Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not much yesterday. We had a cold rain most of the day and it was saturday anyway. So that meant basketball games all day. A very good day for watching.  2 games the teams that I was rooting for won and the team I was wanting to loose did so. One other game last night was a good one also.
Today we went to church again and then out to dinner with our friends Sam and Carolyn.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday we went to the Jon Chestnut Park again to walk.  The first thing I saw when we pulled in to park was this little fella here at around 3 foot long.
As we started to go across the bridge I looked up along the lake side and saw this big "rascal".  I got just close enough but not real close to take this photo. He looked to be about 8 foot long. 
There were a couple of guys in boats fishing along the shore line.
The trails have been improved with new boardwalks that are wider than the old ones and this mokes so some very nice walking.
As we came close to the end of one trail,this heron was keeping a watchful eye out for any movement in the water. I love to watch these birds as they move ever so slowly in the water sneaking upon the fish.
Another 8 footer on a patch of land in the lake,basking in the sun.  
                                            Here is a heron on her nest.  I think this is the same bird in the same nest that we have been seeing for years.  The male was on a branch above her. We have noticed through the years that the male will sit on the eggs some of the time giving his female pardner a break to stretch and find some food.
We did enjoy the day very much.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Beach Day

Yesterday the weather co-operated enough for us to go out to the beach and lazy around for a while.
On the way as many a times we are out we saw an accident. The fire truck and the police looked like they had everything under control.
Looking at the beachside from the causeway it looked to be a beautiful scene with the water and the white sand.
Sam and Carolyn back from a stroll up and down the beach.
                                     What!  Looks like the walking was to much for Sam. No he is just relaxing and taking in the good "stuff" on their vacation. 
The sun was more powerful than I realized.  Saying that because I got a little sun burn.  After we left the beach,we had time to go to the Golden Corral for the early bird special.  Man was that place very crowded. I mean really,really a huge crowd.
We had another very nice day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little of Everything

Yesterday was just a usual day.  We had to go grocery shopping,so first we went to Winn✓Dixie to buy a few things that were on sale that we needed.  Then it was to Walmart for rest of the things.  On the way back we stopped and got our usual "Hot and Ready" pizza at a discount from the Little Caesar's Pizza on Ridge Road.  The the rest of the evening was computer time and then of course my basketball game on the television.

I bought a package of blueberries yesterday so this morning I put some on my pancakes. I put them in between each pancake and on the top also.  A little butter on top and syrup made a very tasty breakfast.  I have been hearing how good the blueberries were for you so I bought some. If they are really good for you I must have been in real good shape when I was a young child.  I spent more than my share of time in the woods growng up and have eaten my share of nuts and berries.  I would knock nuts out of trees and also pick some off of bushes to eat. Lot of fun cracking nuts with rocks and eating them. For the berries there were blackberries,rasberries,blueberries,gooseberries and the ones I ate the most were a berry we called"possum grapes".  I would climb up in the trees and lay out on the vines to eat possum grapes until my little belly couldn't hold any more.  Oh those were the days.
Today we are going back down to Fred Howard Park with Sam and Carolyn to the beach and lay out to get some sun.  Just hope the wind isn't to cool.
Hope you have a very nice day. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Much Needed Walking

Nancy and I for some reason are too much behind on our walking.  We usually try to walk four to five miles a day and now we are down to two miles and even less.  Believe me when I tell you we can feel the difference in our body and bones because of this.  Yesterday we did go out to the James Grey Preserve to walk. 

We like to walk out in the "woods". Here is part of the trail around the river. There is a boardwalk along this river also.

We like the scenery in the park,it looks like a real jungle in parts of it.  For those of you that remember the "Tarzan Movies" this reminds me of those movies. I told Nancy I could just see Tarzan diving out of a tree into the river.

If you get tired of walking there are plenty of benches along the way to sit and rest the legs until you are ready to go again.  We do see peole here fishing in the river from time to time.

This is also a good place for the kayakers to paddle along the lazy river.

