Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trojan Virus

Well it finally happened. The terrible Trojan virus hit my computer monday. I thought I was protected with Microsoft Security Essentials. Not so,it let eight different Trojans to enter. I got them while surfing blogs on boondock camping. At first I couldn't even get my computer to respone to anything,but after rebooting several times it did come back up with most of my desktop icans missing. All of my documents are gone with all of the picture folders and all my favorites. If anyone out there knows of a freeware program that I could try please email me or leave it in the comment and let me know, Thank You.
I used a freeware called Recuva and it has brought back a few things,I will keep working with that until I find something else. Oh I did find the Trojan Viruses with Malwarebytes after I downloaded  and used it.  Needless to say all my time for the last few days have been working with the computer.
I hope you have a great day.    

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Another Saturday

I had to get to Walmart early yesterday to get our medicine prescriptions filled.  When I got out to Little Road I saw this group of horse riders out for an early morning ride. Not much of a trail riding on the sidewalk.
Same report for this saturday as all the saturdays before. You guessed it,college basketball game day. It will all be wrapping up next month. I will be in front of the tv watching all the tournament games.  

Friday, February 24, 2012

Parades and Projects

 I bought to many peppers at the flea market the other day,so I cut them up bagged them and put them in the freezer. The peppers will be good for soup or with some cut up onions to fry with meat.
 They had the psark street parade wednesday and had a bunch of characters walking the streets.

The local county firemen always come to be in the parade.  As all the people passed by they threw candy and beads to those of us watching. An ice cream social in the club house after the parade.
The floor project is going good all I need to do is put the moulding around the flooring and I will be finished with it.  It was a little hard on the knees doing the flooring,but I will get over it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Project

We saw these yellow flowers the last time we were at J B Starkey. I forgot that I had a photo of them.
Nancy had her ultra sound on her kidneys yesterday,so we will have to wait for her doctors appointment next week for the results.
I have started another project at the house. The floor has a couple of soft spots so I'm going to lay down laminate flooring after getting the floor repaired. Nancy and I went to Sam's Club to get the flooring today.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

PGA Golf

Well yesterday was another college basketball game day for saturday. Plus I watched PGA Golf. I've tried the golf game but after hitting the ball and it not going where I wanted it to,I soon knew that was a game I would not enjoy very much.
We went to church this morning after church I stopped at Harbor Freight to get aaa alkaline batteries. I had a 20% of coupon plus a coupon for a free 9 led flashlight.  From there we went to Kaposey's for lunch.
Not a very exciting weekend but a nice one.
I hope you had a great weekend and that your week will be better. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Same O

Nancy and I was back to the Doctor to see what is going on in our bodies. The  MRI showed that I do have kidney stones,which I already told them that. The pain has gone so I will just have to wait for the next round of pain when the stone dicides to move.  Nancy has to go and get an ultra sound of her kidneys to see what is happening. The latest lab work showed some numbers that have warranted the extra test. It could be the medicine or other problems.
I moved the sofa and put the one I just bought the other day. It is going to look fair considering it is plain looking. Other than that everything is about normal everyday living. I wish I had some photos to put on,but who wants to see a doctors office? 
We are gonna try and get up to the USA Flea Market today.  Just to do some walking and who knows we may buy a thing or two.
I hope you have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The last two days have been busy for us. I've been looking for some time now for a used sofa for our motorhome. I saw one on Craigslist a couple of days ago. It was the right price and located at Wesley Chapel.  So monday we rode over in the car to take a look at it. It was the the right size for the space we have to fit it in.  We took the motorhome over to pick it up yesterday.  We are going to do a small inside remodeling of the motorhome.
The weather has changed and we are back to the nice weather of Florida which everyone enjoys.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Winter Time

Yesterday was my usual college basketball games day.  It was most of the day watching the games.  What little I did get out I found out it was cool and very windy. Nothing like you people have up north but still cool for Florida.
This morning it was 35°. Now that is cold.  I know you are going to tell me it was much colder than that where you are.   Remember people,this is Florida the sunshine state.  Well the sun is shinning and its stilll cold.  The weather man says tomorrow morning it will be even colder.  Nancy says she is going to fix us soup for today,so that will be good.
Wherever you are I know it is cold so stay warm my friends.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Thrift Stores

