Friday, May 31, 2019

Eating and shopping

Wednesday was a kind of busy day for me doing the laundry.  With only one washer and one dryer in the small laundry room is what made it longer doing two loads.
The washer takes one half an hour and the dryer takes a full hour to complete the drying.

The day did end very nice with a beautiful sunset over the lake.
Yesterday was a shopping day because the frig was beginning to look bare.
Its not a good idea to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach so we chose to go to Applebee's to eat.
Nancy and I took the 2 for $22.00 with me having the 6 oz. sirloin.

And Nancy having the key lime chicken which she said tasted very good.

Looking out on the lake I caught this photo of the last of the three kayakers out for the evening.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

J. Strom Thurmond Lake

We left Lake Sinclair yesterday after noon heading for the next stop.

It was two lane roads most of the way as we do because we like the small towns.

As we came into Sparta we were facing the court house.  It was nice as we like these old dome with a clock court houses.

Shery and Nancy was wanting to stop and walk the streets for a little while and after seeing a parking spot on the front street I stopped.

Sherry and Nancy enjoying their walk around.

We like to look at and take photos of the old buildings in small towns that are slowly disappearing.

These may be old but they do have charm.

Here's the old Pharmacy.  I bet back in the day many a coke float and sundaes were made.

The town mural, with what looks like a couple of the towns leaders.

Once the Old Eagle Tavern stood here.  Click the picture to enlarge to read all about it.

Oh, we did get a nice lake view site at the Petersburg Campground on Strom Thurmond Lake.

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Remember those that gave all.

I think this was the first holiday that we have spent at Lake Sinclair and you can tell the difference.There are a lot more people camping.
No one here at this table that is a loop that has been closed down for years, due to the lack of people coming here.

Since they have up dated the beach area and bringing in loads of sand many people come here to enjoy the summer time.  Its good to see the young children enjoying the outdoors instead of staying inside all the time.

The jet skiers were out as many boaters also.

When you get a couple out on the water with the jet ski you just have to have a race.

Ah, summertime camping, swimming eating out doors with food over the open fire or eating it cold, but enjoying the outdoors it just doesn't get any better then that. 

I hope you had a nice weekend and remember why we have the holiday and the many that gave their lives so we can have a country where we can do these things.

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Not relaxing yet

With the grocery shopping out of the way Wednesday,  it was time to take care of my to do list.

So Thursday it was time to see to the motor home. 
I have been doing the oil change and greasing the motor home here at Lake Sinclair for years now so I got with it.   I'm always careful to not get oil or grease on the ground and the first order was to lay out my blue tarp to catch anything that might fall.
After the tarp is on the ground I put the oil container under the engine oil pan to drain it.  While the oil drains I'm greasing the front grease fittings and I also grease the universal joint fittings which is very important. 
After being a machinist and welder for over 25 years I've seen to many universal joints go bad from lack of grease.
After the work on the motor home and then cleaning up it was time for supper.

Nancy cooked one of the many Hungarian dishes that I like.   Polish sausage, potatoes and rigatoni pasta.
First saute 2 medium onions, paprika add the above ingredients, salt pepper cook until done. "Yummy"

Yesterday it was time for changing and greasing the car.

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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Lake Sinclair, Georgia

We did leave Monday from Nick's house and this nice parking spot in his yard.
After saying our goodbyes we were on our way.

We did get one of the five electric sites here at Lake Sinclair Campground.

I even let the patio awning out over the picnic table after connecting the electric up.
This is a nice place and only a couple hours of driving from our last stop visiting with Nick and family. 
Thank you Joann and Nick for a great visit as always.

Tuesday after breakfast it was time to work.  After cleaning the Fantastic fan screen and the cutting a new filter for the air conditioner I was out side.

Our lone flower on the picnic table that has grown more than twice its size in a couple of weeks.

It was time to start on one of the project I have while we are here.
And that was to put a new fuel pump on the Onan generator.  Its running good but, after getting hot it will quit running.  So reading upon other people have the same problem with a new pump it would take care of it.   So I thought I would try that and see if it helps.
I will run it again when we need the generator to see what happens.

After working on the generator I cleaned up, took some sirloin steaks  out of the freezer to put on the rill.

WOW,  did they turn out good. I can't believe that this was the first time I have grilled since we were out last summer.
Yesterday we had to go to Milledgeville to do some much needed shopping.
The first thing was a stop at the Mexican Restaurant for a meal.  Its not a good idea to grocery shop on an empty stomach.

