Friday, October 30, 2009

Just a little work

Today was a slow day. We didn't go anywhere so I got a chance to catch up on a few things that needed attention. The roof is really a mess where we were setting under the trees for a month down at the Barren River Park. I couldn't clean the whole roof here but I did clean around the edges. Then I did a small electric job inside.
Our great-grandchildren Andy and Hanna came over to spend the night with us. We are glad to see them. We walked around the park with them,actually they ran,Nancy and I did the walking.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Laundry Day

Not a lot going on today. It was Joe's day off from Dollywood,so we went over to visit with him. Since we were going over Nancy took our clothes over and did them on their washer and dryer. That saved us a full day by doing this. It was another good day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Up in the Smokies

It was such a beautiful morning here on the lake this morning. The rain had stopped and the sun was out so bright.
We decided to go take a drive up in the mountains to see what the colors looked like.
We were not disappointed the trees were a very beautiful even though they were passed their prime colors.

With all the resent days of rain there was many small mountain streams to stop and take a photo shot.
This is an old rest room in the Chimneys Campground that has been closed to camping for several years due to bears coming in. It is still open to come and picnic which is always a group of people. This is behind the rest room where a beautiful large mountain stream flows out and down the mountain. We had a wonderful time today.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some of the scenery that we had to look at coming down.
We didn't do anything today except sit inside and watch it rain all day. At least it wasn't cold.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We had a good restful sleep last night With the furnace kicking on and off all night. It was 33° this morning. We had a very nice trip into the Smokie Mountain area. The leaves were so beautiful all the way down. We just kept turning and looking at all the different colors. We got a camp site on Douglas Lake where we really enjoy staying when in this area.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're Back

We are back,online that is. I haven't been posting because I could not get internet access. We made it to Matewan and the church homecoming. It was so good to see our friends that we've not seen in a couple of years and some even longer. We had a very good church service and as always good food and plenty of it. The people at the church made us feel very good and still part of it. We were parked on the Walmart parking lot for 3 days with permission from the store manager to do so. The temperature got down cold last night and with us parking here in the Walmart parking lot in Norton,Virginia up on a hill it might get colder. We will be ok though,we have plenty of propane and a good furnace. Tomorrow we will try to get to Sevierville,Tennessee.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We left our great site by the river today. After emptying the grey and black tanks,filling the fresh water tank,hooking up the car we were on our way. With the generator on the cargo carrier it was a little more work getting the car hitched up. Traveling through the mountains on the way to London. We just took our time and arrived at the Walmart around 4:30pm. We are in the Walmart parking lot for the night. It is also located next door to the Golden Corral,so we walked over and had dinner. We were really bad and "pigged out" big time. That with only a little walking is not so good.
We will take our time getting ready to travel tomorrow and slowly make our way to the Pikeville Walmart where will will spend the night before going on in to Matewan,West Virginia.

Monday, October 19, 2009


We will be leaving here tomorrow heading for Matewan, West Virginia. It has been nice here in Scottsville,Ky. The month has gone by very fast.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Still Here

Looking down over the dam. The campground is on the left side of the river.

Yes we are still here out in the boondocks in Kentucky. It will be good to get to where I can get on the internet each day. We will be here for another week.
Well a little bad luck yesterday. The generator on the motorhome finally went K-Put. It has been giving us trouble all summer but did keep running for longer then I thought it would. Rather then getting it repair right away I decided to get a small portable one to last until we get back to Florida,then I will see about getting the one on the motorhome repaired. The only trouble now is I have to go outside and yang on the rope to get the small one running.
We're not complaining though,we have had very good luck as far as things lasting on the motorhome.
From the library in Scottsville,Kentucky until the next time.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Same Stuff

Well since we haven't gone anywhere its the same old stuff about walking and hanging around the park beside of the river. Once a week we do the laundry,go to the store for food.
The only thing new is I went to Bowling Green to the Harbor Freight store and bought a couple of solar panela (total 10 watts)to help keep up the batteries. Then I took them back because the instructions said to not get them wet. What kind of deal is that anyway. I thought they were made to sit outside. Oh well maybe later on I can get some good ones.
That is the only new thing that has been going on. There is still a lot of rain in the area. So we're lucky to get as much walking as we do.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Nothing New

Thats about it. We are walking a little more since we are out here at the Barren River Campground. We went int Bowling Green a couple of times looking for a small generator. I had one in the shopping cart, then decided not to buy it. I kept thinking is it worth it to buy since I would only use it while I'm here. So I says to myself I would just use the generator on the motorhome and spend a little more on the fuel to run it.

We ate at a really good place today after doing the laundry. The place is called Ray Dlumpin's The food was good and plenty of it at a very good price.

The real kicker was the waitress was asking if we wanted dessert. I said not unless you have butterscotch pie,she says we do. I nearly fell out of my chair. That is my favorite pie that hardly anyone has them. I told her I would take a whole pie. That made my day.

Anyway here are some photos of the surrounding area.

Boat Ramp next to our site by the river.

Buzzards at the Spillway.

A throw back to the old days. The Wigwam Motel in Cave City.

These deer were running across the road one evening as we were coming into the park.

Two old timers on a morning walk. It has been 45° the last three nights.
I will post again the next time I come into town to the library.