Thursday, January 31, 2008


Yesterday started off slow as usual,but then it took off,did it ever. We walked around the rv park then we went out to J B Starkey Park to walk. By the time we quit walking yesterday we had 8 miles. We did need to walk more yeserday and yet more the rest of the week because we started off slow the first two days.
See the Gorilla? This huge inflated gorilla is advertising the opening of a new fitness center. When I see gorilla's I think of when I was a young kid(many years ago)of a carnival that came to town they had a guy with a gorilla that he would put on a show by wrestling it. I talked to him and he said he raised it from a baby and it was tamed and really friendly. He also showed me that he was missing two fingers on one hand where the gorilla had bitten off. Not to friendly I thought. It doesn't mater how tamed an animal is they still have that wild nature within them.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tiring Day

We got the washing over with at the laundromat yesterday. We had a double load since we hadn't been to the laundromat in over a week. We just kept putting it off until finally it had to be done. Well the gas prices are coming down very slow. Wonder why that is that it is so slow coming down. I guess they just have to make their millions and many million dollar profits. Of course if we were on the other side of this no doubt we would be enjoying it. I don't want the government to step in and try to do something. Everytime they try to fix something it gets worse.
Hey look here,its a Patriot Bank. The Super Bowl will be here in a few days. Is this the Patriots Bank? Are they saying the game is in the bank for them? I hope this is a good game between the Giants and the Patriots. It makes for a more exciting game if it is a close one. I just hope no one gets hurt seriously.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunny Florida Sunshine

The visit to the doctor took up most our day yesterday. I had a good report on the blood work part and the knee part seem as though I have some torn liagaments. The doctor ask me if I wanted him to set up an appointment with a surgeon to operate on it,but I told him I would just let it ride for a while. I'm more concerned about Nancy's hip and the pain she has. She will have to see an Orthepedic Surgeon to have something done to ease the pain.
Look at this large bag of money. I could save a bunch of money if I buy a new car from this dealership. I'm amazed at the businesses that want to save me money by shopping with them. I'm still trying to figure that one out. The way I see it is if I spend $100.00 in a place they take my money and I don't have it anymore. How is that saving me anything?
Today started out with the sun shining nice and bright and the temp going up to 73*,this will be another good day. This is going to be another day at the laundromat so not much else will be going on for us.
I want to thank you who read my blog and have supported the sponsors that advertise with the google ads,by clicking on the ads it helps the sponsors and me to keep my blog going.
I hope that I can make it interesting for you to keep coming back and reading of our adventures and the everyday things that a Fulltime RV'er does.

Monday, January 28, 2008

MRI Results

The only thing planned for today is to see our doctor to get the results of Nancy's MRI on her hip and the results of the scan on my knee. Both of us have different pains of which Nancys is hurting her more than mine. We also will get the info on the blood work that we had. Nancy is wanting them to take that spur off of her hip bone as soon as possible so she can be free of that pain. Boy,getting old is not fun some of the times but,you have to make out the best you can. We are very thankful that we have the health we have.
It looks like there is a Jungle Mini Golf going in on rt.19. I hope they get plenty of business. We were talking the other day that this area is not really a tourist area,it is more of retirement and snow bird type of place. Although it is a short distance to Tampa and Orlando were everything is going on. We have the gulf with small beaches and the waves in the water are small,the small children like the water because the waves are small and doesn't throw them under it,we see a few families on vacation here.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another Cloudy Day

Even though yesterday was cloudy with some rain,we enjoyed going to the flea market and having dinner with our very good friends Earl and Lena. This is suppose to be the sunshine state but there have been a lot of cloudy days lately.
Look at that we have Coney's here in the south. This place has 20 varieties of hot dogs,I haven' teaten here but I've got to try it out one of these days. Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods to eat. I have been eating them for most of my life. When I was going to school,I would go to the store(hard to believe the part coming)I would get a hot dog,a bottle of RC and a bag of potato chips for 20 cents,wow those were the days.
The sun did come out today,but not much warmth to it. After church Nancy fixed us some chicken nuggets,fries and cole slaw with a diet cola. It tasted pretty good. Now I'm watching college basketball with a couple of more games to follow.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Exploring Again

It looked like it was going to clear up yesterday,so we took off again. We stopped in at Key Vista Park.
The sun was shining through the trees as we walked toward the gulf water. The path is not asphalt as some are that we walk on. Nancy prefers the hard paths as for me I like the more wilderness type of path.
We got to the water and saw that it was much better than the other day that was so foggy you could hardly see the water. The sun yesterday was nice and bright and made the water look so blue with the blue skies above.
There was no mistaking that this is the Florida that you have pictures of in your mind. We walked on the small beach up and down as far each way we could until a small stream or canal cut us off.

