Monday, February 29, 2016

Warm today

Today is the last day of February and tomorrow will be March.  So spring is just around the corner.
Our some what plans are to be pulling out of Port Richey April 1.
It looks like the weather is getting warmer here in Port Richey, Florida with the temp going to reach a high of 73*.  When the weather starts turning warmer I get the itch to be on the road.  Well to tell the truth I keep the itch but we have the doctor appointment to take care of so that somewhat makes the itch less.
Yesterday we were just reading and on the computers for most of the day. Just being lazy if you know what I mean.  Around late afternoon I went out to Little Caesar's and got us a "Hot and Ready pizza which tasted very good.  Nancy made us a salad while I was getting the pizza and that was a good feeling up dinner. We had enough left over for another meal.
Since it is going to warm up today we will be out around the area looking around and its about time. We have been inside at least Nancy has and she needs to get out.
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

To the store

Yesterday was another cold day but things will be warming up into the 70's today.  The weather guy says that is close to our normal temperatures and it is about time.
I went to Walgreens to get them to check and see if the prescription that the cardiologist office called in was on file. The reason was that when I checked online it did not show up. It did not show up on their files also so tomorrow I will have to call and see what happened that Walgreens has no record of the prescription.
From there I went to Winn Dixie to buy a few groceries. I like to go to different grocery stores other than Walmart because unlike Walmart the other stores will have a lot of things marked down when they are becoming outdated.  Some people will not buy products when they are close to the out of date time. Even though there have been numerous tv specials on about the amount of good food been thrown away because of the date on the item.  I still go by the old fashion way when there were no "use by this date" on the product.
An old truck on the road yesterday.  Pulling up beside of the truck you didn't have to look to see that it didn't have the original engine in it. You could hear the roar of the engine before you could see it.
Yesterday was a good day for the college basketball games and even better if your team won.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Just thinking

Starting out the morning at 31* is a wanting to stay in bed morning.  But can't do that can we, at least not very long.
Yesterday was also a very cool day with the temp barely making it out of the 50's and a wind on top of that make it feel much cooler.  I did manage to clean the windshield that has needed the cleaning for some time. I also vacuumed the motorhome. But the first thing I did as I have for the last three or four mornings is to turn of the newly installed switch to the converter and let the sun charge the house batteries through the solar panels. After breakfast and the sun coming up hitting the solar panels I cut off the electric power, connect the power cord to the connection in the bay and then turn on the inverter so we have 120 volts throughout the house for the day.
Here a while back I got to thinking of safety in the motorhome home and thought about what would happen if a fire was to start. I did have a fire extinguisher at the front door. But what would happen if the fire broke out in between the front door and the bedroom at night when we were sleeping?
It is very likely since this area has the refrigerator, water heater and the furnace.  Well the next trip to Walmart I bought another fire extinguisher and now I have one at the front door and also one in the bedroom.
Today as always is my day to watch the college basketball games so not much else will be going on with me.

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Day time solar power

After completing the wiring of the inverter connection in the power cord bay we have been running on solar power for the last two days. With the sunny days it is no problem doing it as we are doing everything we do when we are plugged in at the power pedestal.
I still change back over to the electric power for the night because of the amount of time that Nancy watches her television and I watch my television. We just don't watch the same programing.
I only have two batteries for the power that the solar panels put out and that would not do us for the power we use at night.
Yesterday we had to go to Walmart to get a few groceries and Nancy needed her things "shampoo and such".
After leaving Walmart it was a stop at Arby's for a couple of sandwiches. I had a couple of coupons of 2 sandwiches for $5.00 but they were for two of the same sandwich two beef or two chicken.
When I went in I asked the young lady since they were the same price could I have one beef and one chicken. She said she would have to asked the manager when he came over he thought for a minute or two about doing it then said yes that would be ok.  I didn't think that would be a problem but the way everything is nowadays it all has to go by the book.  Things that use to be so simple and easy have to be well thought out before you say or do anything.
We are in for a couple of cold days and this morning when we awoke it was 52* with the high today going to be 62*.  But the sun is shinning nice and bright so it will feel warmer unless you are in the shade with a slight wind blowing.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