Tuesday Nancy didn't spend much time getting work on her teeth. So after we got back to the house we went to J B Starkey park to do some walking.
It was a very nice day for walking the sun wasn't very warm and with a nice breeze every now and then,
Yesterday after Nancy had her blood drawn for her workup,we came back and had breakfast. It has been a while since we went to the thrift shops so with the day all cloudy and a bit cool we did just that.  First it was to the Sheriff Boys Ranch Thrift Shop were Nancy always fines her used books to read. From there it was to the Salvation Army family store. After getting to the store I always remember we seem to never find anything because the prices are very high. At times I have seen prices on things that are higher than the new ones in other stores.  

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Stuck Lizard

With Nancy still feeling a bit down still,we haven't been doing our walking. She is starting to feel mch better since she quit taking the new medicine so maybe we can get back to our walking.
The weekend was all ball games.  Speaking of Nancy,she has to go back to the dentist today. I know she won't be wanting to walk today.
 I was going to transfer some aloe plants from the large pot to some small ones.  When I looked and saw this lizard staring up at me and didn't try to run.
 After looking I saw he had got himself into a bad situation. He couldn't go in or out. Well I couldn't just leave him there to suffer such a death. So I got a pair of scissors and started to cut so he could be free. Well that dad gum little critter's mouth flew open and he blew up with a nasty look on his face.  I thought now thats a fine thank you for helping him.  Anyway I did get him lose and he ran off.
I hope your day is better than the lizard had.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is what most of the country is thinking about today. There will be parties everywhere,with people eating more junk food then they should.  Even though I don't usually watch pro football I will watch this game and have my own little snacks.
Yesterday it was the usual saturday for me watching my college basketball games. Nancy wasn't feeling well. They have her on different medicines that I don't think are agreeing with her. So she just set around the whole day. I went to the USA Flea Market friday and got myself few hot peppers and Nancy a couple of items.
I hope you enjoy this day.

Friday, February 03, 2012

A Full Day

 Yesterday as we came out the door we had this small lizard to greet us. He was on the marble rock that I got out of a forest in North Carolina.
 We went to John Chesnut Park to do some walking. There were quiet a few woodpeckers out and about here yesterday. We still have not seen an alligator in a while. From the park We went to the Quality Sausage House. This place is run by a Hungarian Family and they have German,Polish,Hungarian and several other makes of sausages. The small place was full of people buying the fresh meats. After that we drove through the city of Palm Harbor were we had dinner at the Paradise Restaurant.
 From there it was to Phillpe Park which is located along the bay.  We were at this park maybe 3 years ago. It is a nice park to walk in and there were people walking and jogging.
 We just love the trees that spread their branches out
 A nice breezy walk along this part of a trail feels good.
Another nice tree.
Even after the sidewalk ends you can still walk along the waters edge.
The birds were not too afraid of us as they searched for their food.
As always another great day.
My best wishes for you today. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Walking and Wings

 What a way to start a day yesterday. Yup a bowl of total cereal with bananas and strawberries. I've had more cereal in the last few weeks than I've had the previous year. I usually like a hot breakfast to start the day,but I'm trying to throw in a little cereal as its supposed to be good for me.
 We went to the James E Grey Preserve to walk yesterday and saw this Gopher Tortoise out eating the green grass.
It looks like he had his eye on me as I was taking the picture.
I was going to grill some chicken wings,but when I went to the store to get them I saw they had a special on the wings in the Deli with a $1.00 coupon cheaper than the ones in the meat section. So I thought why get them that where ready to eat. Nancy again had the sides all ready went I got back. The ready made wings tasted delicious. I even put hot sauce on some of them.
As always another gret day.
I hope you have and enjoy another great day yourself. 

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


 The walking started yestery at Eagle Point Park.
 Then it was to Key Vista Park where there is this elevated boardwalk with a nice view of the gulf.
 It was another nice day for walking.
Even saw this bird hunting for a snack in the water coming out of the drain.
As so with each day it was a nice beautiful day. With the sun shinning and the breeze coming in off of the gulf waters.
After getting home I grilled some porkchops,while Nancy prepared the side for a very good meal.  We will no doubt do some more walking today.