Saturday, June 30, 2012


We had a bad storm late yesterday evening.  The wind was around 65mph which shook the motorhome quite a bit.  I know from being in a few wind storms that we can handle 65mph winds and it doesn't worry us. the wind has caused power to be out for 300,000 plus homes in West Virginia. We still have power here in Culloden.  On the good side of living in an rv is that there is no worry about a power failure.
Nancy's sister(Callie)from Princeton is coming for the day so that will make four of the sisters together for a very nice time and visit today.
Thanks for dropping by. 

Friday, June 29, 2012


Well just another day! Don and I went to the post office and from there took a short drive through the country on the way back.
Early in the evening we all went to the mall to do our walking. When we came out of the mall the heat just jumped all over us. This is the second day of three that the temp will get 100.
From the mall it was to Wendy's for our meal for the day. Coming out of the coolnest of Wendy's into the heat once again.
I can remember years ago when I was a kid,the hot days. They used so much tar in repairing the roads that the tar would start melting,we would walk in it and we got tar up between our toes. Of course they have different ways of repairing roads. We are staying inside for the most part during these hot days.

Thanks for stopping by and stay cool

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A little this and that

Mostly doing the visiting thing.  A little mall walking. Don and I did shovel a little gravel in the driveway tuesday.  Yesterday we went to Burdette rv parts to get a showhead for our shower. I got one from Lowes a week ago and it works good if I would have water hook-up all the time,but uses a little to much water. Peach had one of my favorite meals in the evening. It was her good chicken'n dumplins.  Man I really like that stuff. She also baked a strawberry cake,yum. Then late in the evening Don and I went over to his son's house to help change a front wheel assembly. We gave him moral support more than actually helping.
It has been a couple of nice days and we will have more of them while we are here. 
Thanks for dropping in.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Traveling Day

Yesterday was the day to leave and move on to our next stop for visiting. As you know we always take our time and yesterday was no exception.  After getting up,having breakfast I got ready first.  While nancy was getting ready I did my things outside,hooking up the car to the hitch.  Mark and Sherry came by,so we went out to Bob Evans for lunch.  After our meal and some conversation we came back to the motorhome.  By the time we got started it was 3:00.
I got off the main road and on a side road as I like to do from time to time.  This time it was route 612 that took us through the small coal town of Whipple.  The old Whipple Company Store is still standing and now is a museum. This old beautiful wood structure build in the 1800's. After being on the route for some miles I went back on the West Virginia Turnpike.  This road is such a bad road with bumps most of the way that I got back of and took the side road.  I wonder where the money that they collect on this toll road is spent on?  The driving was goo and traffic while heavy was moving at a steady pace. That is until we got west of Charleston then it was in construction. The traffic was going so slow that my GPS popped  up a note to asked if I wanted to go into pedestrian mode. We had a big laugh on that one.
We got to Don and Peach house around 5:00 so that wasn't so terrible driving in the motorhome.
We had a nice short visit and will have quite a few more before we leave here for our next stop.      

Monday, June 25, 2012

Visit time over

Yesterday it was time for our medicine refills so it was off to Walmarts.  Every once in a while when we get our refills and have to have then transfered things don't go so smooth.  Yesterday was one of those days and it took most of the day.
On the way to Walmart I stopped to check out this place that gives bi-plane rides.  No I didn't take a ride in one.
Our time here with daughter Sherry and Mark has come to an end and today we will be going to Culloden,Wv to spend some time with Nancy's sister Peach and husband Don. We had a great visit with Mark and Sherry. Its always good to visit with family and sad to have to say goodbye. But we are glad we can spend time with each and everyone.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chores Again

Yesterday was more of catching up on chores before we went up to Sherry's house. The reaon I say up to Sherry's and then down to the motorhome is that they live on the hill behind the church.
The motorhome is on a good flat paved parking place so yesterday I was able to slide under it and do some greasing to the grease plugs. I didn't do this when I changed the oil because we had so many other things to do. Later on I just plain old forgot about it.  That was one time I could have used a creeper with the little wheels on it.  It didn't take but about 1/2 hour using the blue tarp and sliding around under the motorhome.
After we were through it was up to Mark and Sherry's house.  It was eggs,bacon,sausage,hash browns,gravy,biscuitjelly and coffee for the dinner.  We like to do the breakfast thing for dinner every now and then.
Still had some of the ice cream and apple pie left over from the day before for dessert.
Another good visiting day.
I hope your day went as good and do come back again.   

