Monday, July 31, 2017

A nice weekend

Saturday our daughter Vicki came from Lexington for a day visit.

It just happened to be the day that we needed our black tank emptied.  In order to empty the black tank I have to get the motor home in the travel mode because we have to go 12.5 miles down the road to the Cave Run Campground to use their dump station.
So I disconnect the satellite line from the dish that I have to use while here under the trees, next was the electric cord.  After that it was bringing up the levelers, backing up the motor home in order to remove the ramps that I pull upon for leveling ad we are ready to be on our way.

Vicki was going with us and maybe a little excited since she has never rode in our motor home in the 17 plus years we have been rv'ing.
After doing the dumping it was back to our spot at Jackie's to do the sitting  up again with around an hour from start to finish.

Yesterday day after church Jackie Nancy and I decided we wanted to go to Reno's Roadhouse for dinner.
Reno's was a little crowded but we had only a short wait period.  All three of us had the beef tips with grilled peppers and onions. It was a good choice because it was grilled just right and tasted really good. 
Jackie's said she would pay for the meal, thank you very  much Jackie.
Reno's claim that they have the best burger in  town.  With all the other burger places in town that would probably be disputed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Wednesday was a busy day because we had to go to Morehead to do some shopping.
We asked Jackie if she needed to do any shopping, which she did so after we were ready off we went.

Our first stop was to Walmart for some things that we needed and Nancy needed some of her things from the cosmetic section so she went in to find them.
I can't seem to find the things that Nancy has to have from Walmart for some reason.  It might be that if she would remember the right name on what she wanted it would help me a lot.

After all three of us got what we wanted at the Walmart it was time to eat so we went to Fazoli's to eat. We all had the baked spaghetti with cheese on the top.  That with all the hot bread you can eat was very filling and I think all three of us ate way to much bread.

After eat Jackie and me went to Kroger to buy some extra groceries that we needed while Nancy sat in the car.  She was very tired from walking around in Walmart and it doesn't take much walking for her to get tired.

After getting back home and putting away everything all three of us were too tired to do any visiting.

Thursday and Friday was doing the normal things taking out garbage, vacuuming and cleaning inside.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Catching up

Just doing the everyday things while visiting.  Like the trash needs carrying out each day and put in the covered bin beside the road for the truck to pick up once a week.
To eliminate the trash from over flowing Jackie has a large burn bin for burning all the paper.

Then there is the filling of the fresh water tank a couple of times a week.  I don't leave the water hose connected because I don't want the hose stretched out over the driveway.

I did finally get to put a couple more coats of varnish on the new boards of the slide out. That makes six coats and its begining to have that deep shine that I want.

Nancy and I did do some small things that get  neglected over time.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Humming Birds

Our daughter Vicki came up from Lexington Friday to spend the weekend with us.

I went out to the car Saturday and noticed this bug on my front tire.  I thought it was still alive until I inspected it a little closer. It was covered in mud and the back of it was slit open leading me to think maybe it was the first stage of life being left behind. I have no idea what it was.  Any of my readers have an idea?

Jackie had us a chicken and dumpling dinner Saturday because she knows how much I like Chicken and Dumping's.
After dinner I noticed the humming birds around the feeder.
I went outside and sat down in a chair close by trying to get a good photo.
After several shots I thought if I would stand up the light on the subject might be better.
What do you know I got the colors instead of the shadows.
Nancy and I have always liked watching Humming Birds.

We are enjoying our time here with Jackie and with Vicki coming from Lexington just added to the joy of the visit.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Christine

Riding along the two lane hilltop road where we are for a few weeks visiting Nancy's sister Jackie.
She does live out in the woods and this is part of the road I have getting to her house. Even though she is out like this the place is very populated with houses and cabins on different roads that fork out from the main road. Kind of like the chalets in the Smokie Mountains.

Here is where we are parked while we visit Jackie.  Complete with 30 amp hookup and a water spigot on the side of the house to fill our fresh water tank.
This time I parked a little farther back to avoid most of the incline of the driveway.

Yesterday was Christine's (Jackie's daughter) birthday so the four of us went to Mt Sterling to the Cattleman's Restaurant for Christine's birthday dinner.

After dinner we said our goodbyes to Christine because we had to go our separate ways.
Jackie was with Nancy and me because we had stops at Walmart and  Kroger to get a few things.

With the full day we had Nancy was feeling extra tired and being late in the evening there was no additional visiting for the day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Cave Run Lake

Monday after a slow getting ready disconnecting the water, electric and sewer lines next was hooking up the car to the motor home.
I went inside were Nancy was with Peach and Don I said my goodbyes and off we went with the time being 1:10 pm.
Our first stop was the Barboursville Mall there is also a Walmart located here which is the reason for the stop to get a few groceries and other things.  After putting away the things I bought we were on our way again.
Soon we were crossing the bridge crossing the Big Sandy river the divides West Virginia and Kentucky.
This is where the Marathon Refinery is located as you can tell by looking at the large tanks beside of I-64.
We had one more stop before traveling on and that was Flying J to buy some gas at $2.16 a gallon with the Advantage Rewards Card.
I bought just enough gas to get me to where the gas will be a cheaper price.  I always check with Gasbuddy along our route for the best price even a few pennies makes a difference when you are buying 50 to 60 gallons of fuel.
While we were there we had a bite to eat before traveling along.
We passed by the Carter Caves exit.  We took the tour through the small caves when our children were young and we all enjoyed it. Like most caves the temperatures inside are much cooler than the outside temps.
After pulling off the interstate exit 137 in the town of Morehead we were on the road to Jackie's house.
But first we had to cross the bridge over Cave Run Lake then a mile farther we pull off the main highway to Jackie's.
Next was to take the car loose from the motorhome to park it, then back the motorhome up a small incline where it will be for a few weeks for our extended visit.
As I was traveling to get here I was thinking about parking the motorhome a little different this time so maybe I would not have to raise it so high to get it level.  What do you know that little thinking while I we traveling down the road paid off!
It didn't take me as long to set up this time and the leveling was much easier.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Flea Market Day