We took the trail back and as we were walking I saw this bird. I didn't know it was watching me also,that is until I saw how sharp its eyes was focused in the picture. You can click on the photo for a larger view and see what I'm talking about.
Along the pathe further I saw this shadow pass over us and looked up to see this bird in a nest. I think this is an osprey. It was still building on the nest. There were two large ones in the nest,They may have had some small ones also but I didn't see them. One of the birds flew ot of the nest and it had a small fish in its claws. We stood there for some time just watching with interest.
Today our friends Earl and Lena are coming over,we are going to to big"USA Flea Market"on rt.19.
Every once in a while I see some of the people that have websites mention about how their google ads do not get the clicks and how that really hurts their income from the commision of the clicks that all of us depend on to keep our sites up. I know it hurts them more than it does me because they have probably as many visitor in one day as I do in a month. I usually only have less than 10 clicks a day.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Fog & Mist

Yesterday started out being a real nice warm day,so off down towards Clearwater Beach we went. The highway down was good all the way until I turned and started to the beachside. The weather changed drastically,the fog and moist air was coming in off of the gulf,with it the temps started to diving. But on we go towards the mark that we had decided on,"the beach".

I didn't stop at Clearwater Beach we took the road on south where I saw a sign that said Sand Key Park. When we see a sign that has any kind of park on it we automatically think of "ah ha a place to walk". The park was on an island so it had a beach,I parked the car and then we went toward the water. Only we couldn't see the water at this distance. As you can see in the picture above it looks more like a snow storm than a beach in Florida.
We got out to the waters edge and here is what we saw looking up the beach. There were a few people brave enough to be out walking.

After we did a short beach walk I started home and saw this walking and bike trail so naturally I had to stop because the light bulb went off in my head,"another place we had not walked",we like to walk the place that we've not walked before.

The trail is beside the bay and as we started we saw this tugboat with the dingy at the back of it. It was anchor here,I think because it had something to do with the construction they are having on the bayside.
As we were walking I looked across the highway and saw the Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Near the end of our walk is a Spanish American War Memorial.

This is not the end of the trail,but it was for us because Nancy didn't want to walk over the bridge. We had another good day.
This morning has started with the temp 41* and going to get up to 68*,cooler then yesterday but will seem warmer because the sun will be shining.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Resting Up

We spent the biggest part of the day yesterday sitting around resting up from running around wednesday. Of course we did get our walking in. Also they had a fish fry at the club house. We had a couple peices of fish,potato salad, cole slaw and a cookie with coffee to drink. The temp was in the lower 70's but felt much cooler with the moist breeze coming off of the gulf. The weather will be much the same thing today. Once again no plans for the day. We will probably get out and see what happens from there. Sometimes we get into something and sometimes we don't. But,we have found out that we feel much better we we are outside.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Citrus County,Florida

We got on the road for a car trip yesterday. We ended up going north to Citrus County.
I took RT41 going on this road we saw the park in the town of Floral. This is one of many small towns in florida where the lifestyle is laid back and easy.
You think Florida is totaly flat,not so. On the walking trail in the park it seems as though the trail is all up hill coming and going.

Next after not so easy finding it,was to visit Fort Cooper State Park.
The sparkling waters of Lake Holathlikaha were a welcome sight to sick and wounded soldiers during the Second Seminole War. In 1836, the First Georgia Battalion of Volunteers built a stockade for the soldiers resting here, enabling the Volunteers to hold their own through several skirmishes with the Seminole Indians. The park´s diverse natural areas provide a refuge for many plants and animals, including threatened and endangered species. Fishing in Lake Holathlikaha is a popular activity; swimming is available only when the lake level is high enough. Private boats are not allowed on the lake, but paddleboat and canoe rentals are available. Nearly five miles of self-guided trails offer some of the best bird and wildlife viewing in Citrus County. Park visitors also can enjoy the picnic facilities, a recreation hall, and primitive group campground. Located off U.S. 41 on South Old Floral City Road, two miles south of Inverness.

I looked for some wagon tracks but with the weather and sand trail the tracks have long vanished.

Signs along the trail.

Next was Cooters Park in Inverness. I didn't know I thought maybe Cooter was the name of a person that had the park named for them. Cooter is actually a type of turtle. The mother turtle with her baby on back sits in front of the park.

