Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cabbage Rolls

This the game watching day. It is a little different though. Today I will be eating cabbage rolls while I watch the games. We were just going to fix a few but,by the time we finished we had a pot full. Oh well I guess I can suffer though eating them. We decided to fix them last night instead of waiting and fixing tem New Years Eve. Besides being New Years Eve tomorrow it is Nancy and my 50th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go. It has really gone fast the last 7 years since we became full time rv'ers. We have enjoyed our time being on the road in our motorhome.

Oh,I almost forgot. My daughter(Sherry)and I got a webcam. We use it with Yahoo messenger. This is a lot of fun being able to talk or chat and watch each other on the computer.
All this tech stuff amazes me,always has and I guess always will.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

It is a nice day the temperature is already 71* We are getting ready to walk as we do everyday.
Today we are going to the USA Flea Market to bum around a little.

Back from the walk. We did 3.8 miles so that was pretty good. Now we have to take a shower and get out and see what we can get into. Its sch a nice sun shiny day.


We got to the flea market to look around. Here Nancy is looking at some purses. She looked but she didn't buy anything. I bought a small chuck for my small dremel like grinder.

Neither one of us were to hungry so we stopped at the McDonalds for a chicken sandwich.

After we got home and walked a little more. We then fixed up a pot full of cabbage rolls. They are cooking on the stove now.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

No Excitement

Nothing going on today. Just another laundromat day. After doing the laundry we stopped and had dinner at the KFC the chicken was pretty good. I don't have to much to say about the people that are working there. No one was behind the counter when we went in,I could hear them talking and laughing in the back. After a few minutes I yelled out and ask if anyone was working today. A young lady came out and asked what I wanted. She didn't act to happy that she had to take my order. I find this kind of service in quite a few places. What happened to the smiling people behind the counter and cash registers.

We're Back

We're back in Florida. We had a great time up with Sherry and Mark. We saw a couple of accidents on I-75 south coming home yesterday both were on the north side. For some reason everyone going south had to slow down and look. This caused the traffic to back up both times. I bought me a new card reader so I gave Sherry the one I had. Wouldn't you know it I got the wrong one and can't pose pictures until I go out and buy the right one. It got cold last night and still 10:28am is just 54*. Oh well it will warm up and going to be nice tomorrow.

Here is one of the two accidents we saw
yesterday coming back home.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

To Much Eating

Sherry and Mark are feeding us to much. Yesterday we had a ham dinner and boy was that ham good. Its what I would call an old fashion ham. Sherry cooked it in a crock pot,did I mention it was good. Today she will have a turkey dinner. I think she is over doing it. Nancy and I will gain 5 or 6 pounds this week-end. Then besides all that they have candy and different kinds of fresh baked breads.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Travel

We are going up to our daughters(Sherry)this morning and will be there for 3 days. Our grandson(Jeremy)also lives in Valdosta,Georgia. So we will see the faces of our great grandchildren when they open up their presents. Its always fun to see the excitement on the faces of little ones when they are unwraping the presents.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


As you can see we made it up to Georgia.
It was a nice short trip. It took us 3 1/2 hours.

Here Sherry is letting our grandchildren
open their presents early because
they have to get on the road they are going
up to Tennessee for Christmas.
Hannah and Andy enjoyed getting their presents.

Friday, December 22, 2006

The washing and drying of the clothes were finished yesterday evening.
While Nancy does this I usually walk around and go over to Freds store to look around. I had my eye on a small grinder that looks like a Dremel knock off that is cheaper in price. So I bought it. I had a good grinder of this type but when I searched high and low for it,it could not be found. Maybe since I bought the new one the other one will show up. Nancy is good to me when I buy things. Bless her little heart.

