Thursday, May 30, 2013

Warner Robins,Georgia

We took our time getting ready yesterday as we only had about 120 miles to go to my brothers house. I took route 41 north out of the park.
41 is a nice two lane road and a good break from the interstate road. Sometimes on these roads you will see things and most of the time you have the beautiful scenery to look at. Of course Nancy doesn't like for me to take my eyes off the road.
I do get a look every once in a while though.
Open fields,two lane road,rail road tracks and another field with something planted and growing. You got to admit it looks better than the interstate road. But I know you are in a hurry to get some place.
Ok then here is your road with the billboards and big trucks blowing by. I still like the open fields.  I sometime do have to get on the interstate and time to get off route 41 because it was going to far east of my destination.
We did make it safe and sound to Warner Robins where my brother lives. As usual in a couple of hours we was eating. They asked us if we would like pizza and we said sure. Hey wednesday is usually our pizza day anyway so that worked out just fine


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sad Goodbyes

Our time is up here around Valdosta. We have had a wonderful visit with Jeremy and the family. It was good again to see the great grand kids with all the energy and smiles. We had supper with them yesterday and as I said Jeremy grilled way more than enough the day before,so we had leftovers which was really good. Then we had the sad part of every visit saying our goodbyes and letting the tears flow a bit. But there will be more happy times visiting again.
Today we will be going up to Warner Robins to vist for a while with my brother Nick and wife Joan. It always good to see them. The only problem is that they want to feed us to much. I think I can handle that problem though. Nancy and I always gain weight when we visit them.

I'm going to take route 41 north for a few miles before I get on I-75. Maybe we will see more wildflowers beside the road or some other interesting things. Come aboard and lets see.
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good time

The on going refrigerator problems are over. I took a mirror and looked up through the coils and sure enough they were blocked off. The mice had took the insulation and put it on top of the coils. this was causing the thermocouple to trip from getting too hot. After much work at using a wire to reach up and pulling the insulation down piece by piece the frig is at 36°.
After spending friday night at Walmart and saturday night at the Lowes parking lot we got a site at Cain's Creekside RV Park in Hihara. The park is 12 miles north of Valdosta and a mile or two off I-75.

This is our site which is beside a small lake. This is a Passport America park so if you are a member it is half price. The park is nice and been open a year. They are still working and developing it.
Wild flowers around the lake.
Yesterday we were over to Allison and Jeremy's house for dinner. Jeremy was at the grill and I think he got carried away with the burgers and sausage because there was more than half of it left over. The food was delicious and the visit with all was the best. We will be leaving here tomorrow.
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Things forgotten

Well we did get on the road thursday. We had a late start,I'm talking real late. I took the motorhome over to the Wa Wa gas store to fill up. Sherry and Nancy followed me in the car so we could hook up the car in the Home Depot lot which has more room to do that. Sherry and I hooked up the car and went inside,where Nancy said "I gorgot to pack our medicine". So here we go with the motorhome car in tow back into the park. So we left around 4:00pm. I drove to Live Oak,because I was wanting to stop and eat at Ken's BBQ. We ate there last year and it was very good.
The refrigerator which was working went on the blink. It works on electric and not gas. I think it may not have air circulating on the coils. We have found out in the past couple of days there are some thing that we forgot to put in the motorhome. Oh well we'll just have to do without them.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Its that time

Well after weeks of preparation today is the day we start our summer travels. I thought we had everything about the motorhome ready to go.
So tuesday evening I said I would start up the refrigerator since it takes time to cool down. I started to turn it on and there was no light on the eyebrow board,so now what?  I took the board loose and I say to myself "oh no",which is never good. The wiring pulled out with just about a six in stub following it,those darn mice had chewed up the wiring. When I found out the the mice had been in the back and chewed the wiring a few months ago I told Nancy that didn't worry me,it was what I couldn't see what bothered me. I didn't check anywhere for a new wiring harness.  I used some phone line wiring of the same amps and spliced it in and will get a new one when we are close to an rv store along the way. In short the refrigerator is now going and cooling. So some time today we will be on our way.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

More cleaning

Have you ever said we have plenty of time,so we will just take our time?  Well thats where we are now. All that time we had to take and get ready for the road is only a few days away. Of course we can had a few extra days if we need to do so.
Saturday I deep cleaned the carpet in the motorhome and boy did it need to be cleaned. Nancy and Sherry have been busy cleaning the cabinets inside and outside,doing the dishes we keep in the motorhome. Today we will be doing the same.
Today I go to the Dermatologist to get the stitches taken out of my forehead.
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Work and alligators

The work seems to never end.
Thursday was the day to wash the motorhome and it was no easy task with the motorhome setting for the past six months. It was parked close to a tree and there was more than a bit of mold and pollen on the side which required a lot of hard brushing and more brushing to have it looking like it should.
Yesterday was another day to get an early start on the motorhome again before it got to hot.  I changed the oil and greased the motorhome. Let me tell you it is no easy task to craw under it and roll around doing the greasing. I also took the caliper slide pins out,cleaned them up then used the high temp grease and put them back in.