We walked the 1/2 mile boardwalk out over the pond(looks like a small lake to me)was a nice cool walk.

Then off to the Historic District of Inverness with the old buildings. But the first thing you will notice is the old Court House.

The old Court House gave way for a new modern one. Now it is a Heritage Museum.

I'm so glad that some of the towns keep their old Court Houses, there's just something about the charm of older buildings that the new modern slick buildings do not have. I could spend hours just looking and admiring old Court Houses.

Here this building is occupied with a business called "Stumpknockers".

The old Cafe. The men sitting in front of it were bragging up a storm about the place having the best coffee in town and also the food. We would have tried it out but,they were closing the door for the day.
As you would know,didn't every town have a newspaper called the Chronicle. This town was no different. We had a very nice,pleasant and rewarding day. The day visiting and walking ended with the reading of what it said on the back of this pickup truck.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Oh Me!

Thats what I said when we checked out at WalMart yesterday. Nancy said it just doesn't pay when both of us are in a buying mood. Well,we did need a few things since we hadn't really shopped for a while. We probably bought some things we could have done without,but sometimes you like to buy things that you want without needing them. Well yesterday was that day,I think we bought everything except toothpicks.
It was a very comfortable night last night I had the thermostat set on 68* and the furnace only kicked on one time early this morning. When we woke up it was 54* so not bad. At that temp out side we can usually not have heat on because the motorhome stays nice inside,it must be insulated pretty good. The sun is shining nice and bright and the temp going up to 75*. With a day like that I like to get out to do something and not sit around inside like someone that is getting old. We always find out that we feel much better if we get out and do something. So hopefully we can find something interesting to get into.
Being a fulltime RV'er is just almost like being a young kid again,(well most of the time)in that we like to be out and seeing what we can get into and seeing whats out there.
Watching the tv is ok for night time but the daylight hours are for the outside. Theres not much on tv anyway that is worth watching. I think we had better shows on when we were only getting 3 channels.
I can remember our first television set we got back in West Virginia. Being in the hills we couldn't just buy the tv and get a set of" rabbit ears" set them on top of the tv and watch. Not in the mountains. Well we got ours for Christmas when the snow was 6" deep. Was so excited that I had to set it up and get it going. What we had to do was take an antenna to the top of the mountain and set it in the right direction with a compass and pray that it was right. then you had to run 2 single copper coated wires through ensulators with screws that you put in them trees spaced about 6" apart all the way to the house. This worked good that is until a tree branch would fall,hit the wires and twist them together then you wouldn't have a picture on the tv. So off to find where this branch was causing the trouble. Many times I went plumb to the top of the mountain,couldn't see anything wrong only to find out that I didn't see the twig that was causing the trouble only a short distance from the house. Oh my and we say the "good old days" yeah they where but they were also the hard days at times.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Is This Florida

Wooo Wee is this Florida,boy is it cool. Yesterday after church we were trying to decide where we were going to eat. While we were thinking about it I says I'll drive up RT.19 where there are a bunch of eating place and if we see something we'll just stop. Then I said how about Golden Corral,Nancy says you already passed it up,oh ok not that one then. So I wheeled into where the Super Royal Buffet was,we had eaten here last spring and it tasted pretty good. Boy was it crowded,we were soon seated though. I got my plate of food and I don' t know if it was me or what but the food didn't seem to have much taste,unlike the last time we were here. So neither one of us ate very much. I watched the 2 playoff games and both of the teams I was rooting for lost so now its Super Bowl time in 2 weeks.
Now back to the cool weather. I knew I didn't have enough propane in the 20lb tank so it ran out around 9:00pm last night and I went outside,changed over to the large tank on the motorhome. I have to go and get the small tank filled today. When we woke up this morning it was 31* this is not the Florida that you expect when you come here for the winter. I shouldn't complain though it is much worse in other parts of the country. It is nice and sunny right now with the temp going to get 68 today,now that will be really swell if that dag gone wind just wouldn't blow.
Boy just to be young again? Nah,I wouldn't want to go through that again. But I do remember staying out all day and riding my sled down the hillside and hurrying back to to the top of the hill were we had a tire burning to keep warm. How have I lived so long breathing that black smoke that came off of the burning tire? Come to think of it how did we get though a load of things we did when we were young. Its off o WalMarts again today to buy some more grub. This cold weather makes me hungry,rain make me hungry,sunshine makes me hungry,man I'm getting hungry,gotta stop thinking of food......