Friday, June 22, 2012

Another good day

Yesterday was much of the same as days before,just doing the normal living. Which was cleaning and straighten out the motorhome.  I will never understand how such a small amount of space needs so much attention.
Sherry had us dinner again.  Grilled pork chops,pinto beans with green onions,brussel sprouts and a biscuits. A very tasty meal. After the meal we had apple pie topped with ice cream,which Nancy and I had brought up with us. After downing all that we watched a little tv. Then it was time to come back down to the motorhome.
Its nice coming out on the back deck of Mark and Sherry's house to see a different sunset each time. Another good day of family time.Thanks for stopping by and have yourself a good day.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just kinda hanging around and not doing anything unusual.  Doing the visiting thing with Sherry and Mark and that is special enough for us. We never get enough visiting time with our children and family.  Thats what makes our summer trips so good.
We did go with Sherry to Walmart and buy a few groceries.
The weather is hot here in West Virginia.  In Bluefield,known as"Americas air conditioned city",it was 90 degrees. When the temp reaches 90 the city gives out free lemonade.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Laundry Day

Yesterday was a full day for Nancy as she had to do the laundry. We didn't go to a laundromat.  She used the washer and dryer in sherry's house. so thats why it took all day.  I did get out though and went to Kroger to get a few things.
Here we are all tucked a way beside the church. The church people here at the Calvary Baptist Church in Oak Hill,West Virginia are very friendly people and we thank them so much for letting us park here while we visit with Sherry and Mark.
                                       A West Virginia sunset.
It was another nice day.  
Thanks for dropping by and do come again.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday was some time spent with children,grandchildren and great grandchildren. Today will be some more of the same. Love those kids.
I hope you have a happy fathers day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

West Virginia

Yesterday after breakfast and getting ready,it was time to unhook the electric,let the slides in and raise the jacks.  I hooked the car up the night before so it was time to head for West Virginia.
Up and down the mountains we went. There was a lot of traffic on I-77.
The way of  travel for some people,with their small trailer behind.
Maybe there is a tent in all of that. For sure its a gas saver.
This is one of two tunnels thru the mountains that we went thru.
With all of the lighting in the tunnel thy still want you to turn on your head lights.
In the tunnel on the Virginia side and out into West Virginia on the other side.
After a stop at the Walmart for groceries and a quick bite to eat we were on our way again.
After two toll booths and $5.25 less in my pocket we were 10 miles from our destination. That would be to where we will be parked for the week or so and that is the Calvary Baptist Church in Oak Hill,West Virginia.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Got it

You might say that I had this photo on the other day.  It is like those can you spot the difference pictures. OK the slide is out YES.

In my quest to keep on troubleshooting I looked under the steps again. the trouble was the circuit breaker on the right. Notice it has a red wire going in and a black wire coming out. In my dissapointment of the slide not going out,I did check this with my voltmeter. The red had power,the black well not thinking right and anyway black is suppose to be ground. Some way of not thinking right the first day I was thinking must be an insulated post. Black had no power.  So looking yesterday I traced the black wire all the way to the back of the motorhome. Not an easy task for a guy 74 rolling under the motorhome. The black wire in the back was run and in the back was then run with a white wire coming off the chassis. OK black is ground unless you have a white wire running with the black then black is the positive and white is ground. Any way this all ended going to the back slide.   But the back slide was working when we parked?  I put a small jumper wire on the black wire at the circuit breaker and touched it to ground,I got a spark. So I then tried the slide and it went out. So I'm confused unless maybe moving the wiring in checking it all did the trick.
I've got a nice shady place to do the grilling.
So yesterday evening I put on smoked sausage,onions,green,yellow and red peppers. Man it was good eating.
So life is good. Just a few bumps along the way.
Thanks for stopping by and have a good day.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Driving Around

We drove around a little yesterday to see what we could discover.
Setting on what is now a back road in Wytheville,Virginia is this old gas station. This road was known as the "lakes to Florida road". Remember those gas stations where you pulled in and a guy comes out to asked,how many gallons you want.  You could stop any time of the day or night and there was a mechanic to work on your car. Some times you just don't like some changes.
We saw a few old log farm houses that people still live in them.
This is what I like to see. Large fields with rolled up hay that will put away for the stock for winter time.
Even have them on the hillside. I love to tral and see all the different terrain. The level country and the hilly country all is beautiful.  America is a beautiful country to live in.
Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping in.


