Sunday, November 30, 2014

Regular weekend

The weather is still a little chilly so staying in more than usual.  Nancy has caught some kind of virus and is down a little, but she was feeling better yesterday.
The weekend is going about like all the weekends this time of year.
I'm watching the college football and basketball game.  Nancy is reading and on her computer.  For someone that didn't want a computer because she said "I will never learn how to use this thing" she is doing good on it.  She likes to stay in her comfort zone most of the time and not venture out into anything.  There is a lot of people like her. I know some men that don't want to try to repair things because they are afraid of messing it up. Hey its already not working how are you going to mess it up?  I remember a repair shop that I worked in one time a guy come in with a box of parts and said, "can you fix this"?  I said can you tell me what is it suppose to do?  I had no idea what it was.

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I know I'm late posting, but I had to take care of other things first. We have so many things to be thankful for and I am thankful. 
Not to thankful for turning the small electric heater on and it kicked the breaker.
Not thankful that it wasn't the breaker but the power was out in the bedroom.
Not thankful because I had to roll around under the house for some time checking the wiring.
But a big THANKFUL that I found and did a repair on the problem and everything is back to normal, whatever normal is.
I picked up a carryout turkey order from Bob Evans and Nancy made some good sides. We had our dinner just the two of us as it has been for years. There was enough left over for dinner tomorrow and that's about normal for thanksgiving. 
I hope you have had a great day with the one or ones you love.
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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Was cold now raining

Still cutting on the tree with the vines.  Of the three days that it was cold and windy I didn't get out very much.  Just went to the store a few times to get the groceries that keep coming up missing when I went the other day.  Its that happens all the time.  You go to the store buy a load of groceries and the very next day you have to go and buy something else you need.  Or is it something else you want instead of need?
Yesterday was a few college basketball games on television I watched.  Today it will be college football and it looks like a good day to do that.  The reason being its raining this morning and looks like it will be all day long.  I probably will have to get out and go to the store for something!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lot of rain

With the weather forecast yesterday calling for afternoon thunder storms and very windy by afternoon. My neighbor Rudy and I went to the store early to do our shopping so we could be back and settled in before it all hit. We did make it with a little time to spare.  Its a good thing that we did go early because the sky opened up and there was a really downpour, which lasted most of the day.
The weather the next couple of days is going to be like most of you will be having but not as cold.
The temp for tomorrow morning will be 35 degrees. I know you are saying that's not bad. Hey folks this is Florida and that is not suppose to be that cold.
Well the old fella (me) has a couple of college basketball games tonight to watch so I will be much satisfied. I know it doesn't seem like it is very exciting to you but we all have our thing to do, right?

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

College games

Yesterday I cut down the other tree that was standing and growing more toward the house.  I should say I cut it but not down, as it didn't fall down?  The tree has a lot of vines that is holding it up so this is going to take some time to cut it up and get hauled off.
I watched a couple of college basketball games last night it being the start of the season.  The games went as expected. The stronger teams playing the weaker teams as the start the season. The games I watched the teams won by 40-70 points so I couldn't get excited about that.
Today will be all day college football games again with a couple of interesting games.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thank you Veterans

First and foremost thanks to all the vets.  I would hate to think what this great land of ours would be without our veterans.
Yesterday started of with me taking our neighbor Rudy to get his 30lb propane tank filled and hooked back up.
Then in a short while Nancy and I went to see her spine doctor. Nancy told him how she has been feeling and he has her scheduled for a pain block injection. He said he used to do them but doesn't anymore. He is really busy with the spine operations he does and he is also doing the stem cell work.
Nancy also had the stimulator implant adjusted to see if it would work better on her back.
From there it was to have dinner at Bob Evans that was actually breakfast since I had a buy one get one free breakfast coupon. Then it was to Walgreens to pick up our prescriptions for the month.
By the time we got back home it was dark so we spend the rest of the evening watch television.

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Sunday, November 09, 2014

One tree gone

Friday I cut a tree down that was beginning to grow close to the back of the house.  Then I had to cut it into smaller pieces so I could pull it to the front of the house for the park workers to haul it off.  It was a little difficult because the tree had vines growing all over it.
Of course I watched college football most of the day yesterday and some were good, some not so good.  My real passion is college basketball and that happens this coming Friday when the basketball season starts.
We had some rain last night for about four hours and this morning it is a cool 60 degree temp.
I hope your weekend is going good.

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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Walking a little

Mostly hanging around doing some inside work and going to the store a couple of days a week.
The gas prices are hung up on $2.75 a gallon now for about four days.
Temps have gone back up to the middle 70's which feel nice.
Nancy felt like doing some walking yesterday evening.  She used her walker and did good walking the outer section of the park. She was tired by the time we finished but she made it which is real good for her.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Cold here

Saturday was a full day of watching college football games as every Saturday is.
Sunday was probably the same as a large percentage of what a lot of people did in that the weather had turned cold was to stay inside. It got down to 46 here in New Port Richey Florida.  I know you had it colder but for here that is mighty cold. The high for yesterday was only 68 and sunny so it seemed a lot warmer.
My neighbor Rudy who is 87 years old was needing to go to the store so after doing the things I do each morning off we went to a couple of different stores. Rudy usually drives his truck down from Pennsylvania, but this year he took the airplane down. He says his son told him that he was getting to old to be doing all that driving. 
While I was at the store I did a little shopping myself for all the thing to make spaghetti.
So yesterday Nancy made a big pot of spaghetti which I really enjoyed.  That gal can really cook when she wants to.

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Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thursday and Friday

Nancy and I went to the First Quality Sausage House Thursday to buy me some Hungarian things to eat. I like to buy it and as I told Nancy when I eat it, it brings back a lot of memories.
On our way there we stopped in at the John Chesnut Park to look around a bit.
What surprised us was the amount of deer in the park. We counted 20 deer as we drove thru the park.
The deer were not frightened at our presence.
We saw an alligator as we were walking on the elevated walkway. When the gator spotted us it started swimming toward us.

On Friday we went to the Rheumatologist That our doctor had set up an appointment for us with.
First he checked Nancy and told her that her back was a mess, which she already knew. He did prescribe her some pain pill and told her it wouldn't affect her kidneys. So we will wait and see.
He then checked the x-rays and MRI on the shoulder that I have been having the pain. Well I have bone spurs, stretched ligaments and a tear on the rotor cuff. He was surprised that it only hurt on occasions and not all the time. He said he could operate and fix it but he doesn't recommend it at this time.

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