Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I've been like most people the last few days watching the Hurricane and the damage that it has done. While living in West Virginia we went through a number of floods. Even though it came into our houses and destroyed a couple of them completely,it was small compared to this storm. Our hearts and prayers go out to these people.
We have just been doing the normal things that people do.
Yesterday Nancy had her two part stress test that took up most of the day.
She was worried about falling off of the tread mill,because the last time she had a stress test she did just that and the doctor had to catch her. The worrying was for naught though. She had the stress test without the tread mill. They did the kind where she was on the table and put her body under stress.  We won't find out the result until she sees the doctor in a couple of weeks. 
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hanging in

Not a heck of a lot going on here. Just living life as it comes,doing the same things each day. Watering the flowers,which take a lot of water in the heat that we have. Putting bird feed in the feeder.
Nancy is still not feeling the best or close to it so it is best for her to not do much of anything until she is completely checked out.  She has the appoinment monday for a couple of test. The docotors always seem to move so slow,but what are you going to do?
Hurricane Sandy is not going to have much effect on us here on the west coast of Florida.
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little busy

Not a lot going on the last few days.  One of our elderly couple friends from Missouri called Nancy that they will not be coming back to the park anymore. Harry is 104 years old,you read it right 104. Hattie his wife is 95. She said the trip is just to much for him and she had been diagnosed with cancer. She had someone move her trailer and was also suppose to move the little metal shed,but after two weeks the shed wasn't moved. So she asked me if I would try and get rid of it for her. Of course I said I would try. I went over to look at it and opened the door,uh oh it was stacked full of stuff. Going to be difficult getting it gone with all that in it. So first I had to clean it out,then monday I put it on Craigslist. Within ten minutes someone called and said they wanted it. So now it is gone.

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Monday, October 22, 2012


Saturday as you know I start the day with my big breakfast. Then it was a quick trip to the store for a few things,a stop into Dollar Tree for some more little things. I know most of the stuff in Dollar Tree comes from China. But now the USA companies are jumping in and making some products in a smaller package to sale at the $1.00 price.
I took this picture the other day in the Sears store as we were passing thru to do our walking. The stores have already stocked up their Christmas things.
Here is one of the two Sandhill Cranes that we have hanging around the park. Every evening they fly over our house on the way to werever they roost. I can set my watch when they fly over because,they are honking and  it is always 7:30 pm.
Yesterday after church we ate at Caposey's a friendly small restaurant.
I looked out the back window to see what was feeding and saw this bird. There's 15 of these that come and go in the park. Everyone calls them the little green parrots.
We changed clothes,then I took Nancy to Bealls but she couldn't find anything to buy. Man I must have her trained good.
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Friday, October 19, 2012


We took our time getting up yesterday morning. I know you're saying,thats nothing new. We were really in slow mode yesterday. After enjoying a breakfast of ham,eggs,biscuit,slices of tomato and coffee. It was time for Nancy to have her aqua-therapy. Well actually we went down to enjoy the pool for and hour or so. It was the first time in a couple of seasons that we have been in the pool and it felt good being in the water. We then came back to the house,had our showers got ready and had left overs for supper. The rest of the evening was tv and computer time. Now doesn't that sounds like two old people in retirement?
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking in mall

Yesterday it was a cool 81ยบ and cloudy with a threat of rain. We did have a few drops of rain all day so we couldn't do our walking outside. Nancy was feeling the effect of overdoing it the day before,so we went to the mall to do a little walking.
After one trip around we were off to Walmart to buy a few groceries and walk at the same time. on the way back home I stopped at the Little Ceasar's Pizza for the $5.00 "Hot and Ready" pepperoni pizza. The place we get our pizza has a special on wednesdays for $4.44 so we make wednesday's our pizza day.
The rest of the evening was tv and computer time.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To the park

Yesterday Nancy said she was tired of feeling so rotten and wanted to try to do a little walking. So went went down in Pinellas county to the John Anderson Park to do some walking. Since we haven't been walking for a long time Nancy had to sit and rest quite often.
As soon as we parked the car we saw this heron by the edge of the water.
As we walked along we saw the usual little animals,such as this squirrel.
Seeing a bright colored cardinal is always nice. All nice and red with its little black mask. We really like to get out and watch all the little critters.
The temperature was 87° so there were some boating and fishing in the lake.
Yellow flowers of different shapes.
Also red flowers.
We do like our Florida winters. I know the snow up north is beautiful,but when you start getting older its no fun getting out in the cold weather.
Well with Nancy having to rest all along the trail and us taking our time we got in 4 miles of walking. So I'm proud of her trying and doing the walking.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Doctor again