On the way over to Home Depot yesterday evening this eight foot gator walked in front of me. This was in the park. During the mating season the gators will come from the lake that is behind our house to the lake which is in front of the park. So when the people are walking the streets in the park they have to watch for the alligators which are also walking the streets.
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Thursday, May 16, 2013


The next few days will will be busy. I'm bringing the motorhome over to park it next to the house to get it ready to go on the road for the summer. It needs a good cleaning inside and out. Plus the house will need to be ready for closing it up for the summer. We have no schedule on leaving as will will just take our time doing the things that need to be.
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A few things

Yesterday I got up early and went to Bay Dermatology where doctor Krutchik proceeded to cut the cancer out of my forehead. They had a pathologist there. The pathologist doesn't stay there he has a van with all his equipment and comes in once a month. After the pathologist checked the first specimen he said they got all of it out. Boy was I glad,there is only so much meat between the skin and the skull. After stitching me up Iwas on my way. The proceedure only took an hour.
I just browsed around the park the rest of the day.

Today I checked my batteries in the motorhome just to make sure the solar panels were not boiling them over,everything was in good shape.
Later in the evening I grilled up cubed steak with onions and three colors of bell peppers. All was good and all of us enjoyed it.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sherrys here

Friday we went to the St Pete Airport and picked up our daughter Sherry. It was after 4:00pm and everyone said they were hungry so I look at my gps to see what was close. It had the Country Skellet Restaurant a couple of miles away. With the name of country we liked the idea of trying it. We were not disappointed. The food was good and large portions. We laughed at Nancy because she had so much. We said its your birthday go ahead and eat it. I was surprised when I went to pay. they said Nancy's food was free since it was her birthday.
Sherry getting in the car at the airport.
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Friday, May 10, 2013

12 volt batteries

I got the batteries installed and all wiring connected. Everything looks all set to go concerning the batteries. The batteries are showing a little over 13 volts so the solar panels are at rest with no amps going into the batteries.
I would have liked to have a couple of 6 volt batteries,but I don't have the room so the 12's will have to do. Anyway we have got along well with the 12's all these years.
A late update on the LED lights that I had on the 9 volt battery. After they were on 24/7 for 14 days I took them off. The lights were begining to dim somewhat. But I proved to myself that the LED lights are the way to go in a rv if you want to save on battery power.
Today we will be going to the St Pete Airport to pick up our daughter Sherry. She is coming down to help us pack the motorhome and be with us for maybe a month. 

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Got the batteries

Yesterday we were back at the Sam's Club to get two new 12 volt house batteries for the motorhome. These batteries are different than the ones I have been buying at Walmart's so I hope they last as long or longer. On the way back home we had dinner at Caposey's.
Couple of birds at the lake. This one is a Roseate Spoonbill.
I think this one is the Anhinga.
Of course the lily pads have to put on a show with their flowers.
Today I will be installing the new batteries and a few more things that need to be or not need to be done.
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Monday, May 06, 2013

Just messing around

Friday Nancy and I went back to Sam's Club so Nancy could do some more walking. Then from there it was to Walmart to get a few things. We didn't get very much. We have been trying to cut back on our buying and Nancy(she's the book keeper)says we are doing better.
Saturday I went over to the motorhome and disconnected the house batteries,  I'm going to have to buy two new batteries. I always buy them from Walmart but this time I'm getting them from Sams Club. I hope they last as long as the others did. Batteries just don't last very long if you discharge and and charge them very many times. I know the 6 volt golf cart batteries would maybe last longer but I've been satisfied with the 12 volt.
I see where our friends Jim and Judy Maddox have sold their house and now will be fulltimers. I wish them all the happiness,they are a couple of nice people. 
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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Oh my

Thats the way I felt tuesday,because it was my 75th birthday. I used to think 75 was old but you know what? Its not that old anymore.
I started tuesday out by getting out and giving my car a much needed wash job. I no sooner was finished and the park worker came with the riding lawn mower cutting grass and stiring up dust which settled on the car. No problem,I just took a cloth and dusted it off. I put the water hose and bucket up,but before I got in the house here came the other worker with the weed eater. Guess what,yup more grass and dust on the car. I wiped it off again and got in the house to rest up a bit. I heard some noise outside and the park worker was out there with a blower blowing the grass and dust out off the street and of course onto my car. You know some days you wonder why you even atempt to do anything.
Yesterday we did a few things inside because it rained most of the day and night. We are suppose to have more rain today.
Have you notice that most of the time you wash a car it will rain!

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