Our internet and phone service here is hit and miss, but the rest of the thing are good.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Visit coming to a close

Nick and I have been going out but we've kind of slowed down a bit. 
Nick was working on the car trying to get a head light working, he thinks it might have a loose connection some place.
Nick has become a good mechanic over the years.

Jeremy and his family will be bringing Sherry up today, because our visit here is almost over.
Tomorrow we will be heading out to Lake Sinclair.

Nancy and I have enjoyed our visit here and as usual we have been fed way to much food.
We always enjoy our time here and really feel very welcomed.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day .

Friday, May 17, 2019

Visiting and good eating

Running around was slow getting started today because Nick was watching the Lasagna cooking in the oven.
While he was doing that I still had the love bugs on the windshield from the trip up from Cain's Creekside Park that needed cleaning off.

We did get started and the first stop was back out to the base again.  But it was to the BX for what Nick thought was on sale today.
Upon checking we found out it must be another day or so.

Next stop was Walmart where Nick bought several items that were needed.

Then it was back home and time to eat.  We had the Lasagna and a salad which was very good.
Nick does most of the cooking and he makes some very tasty dishes which we like to eat.

After eating Nick had to work on one of his cars for a short time.

Here is where Nancy and I stay connected to electric and water while visiting with the family.

Yes it is a 15 amp connection but we can still use the air conditioner  but have to use the propane for the water heater, so as not to kick the breaker.

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Out again

Yesterday morning when we woke up the temperature was 50*, but with the sun shining on the side of the motor home it soon warmed up inside.

After getting ready and a few things that I had to take care of Nick was ready to be on the go.
He has his regular things that he does every day, so when he asked me where  I wanted to go I said that he was driving and was riding so off we went.

The first stop on his schedule was to the base commissary to buy a few items that he wanted.
Nick shops the same was as I do by looking for the best prices in town.  Only he uses coupons to a great advantage on what he pays for each item.

After leaving the commissary we had to go back home because of the frozen items he bought to put in the freezer.

Then it was off to Publix to see what Nick to get on sale and to use his coupons,  which he has many.
The gas prices here in Warner Robins, Georgia are hanging around the price of the lower $2.40's.

There are a few suburbs around Warner Robins and each have their own water towers.

Our next and final stop for the day was to Stevi B's Pizza Buffet to pick up pizza's for our supper.
You just can't go wrong getting pizza to eat and these were really good.
Thank you Nick and Joann.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Out and around

Yeah, Nick and I were out going to different stores to see if they had anything we could use.

Our first stop was To Home Depot were we both got a couple of things that we needed.
From there it was just across the road to Lowes.
After walking the aisles we came out empty handed.
Next up was the Warner Robins Hardware store that has been in business here for a long time.
Its always good to see local stores staying in business when they have to compete with the big box stores.
We didn't find anything at this store either.

Even though posting of what we did not take long Nick and I were out for around three hours before coming back home.

Since Nancy is not able to get out very much with me going to the stores,  it is good to have Nick to run around with.
Today will be another day out for Nick and myself.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Here in Warner Robins, Georgia

Yesterday was a traveling day for us as we left Hahira and headed north.
Jeremy came over to help with hooking up the car and a few of the other things that needed done with getting ready to get on the road.

Nancy and I are going to be a few days spending the time with my brother Nick and Joann in Warner Robins, Georgia.   While Sherry stayed behind to spend some more time with Jeremy and family.

Jeremy and his wife Shanna wanted a little more time with her and they will bring her up here before we head out again.

Nancy and I had a nice day to travel with the weather being mostly cloudy with a little sun shine.

So now Nick and I will be running around for the days we will be here and Nancy will be visiting with Joann.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.1 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Relaxing today

Nancy had a big Birthday yesterday because it was her 80th Birthday.

So all of us went out to "The Smokin Pig".    It was really crowded but we only had a ten minute wait time.  Everyone had a good time and enjoyed their food.

Today Jeremy and his family along with Sherry had a full day at Wild Adventures Park.
Nancy and I stayed home and relaxed the day.
But I also did a load of laundry at the office laundry room.  I also drove to Valdosta to Walgreens to pick up some of our medicines that were due.

It was in the 90's again so it was to hot to do anything outside for us older folks.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Visiting in Hahira, Georgia

Tuesday, we had a good nights sleep at the Walmart in Valdosta, Georgia and are glad that they still allow overnight parking.
There were four or five other RV's  that spent the night also.

After I got ready and spent a little time on the computer I went in to Walmart to get oil and filters that I will need later on in the trip.
A long the trip I will be changing the oil, filter and greasing the motorhome.  Since we have owned this motorhome from 2002, I have always did this and also on the car.

