Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Snugged away

As you can see we made I to sherry and Mark's. They met us when we pulled into the church lot where we got set up with electric and water for the time we are here.
We had a little hard rain on the way up and had to drive a little slower than most of the drivers on the road.  Mark and Sherry have been quite busy with him being the pastor. Yesterday they spent the entire day at the hospital with the family of a man having an operation.
Nancy and I had dinner out and then a stop at Walmart for a few things.
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Oak Hill, West Virginia

We left Callie's around noon today going up to Sherry's and Marks for a week or longer.
The place for the motorhome at Callie's was not level but I carry enough lumber that it is no problem getting it level.
Callie has a nice place on the hillside with a back deck.
Also a nice gazebo with table and chairs.
When mentioning the steaks we had earlier in the week I forgot the best part of putting the photos up, so here are the good steaks on the grill.

We are in Oak Hill, West Virginia only a few miles from the New River Gorge and suspension bridge 1977 as the highest and longest arch bridge in the world with a height of 876 feet (267 mtrs) and a main span of 1,700 feet.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Taking it easy

After Callie having us good meals since we've been here we took her out yesterday. We went to the Cracker Barrel which we all like. Callie and Nancy enjoyed their  meal, we all had the breakfast meal. I was disappointed in mine though. I ordered country ham with mine but got sugar cured ham and the gravy which is always good didn't have a very good taste yesterday. They must have used some different ingredients in it.
After eating Nancy had a small grocery list so it was off to Walmart. Nancy said since she was out she felt good enough to go to more stores to look around, Callie didn't feel like it so we took her home and off we went.
First it was to Roses where Nancy got a few things(of course).
Then it was a stop to see what Big Lots had with Nancy getting a few more things(of course) by then she was to tired and wanted to get back to the house.
It was a good day to be out just loafing around.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Catching up

I have to back up a little to Sunday.
We wanted to eat a Mexican meal so it being Fathers Day Sherry took me(I drove)to the El Puerto Mexican Grill.
It was a good choice and the food was so good that I almost forgot to take the photo until after I ate most of my food. They sure have your plate full of food.
Monday we arrived at Callie's around 2:30 and got the motorhome all set up. After a short time seeing and talking with Callie it was time for us to meet Mark at Ryan's to eat and for him to take Sherry home.  I will have to say he was sure happy to see her after not being with her for a couple of months. Sherry took a lot of things that we had from the park model to keep for us as it is too much for us to be hauling around in the motorhome.
Yesterday Jim grilled a delicious ribeye steak for us Callie added to that with a baked potato, green beans and corn on the cob for a great meal.
It is good to be able to visit with Callie again.
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Around the area

Today will be our last day here in the Stony Fork campground. We will be moving on to West Virginia tomorrow.
But before we leave a few photos of and around the campground a area.
Not a sign you really want to see. So far that is all we have seen of bears is the sign and not the bears.
We've been coming to this campground for 15 years and have not seen a bear.
Small two lane road to the campground. Sometimes we have seen wild turkeys and deer along the road and in the campground but not this time.
A few old log cabin homes like this small one that is empty.
You don't see very many two story log cabins. This one is still in very fine shape and has some living in it.
Nice farm land and cattle country around Wytheville, Virginia just beautiful scenery with the mountains in the background and the flat land.
We have enjoyed our quite time here.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Route 66

Our time was up for Panther Creek Park and time to move on again.
We were soon on route 66. No not the famous route 66 but on a state route 66 in Tennessee.
Then it was soon on I-81 heading north east and being pasted up by a military convoy. It was probably a national guard unit heading out for a place in need.
After an hour or so we crossed into Virginia.
We saw some beautiful valleys as we neared Wythville. Also some farm land.
After a short stop at the Walmart it was north on route 52 for seven miles and then a short distance to the Stony Fork Campground which is in the Jefferson National Forest. We got the site with electric that always seems to be open and waiting for us. The campground has more people than usual, it looks as though more and more are camping this year.
Another good day of traveling.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Panther Creek State Park

