Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very good day

Wow blogger is slow today.  It took a very long time to log in then longer to post the couple of pictures. Maybe to many people are updating their blogs.
Anyway yesterday was another beach day.  As usual it was crowded,but less of a crowd then on the week-end.  It was a perfect day with plenty of sunshine and a cool 10-15 mph wind blowing.  We saw more than one red body on the beach.  Some people just don't know how quick they can get a sunburn on the beach. 
The tide was way out when we arrived so there wasn't a problem with finding a place for our loungers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

U S National Forest

Yesterday we were out looking for camping places that we may use in our travels.  I like to do this in the car rather than go to a camping place with the motorhome pulling the car.  More then once I have had to unhook the car before I could turn around.
Yesterday we went to the Francis Marion National Forest to check out three different camping places.
 The first was Buck Hall Recreation Area.  This is a very nice campground this 1/2 mile off of route U S 17 south of Georgetown,SC.  It has water and electric sites that will accommodate any size rig that you may have. If all the sites are full when you get there no need to worry as they have an overflow site for you in a nice field at a reduced price. The intercoastal waterway flows along the front of this campground.
 Honey Hill Campground is a primitive campground.
 Looks like someone will be looking for their keys that they left when putting their trash in the can.
 Thre is a central located water spigot that is a pump type which we couldn't get to working. As I can remember from long ago that it may have lost its prime and we didn't pump long or hard enough to get the water. This campground could be used for a really have to situation.
 An old fire towers sets in the middle of the campground. I can remember when these where in use.
 In the closeup the only use it looks like someone was using the tower for target practice.
 The last was Elmwood Wildlife Station that is a hunt camp.
I really would'nt want to stay here.  The more rugged person would like it,but I could never talk Nancy into staying here.
We had another full day of scouting around.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach Scenes

It was back to the beach yesterday.  We never tire of the beach and that is the reason we stay here for a month.

 This is what you see when the beach is crowded.  We could have gotten close but we take a walk up the beach first. With the tide coming in that wouldn't be a good idea.

 This place wasn't crowded but it would have been a long walk carrying the chairs and the other things we take to the beach.
 I guess I could get a wagon.  How would I get it in the chevy cavalier the I drive?
 Oh no,someone has food on the beach.  The birds can spot the food as soon as you bring it out in the open.
 It is very hard to get a shot of a bird like this with a digital camera.
On the way home I had to stop at the Food Lion to get a couple of tomatoes.  They had something going on outside with vendor boothes.  The shopping cart you see here with the motor on it is 10-12 foot tall.  Nancy sure would like to fill the cart up.
After getting back to the motorhome I fired up the grill for hamburgers to make us a couple of cheeseburgers,which tasted very good.  I'm sorry McDonald's but my burgers taste better. 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

All Day Long

Friday we ventured out to the beach.
 It was way to crowded.  I guess it will be that way all summer.
 Yesterday we was out all day.  We went to Sams Club to look at the 12 volt batteries but they didn't have what I was looking for. So I filled up the gas tank at $3.26. The lowest price that I have found for a while.  Then It was to Dollar Tree,from there to Walmart. Then a stop in to Harbour Freight,Everything Under the Sun Flea Market.  By that time it was dinner for us.
We have been going past the Spring House Restaurant for years say we would stop in one of these days.  Yesterday was the day and I wished we had waited longer.  The best thing was the coffee.  I will let it go at that because Nancy doesn't want me to say anything about it.  It was a long runaround day for us.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another hot one

What do you do when the temperature gets hot.  We stay inside under the airconditioner like a lot of old folks do.  It has been near 100° for the past week.  With a chance of rain at 20% each day,but it doesn't rain.  Looks like the drought here will not end any way soon.
We did go to the Food Lion to get a few groceries so Nancy could prepare us a dinner.  Hopefully we will try to get out to the beach for a short time today.  Its no fun setting inside everyday,but it is nice to stay cool.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Too Hot

Yesterday it was another beach day,but we shouldn't have gone because it was a record breaking hot day.  I got a little to hot and kinda suffered with it. I had stomach aches and cramps the whole evening and night.  Maybe a little dehydrated in the process. 
 This is a patch of cattails that we have going out of Wishing Well Campground.
 The shrimp boats were out yesterday and closer to the shore line than usual. Maybe the shrimp were coming in also.
We will maybe stay in today and recuperate some.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Neuse River Campground

Yesterday was a day of driving and exploring.  We drove to the Croatan National Forest to look at the campgrounds. I only found one and because of the trip being longer than I had expected it to be we didn't have the time to look around for more.
The Neuse River Campground is a nice campground close to the banks of the river.  It has electric as  well as non electric hook ups with a sewer dump station with fresh water. 

