift people notifying them.
We spent a good night sleeping falling asleep listening to a Whip-poor-will in the near by woods sing its song.
Waking up the morning and getting ready I went out to the restaurant and ordered us a good country breakfast which I brought back to the house to eat. After eating and an extra cup of coffee I took my shower and now waiting on Nancy to get ready then we are on our way again.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

More relaxing

We had another relaxing day yesterday.  I did put a new pull rope on the Champion Generator.
Nancy made a beef roast with vegetable in the slow cooker with the aroma floating out and about the campground. I think a couple of squirrels wanted to be invited for supper.
After our supper we sat out in the lounger chairs and just caught up our relaxing looking at the tall pine trees. Like we needed it.

Later on there was another beautiful sunset. 
Don't know if you can see but there was a boater or fisherman heading in fast before being caught in the dark.
Our time here at the Hawe Creek COE Campground has been nice and peaceful.
It will be time to move again tomorrow.

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

McCormick, South Carolina

We have a good site at Hawe Creek Campground. All the sites are very spacious and on the water but there are so many trees between the water you do not have a clear view of the lake.
Yesterday we had to go into the town of McCormick to do some grocery shopping.  As it would take a little time at the grocery store we wanted to eat a bite before returning home.
We chose Little Italy Pizzeria in one of the old buildings on Mine Street.
The both of us had a small Calzone that was very good and more than enough to fill us up.
After eating and before buy our groceries we drove around town. This is the court house of McCormick. Here is a little information about the town of McCormick.----

About 1850 gold was discovered where the town of McCormick now stands. The Dorn Gold Mine, which later also produced manganese, was bought by Cyrus McCormick in 1869; he donated land for the town, which was named for him in 1882. This mine continued to operate until the 1930s.

We had a good day, good meal, good drive around town and a pleasant day grocery shopping.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Hawe Creek Campground

Wednesday we went for a drive to check on another campground.
But first I had to take a photo of an old abandoned house.  This is or was a large house with a porch running the whole length od the house.  With a chimney on each end to keep the inside warm through the winter.

Next we stopped at the Thurmond Lake Visitor Center.  There was much information on building of the dam, animals and birds that you might see.
The nice friendly lady(Rhonda Flair) was happy to answer what questions that you may have.
I didn't want to stay at the campground that we checked out so we had a nice drive anyway.
Yesterday we made another move to the Hawe Creek Campground that is on the Thurmond Lake.
It was a drive across the dam and entered South Carolina.
After getting the motorhome set up and making slaw while Nancy made pinto's.  After making the slaw I took out the grill and grill us some polish sausage. 
After our meal it was a little computer time for the both of us and then watching tv.
It was only a 40 mile drive so neither one of us got tired. So we had a relaxing evening.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Doing laundry

Yesterday we went down into Evans and did the over due laundry. We have enough clothes on board that if we can't find a Laundromat we can hold out a little longer.

After getting back home and putting the clothes a way I get the grill and propane tank out of the bay.
Nancy seasoned  her chicken and I did the same with my hamburger patties. Then I fired up the grill and on the grill they went. When they were ready I brought them in the house where Nancy had me French fries waiting to eat with my burgers. Our team work is still good after all these years.
It looks like we will be moving again tomorrow.  I often say we make no plans we just travel but the truth is, our plans are that we can change at anytime. I have to make a few plans. Like tomorrow I have plan A, B and C.  There are three different campgrounds in the area that we can stay in case I can't get into one of them. I just don't like to make reservations where I might be penned down and can't change my mind were I might be.  I will say some times it gets tough.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Petersburg Campground

We have moved again.  We are still on the J. Strom Thurmond Lake but at the Petersburg Campground and it is in Georgia. This lake is so big with 1000 miles of shore line.We have a nice site and were going to stay eight days but could only take this site for three days because it has been reserved. We either have to move to another site or leave. We have not decided which we will do.
Nancy likes the large grassy area behind the motorhome.
She is not the only one that enjoys the grassy spot. Yeah, we have these five Canadian Geese that like to pick in the grass.
We had a nice sunset last evening that we enjoyed.  The warm temps are finally here and are going to be in the 80's all week.
We have to go into the town of Evans which is a suburb of Augusta to do our laundry.

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Country drive

I had a good start yesterday morning by eating a big breakfast that Nancy had fixed for me.  A large slice of country ham, two eggs, tomato, 2 toast with Smuckers Blackberry jam and a cup of coffee.
After having breakfast and getting ready we took a drive around in the country.
A large church that dates back into the early 1900's.
A forest fire tower sticking above the tall pine trees.  We don't see many of these like we use to.
There's always old barns everywhere you go these days.
We had a nice drive seeing different things.

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Big Hart Campground

We did leave Lake Sinclair yesterday.

On our way again on the two lane roads that are some times straight for miles.