Blue skies,sunny day and orange trees. Ahhhh,must be Florida. If you like those kind of days. Some people like the snow and that is good for them. What ever you have enjoy it. The life of a fulltime RVer is not much different than people living in stick or brick houses.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The usual morning. Waking up,a cup of coffee,watching Good Morning America then another cup of coffe with a couple of sausage biscuits,wait a minute did I say sausage biscuits. I haven't had sausage biscuits in about 7 months. I've been looking at them for a long time in the stores freezer section so yesterday I bought them. They really tasted good this morning. I hope it doesn't hurt me to much. After the breakfast we went for our morning walk. Now we have to get ready to go to the laundromat. Even though this is hard to do.
I remember growing up in the West Virginia coal fields and "wash day" back then. A fire was built and the big round metal tub full of water on it to heat the water for washing the clothes. After that there would be lines of clothes hanging out to dry. Now that was hard work.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Not exactly work but close to it. I got up and washed the car this morning. For some reason you can wash your car on Tuesday and Saturdays. Something to do with the county and water restrictions. So while I had the bucket and brush out I did part of the motorhome also.
When I finished with that,Nancy had my bagels for me.
It is now time for our walk around the park.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Musical

10:00am We went to the church last night. They had their Christmas Musical and it was a little different and real good. First the little children did their songs and you know they are always great to watch. Then came the 50's part of it. What a surprise when they started playing "Rock around the Christmas tree. Out came some old folks,the guys were in leather jackets and wearing sunglasses,of course the collars were turned up. The ladies had on the poodle skirts and they all were rockin. A night which everyone enjoyed.

Tomato Plants

Remember the 2 tomato plants I set out a few weeks ago?
They are really growing and the blooms are coming on them.
Each day I water and I look for some green tomatoes.
Each day all I see is more yellow blooms.

What a surprise today I discover 2 little green tomatoes,so maybe I will get to eat some home grown tomatoes.

Monday, December 18, 2006

When Nancy and I got through with our short walk we sat out under the awning drniking a bottle of water,we had a visitor.
This little yellow bird came in on the patio and hopped all around just didn't pay any attention to us. We watched it for quite a while.

Church Day

Today is get up a little earlier day. Time to get ready and go to church. We have been doing this a long time. Even when we are on the road we find a church to go to on Sunday.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I didn't post yesterday because not much happened. Nancy and I did get a hair cut though.
Then as usual going to the outdoor produce market and then on to WalMart.
Of course today as every Saturday is watching college basketball game day so,that will tie up most of the day.
After a misty day yesterday the sun is trying to come out today.

Friday, December 15, 2006


10:15 am

We went out to the J,B. Starkey park last evening to walk and they had it blocked off. They are laying new water lines through the park. We walked in the park this past spring,it is a good place to walk. Anyway the sign said it would be opened back up in March.
This morning starts out the same as each morning. While drinking the first cup of coffee we watch Good Morning America. Then get up check email. Which has the usual stuff. The family and friends forwarded messages,a bunch of junk mail that goes through the mail washer only to turn up again the next morning. We then have a short breakfast,another cup of coffee,get ready to go do some walking. Although it is a little rainy right now.
So we shall see what this day brings.

Walking is over for awhile and it didn't rain,which was good.
Walking past the "mall"(this is where everyone sits out the stuff they don't want)I saw a discarded refrigerator. So I took the circuit board off of it since it was the same model number as ours. I hope it is good. I've got to find out how to check and see if it is good.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Well I had to climb upon the roof of the motorhome this morning. It was time to do a little cleaning and scrubbing of the rubber top. This is suppose to keep the black streaks from being so bad on the sides. I may have to get a stiffer brush,because it is still somewhat black on top. All this is from back in September when we were parked under the trees at the Barren River campground. Maybe if I clean it a couple of more times before we leave here I will be able to tell a big difference in the looks.

It is a cloudy day today. As we took our walk we had a nice breeze. Then before we finished, it started to sprinkle rain .We thought we were going to get caught in a rain but,it quit. A nice time to walk.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Watching tv and seeing the ads for the movie"We are Marshall" brings back memories. Having grown up in West Virginia and being 90 miles southeast of Huntington. This tragedy of the airplane crash that took away the football team and coaches,news people and booster members was something that affected all of the state. Although our school does have players from time to time playing for Marshall we didn't have any local kids at that time playing,never the less it was still not a good time. This should be a sad but good movie.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Shuttle Liftoff

Nancy and I went outside last night and saw the shuttle zoom into space. When we went out, there was more people out to watch. One guy was standing out side and watching his tv. When they blasted off he said"here it comes". We watched not knowing what to exactly look for but,when it came out above the horizon there was no mistaking. With the long tail flame it lit up the sky. Then we could tell when they dropped the fuel tanks and off it went. It was a spectacular view.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

"Tweety"our dash mascot is getting into the

Christmas spirit.