Sunday, January 20, 2008


We walked early yesterday and the weather was cool with clouds. Then in the evening time I was watching a basketball game and the message came across the bottom of the screen that our county was in a severe thunder storm area. So I went out and let the awning up,strapped the chairs and table together. I then,came in and turned on my scanner radio to the Skywarn channel. It seems as though we were in for more than a storm. The Skywarn team is volunteers who have ham radios and keep a close watch on this type of situations. They were warning small craft warnings for the gulf of a severe storm out in the gulf that was coming ashore. Also they would give the approximate time it would hit our area. The clouds started to have a circular motion before it hit land and when it landed we had 2-3 tornados to touch down near us. We had a steady wind at 61 mph and gust up to 73mph. There were some signs blown down and trees uprooted but,nothing anymore damaging then that.
So another typical day in the life of a fulltime rv'er.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

That Project Finished

Yes that one finished and on to finding another project to work on. The new tile down and the trim around it made this area look so much better. The carpet had seen its day. Over the years with the fading and ground in dirt that wouldn't come clean it was way past time to do something with it. Being down on my elbows and knees for the past 2 days I am really sore. I'm getting to old for this kind of work. Nah,not really I just sometimes think I am.
The weather here for today is suppose to be rain this afternoon and turn cold for tomorrow,well not exactly cold but for this area it will be. The highest for tomorrow is expected to be 62*. This is warm compared to the rest of the country.
I won't be doing very much today as there are a lot of basketball games on the television.
I like to watch the ballgames and Nancy enjoys reading her books so we each do our own thing.
If the rain holds off long enough I'm going to bar-b-que some wings. Nancy says don't make them too hot,because if I do I will have to eat them all myself---Hmmmmmmmm.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Remodeling Motorhome

Maybe not remodeling but changing the way it looks. In the small room where the commode is, it sits upon a landing to make it comfortable, they have carpet all around this area. I've never liked the looks of it. As in all of the projects I want to do it usually takes me a while to get started,because I have to think about it for a while and then get in the mood before I get sarted. So yesterday was the day I tore out the carpet and put down tile all around the area. It is already looking better and cleaner. I should be finished with it today. Then I have to clean up the mess that I have made doing this. There is always something that you have to keep changing because the builders of motorhomes doesn't seem to build them for fulltimers,so we've got to do it ourselves.
Today there is a big sale of things on 1st street. If you have anything that you've been wanting to get rid of you set up a table in front of your place and people are coming around,hopefully you will sale something.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

That Time Again

Yesterday was the wash day again,boy these days seem to come often. I guess if you want to wear clean clothes you have to wash them. The last time we washed the clothes Nancy didn't want a pizza so yesterday was the pizza day and were we ready for it. We stopped into Little Caesar's $5.00 deal again. We got home sit down and started eating,when we were finished there were only 2 pieces left. It all went down real easy,whew.
Where I grew up in West Virginia,you could tell who was going to wash their clothes on a certain day. Early in the morning they would have a big ol' warsh tub outside on the fire heating water. Later on the clothes would be on the clothes line in the yard hanging to dry. I tell you I've ran into these clothes lines more then one time running and playing tag with friends. The rain came down by the bucket fulls last night and early this morning. We still have a chance of more rain for the next few days.
I remember being a small boy and in the summer time when it started raining we would go out and stand under the roof of the house and enjoyed the water pouring off the roof. I don't know if kids still do that or not. I think maybe they are taught that it is unhealty now,like every thing that we used to do.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some times its Hard

Here is the River Walk one of three places we walked yesterday.We also walked in the mall and around our park. I know I write about our walking almost every day,this is because we feel it is important to walk for us and it should be important for everyone else to exercise as much as they can. In 2006 when I had my heart attack we were already walking and this is the reason that helped me to come back. It may not keep you from getting certain things but it will help you to fight back after you get them. So you will hear a lot about our walking.
At times it is hard to come up with things to write about,this is especially hard when we are sitting in one spot for awhile. When the weather is cooperating and I can get out to take some photos I will put them on here. There are so many things to take picutre of that you often miss because you see these things everyday. Sunsets and animals are some of the best subjects to snap a shot of. When the sun is going down you can take hundreds of pics and each one of them are different. So if you like to take pictures get out there, snap away and view them later on the computer,you will surprise yourself with what you have taken. It doesn't have to be anything spectacular just the simple things.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WOW Cold