Here is the launch where the boaters and those that have kayaks get into the river.  There is a sign that has no swimming because of the occasional alligator. Believe it or not we have seen a few that goes swimming here.  They are braver or crazier than I am.
We had a nice walk and felt better for doing it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday nothing really happened.  I would say just another day of living,but to me another day of living is very special.  I guess the older you get the more you really appreciate every day.
I guess a lot of people watched the football play-off games Sunday.  If your team won I'm glad for you.  I did watch some of the games while I was able to stay awake.
Of course this time of the year my game watching is college basketball and I'm enjoying it very much.
The weather here is still a little cool this morning the temp was 44°.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flea Market

Nancy and Lena looking over the goods at the flea market.  As from the photo above you can see Earl and Lena did come over.  We sat around and talked for awhile when the go here.then we went to the flea market to spend some time. We looked at all the things they had. I didn't find anything that I couldn't do without and Nancy bought just a couple of things.  Lena and Earl also bought a few things. When we were finished at the flea market we stopped into the Perkins Restaurant to have dinner. The food was good but I thought it was somewhat over priced.  Earl and Lena stayed a little while longer after we got back to the house.
Today we went to church today with Sam and Carolyn. After church we had dinner at a new restaurant.  I ordered steak and eggs. This was supposed to be sirloin steak but when it came I looked at it and knew it was not sirloin.  I cut into it and tryed to chew a piece but it was to tuff.  I told the waitress that it was a flank steak and not a sirloin.  I didn't have to pay for it,so my dinner today was not steak and eggs,it was dissapointment instead.       

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Visit

We did meet our friends Hazel and Lee yesterday.  Actually we went to their house shortly afternoon,we sat around talking for a while then we went in their car to a restaurant. Afer a bunch of left and right turns we arrived to our destination for Lunch/dinner. The restaurant is called "Breakfast Club".  Now don't ask me where it is located because I have not a clue and couldn't tell you how to get there.  Anyway we had a nice meal along with better conversation.  On the way back we stopped at Crew's Lake Park to do a short walk out on the pier.  Nancy and I were at this park 3 or 4 years ago and the lake was dry but at this time the lake had quite a bit of water.  I guess this was due to the fact there has been a lot of rain.  Out on the pier we gazed out over the nice scenery while Lee filled us in on how the lake was years ago.  Lee makes a wonderful tour guide.  By the time we got back to their house it was getting late in the afternoon and Nancy was wanting to stop in the Walmarts for a few things so we Thanked Hazel and Lee for a pleasant afternoon and excused ourselves to leave.
Today we have our friends Lena and Earl coming over from Zypherhills for a visit and going up to the USA Flea Market.  I'm sure this will be another enjoyable day.
Theres nothing like spending time with good friend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Big Rain

We had a lot of rain last night and well into the morning hours.  The wind was a little brisk also but nothing to worry about. The storm was past us around 7:00am this morning.  The rest of today is suppose to be clear with the temp going up to 72°.
Yesterday was a short work day for me with a few small projects as usual.  One of them being the light in the range hood.  The light and the fan in the hood is on a 12 volt system.  The light bulb is the kind that is like those in the brake light of an automobile.  This light has a habit of blowing out every so often.  So yesterday I rewired it and put in a halogen light. I sure hope this light last longer than the other type.
Today we are meeting our good friend Lee and Hazel King for  lunch/dinner.  These are really a couple of nice people and we have had the good fortune of knowing and becoming friends with them.   

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

On a Trip

Yesterday Sam,Carolyn,Nancy and myself went up to Wildwood to visit our West Virginia friends Gerryand Dallas Jude. In the photo above are Sam and Nancy with Gerry. These are two very dear friends that we have known for a long time and have always enjoyed being around them as we did yesterday. It was really good to see them again,they have not changed through the years.  Thanks Dallas and Gerry for a very time.

Here Sam is checking out his new GPS on I-75. Like most of us he is enjoying his
new "toy".

It is alway good to get out where you can see all the open land without building on it. Being brought up in the hills of West Virginia as a boy and enjoying the woods I guess I will never get over the feeling and the smeel of the woods and forest.
We had a very good time yesterday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Day

Yesterday was our church day.  The preacher had a very good sermon.  After church we stopped and had dinner at Caposeys.  This is one of those small restaurants that looks like at one time was a house.  This place stays crowded.
After we ate and came home I sat around and watched the football playoffs.  If there was something else on I would not have watched the games.  I'm not one for watching professional sports.  To me they are over payed and most of them doesn't deliver on what they are payed to do. I read one time that a baseball player average around $20,000 for each time he was at bat that season.  That was even if he struck out. I just don't know how to figure that one out.
Well anyway today is going to be a fair day with the temp going up to 68°, but with some wind.  This is better than the resent cold spell that we had.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Beach

Yesterday we got down to Fred Howrd Park and went beach side.  We did our walking first then went and sat out in the sun. There were more people out then I thought there would be.  Of course with the temp around 75° I should have known that the beach would be like this.  After so many cold days it just takes a little sunshine and warmth to bring everyone out.