Monday, June 11, 2012


It was nice getting up to warmer temperatures. Man saturday morning it was 45 degress. This morning it was 66.
This is our site for the week.
And again we are at the Stony Fork Campground in the Jefferson National Forest.
This is the small creek that flows thru the campground.  They stock it with trout,but I have not seen any large fish.
A few of the campsite to the left and right of the main road thru the campground.
A small rabbit that comes out in front of the motorhome to eat. We also saw a couple of deer coming in friday.  Thus far I haven't had any luck on the slideout.
Thanks for coming this way and do come back.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trouble Shooting

I was kind of concerned about going to Stony Fork Campground on a friday. I thought the sites would be filled with weekenders. Upon arriving and driving thru the campground there were plenty of campsites open. We even got the site we had last year. This is one of the few is were I can get a satellite signal thru the trees. After leveling up and connect the electric powern I came in and pushed the button to let the front slide out. Nothing happened.  Oh no, now what?  So half of yesterday looking to find the trouble without having any luck.  I check and had power to the switch?  I changed the front switch with the back one. So the switch is good. Seems as though there might be a loose wire somewhere.  That is always a hard thing to find at times.
Anyway,after I became tired and it was evening time I grilled up some pork chops for us. Nancy fried potatoes,that with ear of corn,sliced tomatoes,cucumber and onions made for a good meal. After eating we took a walk around the park.
I hope your day went well and thanks for dropping in.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Going Slow

Thursday we did get a site at Mayberry Campground.  After we got settled in and conneted all the electric,water and sewer hookups,we were off to theHungry Farmer Restaurant. This resaurant is where the locals eat that we found out about last year when we visited Mt Airy.  It is located on route 52 north of Mt Airy.  They have a buffet that is real country cooking,including "hog jowls".
Yesterday we took our time again getting on the road as we were only going 35 more miles to the Stony Fork Campground that is in the Jefferson National Forest.
I've been up Interstate 77 more times than I've wanted to,so yesterday it was north on route 52. This route was the route before the interstate was built.
The road goes thru small towns with flea markets and yard sales that are set up all week and every week long. I enjoy going on these roads as they are the real America that you don't see going on the interstates.
Everyone does not get the opportunity or want to travel at a slow pace to enjoy the simple things in life.
Thanks for stopping in and have a great day.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Old Salem

Yesterday after a good nights sleep at the Walmart on 4550 Kester Mill Road in Winston Salem,we drove over to the Old Salem Museum to take the walking tour of old Salem.
Going thru the museum and out the door on the other side you go thru the covered bridge. This is actually a crossover the street built in 1998.
There are a couple of streets that are maybe 4 or 5 blocks long.
I was expecting to see a lot of log cabin type houses. There are a few of them.
More of the board and brick houses.
The houses that are listed are the ones they want you to go in and looked around in hopes that you will do some shopping.

The old barn is free for the looking.
Nice large hay loft.
This barn was built without the use of nails. Notice the use of pegs to hold it together.
This is the old African Church.
This was a day of walking 4 miles.  The streets were lined with trees and the weather was very nice for the day.
After leaving Winston Salem we drove to Mt Airy.  We stayed at the Mayberry Campground, We have to do the hookup thing from time to time in order to dump the tanks and fill the fresh water tank.  This is a Passport America Campground so we get it for half price. 
Today we will cross over into Virginia.
Thank you for visiting.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Enjoyable Day

Yesterday we left the Walmart in Salisbury and went to the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer. It was only 4 mile mile drive so we took our time.  The museum is an old Southern Railroad repair shop,so most of the things pertain to rail roading.
We boarded the train for a short train ride.
I was in the hopes of riding an old steam engine,but no such luck.
We got off the train and started our walking tour. They do have a few old steam engines.
And then in one of the buildings they have more of steam and diesel locomotives.
You like purple stream lined engines?
There is a collection of old cars that I enjoyed. Cars that use no gasoline are not new. Here is a battery car from around 1913.  That thing looked new.
I will just put a few on and let you enjoy looking.
North Carolina Highway Patrol car.  I didn't know they used old convertibles.

This was one of my favorites.
Don't like gas or battery driven cars?  How about this steam driven one?
Here is a steam locomotive that they run on the rails on special occasions.
I can remember riding these. Oh what fun and sad that they are gone.
I really enjoyed the day seeing all the old "stuff".
Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.