Sunday, March 31, 2019

Basketball and other things

I had to go to Home Depot yesterday to get the trim strips for the flooring.
Unlike when I picked up the one strip a week ago it was 10 ft long and the ones yesterday where 11 ft long.  I told the guy that was there helping me I could only take 10 ft long because I'm in a car and when I put them in the trunk with the back seat down 10 ft was the longest I could take. 
So he said he would cut a foot off of them.

Next stop was Aldi's to pick up a few items to make us a salad later on in the day.  When we had the salad every thing was out of the garden fresh and good.

Next stop was Dollar Tree to get some John Morrell smoke sausage.  I always buy the sausage at Dollar Tree because it is thirty cent cheaper than the other stores, plus I bought a few other things.

By the time I got back home, unloaded the things I bought it was to late to start working on anything.

Besides the NCAA Tournament started early and I didn't want to miss that.
Today I will watch the two tournament games to see who the two last teams will be in the "final four".

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Good news for Nancy

Yesterday we were back at the Florida Specialist Center to see the results of Nancy's blood work.
He was wanting to see if the iron infusion IV's had any effect or not.
Well it seems that it has help Nancy quite a bit with her red blood cell count being up and other things being up as well.

He wants her back in a month with another blood work before she is due back.  This is to check to see if her latter numbers staying help.
If not he will see if her taking shots will help her.

After that I have been wanting to go to Taco Bell to try the "Rattle Snake Fries" they have been advertising on tv.   The fries are suppose to have a bite to them with the jalapeno peppers in them.
Well they did not bite me very hard and I ended up putting their "Fire Hot Sauce" on it so it would have the right bite for me.

Then it was to Home Depot for an item I needed.

From the it was up to Spring Hill where I left Nancy at Walmart while I continued to Cricket to get Nancy's Moto G phone changed over to an new LG phone we had.  The reason for this was the speaker went out on the LG phone.

When I got back to Walmart Nancy was almost through with the shopping and a short time later we were headed home.

That was our day.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Games and Chores

Things are going kind of slow with the NCAA Basketball Tournament in progress you just know what I'm doing.
Yeah, I really like the college basketball and when a few teams I like make it to the tournament that makes it special.

I still did take time to drain the black tank and flush it out after a small problem with it.
The flow started good but then stopped all of a sudden and that is not good.
So what I did was put some water in the tank, thinking maybe the water would have enough pressure would push the blocked stuff out.  But no luck on that.
Then with my thinking cap on I thought that maybe Dawn dish washing liquid was good for stuff other than washing dishes  I would try that.
I poured about six ounces of the Dawn in the tank and waited about twenty minute then went out to open the valve to see what would happen?
Well what do you know, the Dawn did the trick it soften up the clog enough for it to drain out.

Next up was to run the 5500W Onan Generator on the motorhome so it would not be setting and the carb be plugged up.
Also we have a 100W Sportsman Generator that we use a lot when we are boondocking that comes in handy. We have a one or two days at a time that we are without hookups and it works for us especially if the sun is not shining on the solar panels.

We did go 28 days in in one month this passed year that we was with out an electric hookup and made it just fine and that was just fine.
That was with our 10 cube ft  residential refrigerator that you read about people saying you will not be able to boondock if you have one in your camper. 

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Flooring is down and other things

Monday, was laundry day and did we have a load.  I've been busy and Nancy knew that when I'm that way I don't want to stop even to eat, so big laundry day.

Nancy did the washing with the small compact washer/spin dry we have that sits in the shower for water supply and drain.  After she has a load finished I take them to the laundromat here in the park to dry them.

Tuesday Nancy was at the Gulf Coast Medical Center to have a bone density thing done.
She has never had one and they thought it would be a good idea to have it

Afterwards it was off to the Grand Sushi Hibachi Buffet to eat.
This may plat of food and as you can see the plate is not full.  I take small portions because I can finish that before it gets cold and them get some more hot food to eat.

This plate has a few sweet and sour chicken, peppered chicken, bourbon chicken, sausage, a little steak on the fried rice, potato wedges and sauteed  green beans.

Yesterday it was to thee different stores for some groceries.

Sometime during the week I was back to Home Depot to return a box of the Allure Vinyl Planks and check on some carpet for the dog house and stairs.  The stairs coming in the motor home folds up to get to the batteries so that is why it has to have carpet.

"YES" all the flooring is down, I still have to put in the strips around the wall before it is completed.
This has been and still a little to go very time consuming while we are living in the motor home.

