Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thunder Rock

we left Chillhowee Campground yesterday around noon time.
Needless to say we took a different route from the campground than the one we took to get there.
It was mountain top road just like the Foothill Parkway.  The scenery was breath taking beautiful.
We stopped at a couple of look overs that took our breaths away.
We came out to the route that takes you to the Thunder Rock Campground.
This road takes you along the Parksville Lake.
We soon came to the bridge that crosses the Ocoee River and was surprised that instead of a river it was just a trickle of water. That may look like mud but it is rocks.
Another surprise there were only a few sites open as they have gone from a first come to the Reserve America system.  We did get a site and will be here for three days.
These sites are non electric and one water spigot, no dump station.  No over the air tv, we have no phone signal and the Verizon Hotspot just have one bar. There is a shower house with a flush toilet so we are roughing it easy.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Chillhowee Campground

By the time we got away yesterday it was 12:00 pm.
I have never been on the Foothills Parkway so I thought this was the best chance I had.
I took route 321 out of Pigeon Forge that goes through Wears Valley which is a beautiful valley but it is building up and I hope not so much to take away all the farm land.
This road takes you over a mountain road that is narrow and curvy. Yeah curvy like I was coming down the mountain and met a truck in a curve that the driver had to take part of my side of the road. I'll tell you he come as close as I have ever been of getting my mirror taken off.  Anyway we drove through Townsend and on south was soon turning off route 321 and onto Foothills Parkway.
As soon as I passed the sign I was going up, up the hill and up the hill until I was mountain top high.
There are a lot of turn outs where you can park and enjoy the spectacular view.  Nancy and I thought the views were better than the views on top of The Smoky Mountains.
Another scenic view.
Our route soon came out to connect us with route 411 and the route we usually take.
I've read about the Chillhowee Campground that is in the Cherokee National Forest so yesterday was the day to check it out.
Oh my do not take your GPS to get there I repeat don't follow the GPS.
I turned off the nice four lane road onto route 314 after a mile the road started going up hill and turned into a gravel road then a dirt road that twisted and turns with some switch backs and all the dust. One curve I didn't think I was going to make it after getting on the mountain top and driving maybe what seem like 5 miles I came out to a paved road. I met a guy coming the opposite direction flagged him down and asked where the campground was located. He had made the same mistake of coming up the same dirt road as I.
He looked at my motorhome and car and said, "how did you get around that curve"?

All the rough road took its toll on Nancy as she is very sore this morning.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Moving time

Tuesday, Haven and Cherisa invited us to eat with them at the Applebee's Restaurant.
We had a good meal and thank you Cherisa and Haven we enjoyed the company very much.
After we finished our meal they followed us back the motorhome and spent some more time with us.
I thought I would throw in a few more photo's of our trip to the top of the mountain Monday.
I went and got Joe yesterday to spend some more time with us.
Joe and I went to pick up Haven after he got off work to also spend some time with his Dad and us.
A very large tree that they had to cut down by the stream for some reason.
After we all ate dinner and had more conversations it was time to take Joe and Haven home.
At times it is very hard to say goodbyes when you know it will be another year before you see your love ones.
We have enjoyed our time here for the last 10 days seeing everyone and tomorrow it will be that time to move on down the road.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Smoky Mountains

The week end was nice and relaxing for us.
Yesterday was a different day but good because we drove to the top of The Smoky Mountains.
Going to the mountains you go through Gatlinburg and they always decorated the town according to what the season is. 
Gatlinburg looked nice as it usually does.
As soon as you are out of Gatlinburg you enter The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  
The picket fence as you approach the visitor center.
We like to stop at what use to be the Chimney's Campground but they had to close the campground and now it is a picnic area.
The sites looked like they were for tents or small rv's

Due to the lack of rain the mountain stream was small but enough water was flowing that it had a nice gurgling sound, very soothing and peaceful.
After enjoying the mountain stream in the picnic area we venture on up the road toward the top.
First we had a couple of small tunnels to go through. Nancy and I got a jolt as we were in the tunnel.  Someone just entering the other side decided they needed to blow the car horn.
Still not to the top with out pulling over at one of the overview sites.
Finally on the top where the North Carolina, Tennessee line is located.
The view we came up for with what looked like 75 other vehicles park in their spots to take many photos of the mountain tops.
Soon we were on our way back down the mountain and to Gatlinburg to meet up with our son Joe to have supper.
It was a very nice day for us and we had to say that we need to get out more.