More progress

Watching the news this morning we saw where a tornado hit an RV Park on the Gulf in the Pensacola area. It sure tore the rv's up killed two people and injured several more.
We are in a tornado watch here in Port Richey as that same system is moving through our area.
Yesterday I was back at another project where I want to be able to connect my power cord to run off the inverter that I install last year. We have been using the inverter with an extension cord running to the things that we wanted to use through out the day. While that worked good it was troublesome connecting and disconnecting the extension cord.
So yesterday I was under the motorhome running the electric wire from the inverter back to the bay where the power cord is located.
I thought I would be able to complete it but when I looked for the receptacle that I have I couldn't find it. Its amazing how a person living in a rv with such a small space can loose stuff.
So it was off to Home Depot to get what I needed.
It was good tat I had the break to go to Home Depot because I found out how tired I was. Matter of fact I was plumb beat from rolling around under the motorhome. After getting back home I decided it was time to quit for the day.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One project completed

Even though we are hooked up to electric I still keep an eye on my solar output. All you people with a solar system know what I mean. I have been getting half the amp charge that I should be getting and that's not good. So with me finally suppose to be able to do the normal things now according to the cardiologist I needed to check it all out.
 Sunday I climbed unto the top of the motorhome to see if I could spot any reason for the lack of power from the solar panels.  What I found was the panels were covered with a thick layer of pollen dust that had stuck on real good. You would think with the hard rain we had a few weeks ago that it would have washed them off, but instead it just made a thin paste that hung on.
 After getting the window cleaner and paper towels giving a good cleaning it was back off to check.  Sure enough that did the trick I had back the amps that they are suppose to produce.
Yesterday I tackled a project that I have had for some time and that was the converter in the motorhome. I thought the converter had a switch on it but it does not and it just plugs into the power.
The problem with that is it is plugged into a breaker with half of the circuits to the receptacles and that not good .
It was time to do some rewiring and have a switch for the converter only and that was completed.
I've also got a few projects in mind to make life a little easier while we are on the road.

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Sunday, February 21, 2016

The day Saturday

By Friday evening Nancy and I could feel the work that we had done. She was feeling it because she is hardly able to do anything with her bad back and the failing kidneys and I because I haven't did anything since my heart attack and we had Sherry here doing the things that needed attending to.
I'm just about to the point where the doctors say I can start to do the normal things. To me the normal things are anything I want to do but Nancy keeps telling me to take it easy. How do you do that when things need to be taken care of?
After breakfast yesterday morning I got out to the store and on the way there was a large sale at one of the churches so I stopped to look around. It was mostly clothes and household things so I didn't buy anything.
After getting back I had a short time before my day started where as every Saturday is college basketball for me.
We did take time from what we were doing to enjoy the pinto beans and cornbread that Nancy had and the cole slaw that I made.
Then it was back to the basketball games for me and the computer for Nancy.

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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Busy couple of days

Nancy and Sherry went to the Laundromat to do the laundry so Sherry would have all her clothes clean for when she would arrive home on Friday.
I stayed home seeing what I could get into which was not a very much.
I did call Nancy to tell her to call me a 1/2 hour before they leave the Laundromat which she did.
When they got back home I had supper waiting for them. We had grilled chicken strips, vegetables with melted cheese over the top of them and green beans. Nancy and Sherry said the supper was very good.
Yesterday Sherry and I where up very early because she has a early flight out of the St. Pete Airport.
Nancy elected to not go since it was so early.
After getting to the airport and saying our goodbyes I was on the way back home.
Driving across the Bayside Bridge just as the sun was coming up was a nice site and a good way to start the day. Nancy and I very rarely get up early enough to see a sunrise.  Upon getting home Nancy was having a cup of coffee when she finished her coffee she made us breakfast.
Later in the day I took the throw rugs outside and shook them out real good then I vacuumed throughout the motorhome.
Nancy mopped the linoleum area when it dried I put the throw rugs back down.
Later on after eating supper we took a well deserved nap. When we awoke from our nap we did our evening computing things then watched our different tv programs her on the tv in the bedroom and I on the tv in the front of the motorhome.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Homosassa Springs