After leaving Sylva North Carolina Monday we drove on I-40 into Tennessee.
We have driven this road more than a few times.  I-40 from Asheville, North Carolina to the Tennessee state line is very curvy.
We were soon in the Great Smoky Mountains.
From I 40 we took the exit to get on I-81 for a few miles the took the exit to Panther Creek State Park where we are for a few more days visiting Sherry's daughter Dee and her three children which live close by.
Our site with full hookups and they also have wifi internet. The park has new rest rooms and also a washer and dryer unit in the building.
We have enjoyed having Dee and the three children.  Yesterday we had the favorite grilled burgers for them.  Today we also had a favorite camping food grilled hot dogs. so they are also having a good time visiting with us.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sylva, North Carolina

Yesterday we were on the road again I a north direction. The two lane roads we were on had twist and turns, up and down the mountains most of the way.
There were some good parts like the one above that the motorhome enjoyed and could cool the engine a bit.
We came to a small rest area that had a fish hatchery where I could stop walk and stretch some.
It is also located beside Lake Burton a large lake. Sherry and I walked out beside the lake and take some photos.
Taking it easy and slow enjoying the day I didn't put many mile on the motorhome and we found the end of the day in Sylva, North Carolina. Hey what is the hurry I'm always home wherever I am.
It looks like I'm parked at a Best Buy but we are in the Walmart lot with a street between us and Best Buy.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moving on up

Yesterday we were up earlier than usual because the gang wanted to have breakfast together.
So Jeremy told us about Helen's Country CafĂ© that had good food for a good price. Now when he said good prices that got my attention.
When we got there they had a crowd waiting but it didn't take long to be seated and served with some good hot coffee. I opened my menu and sure enough good prices and for Helen that is hard to find. the service was and the wait time was not bad considering the crowd they had.  This place serves breakfast and lunch only. I can't blame them for doing that because they must be tired by the time 2:00 comes around.
After we were through with our breakfast Jeremy says follow me I want you to see the old mill on the river. So we jumped in our cars(more like drug ourselves to the car after a big breakfast)and drove 4 miles down stream to the mill.
They still stone grind the corn as they have for a great number of years.
All kinds of painted enamel and cast iron pans and skillets. Also honey, jams, jelly, and any kitchen do dad you would want.
Out back they have a dam to power the mill for grinding and as you can see the over flow for fishing.   We watched for a while and a few of the guys caught some fish.
Here they are watching the fishermen and the fish.
After time at the mill Nancy and I went back home while the rest of the gang was just getting started with their lineup of Zip Lining and river tubing.
It was another good day spent with the family.  Today we will be going north again.

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Helen, Georgia

We drove a short distance from Lake Russell to the Cherokee Campground which is 6 miles from the Bavarian Village of Helen, Georgia.
This is one crowded small town. There is a two lane road through the town and it is bumper to bumper traffic at least on the weekends.
A tourist town with horse and buggy ride. You can pay $10.00 per person for a carriage ride around two blocks of the town.
Or you can take a tube down the cool waters of the river that goes through the town.
Maybe you may want to eat a bite and watch the tubers from an over look from the restaurant that line the river.
We met up with Jeremy, Allison and the great grandkids that where here for a short weekend vacation. We ate at the Rib Country Restaurant which was a very good meal and a good price range also.
The Shriners are having a get together this weekend so it will be a larger than usual crowd.
We had a good time with the family here to help us enjoy all that Helen has for visitors.
We will be here today then it will be traveling again tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping and have a great day.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Lake Russell

We left Lake Sinclair yesterday and stay at Lake Russell for one night.
With the road so narrow they only have small travel trailers and tent campers. I thought the couple of cars coming out of the campground road were trying to tell me something by blowing their horns and waving at me.  We did find a site that was a former camp host site. I don't think I will be going back to this campground.
This National Campground is way passed due for some work to be done.
It was a good day of traveling and when we arrived and set up everything I got the grill out to rill us some burgers which turned out to be very tasty with the cheese melted on top of them.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Lake Sinclair