The birds were there also seeing what they could get from everyone.  All they need is to hear paper rattling for them to come around and "mooch"for food.

There was also this guy in a wet suit doing his wind surfing.  It was a good change of pace and a beautiful day to be out. Today may be a different story with rain in the forcast.  Just have to wait and see.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Cutting & Clearing

Yesterday I cut and cleared some more of the small trees and brush from behind the house. You're now thinking "there must be a lot of growth".  You are right but not as there once was.  It was grown up with vines in the trees that was hanging over the house. Now the trees and vines are 20 feet or more from the house. I'm clearing it back to where there is a chain linked fence.
We did go to the Golden Corral Buffet for the "early bird"special.  After we ate we didn't feel like doing anything else.  I did get on the computer for a short time and then watched a college basketball game.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walked today

We did get out and down to the John Chesnut Park to do some much needed walking.  I thought it was going to be warmer than it really was. There was a rather cold breeze blowing in off of Tarpon Lake. This poor little yellow bird looked as though it was really cold.

There was this large tree that had fallen across the wooded walk way.  Even though the weather was not excellent,it was good to get out and do the walking in the woods.
We are suppose to have maybe 3 days of 70 ° days and that will feel sooooo good.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Are You Using Coupons?

Yesterday we had to get out in the cold to finally do some grocery shopping. Of course that would be a trip to Walmart. Although we do go to different stores to shop I have to say Walmarts get the most of our shopping.  So we made a list of what we needed or wanted and looked through our coupons that we had before taking off to the store.
At the check out counter the cashier totaled up the amount,then discounted my coupons.  Even though it was not a large amount that was discounted with the coupons it did come to a 10% amount off.  So we were satisfied with our coupon collecting. 
We have just begun to get serious about our couponing and maybe later on we can do better.  We get the coupons out of the paper and print them from the different sources online.
Well the cold weather is going to start letting up with the temp going up to 60 today.
The bad thing is I uncovered my tomato plants yesterday and the poor things did't make it through the cold spell.  Like last season they get up to were they are large green tomatoes on and then comes the freeze.  Oh well,whats you gonna do.  
Have yourself a wonderful warm day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yeah,Still Cold

It is still cold here and will be until friday. The weather people say friday will be the day that the temps will be normal with it going into the 70's.  It has been a long cold spell for not only Florida but everyone else. 
We did get out and went to church yesterday and then dinner at Christo's.  After we got back home though we stayed in for the remainder of the day. 
This morning it was 26°. Another cold record broken for this day   May be able to get out a little today.  We have just gotten to soft in our old age.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Same News "The Weather"

Sam and Carolyn came over for dinner yesterday.  Nancy had some of her good potatoes and noodles with smoked sausage. After that we had coffee and pecan pie. We then spent some time just sitting and talking.
The news is the same as it has been for the last couple of days.  It is the weather,with low temps and rain.  Although it did snow up in the northern part of the state.  I think it is suppose to last 4 or 5 more days then get back to normal.
Again today I will be sitting inside watching the college basketball games and trying to stay warm. 

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Yesterday Sam,Carolyn,Nancy and myself went to Harbor Freight so Sam and I could get a free flashlight.  I found a coupon on the internet to get it.  It was priced at $6.99 so getting it free was a batgain.  From there we went to the mall to do a little walking.  Then on the way home we stopped and bought 2 Little Caesar's "Hot and Ready"pizza. When we got back to the house we enjoyed the pizzas.  Oh the pizzas were a bargain also instead of the usual $5.00 they are $4.44 on wednesdays.  So we ended up getting $11.99 worth of things for $4.44.  A very good bargain day.
It warmed up a little more today,enough that we could get out and walk around the park.  The tomato plants are still covered up as it is going to be cold again yonight.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

How Long?