Later I will post some before and after photos.

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Same thing going on.

Well all most the same thing, except that Nancy felt like going shopping with me in the middle of the week.
When we were trough with the shopping and as we were going out the door I told her I was going to leave her home the next time because it costs to much when she is with me.

The week also had me watching some of the college basketball tourneys in the different divisions.

The flooring is still going along slowly,  with the bedroom finished,
 Both of the drivers seat and the passenger seat are taken out with the flooring installed on the passenger side.

Of course after the flooring is all down will come the trim all around.

Today has started out nice with the temperature being at 72 degrees.  Today the high will be in the low 80's.

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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Some flooring down

Well I got a little flooring laid down Friday which was a long day for me because, cutting out for a couple of heat vents.  Also some of the offsets in the floor cabinets does take extra time.
Man could my hands and stiff fingers tell it yesterday morning.
The finger joints were working like old rusty hinges.

Saturday was my big breakfast day and Nancy had the big breakfast of the same thing that was in it as last Saturday.

 Also it was a day to go shopping so off with the grocery list in my hand off I went to the Winn Dixie.  I was in luck with a few things on the grocery list they had a buy one get one free.

And yes it was a college basketball game day for me.  Matter of fact it was the last game of the regular season.

For the next week there will be basketball games al day long.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Change of plans

It sure was cold last night, when we woke up this morning the temperature was 38*.

Nancy and I will be going to the Florida Specialist Center again this afternoon for her iron infusion.
That will be another two to three hours of sitting around today.

The change of plans is that I was going to have the new Allure Vinyl Plank flooring in the motor home up to just behind the two captain seats then put carpet in the front.
But tossing it back and forth I decided to lay the flooring all the way and just have carpet on the dog house and steps leading out the door.

So it has been tearing out more carpet, but first I had to dismantle the front passenger  seat to give me room to get up under the dash to remove the carpet.

I know the way I'm doing things are taking a bit longer but I'm trying to not have everything out in the way, because we do have to leave room to walk.
So it is doing a section at a time.

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Sunday, March 03, 2019

Eating too much

Good start on Saturday.
Nancy usually Nancy has a big breakfast on Saturdays to start my day, but I think she over did it yesterday.
Just look at that plate full, eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, a slice of tomato, biscuit and to was it down coffee.
After eating all of that it was time to get ready to go to a couple of stores to get some things we needed.
First up was to Publix to get ginger roots and Hungarian Hot Peppers which Walmart does not stock.
So Walmart is not a one stop store where you can get all of what you want.
But I did have to go to Walmart to get a few items that Nancy needed and she says only Walmart has them.
After getting back home unloading the things I bought, putting some in the shelves and refrigerator it was time to settle in to watch the college basketball games.
Here are a couple of photos from last week I forgot to put on.
We went to the Hibachi Buffet Grill, here is the fish pond they have at the front where you enter the restaurant.

After our meal Nancy was ready to sit down and watch the fish swimming around.
Both of us really did eat way to much, only because it tasted really good and had a great price for a buffet.
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Friday, March 01, 2019

OK Here we go.

Monday morning Nancy had to go to the Renal Hypertension Center to have the Blood Pressure Monitor put on for 24 hours.
This was very uncomfortable for her especially Monday night because she didn't get much sleep with the monitor going off every half and hour.   It seems if it wasn't going on she would be waiting for it to start up.

Then Tuesday morning it was back to the Renal  Hypertension Center to have the monitor removed.
Tuesday afternoon we had to be on our way to see Nancy's Nephrologist for the reading of the 24 hour monitor.
It showed Nancy's blood pressure high even at night time.
The Nephrologist took one of the of the pills off of her list even though it was to help her kidneys it was causing her blood pressure to be up.
Nancy has been fighting this battle for a while now with some medicine helping her with one thing it is causing her problems with other things.

Wednesday afternoon it was to the Florida Specialist Center to see the doctor and another reading of her blood work up.

The doctor said with her iron level being low he would start a series of  IV drips once a week for three weeks and that should help her with the tired feeling.
Nancy said the drip was a combination of iron and steroids.
The process was a slow drip lasting two and a half hours, and I don't know who was the most tired Nancy or I from the sitting and waiting.

Anyway Yesterday I could tell some improvement because she was singing while she was doing some of her work.  She had not been doing that in a long time and it made me feel better hearing her singing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.