Yesterday before we left Nicks heading for Lake Sinclair I went to the bait shop with him to buy some crickets.
They had this grill out front called the "egg grill" with something grilling and smoking.  If you want one get it now while its on sale for $1,999.00.  Yeah I thought that it was out of my price range also.
We got under way around 1:00pm from Nicks house.  We enjoyed our time with him as we always do but we had to move on.
Traveling the back roads as we try to do we past this large sun flower field. I bet they have a time with the birds.
We soon came into the town of Milledgeville so being there so close to our favorite eating place Judy's Country Kitchen we had to have an early supper. We were surprised to see the buffet was still $6.00 for seniors plus $1.75 for drinks. After eating way to much we walled out and was on our way.
Along the way between Milledgeville and Lake Sinclair is this Georgia power plant.
We arrived at the campground at 5;00. We were able to get an electric site so after setting up I went up to pay for the site. The site fee has gone up from $7.50 to $10.50 those with the senior pass even though their website has the price $7.50.
We had a good day of slow traveling once again.
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Monday, June 08, 2015

Moving day

Nick usually has a big dinner for us when he does we stuff ourselves.
Yesterday day we had the Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready and we still ate way to much.  Don't know if all the Little Caesars has gone up in price or not but this one has. The Hot-N-Ready has a price of $5.55.  The pizza was delicious as you know we like pizza.
Well our time here visiting has come to an end so today we leave and are on our way to Lake Sinclair.  I don't make reservations so hopefully one of the five electric sites will be open.
In the Don Wright Free and Low Cost Campground book it has the sites at 22 feet. That is wrong the sites are much larger. Some sites will hold a rig in the range of 32-37 feet.

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Saturday, June 06, 2015

Warner Robins, Georgia

Thursday Sherry went back to the doctor to get the report of the things she had at the hospital the day before. As it turns out the doctor said it looks as though she had a kidney stone that after a week of pain she finally passed it. So yesterday all was clear to leave Valdosta and be on our journey.
I drove up I-75 so it would be a shorter trip to Warner Robins to visit a few days with my brother Nick.  On the way the molding on the drivers side window came loose and was flapping so I has to stop and for a quick fix got the old stand by duck tape to hold it. After getting to Nick's and setting up the motorhome I check the window and the molding. The rubber molding is dry and not flexible so new molding will have to be installed. Nick and I went to a auto window place and got some rubber molding that will be installed after putting some silicone on the window and letting it dry.
With a motorhome thirteen years old something every now and then needs repaired or replaced.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2015


After leaving the Port Richey Walmart yesterday we drove all the way to Valdosta and spent the night in the Walmart parking lot. Uh oh do I see a pattern happening here?  Sherry is going to see a doctor here and we brought our grandson the micro-convection oven from the park model. From here we will stop in again to see my brother who lives in Warner Robins.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Fulltimers again

We've had out park model for sale for three months and yesterday we had the buyers that have been looking it over for a week or so take it and paid the cash. We got back down to New Port Richey yesterday around 1:00 pm and by 7:00 we had the rest of our things in the motorhome. There were some odd and ends that we had to leave because of not having enough room and the weight factor we couldn't take them. So like around a month ago we are back to where we started heading  north.
It has been seven years since we were fulltimers but each summer for six months we were gone in the motorhome and it was a let down for me each time I had to park the motorhome and let it set for the winter.
So now what  are the plans?  Just like before visit family and after that no plans just let it happen when the time comes after all aren't we always home in the motorhome.

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Monday, June 01, 2015

New Port Richey today

we left Walmart pulled on I-75 drove until we stopped at the Iron Skillet exit 318.  I've had truck stop food before but what I had yesterday shouldn't have been served to anyone. Now it might have been what I ordered.  I had the skillet breakfast with eggs, sausage, hash browns, gravy and fried onions. They didn't have peppers so the doubled maybe tripled or more on the onions and very heavy on the grease. I say don't order that combination if you stop there.  Now the buffet(12.49)looked good with the big rump roast with the leg bone sticking out on the cutting board.
After that we stayed the night in bushnell at the Breezy Oaks campground which is a Passport America Park.
Today it will be going to New Port Richey to our park model.

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