Man how long is this cold weather going to last?  This morning it was 29° that is way to cold for us here in Florida.  It is suppose to get even colder tonight.  By the way that was a record cold for this date here in New Port Richey.  I sure don't like to be around for that kind of record breaking.
We didn't go anywhere yesterday and I got out only a short time to cut a few more weeds.  With the cold weather and the wind blowing at around 20mph it seems to go right through a person.  Very few people were out doing their daily walk.
No new news to report on since we didn't go out or do anything. I was on the computer hunting for coupons. My brother (Nick) has got me on to doing the coupon thing.  He is one of the best when it comes to bargain hunting. It is a trip when I go out with him because I know I will be gone all day.
Have yourself a great day and stay warm.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dinner Out

Yesteday we had dinner out.  Well yes and no,Carolyn and Sam invited us for dinner.  We had a good spaghetti dinner. Then afterward we sat around talking about everything.  We are so glad that they had the chance of coming down for this winter.
I once again was doing the tree and scrub trimming yesterday.  There is still a bit more to do. It was left for so long that the trees and vines grew over top of the house. It is now looking pretty good.  Since we live on the outer circle the back of the house is up against the woods,so it is the best of our interest to keep it cut back and keep the wild critters away from the house.  There is a lake in the back off to the side and the critters consist of alligators,snakes,raccoons,mice and whatever else I have not seen.
It is still cold and in the high 30's when we wake up of the mornings.   

Monday, January 04, 2010

Still Cold

We went out to the gulf waters yesterday. This is the first time we have seen the gulf since coming back.  It has not been very good weather to go out to the gulf.

As you can tell by the way our friend Sam and Carolyn are dressed it is still cold.  This morning it was 34°.  Way too cool for this area of Florida.
Again nothing new for the day just another day of being alive.  Well not just another day of being alive,but a great day to being alive.  Its just one of those things that we never think of.  We seem to forget about the people that has a hard time at living,whether it due to finances or health. We that are fortunate to have reasonable health and not struggling should be thankful.  Like I say we forget about the small things that we have.
Have yourself a great day and thanks for reading the blog.   

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Busy Day

Yesterday was a busy day. Rudy(my neighbor)and I did some clearing behind our places. We cut trees and scrubs most of the day. It looks a little better but we still have quite a bit more clearing to go.  Not to bad though for a day that was suppose to be another ballgame day for me.  Never the less I still got to watch a good game or two.
The weather is not co-operating with Florida.  We are not suppose to have 37 degrees like we did last night.  On top of that for the next week it is only going to be in the high 50's. It still beats all the snow and the temps up north.
I failed to mention that our good friends from our town are down here renting a cottage for a couple of months. We have known Sam and Carolyn Opauski for many,many years. It is good having them here.  

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Sunny and Cool

First I didn't have a good day watching the ballgames yesterday.  Being from West Virginia you can understand what I'm talking about.  The football team lost to Bobby Bowdens team and let him go out a winner. Then the basketball team really didn't show up for their game and was beaten bad. Enough of that.  In the photo above is a tree full of lemons. This little tree has the largest lemons you can fend anywhere.  Last year when they where still green I actually thought they were oranges. This year the tree is loaded down with lemons.  The lemons will make it through the cold spell,but down in Plant City they will have their work cut out in trying to keep the strawberries from freezing.
The only things that I have on the to do list is taking down the Christmas lights and watching more ballgames.
I wish you a very good day today.   

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

First thing I want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and to thank you for reading my blog.
I have had a bunch of you to stay faithful and read my blog even though at times it has much of nothing on it. I am not a writer by any chance and all I can put on my blog and say is what I feel and do from day to day.  I try to get as many pictures as I can.  I know from reading blogs myself that I like to see photos along with what people are doing.  There are blogs out there that have many readers and those many readers click on the advertisers ads to generate the owners a pretty good amount of income. With only a handful of readers I will never even come close to what they get,but I thank each and everyone of you that click the ads or not. 
My blog was set up so the family could keep up with what we were doing and along the way I have picked up a few people that check my blog each day.  I have meet a few of you in our travels and I want to say you are part of the family.
OK thats out of the way.
I hope you did not party too much last night and can enjoy this day.  Nancy and I stayed home and do what we usually do New Years Eve.  It was our 53rd Anniversary and we always have a quiet time to ourselves.  She was reading and I of course was watching basketball and football games.  It rained most of the night and is still raining with the temp at 65°.  I will do my thing today and watch ballgames after ballgames while I feast on the cabbage rolls that we made which were cooking all night long.
I hope you have a peaceful day today.