Going through small towns that are not doing so good these days.
Mom and pop stores that use to provide a living for an old couple. But now set empty as time takes its toll on the old building.
Barns and houses that were the pride and joy of someone.
I mean even a coat or two of paint and it would still look old.
An old church that still stands here for what few people want to attend.
We did make it to Big Hart Campground that is an COE Campground located on the Georgia side of Thurmond Lake.
 We got set up on site 20 that is by the lake a good site.
After getting things all set up it was still early and Nancy was tired we went into the town of Thomson to eat.  It was Habanero's Mexican Grill that was our choice. We took the twofer with the chicken and steak which we could not eat all of it. Avery good meal with all the grilled vegetables.
This was only one of the many good days we have had in our travels.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Around the campground.

Our campsite at Lake Sinclair.  If it looks like the front of the motorhome is way up, that's because it is. I did raise it up then let it down on boards under the tires. It worked out just fine because I needed to get under the motorhome to change the oil and grease it.  I also greased the brake caliper slide pins. 
These are the sites next to us which were empty when I took this photo but two 40 foot diesels have come in.
I had a nice little walk over the bridge and through the woods.
It was a nice and peaceful walk just listening to the wind blowing in the trees.

A little stream coming off the mountain and into the lake.
We always enjoy our time here it is so relaxing.
We may be moving on tomorrow heading on up north.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lake Sinclair

Monday after we had lunch with Nick and Joan we were on our way.
I stopped at the Kroger fuel station to fill up the motorhome with gas at a price of $2.80 with the Kroger card. By the time I bought gas and got on the way it was 2:00.  Yeah I know we are slow but I take retirement seriously.
I took a route north that we has not been on before and it turned out to be good.
We made a stop in Milledgeville to pick up our monthly meds that I had refilled online Sunday.
After that a stop at the Kroger to pick up a few things.
We got to Lake Sinclair and got the site that always seems to be open for us.
After unhooking the car, backing in the motorhome, connect the electric, leveling up, extending the slides Nancy made us a sandwich we were ready to relax for the rest of the day.

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Is it spring?

Yeah, is it really spring?  With the last two mornings of the temp being in the high 30's you would not think it is spring time. But wait----
There's blossoms on the apple tree.
Roses are in full bloom. Nick's yard looks like spring. So whatever the temp is I guess it is really spring time. The temp here in Warner Robins is suppose to get up to 80 today so maybe it will feel more like spring.
Do you remember when you were young how you would look at the clouds and see different things that you thought the clouds were shaped like?  Well the other day Nick went to the carwash to clean the car and I sat inside. While looking out the windshield I happened to see the soap suds forming shapes like when we use to see the clouds doing it. I thought the above photo looked like a bear laying down with its feet sticking up.
This one like a duck or goose with the head on the right and its tail in the air on the left side. Oh the things that old people can do to amuse ourselves with.  But we do have imagination don't we?
We will be leaving out today and see if we can find a site open at the Sinclair Lake Forest Campground.
Our time here with Nick and Joan has been very enjoyable.

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Saturday, April 09, 2016

On the base

Thursday was like all the other days  that I have been with Nick of going out to stores to find what bargains they might have.  He is a coupon shopper and really makes it pay for him. Not only does he get discounts but there are times that they owe him money back.
We went out to the base commissary to do some grocery shopping and Nick had something else he wanted to check on.
Its really a site to see the old large planes out side of the Museum of Aviation as you enter through the gates and check point of the base.

The jets and the older prop planes.
It was another day of being out with brother and enjoying the company of one another.

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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Brothers being out

Here we are all set up in Nick's yard with electric and water all is good. Nancy and I are very thankful that we can stay with all the family so close and yet in our own house.
Nick and I did quite a bit of running around Tuesday.  First it was to Lowes then from there it was to Home Depot.
Then it was to Ollie's Bargain Outlet where you never know what they might have. I got a bottle of Welch's grape juice and put it in my shopping cart. After walking in the store from aisle to aisle we were ready to check out.  Then as In many stores these days only one cashier was checking people out and the line had at least ten people waiting to be checked out. Nick and I decided that we didn't want to wait that long so we left.  Stores any more want to cut the cost and never think about customer courtesy.  What happened to the cashier's that use to greet you and then wish you a great day when you are leaving?

   We then drove down the street where the tornado hit Friday evening. All the limbs that had fallen and cut were on the street side ready for pick up.
The damage of several houses from the uprooted trees.
After being three or four hours going into all the stores it was time to head back to the house.
Not before we stopped for some pizza's at Little Caesar's.
After eating the pizza we once again had a piece of good cake and a cup of coffee.
I thinks Nick and I were a bit tired yesterday because we were back home in a short time of being out.  Yesterday was another good meal with the main thing being roast pork and another slice of Italian Crème Cake for dessert. Avery good couple of days being out with my brother Nick.

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