Monday, October 28, 2019

Catching up and now

Here we go again, I found a few more photo's in another camera of Parson Mountain Lake that I will show you before I get to where we are now.

Nancy and I took a day to go into Abbeville to have dinner and discovered this really good eating restaurant.

Nancy had the country fried steak with gravy, broccoli casserole and sweet potato souffle.
She said it was the best that she had eaten.

I had two country fried porkchops with creamed potato's and spinach.  These pork chops where really huge and the best that I have eaten.
As a matter of fact when I ordered them the waitress said "they were so good it makes you want to smack you mama!"
Both our portions was way to much to eat that we had another meal out of them the next day.
Oh man, those porkchops with that great crust on them and so thick were goood eating.

The food in town was not the only thing in town, so was the price of the regular gas.

We have been here at the COE Petersburg Campground on Thurmond Lake since Friday and will be here for a couple of weeks.

If you are a blog reader and live around here drop by and see us at site 50.

There was a beautiful sunset last night

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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Past six days

We have been out in the boonies for the last six days.  We have had no phone service, no internet connection and only the electric that we have made with our generators and the solar which was almost most non-existed under the forest trees.

And when I say under the trees you can see, I had a rough time getting into this site.
We did get a couple of the PBS tv stations, but didn't watch very much of them.

Come on let me show you around where we spent those days.

There are 23 camping spots in this campground with most of them for tents, yet some for big rigs. 

This is what I like about this camping area is the small peaceful lake, just to sit and be lost in your thoughts.

Two small ducks enjoy swimming around in the lake.

The leaves starting to show their beautiful colors.
Small flowers as if saying "not so fast you autumn leaves, we have one last showing."

Can you tell Nancy likes the fall colors?

We had a very good time at Parson Mountain Lake Campground.

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Laundromat and not so good Mexican Restaurant

Tuesday was the laundry day and we did find a laundromat within 10 miles of the campground so that was good.  The laundromat building was small in size,  but the way they had the washers and dryers laid out there was plenty enough room.  First off the place was nice and clean with a lady continually  cleaning, the hour and a half we were there.

We then went to a Mexican Restaurant that I looked up on  the internet that had reviews of 4.4.
Well that was a mistake because Nancy and I did not think to highly of the restaurant.
First the chips and dip, the dip looked like homemade tomato soup with hot sauce in it, no salsa one tiny bit.
And as you can see the same sauce minus the hot sauce was on the burrito's.  Refried beans was also bean soup without any sign of beans. plus all that without much taste.  You know if you have eaten at a Mexican Restaurant there is always plenty of taste in the food they prepare for you. 
We rated this restaurant at the bottom of the Mexican Restaurants where we have eaten before. 
Here is the door side of our campsite, showing the firepit, table and the lantern holder up by the motorhome. A nice area with plenty of room.

Yesterday Nancy cooked another pot of pinto beans and cornbread in an iron skillet.  I cut some cabbage and made slaw to go with it, really good eating. 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Close to the water

We are settled in on site 14 of the COE Springfield Campground on Lake Hartwell settled for at least 5 days then one more move for one day.
This site looks to be the best site since we've been here.  Looking up one way is a good view of the lake. We are really enjoying this site that is so close to the water.  The sound of the water rippling against the shore is nice and soothing.  
Looking straight across is the view where there are houses.  The day we got to this site it was a very rainy day, but it didn't stop someone from doing a little fishing.

This guy was getting in his fishing time also.

We are over a couple of sites from the boat launch.

Nancy and I need to go to the laundromat today to catch up on doing the laundry.

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Sunday, October 13, 2019

WHAT, another moving day!

I finally got a chance to pick up the throw rugs, to take outside and give them a good shaking to get the sand out of them.  Most were the small type 18"x30" and pretty easy to shake out.  The large one 38"x60" I have to stand up on the picnic table seat to shake out.