 If you haven't been the The Smoky Mountains you owe it to yourself to have a visit with the other millions of visitors each year.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Enjoying the view

The college football games yesterday were good and as usual the refs missed some of the calls but with about four officials trying to watch 22 players it is hard to see everything.
Our site here at the Douglas Lake Headwaters Campground.  I did get a chance to check where the antifreeze was leaking on the motorhome and it is at the bottom hose coming out of the radiator overflow tank. It looks as though the hose has a hole in it where the hose clamp is tighten on it, I will check more on it today or later.
Driving around the campground I counted 21 empty sites and they used to be full on the week ends.
The Tennessee Valley Authority leased it out to RMM.  RMM increased the site rental  from $18.00 to $25.00 for a night so this might be the reason.
One of the sunsets we had a couple of evenings ago.
This part of Tennessee has been in a drought as you can tell by how low the lake is.
Another shot of the lake with the Great Smokie Mountains in the background.
The forecast for the day calls for some rain and they sure need all they can get.
We will stick around the campground again today because the main roads around will be extra crowded with all the tourist o their way home.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Gas price is up.

Yesterday I went to Walgreens to get my Vytorin medication filled.  They said it would be about an hour and a half before the would have it. No problem I would just go over to Harbor Frieght and look around that is a good place to wait. It didn't take too long to look and see that I wasn't going to buy anything from the Harbor Freight store.  Then I just went next door to Big Lots that is another store where you can browse around for a while.
I then went back to pick up my medicine where they said they only had five pills and I could get the rest of them Monday.  That didn't surprise me in the least bit because most of the pharmacy's tell me the same thing that they don't stock much of it.
Then it was a stop for some groceries at the Kroger and finally I was on my  way home.
I notice driving home that the gas pumps on all the stations had a price of $2.09 instead of the $1.82 when I came into town. Then I remembered Nancy telling me something about the price of gas is going to spike in the east because of a break in the pipe line. That looked more like a stake instead of a spike "WOW".
Well when I get off the main  road and onto the road leading to the campground I thought to myself I'll see what the price would be at the small station on the way.  Glad I did because they still had the price at $1.82 so I filled the car up.
I sure hope they get that pipe line fixed before we have to leave on Thursday.  Of course we all know the price of gas will come back down by the penny instead of quarters.

Today I will just ease back in my recliner and watch a couple of college football games.

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Visit and laundry

Wednesday was another day of visiting for us.
After getting ready  for the day we went to Gatlinburg to pick up our son Joe and his new wife Carol to come back and visit with us.  On the way back I stopped at the Walmart to get a couple of roasted chickens, potato salad, macaroni salad and rolls for supper.
Getting back to the house we visited for a short time then Joe and I went to pick up Haven at the movie theater where he works so he could come and have a little time with us.
After getting back we got into the food and it tasted pretty good and the macaroni salad tasted extra good.  We enjoyed all of them being with us for the short time and it was time again to be taking Joe and Carol  back home in Gatlinburg.
Haven rode with us up to Gatlinburg so we dropped him off in Sevierville on the way back home.
Yesterday was a big day for us because it was time to do the laundry.
Boy when we went into the Laundromat where we usually do our clothes did we get a surprise.  The place was a mess like the top load washers where filthy with dirty clothes in them some had dirty water standing in the washers.
So we went to another Laundromat to do our clothes
Getting back home and putting the clean clothes away we had left over pizza a garden salad and some of the good tasting macaroni salad for supper.

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