Well not really on the car but I did take it a couple of times to have a service place do it and on the service paper they gave me they had marked (No grease plugs) which there are two that need greasing, I started doing it myself. 

The small 1000w Sportsman generator needs the oil changed and the 5500w Onan needs the oil and filter changed also.

After leaving the Walmart I filled up the motorhome for $2.48.9 a gallon, best price around.

We stopped at Cain's Creekside Park in Hahira, Georgia where we have stopped many years.
I never make a reservation at this park because Dustin says he will always have a place for me.

And he is true to his word.  One time several years ago I stopped by and all his sites were full, so he let me park along the road near the bath house and strung out an electric cord and a water hose to use.

We have been visiting with Jeremy and family each evening while Sherry is staying all her time there including sleeping each night.
We are enjoying our visit with Jeremy and his wife, Shanna and the great grand children.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Tuesday, May 07, 2019

On the road

              I just had to wash the motorhome, so after eating breakfast I was outside doing it because it was going to rain around noon time.
Just as I was finishing up the rain came down really hard so that helped taking any soap suds off that I might have left on.

Yesterday was a nice and sunny day to start our trip, so after Nancy and Sherry were ready afternoon off we started.

After only thirty miles or so in Homosassa Spring it was slow going through town because of all the construction of widening the roads.

We have gone this route many times and this bridge over water at first looks like a river but I'm thinking it might be a canal?  Much to straight to be a river.

I like this route, not much traffic, the road is nice and straight with the speed limit of 60-65 a great ride.

A few of the trinket shops that the back roads have from years ago.

Nice scenery with fields of cattle and not many billboards.  We saw a lot of cattle this trip with new born calf.

How many times can you slow down enough on the interstates to see the different colored flowers.
Ah, the beauty of the backroads.
Yes and the building of the years long ago. Someone owned this and it was their way of making a living in the small shop.

We arrived in Live Oak and stopped at our usual place Ken's Bar-B-Que to have supper.

Here is my usual steak with fries an slaw, very good.

After which we went to the Walmart to spend the night.

But wait, what's going on here, there a sign that says (No overnight RV Parking).
Yes its another Walmart after many years of allowing overnight RV parking is saying "no" to the RV  community.
It can be several reasons-city ordinances, rver's treating it as a campground or a number of other reasons.

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Sunday, May 05, 2019

Still getting ready

With the temperature in the 90's yesterday I'm glad the most of our work was inside.

We did get the laundry finished up yesterday.  Nancy was doing the washing in our small washer/spin dryer that I put in the shower so she will have water and a place for the drain.
It takes her doing three loads of washing and spin drying to make one load for the large dryers at the park laundry room.

I take the clothes to the laundry room to put in the large dryers then come back home.

I didn't come back to rest yesterday because while the clothes were drying I was busy taking down the old blinds and hanging up the new cordless blinds in the windows.

Today we will be busy again taking care of the last minutes of preparations for our departure tomorrow heading out for the summer.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

Saturday, May 04, 2019

Busy time around here.

Well would you look at what I got delivered to me on Thursday.
After all these years I finally bought a new recliner to relax in and it sure does fit me well.  I used the excuse that it was my birthday day present.

In preparing to leave Monday for our travels Nancy and Sherry went shopping yesterday.
Nancy bought a few things for herself and also things that we needed in the house, that were way overdue in buying.

While they were doing the shopping I stayed home getting things put away and much overdue cleaning.
The way the house has been in disarray during the upgrade of the walls and floor it was impossible to clean it good.

We will be busy today in that it is a laundry day.  Even though Nancy is very tired from being out doing all the shopping yesterday she will get it finished with Sherry's help.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Good food and doctors report

Yesterday I had a nice  Birthday dinner at the Golden Corral that Sherry bought for Nancy and I both.

With Me doing the remodel on the motorhome and both of us having what seem like all the time we have been here.  Nancy and I have not been out going anywhere.  So when Sherry said she would like to see the gulf waters we went to Tarpon Springs first where we saw a couple of old nice houses.

Then it was to Howard Park.

Across the causeway to the beach side.

We have not been here in a few years and it was nice to see this popular beach.

It was getting late in the evening so there wasn't many people here, but plenty of birds.

Sherry just had to stick her feet in the water and she enjoyed that.

With Nancy and I seeing our regular doctor and then Nancy seeing her Cardiologist today the both of us got a good report on the result of our blood work up.  It looks like we will be heading out for our summer travels this coming Monday.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.