Yesterday we went to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park. This was another place that Sherry had not seen so we took her. The photo above is where we had to get our tickets to get in.
After getting our ticket here is we boarded the boat to take us to where the animals are located. It was a 20 minute ride to the area. I thought we would see a bunch of alligators in the river but all O saw was a few turtles and a bunch of backs of heads because I had an enter seat in the back of the boat.
Here is a hippo that is 56 years old it has been at the park for 50 years.
Here is the hungry hippo eating on several bales to hay.
There was an underwater observatory where there were schools of fish swimming one way and then all would turn and swim the other way for a while.
There were several different types of owls.
The Flamingos are more colorful than the ones we saw earlier in the week.
Even the pelicans are a bright color. I guess they take good care of the animals and birds here.
Several kinds of hawks. All the birds looked like they were very well feed and taken care of.
Ladies and gentlemen the greatest  bird of all The American Bald Eagle.
A black bear. We have seen the black bear many times driving through the Smoky Mountains.
The last is "Yuma" a Florida panther that was rescued when his mother abandoned him. He was brought to the wildlife park where he has been since.
Like all the animals and birds that are here they are hurt or wounded and would not be able to make it in the wild without being rehabilitated.
We enjoyed our day at the park as did all the other people that attended this day.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sunken Gardens

Yesterday it occurred to me that Nancy nor Sherry has been to the Famous Sunken Gardens so that was where we off to.
Even though this is not the time of year where they have the most flowers there where more than enough to enjoy.
With the flowers and colorful leaves and greenery made for a nice walk.
Trees of all sizes and shape.
Here is a bottle palm from another country. They have trees and plants all in the gardens from different countries.
Oh yes every attraction here in Florida have the colorful birds and the Florida Flamingo.
The waterfalls are nice to look at and listen to.
While they have several bridges you walk across this one is a miniature bridge.
As usual anytime an attraction that has a pool of water there are  coins in it that people making a wish and throwing their coins in. Do you think that when you throw a quarter in your wish is more likely to come true than when you toss in a penny.
Nancy and Sherry had a very good time in the gardens which I thought they would.
Sherry will be going back home Friday morning from the St Pete Airport. She has an early flight out and we will have to wake up early to get her there.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Early Valentine day

Yesterday was a nice sunny day with the temp going into the 70s.
The first thing I wanted to do was go to the outside market to buy some bargain priced vegetables and fruit.
From the roadside market I went to a couple of stores for a few things I needed to get which was a valentine card for Nancy.
I also bought her some flowers for the first time in many a year. Every since we've been married I have bought her a box of candy but not this year because we are both on a diet. We both have set a goal in our weight and a box of candy would not be good at this time.
I did get back home to watch one of my college basketball games.
Around 4:00 I took Nancy and Sherry to the Sioux City Steakhouse for a very good steak which the girls had salad and a baked sweet potato for their sides and I had the salad and a baked potato with mine. They both thanked me for the early Valentine meal.
After the good meal we came home were I watched another basketball game while the girls was on the computers
This was a nice relaxing day.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Hotspot now working

Yesterday I tried to get on the Moto E Cricket Hotspot again with the same result of it saying to try later. So then I tried calling the phone number that the cricket support gave my but it was not a working number. Then I tried looking on line for a phone number and couldn't find one.
Then I did a backup and factory reset it took about twenty minutes to go all through the backup and then boot back up. After that I was able to get on the phone Hotspot but it did take a few hours updating everything. I thought I would have to maybe enter my contacts but even those were reinstalled.
Nancy and Sherry went to the Laundromat to do the laundry and I stayed home repairing the draw under the stove oven.
When Nancy and Sherry arrived home from doing the laundry they had a rotisserie chicken from Walmart and some sides to go with it. It didn't take long to throw everything together for a good meal.
The evening was spent on our computers trying to use up the GB's that we have on the phones Hotspot. 
Our temperatures are suppose to be in the high 60s and low 70s for the coming week. It will sure felt good after a week of the 50s. 