I did get time to grill out a couple of 1/2 pound ground beef patties while Nancy prepare us a salad and baked potato as the sides.  I tried something different in grilling the ground beef.  After putting spices on them I put some bacon on to grill, then took the bacon off and just set the beef patties down on the bacon grease to grill. I gave them a real good taste.
Well today is another moving day for us.  This time it is to site 14 for 5 days, then one more move to site 1 for one day.
In order to stay the two weeks here it will  be a total of moving four times.
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Friday, October 11, 2019

Another day another campsite

We are still at Lake Hartwell and will be for another week.

This was our site p until yesterday.  I say was because we were due to change sites today but had to change yesterday because they over booked the site we were on so they moved us.  We only had to move six sites day for three days, then move again.
The only way I could stay as long as we wanted to was stagger our sites.

I saw these Canadian Geese on the shore the other day,  Then they flew out to join------
the others floating out in the lake.  I counted 33 of them in the lake.  The Canadian Geese are nice to look at,  but don't walk where they have been.  Oh my what a mess they make.

I did get the oil changed and a new filter in the 5500W Onan generator Wednesday.  Also changed the oil in the small 1000W Sportsman generator which is a good small generator and is really quite.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

And the rest of the story.

OK, here we go again with how we got to where we are.
The following morning after we were at Smokemont I got up early to run down to Cherokee to get Nancy and me an egg biscuit.  I also wanted to see if the elk were out in the field and sure enough I got to see them.  The photo above looks like the grand daddy of all.

In all I counted seventeen in all besides the old buck.

The elk were even out in the road.  This was really exciting for me because I usually just get to see a few stray out and around.

Tuesday, October, 2 Nancy and I did the laundry at the only laundromat in town.

After doing the laundry we went to be the popular restaurant in Cherokee which was Paul's Family Restaurant.  Nancy had chicken fried steak with two side and I had porkchops with two sides.  We both agreed that the food was very good and the price was satisfactory also.


The next morning I got up early to see if I could get a few good photos of the field at the "Pioneer Village."
I did get a few fair shots, but I think I didn't get there early enough.

We left Cherokee Thursday, but it wasn't very long until I stopped at a roadside market to buy us some fresh fruit to snack on.

We stopped in Clayton, Georgia to spend the night at the local Walmart for the night.

We left the next day going to Lake Hartwell, trying to get a campsite on the lake without any luck.
So---I made a reservation at the local Home Depot in the town of Hartwell.
The next day while Nancy was getting ready I found and made us reservations at the Springfield COE Campground for six days.  All the campgrounds are filled up on the week-ends so we will just have to play it from there.

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Sunday, October 06, 2019

A little catching up


Dee and her children came down to visit while we were at the Douglas Lake campground last Sunday.  So we planned a picnic at the area overlooking the lake.
This is a nice picnic area looking out at the lake and mountain tops.

The lake is low this time of year because they let out the water getting ready for the winter season.

Monday,  the 30 day of September it was time for Nancy and I to leave the campground and to our next stop along the way.  But first it was through Pigeon Forge where I thought we might be stuck in traffic.  It was not a hold up at al with every thing going good.
Now it was different once we got up to Gatlinburg where the traffic is always bumper to bumper.
So were the people on both sides on the sidewalks.

Nancy and myself like to drive through Gatlinburg to see the changes from season to season with how they decorate the town up.

They did October and the fall season up real nice this year.

Pumpkin head people all over the place. 
The least I could do for Nancy is to take a photo of her favorite store in Gatlinburg since we didn't get time to get her fudge.  It was nice for me that the traffic was slow going through I had time to look around at the things in town.

This is the sign we saw before we got the Sugarland Welcome Center.


Once we got started up the mountain Nancy had me to turn down the air-conditioner, because it was getting cooler.
We enjoyed the ride up in the mountains and looking at the "Chimney Tops".

We were soon off the mountain top, checked in at the office of Smokemont Campground and set up at our campsite.  It was late so we did nothing!

I think this is enough for now so I will finish up in a day or two.

I do thank each one of you for stopping by and have a great day.