Thats what it was this morning. It was 40* when we got up and that is to cold for Florida. I sure hope it starts warming back up.
I was going to do some printing this morning and no color came out on the paper,so I got out my refill kit and added the color ink,installed back in the printer tried it and still no color. I think the thing must be clogged up. I ran it through the unclogging process but still didn't help it . The biggest problem I think is I don't use my printer that much and the ink dries out. The refills work for a couple of times then I have to buy another cartridge. As I say theres always something to work on.
So today is a I don't no what we will do day. We have a bunch of those,and it seems the day passes by before you know it. Of course we do get our walking in. Now that is a challenge,is to walk at times when you just as soon to sit around,but once we get started we can walk for a few miles. Like we always say,its better to feel tired doing something then feeling tired not doing anything.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pouring Rain

That was yesterday,it was a dreary and rainy day all day long. The weather man was right and the temperature dropped to where it is cool and will stay that way for the whole week. We still can't complain very much though,with the sun shine and the temp going to be in the mid 60's it will be pleasant. It is better than all the snow they received this morning in the new england states.
Of course with a house on wheels you can chose in which climate and state you want to live in and the amount of time you want to stay.
Some people look at the cost of an rv and can't see putting that much money into it. Just think,you can buy one for what you pay for 3 cars nowadays and look at what you get.You have a home that you can take wherever you decide to live. I know you can do that with a house too,but would you want to buy a house and sale it every month or so? Traveling and staying in your own house is hard to beat. Does it sound like I like this lifestyle? You bet I do,but like I've said before,its not for everyone.
Just an ordinary day today,that is no set plans for the day just let it happen.
Hope you have a great day today and smile at someone-who knows they may smile back at you.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Beautiful Sunset

We didn't go anywhere yesterday. The day started with us doing the unusual thing of getting up and going walking in the morning before we ate breakfast. All our mornings start of with breakfast taking our medicine,getting ready then doing the walking part. Well it worked out ok.
We had a total of 40 miles walking this week,its the best we have done in a long time.

The night fall ended with a beatiful sunset over the park. It looks as though it will rain today.
I don't think we will do much of anything today. I like to let the working people have all the room they want. After all I have the rest of the week to do what I want to do.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Nice Day

It was a nice day yesterday,cloudy with a slight breeze off of Tarpon Lake.

Other people thought it was a nice day also because they were out walking and boating on the lake. There were some fishing but,I think most were just out joy riding the boats and enjoying the cool breeze.
We walked along the trail and of course the squirrels had to come out and beg for food. I took some puffed rice with me,I didn't know if they would like it or not. As you can see the squirrel holding the puffed rice did eat it. I just love these small animals,they are fun to watch.

There are some graveled trails and then some are boardwalks over the damp grounds.

We then came to a bridge over the water where I stopped and threw some of the puffed rice in for the fish,they really were splashing the water for the food. I didn't see the Heron on the edge of the water,Nancy pointed it out to me. The Heron was sneaking ever so slowly toward the fish,so I tried to get the fish to come closer to the Heron so I could maybe get a picture of it catching a fish. The Heron had its eye on me and knew what I was doing,but the fish didn't get close enough to shore for the bird to catch one. After about 20 minutes of this I gave up and continued walking. We ended the day with another 7 mile for the day.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Carpet is Cleaned

Yeah,thats right. I vacuumed the carpet then I steam cleaned it. It is looking better,so maybe a couple of times again in the next month and it will do for awhile. Not only did I do that but I also washed the motorhome. Boy did I have a busy day. We also walked 5 1/2 miles so by the time we settled down for the night I was a little tired. The weather man says rain today but this morning it is sunny and 73* so we shall see.
As far as for today it is the same as usual,no plans except to get our walking in and then just let the day happen. And that will be when one of us say"I think it would be nice to-----". We will have to make some plans to see some of the people that we see when we come down for the winter.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Saw One

We were walking again out in the J B Starkey Wilderness Park yesterday and saw the armadillo. It was close to the path and didn't seem to mind us stopping to look and snap a picture. It has been a while since we have seen one,they are a quite little animal that just go along rooting in the ground.
Today I'm planning on cleaning the carpet again. I cleaned it just a couple of weeks ago but I'm trying to get it good and to try and lift up the crushed piles. The builders of motorhomes don't put in the best of carpet to stand up to fulltime rving. They also cut corners on all the rest of the things.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Good Day

We had to go to WalMart yesterday to put in our perscriptions for our medicine. On the way we decided to stop by the J B Starkey Park and walk.
On the way into the park you come to a tree in the middle of the road. I've seen several parks with trees in the road. I don't know why they don't remove them before they put down the asphalt. Maybe it looks more like a wilderness this way.
I always take my camera with me when I leave the house because you never know when a good opportunity for a good picture may come up. I was wanting to get a picture of some kind of animal but none was to be had. So what do I do? At least maybe a picture of the clouds.