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sunny but cold

The weather here in Florida is still cold with night time temps in the low 40s and the days not getting into the 60s. We still are getting the sunshine and that helps.
Yesterday I decided to be on the computer with my new Moto e smart phones Hotspot. I was wanting to see about running on it and using up the 10g of 4 LTE speed to see what the lower speed was like. I thought that would be a good idea so if it was real slow I would still have the park wifi to get back on. I was on it for three hours early in the day and then when I tried to get on it in the evening the Hotspot said it was temporary unavailable to try a little later which I did with the same results. So I called Cricket for help. After an hour trying everything they knew to do with no luck they said to call Motorola to see if they had a update they could give me to solve the problem. I think I may just try a factory reset to see if that helps. The old phones with the round dials where so good and trouble free.
We shall see what happens.
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Very windy

Wow boy is it windy.  For the last couple of days and nights the wind has been blowing steady and at times the gusts have been up to 40 mph. The motorhome has been shaking a bit and the awning have been singing their windy song. But that didn't worry us because we have been on the edge of a couple of tornado's with the wind of 60-65 mph and the motorhome really rocking.
The temperatures the last couple of days has been in the high 50s and that is to cold for us.
Yesterday we started the day with a good egg omelet on toast that Nancy whipped up and it tasted very good with a cup of coffee. After that Nancy and Sherry elected to stay inside all day so that left me going to the store.
First I stopped at Aldi for a some bags of salad that were on sale for .69¢ and three blocks of different kinds of cheese. From there it was to Walmart for a few things after Walmart I stopped at the Dollar Tree for some batteries I needed.
When I got back home Nancy was already preparing supper we had turkey patties, mixed vegetables, cooked cabbage and that with sliced onions, sliced tomatoes made a good meal.
Then later on in the evening I settled in and watched a couple of college basketball games .

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Monday, February 08, 2016

Super Sunday

We started the day yesterday by going to church and after the service we stopped at Caposey's for a breakfast lunch.
Caposey's is a small family restaurant that is a favorite with not only local's but with snowbird's as well. You are treated as family when you enter this place and the food is good and served very quick. All the items on the menu are $10.00 or less.
After getting back home we did our computer things and took a short nap.
Nancy didn't want to snack on the wings that Sherry and I bought Friday so I went out and got her a Hot and Ready Pizza.
So after our snacks we were ready to sit back and watch the Super Bowl at least I was Nancy and Sherry was ready to watch the commercials. It was a good game to watch.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl

Yesterday was a repeat as far as the weather was concerned. It rained all day and also very windy.

It was also the day that I watch the college basketball games and the day turned out good as far as my teams winning.  But a few of the ones I wanted to lose also won so that wasn't good for me. Am I one of a few that watches a game hoping that one of the teams loose instead of a team winning. It goes like this it makes no difference who plays those teams just as long as they loose.
Today I will be like other millions of people watching the Super Bowl.
So don't eat many chips, hot dogs, chicken wings or what ever you are chomping on today. 
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Friday, February 05, 2016

Rainy Day

Yesterday was a wash out day in that it rained and stormed all day long. The wind was blowing and rattling the window and door awnings. So it was a stay inside day. All three of us were on the computers after breakfast and getting ready for the day.
I was trying to figure out how to use Dropbox to transfer photos from the phone to the computer, which I final did. Then it was to download Google Earth that was a problem after downloading it I had no icon on the desk top. In checking google for the answer to my problem I saw that it was a common problem. The easy solution was to download Google Earth Pro which is free and it does not have the problem. After uninstalling the Google Earth that was downloaded that I never could find and downloading the Google Earth Pro it was good to go. 
The photos below is from Monday when we went to see the Manatee.
Pelican in flight looking for fish.
Fish spotted by pelican.
The impact going in for the fish.
Going a little deeper for the fish. I think this one was a no catch. Maybe something like when we think we have caught a fish and it gets off the line as we are pulling it in. As we watched the pelicans kept trying over and over again.
Today is suppose to be sunny but cool, anyway that will give us a chance to get out if we need anything.