Yesterday was a little different as Don and I went to the flea market.  As many of the flea markets this one is also open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I did notice that another thing in common with other flea markets that there are a lot of empty vendor spaces.  I asked Don why are the vendors not here anymore?  He told me they had raised the rent and again it seem like the trend of the flea markets is raising the rent.  I can understand why the vendors are leaving, if you don't have the product that keeps selling you can not afford to keep paying the costly rent.
Even though the flea market was crowded in spots here is an example of where these vendors must have the things most people are not interested in.
We went through the all whole market. Don was on his own scooter here at the flea market but the photo shown here he was using the Walmart scooter.
Don has had some health problems and can't do very much walking but that doesn't slow him down to a stand still.  He may be 85 but knowing him he will bounce back to be his old self.
We were at the flea market close to a couple of hours before we called it a day.

Nancy and I visited some more in the evening time, then we came back home to do our evening things before bedtime.

Today will be our last day here then tomorrow we will be going to Jackie's for some visiting with her.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Same good "stuff"

Everything's about the same each day here.
Don and I go to the post office to check to see if they have any mail that arrives for them, I had a letter to mail, so that was different instead of waiting on Don I went inside to drop the mail in the out going box.

We went to Walmart to buy a few groceries each of us getting the things that we needed for the day.
After getting back home it's a short wait until Nancy is ready we go over for a day of visiting.
It is good to get together and visit since we get to do this as we make our rounds each year.

There was a time when we all live close to each other when our children were growing up and we miss this time together.
But as they say nothing stays the same.  As the children grow up and leave and the guys retire we all spread out in different parts of the land.

Yesterday evening Peach had us a good Pork dinner with sides of potatoes, pinto beans and cornbread.  It tasted real good, there's nothing like a good home cooked meal.

Today will probably be the same as usual with us going to visit and enjoy being together.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Logan's Steak House

First thing I did yesterday after getting ready and eating breakfast was to go and get me a haircut.
I was long over due and the barber was close by so it didn't take long.

After that it was coming and waiting for Nancy to get ready.  It was late afternoon when we went over to visit and see what we were going to do for the day.
Don and I went to the post office so he could pick up his mail.  Also we went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription for Nancy and I that they had to order so that completes our meds for the month.
When we got back we decided it was about time to eat and with the discussion on where to eat we were off to Logan's Steak House. 
We visited a little more until it was time for Nancy and me to come home to take our medicine.

We had another good day with the family.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Culloden, West Virginia

Nancy and I were up and ready to hit the road so after breakfast we go ready.  By the time we did all the things that needed to be in getting the motor home ready to roll down the road.

We ran into some rain a couple of times alternating with sunshine.
When we got to Ripley I took I-77 south I told Nancy we should have went on the two lane roads because it would probably been a better road surface.
West Virginia needs to take better care of their roads.
Well one place they were working on it.  Maybe I should say a small piece of it since they dug out a section six foot square.  It was about the same as the other repair places we ran over the whole sixes miles that we came.  Nancy said as we were coming "you are going to have to check to make sure nothing has fell off."

We did get to Peach and Don's house unhooked the car backed the motor home in the drive way.
I had to take extra time setting up because it was really hot with the sun beaming down on me.

We have been having a real good time visit and Jackie came over to be with us for a few days.

So it amounts to another visit with talking and eating, of course the visiting is better than the eating.
You can eat anytime but the visit with family is special, as we get older very special.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Sunday, July 09, 2017

Last day here

We still have been going over to see Sherry and Mark each day.  Also we have been eating in and dinning out so Nancy and I have been having a time holding our weight down.
Here is Fratello's Italian Steakhouse that was really good eating where we went one day.
Mark and I had the ground sirloin steak meal and this was the real sirloin not hamburger like some of the places I have been. Sherry had the spaghetti dinner and Nancy went with a Calzone which she could eat only half of it.
On the way back Mark drove us on a country side road with the kind of scenery that I like.

It seemed like every curve we came around there where large green fields with deer in them.

Well all that will end because our visiting time here will be over after today.  We will be moving on down the road tomorrow to visit Peach[Nancy's sister] and her husband Don.
They live in Culloden, West Virginia which is located between Charleston and Huntington.

As always with family we have enjoyed our time here with Sherry and Mark.
We have to move although they would like for us to stay longer, but we have more visiting to do.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 


Saturday, July 08, 2017

Got good internet

The slow  internet connection is somewhat solved.  I got the new Mobley "Car Connect" WIFI router and the speeds are much better.
Old cabin in the Charles Fork Lake Recreation Area.
This is one of the few deer that come down in Sherry's back yard.

Some of the flowers in the yard.
This is a good restaurant close to Ripley.
Can't figure out the "Yacht Club" part since there is not a body of water anywhere close by.
This is "The Charles Fork Lake" for recreation and it supplies the town of Spencer with their water.
The lake has "No Swimming" and no boats with gas motors.

We are enjoying our time here with our daughter Sherry and Mark.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Internet more than slow.

I haven't posted in a few days because the internet hotspots that we have are not too much of a hotspot here between the mountains.
Here is our site, one of the five with electric and three without electric.
I have more photo's I will pit on at a later date but trying here is a pain.  If you can imagine a very slow dial up connection where you had to read the newspaper or a book while things were uploading,
Well it is that slow.

We have been going out to have a couple of meals with Sherry and Mark.
We had hamburger's Saturday that Sherry prepared that tasted really good.

We are going to be here a few more days and then move again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.