Then of course with all the pine trees there are pine cones on the ground.

But wait,after we got in the car and was on the way out we did see this turtle. Actually we saw two of them that were close together. Maybe they were on their way for some water? It has been so dry here. The temp. was above 80 yesterday and today is going to be the same.
Saw on the news this morning where they had a 50 vehicle pile up on I-4 due to the fog, 20 of them were semi trucks.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

How are you today?

Yesterday was laundry day,which is usually pizza day,but neither Nancy nor I wanted pizza. Instead we had some things that were left over in the frig. Pork chops with a baked potato and a salad,made for a good meal.
I noticed in Nancy's journal she wrote what I was doingthe other night. Oh the electronic age. While I was on the computer I was watching a ballgame and also listening to my scanner. I guess I just need to know what is going on at the moment. It sure is amazing how we have come to depend on all the modern things of this age. As far as needing these things,we really don't need them they are just nice to have.

Monday, January 07, 2008

That time again

That time again to do the laundry. After that we will for sure get into something as we do most of the time. It is usually walking but,that is what we want to do. We have to walk for our health and also we feel better when we do. acquired a new hobby,Nancy doesn't care much for it. I bought a scanner radio to listen to. I've wanted to do this for a long time but have been putting it of. I was looking on the internet and on the Radio Shack site saw this Nascar unit built by Uniden that was on sale and with a deal they had I just couldn't pass it up. So all those years of wanting one I finally got one.
I guess this is just like fulltime rving,some like it and some don't.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


I just love these towns that have the murals on the walls of the buildings. New Port Richey is one of these towns. The one above looks like a photo. It is of one of the houses out in the bay. I don't know how the houses have survived the storms and hurricanes through the years. We went to church again this morning,came home and went out to walk,we have to keep our walking up.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Eyesore or Art?

Yesterday was a running around day,today is saturday so it must be sitting and watching ballgame day.
Saw this on the news this morning. The neighbors are complaing but Bates says it is art. The city is looking into it.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Site Seeing

After sitting around so much yesterday we are going to look around today. Although we did manage to go to the mall and walk some yesterday evening. With a few ants in the pants I want to get out and see what Dade City looks like. We've been coming to this area for quite a few years and havn't been to look this place over. It is suppose to have a few things to see. At least we will be walking on different ground.
We did go to Dade City. Here is the Pasco County Court House. We took a walking tour around town.
An old truck that belongs to the shop where it is parked. They had shops all through town and also enough places to eat. This small town is crowded.
Here is The Sistrunk Home built in 1890s in plantation style. Dr.Sistrunk was one of Dade city's pioneer doctors. Dade City has things going on all year round. You can also take a trolley tour around town. In town is the one-time worlds largest juice plant. You can spend a whole day here looking at all they have to offer.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Thats right absolutley nothing going on today. How is that for a boring day,I guess its the cold weather got us down. The temp here this morning was 28*. But ahhh tomorrow back up to 67*,not really that warm,but slowly warming up. Maybe we can get out and take some pictures of different things. I did see a good football game last night. West Virginia and Oklahoma,there was a bunch of points in this game and being originally from WV I enjoyed this game. Don't you just enjoy it when the annoucers are wrong on there pridiction of the game?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cold Night

You bet it was a cold night. When I woke up this morning it was 41 degrees,I know a lot of you are in much colder weather but this is not what you expect when you come to Florida. Well we will have only a few days like this and then back up to the normal temps in the 70's.

We did manage to get out and walk a little. Here is a pic of New Port Richey's Water Front Park where we did the walking,it goes around a small lagoon type section of water that comes in from the gulf.
Then we went out to another park where we could look out towards the gulf waters. Yes those are jackets we have on,the temp was 68 but with the wind coming off of the gulf it was a little cool.
Today I'm trying to get my old 8mm camcorder to work. I havn't used it much and I think the heads may need cleaning. The video on playback jumps all over the place so I will try a head cleaning tape in it. It took me all morning to find one because the stores do not stock things for the old cameras and camcorders. I like this one because it usually takes a good video and also snap shots on a media card,also has great telephoto lens on it.