Yesterday was another appointment for Nancy.  First she had the echo-cardiogram,which didn't take long. Then it was to the other side of the building to get some blood drawn. As she was coming out of the office after having her blood drawn she was holding her arm and didn't notice but she had blood gushing down her arm. She had to hurry back in to the office where they applied more gauze on the puncture to stop the blood flow.  That was a small bit of excitment.  That will do it until the 29th when she will have a nuclear stress test to check out the old heart. From that maybe we can see what is going on.
The park was in somewhat of a mess as they are trimming the palm trees.
I like to see the palm branhces hanging down on the trees,but I guess they don't want any of them falling on anyone.
Nancy says she may try to get out to do a little walking today.
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Long drive longer

We woke up and started fairly early for us yesterday. I usually have my big breakfast on saturday mornings and I kept that appointment yesterday. As we were leaving Augusta,Georgia,Nancy noticed a Ryans buffet so we stopped and had the breakfast buffet. After that we were on the road for 15 miles when the phone rang. It was the motel we had stayed in telling Nancy she had left her picture of Sally on the night stand. So I turned around,we got the picture and an hour later we were in the same spot down the road. A long drive made an hour longer by having to go back and get the picture.
This was someones house on the main highway. Like so many small towns that have seen their better days.
We went to South Carolina almost all interstates but on the way back I the small roads.
A grain silo that has seen its better days long gone.
A civil war statue of a southern soldier in one of the towns.
Get off the interstates and see some good scenery.  When you see these signs along the road you know you are in Florida.
We got back home just as the sun had gone down. We had a very long weekend.
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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lot of driving

We had a very good breakfast at the Lizard's Restaurant yesterday morning. Anytime we are in the Columbia area we try to find one of these local chain restaurants to eat in. It is really good country cooking.  Its a good thing we had a big breakfast because that and some finger food after Nancy's sister Sallys memorial is all we had all day long.
Can you believe $3.26 a gallon for regular gas? Thats what it was at the Walmart station in Newberry,South Carolina.
The Memorial went as well as it could,with family and a few friends attending. Sally will be missed very much.
After the memorial they had finger food and visiting with each one,we had to get on the road again.  I drove a little to far all the way to Augusta,Georgia before I stopped for the night.
Its going to be a long day driving today,but I'm in hopes of making it all the way home.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Long Drive

Today was a long day with us getting up early for the drive ahead of us.
This old torpedo was at one of the rest areas on I-95.
These rv's were going north on I-95.  Seems to me they were going in the wrong direction this time of year.
If you see this sign on I-26 for this restaurant,you can stop if you want,but Nancy and I thought it was anything but country cookin'.
We finally stopped for the night after 492 miles. It has been many a years that I have driven that much at one time.  We still have around 75-80 miles tomorrow.
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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Doctor report

Nancy kept her appoinment with the Cardio-Vascular doctor yesterday.  He did the usual things doing an ekg and checking her heart,which each doctor does.  And as it always turns out they never can tell anything from this. He changed her medicine (its like the movie,Ground Hog Day)like the other doctors. He has her going to take some tests next week. He wanted her to do them this week,but with the death of her older sister we will be out of town the latter part of this week. 
With the doctor appoinment and going to Walmart for groceries we didn't have time for anything else.
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Doctor again

Well it looks like it will be to the doctors for some days to come.  After the change of medicine that our doctor prescribed for Nancy,which he said was high powered should have brought her blood pressure down did not help. He says there may be more things going on so he got her an appointment with a Cardio-Vascular specialist to have her checked out. Her appoinment with the specialist is for monday evening. Sure hope they soon find out her problems.
Yesterday was my day the watch the college football games and there was some really good games to be watched.
While the rest of the country is having cooler weather our temperatures for the week are going to be close to 90 degrees. We do like the Florida winters.
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Thursday, October 04, 2012


Well we sure have been having the rain. Tuesday and wednesday it we rain on and off most of the days.  Rain,I should have said storms because they we real gully washers.  It slacked off a little tuesday and I was able to run out long enough to cut a couple of small tress in the back. I'll have to get you a photo of the back so you can see what a forest we are backed up against.  The rest of the time I've had to find projects inside out of the rain.
I recaulked the bottome of the shower. Also where we've had a large aloe plant in a pot on the tongue of the park model,I took the plant off and put a round table across the tongue. It does look a little better.
Nancy has to go back to the doctor tomorrow and I'm sure he will try a different medicine since the one he gave her is not working.
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Monday, October 01, 2012

The weekend

Saturday was a full day for me as I like college football. I watched the West Virginia vs Baylor game which was a real shootout.  Then there were several more games that I watched from time to time.
Yesterday was almost a full day for us.  We started off by going to church which starts at 9:45 am.  then on the way home we had dinner at Caposey's a nice small place that is so friendly the host hugs most people that come in. A friendly place with good food and good price is hard to beat.  After dinner we were going to head home,but we got a call from our friend Lee that his wife Hazel was not going to be moved to another hospital,so we just drove on to the hospital to visit with them.  On the way back home we stopped at the Save A Lot for some groceries.  It was a good full day for and weekend for us. 

The lake is still full of water and lilly pads.  The pads are full of blooms and looks nice on the water.