Saturday, May 08, 2021

Here and there

This has been another busy week. Our insurance agent finally got the papers back on our house so she called for us to come in and sign.
I had to go to Walgreens to pick up some new medicine that Nancy's kidney doctor had called in.


                                         Then I went to Winn Dixie and a few more stores.

Always have to go to the store for things, as you need to when moving into a new place.

Old restaurant that is on the gulf waters on the old Dixie Highway and still in business.

Nice little pond and land along the old Dixie Highway.
Maybe some year ahead in time it will make a nice home place for someone.

Nancy and I also went to a store to look at a new gueen size mattress and headboard that we ordered.
We had to set up a delivery date.  

As busy as we were I still took the time to grill and barbeque some thin cut  chicken breast.
I really like our little patio area we have in the back of the house.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Nancy's visit to the kidney doctor

After the usual breakfast biscuits with the sides added, Nancy and I were on our computers.

Then it was time to start getting ready, because Nancy had an appointment with her Nephrologist to see how her numbers are since a few months ago.

 Her kidney doctor was worried because Nancy's numbers were really low the last time. We got to the doctor early and Nancy went in as I stayed in the car to wait on her.                                                      She was back into the car very quick this time with a pleasant look on her face I ask her how things went?   Nancy said very good, so good the doctor could not believe how her numbers were up so much.                                                                                                                                                          Actually the doctor said that the last time that her numbers were so low that she was really worried about her.

With that good news we decided to have dinner out at Sioux City Steak House today.


It was Fajita Tuesday at the restaurant so that's what we went with.   That is Nancy's  chicken fajita with black beans and rice.  

I had the steak with black beans and rice, both were really good.  We spent the rest of the evening watching tv and on the computers.

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Monday, May 03, 2021

Grilling at the house

Yesterday started out about the same as any other morning.

Nancy took out a sausage and egg biscuit for me, plus an hash brown potato patty which I added tomatoes and Hungarian Pepper and a cup of coffee makes for a good simple breakfast. She also did a bacon and egg biscuit for herself.

After breakfast I was off to do some shopping. First stop was Home Depot then a stop into Aldi for groceries, then it was Winn Dixie to get the rest of the groceries.

After a couple of hours it was time to think about dinner.  I was thinking about grilling a couple of steaks which I had just bought at the Winn Dixie while Nancy was busy with her part of preparing what to go with the steaks.

                                                   So on the grill with the steaks.   
I guess you notice the small grill is setting on the  grill, the reason is the large grill is a little rusted out
but it makes a good table for the small grill.

While the steaks were doing what steaks on the grill are suppose to do I was watching the planes go over head.

After Nancy I were through we ended up with this.  Steak, fried potatoes, slaw, pinto beans, green onions, biscuits and a soft drink.  This was really a good meal.

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Saturday, May 01, 2021

These things seem to get closer

Yeah the things I'm talking about are Birthdays. I had another one yesterday and I'm telling you I think being 20 is more fun then being 83.

Nancy asked if I wanted to go out for a steak dinner and I told her, I would be more satisfied staying home and doing a little work around the place.

I went back to the motor home to get the air fryer and a few more things we needed. Nancy did prepare me a very good dinner, she really like her large kitchen.

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

How is this possible?

How do you carry around so much "stuff" in your rv?

Going from this size 8'x32' packed up.


To this size 14'x48' moving not all the "stuff" in and still filling all the drawers and cabinets in the house is a mystery. Nancy and I are moving slowly but we are still getting mighty tired, and just think when we leave on our summer trip some of it will go back in the motorhome.


This is what happens when you have your thumb in the door jam when (ouch) shutting the door.

That's what  happened a couple of weeks ago.  What's amazing it hurt for 15 minutes , no throbbing at any time.

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Friday, April 23, 2021

Got a home base

Nancy and I have been looking for sometme now for a place to call home. Well we finally found one that we thought would work and bought it. It is a 14' X 48' trailer with a room built on like most of the many that are in the parks here in Florida. It is two bedroom with a bath and a half which Nancy likes because we will have room for visitors.
                                                                   It has a car port.
                                                      Plenty of room between houses.

                                     What Nancy likes she has been using this kitchen.

                                        Now she has this one to move around in.

We are still going to travel in our motorhome this summer to visit with family.

Right now we still have things to do that will keep us busy.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

We got shot

Friday the 2nd day of April I started looking on the internet for places in our county to get the Covid-19 vaccine shot.

  Since Nancy wanted to get the Johnson & Johnson one shot deal thats what I was looking for. There were around a dozen places that gave the shots but had run out of the one we wanted.

I finally found one that had the Johnson & Johnson that was five miles away. It was a small Family Pharmacy so I make us an appoinment for last friday at 3:00pm.

I told Nancy about the appointment and told her we would be there maybe an hour and a half because of the people getting the shot and the wait time they tell you to wait after the shot.

Friday we got to the Pharmacy ten minutes early where they gave us some papers to read and sign. As soon as we gave the papers back to them we where called to get the shot and ready to leave by 3:30 including the wait time.

It felt like a normal shot but in a short time it did have a small pain to the needle section.

 Then by bedtime I felt like miled case of the flu with a stuffy nose.

Then waking up yesterday morning Nancy and I woke up with our bone joints really aching. Then this morning everthing was back to our old self so all and all it was ok.

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