We had a cold(for us)last night. The temp was 41* this morning, The time now is 10:52am and the temp is up to 65*. So it looks like it may be a pretty nice day.
The shuttle launch is scheduled for 8:47pm tonight,but looks doubtful again. We'll just have to wait and see.
Boy,the AdSense thing is confusing. I thought they are suppose to put on ads pertaining to what your website is about.
What do I get dry cleaning stuff. Hard to figure out.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Well they scrubbed the launch. Maybe today its partly sunny,45* and very windy.

Friday, December 08, 2006

We got out a little today. Stopped in at the thrift store where Nancy got her some books to read.

We then went to the Verizon Store in the mall and paid the phone bill. Then we did some walking around in the mall.


They have not given up hope of launching the space shuttle yet. But it may be too cloudy today.
It is suppose to rain later on in the day and tomorrow its going to be windy. So its a wait and see situation as of now. I'm hoping when they do. it will be clear skies so I can see from here just north of Tampa.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Old Friends

We are going up to Clermont to visit some old friends of ours today. Vern & Jerry Kjelgaard are couple that we met our first winter in florida when we stayed at Navarre. We just fell in love with this dear people. With things happening the way they did this spring we didn't geet a chance to see them. So off we go today.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our visit with Vern and Jerry. We had a nice time today with our visit and it was good seeing these two dear old friends again. Vern and Jerry are some of those special people that you meet and instantly fall in love with.

Of course we had to stop and eat on the way back. Since we've not eaten at a Waffle House in a few years we thought it was time to get a fix.

Nothing like the scattered smothered and covered hash brown, Yummy

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Well one of those doctor days. I had to go to the cardiologist for a 6 months check-up. He said I was doing good and didn't think I had but little damage from the heart attack and the cardiac arrest back in April. I did gain 6 pounds and he said I was supposed to be losing not gaining weight. So I thought that was a good report from him.


In and around the park

The Sandhill Cranes were nice enough to let me get up close today. The shortest one is about 7 months old.

I just love the way the moss hangs in the trees here in the south. Of course when to much moss gets on the trees it kills out the tree,which is not good.


I used to like walking by this spot. There was a large orange groove here. Now there is going to be a new Home Depot in its place.

Monday, December 04, 2006

So many different types of berries.

So many types and colors of flowers when you take a walk. The things that you seem to notice if you just take the time to slow down and enjoy them.

Duck or Hen?

These,whatever are always walking through the park. I call them a ugly duck. My wife says they're not a duck they're some kind of hen.
I guess we'll have to ask someone that knows.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just another sunset over Orchid Lake here in the park.
10:30 am----Well its all most time to walk. While most of the people on the east cost is having a bad time with the storm we are wearing our shorts when we go for a walk. It is 76* right now.
I've got to hurry. After all it is Saturday and you know that means college ball games today.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

This pond has been cleaned out and made deeper. I keep waiting to see an alligator in it but,there hasn't be any yet. If there is any size of water in Florida there is usually an alligator in it.
Here it is December already. Where does the time go?
As we get older time seems to fly by. I can remember when I was young and waiting to get my drivers license I didn't think I would ever get to be 16 years old. Then the next long stretch was trying to get to be 21. Well those times have come and long gone. These days time is going fast. So you just have to make every minute count. Nancy and I enjoy our time,whether we are on the road or whether we are sitting still in a campground or boondocking. As far as having something to do,we always try to keep doing. We have found out that this is better than sitting inside and doing nothing.
Speaking of getting out we have to go to the laundromat once again today. So that will take up some time.