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Thursday, February 04, 2016

John Chesnut Park

It was another nice sunny day yesterday so off we went to another park to walk and see what it had for us.
We started out by Sherry getting Nancy's walker out of the trunk of the car. Without her walker she can't walk but a very short distance.
We walked out one short pier to see these lily pads and a few turtles.
The pads blooms look as though they are very close to bursting out into flowers. I really like to see the lily pads in the small ponds as we travel and the different color of flowers that they have are very beautiful.
They have built a new children's playground since the last time we were here. A tree house with sliding board, a hohollow log and a spider compete with a web that the small ones can climb on.
Yes, a swing that you can sit in and look out over Tarpon Lake. The swing is nice with the view and the breeze coming in makes it very relaxing.
We did see this small rabbit trying to hide in the tall grass while it was eating.
Some of the small trees had these yellow flowers on the branches.
Trunk of one of the trees close to the lake.
Once again after finishing the day at the park we stopped at a Wendy's for something to eat.
I had the spicy chicken with fries Nancy had a grilled chicken with a side salad and Sherry had the grilled chicken with a baked potato.
By the time we got back home all three of us where pretty much worn down from the walking, but a good filling that we did get out and do something besides sitting around.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Wall Springs

Yesterday was such a nice sunny day that we wanted Sherry to see Wall Springs.  It is a very nice park with the Gulf water mixing with the mineral spring water coming out of the ground.
This place use to be popular back in the 40's when people would come from all over the USA.
Of course back then they had a hotel and the spring fed a nice swimming pool, but that has long been gone.
The sidewalk leads out to the spring.
After a very short walk you arrive at the spring that comes bubbling out of the ground.
The water flows out that looks like a lake with bridges across in several places.
There are large fish in the water, but no fishing within the park.
Yes and even a few ducks that swim in the water.
The spring water and the salt water mixing out into the Gulf.  You have plenty of places within the Park to take photos.
Sherry really had a good time watching the pelicans diving into the water for fish. Her camera just was snapping away and so was mine.
There are benches through out the Park to sit and rest.
Photo looking from a pier out into the Gulf.
After walking taking photos we were past time to have dinner. Earlier in the day I was online checking out the restaurants with good reviews so off we went to one. I could already taste the Calzone by looking online, but when we got there they were closed on Mondays. So we went to another one in the strip mall and what do you know it was closed on Mondays also.
We were wanting spaghetti by that time so Nancy says lets go in New Port Richey town to the one we talked about for some time. We saw the sign and pulled into the parking lot and looked at the building the sign on the window read something about being a hair salon. Nancy says it must be out at the back of the building. So out to the back no restaurant.  By that time we were really getting hungry we head to the Leaning Tower of Pizza. Arriving there the parking lot was full of cars we said it looks like everyone came here since it was open. Parking the car we saw the sign out front(no wonder it was full)Special for the day Pasta all you can eat $5.25 yeah.
We order our spaghetti with meat sauce and thought because it was a all you can eat it would be served in smaller plates but oh no when the waitress brought it out it was a large plate full.
All three of us ate until we were full and couldn't finish the first plate.
A very relaxing day of being out and walking.

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Monday, February 01, 2016

The weekend

Saturday was the usual day for me. I was watching the college basketball games the whole day long.
Of course when I would get a break I would be on the computer checking on a few things.
It seems that you always have something that needs to be google searched and it sure beats the old days when you would have to get out the old encyclopedia to look it up.
Yesterday we where going to go to church, but for some reason I was having a little bit of a rough time getting my breath.  Nancy thought it would be the best if we stayed home and she is usually right.
Nancy fixed turkey patties, baked potato, green beans and a salad for our dinner which really tasted very good. I thought the turkey patty was not going to be tasty but after she added a combination of spices it was the best turkey patties I have eaten.
 Later on in the day everything was ok with me so those little things come and go with me.
The temperatures are going to be in the 70's this week with the sun shining most of the time.
We don't have any plans for the day so we will just let it happen.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.