 The Neuse River at this point is very wide and looks more like a very large lake with a sandy beach area.
Route 17 has up the coast has some old grain silo's which are still in use.  This is a nice route if you are not in a hurry,which we are not.  From time to time I like to get out and check the different places out just in case we may want to stay some times.  It is better to do this with just the car rather than the motorhome pulling the car.  It was a long day for us and we were more then glad to get back.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


We took our time as usual in getting ready to go to the beach.  We thought we would have a better chance of getting a parking place at the pier. It seems as though some more people had the same thought. We did get a parking spot but it took a while.
 We got to the beach and saw sea weed had washed ashore.
 This happens when there has been a storm out in the ocean. I didn't hear of any storm but there must have been some disturbance out because of the sea weed coming in.
The excitement part of the day was when a couple of police cars and a couple of fire department suv's came onto the beach. The policemen and firemen were walking up and down the beach near the pier looking out into the water.  Getting the news of what was happening was they were looking for a couple of people that were missing from there party.  Come to find out though they had just wandered off.
The sun was behind the clouds all day.  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Up Early

Yep,we were up early yesterday morning.  Getting up early is really for the birds to get worms.  We had to take Sherry to the air port to catch her flight to West Virginia.  We dropped her off then came back home to the motorhome and took a nap,which sure did feel good. Then we just lazied around the rest of the day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everything Beachy

Of course it was back to the beach yesterday.  It was Sherry's last day with us before she had to fly back to West Virginia today.  We stayed a little longer than usuall at the beach.
 Saw the speedy cruise boat.
 The crowds a getting very large as we get into summer.  The tide was out and the beach was full even with the larger beach area.
 The shrimp boats taking in their catch of shrimp and fish.
 We got tickle at this bird. He was really into the sand fort. He would venture out and when I would approach him he would run back to the fort.
After our long day at the beach we drove to Shallotte to have a fine dinner at the San Felipe Mexican Restaurant. Another fine restful day.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Playing Tourist

Yesterday it was time to go to the laundromat to catch up on getting the clothes clean.  This took a couple of hours.
After bringing the clothes home and putting everything away it was time to have dinner.  We went to Capt Nance's in Calabash for a nice dinner along the river. 

 After dinner we went down to Barefoot Landing to do some walking and looking around to see what was going on.  There was a crowd doing the same as we were.
 The tigers were out so that was a treat,the white tiger is a beautiful animal.
 Then it was over to the river to see the boats,yahcts or whatever you call them.  The one in the above photo was a nice one the was all wood. It looked like an old one that had been redone.
The large lake in the middle with all the shops around it.  Of course as all the tourist areas it looked as though everything was over priced. We had a nice time looking during our walk a round.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Else

Yesterday we had to run down to Shallotte for a few groceries.

 After putting the groceries away and eating a bite it was back to the beach.  We haven't been to the beach this late in the day,but there was still plenty of sunshine left over for us.
 There was also still the beach scene,water with the waves,shrimp boats and some kind of cruise ship or maybe a casino shuttle boat.
 A very nice evening with beautiful cloud formations.
Even saw a couple of military choppers fly over. Thank you guys for keeping watch over our country.  Another very nice day. 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Beach Day

 It was back to the beach yesterday.  The crowds are becoming larger as we get more into the summer time weather and more people are on vacations.
 Several shrimp boats were out along the coast catching the shrimp for the people that frequent the local restaurants.
The above photo was taken by my daughter Sherry.  She loves taking photos as much as I do and she also always has her camera by her side for that "Kodak" moment. 
We stayed for a couple of hours and got another good coat of sun on the bodies.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Beach

We went to the beach yesterday and there was a large crowd out enjoying the water and sun. The tide was in so looking for a spot to put the loungers wasn't easy.  We did find a spot where we had a nice view of the water and waves coming in. But not for long the view quickly change to the back of six heads.  Some people came and set up close in front of us.  Oh well thats the beach.  If you don't like crowds don't go to the beach.
We stayed a couple of hours then came home took ours showers and went out to eat.
A very nice relaxing day. 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sunset Beach,North Carolina

 As I was pulling out of the Walmart parking lot yesterday morning this young bird must have wanted to go with us.  It stayed on for around a half a mile then decided flying was better than riding on a motorhome.
I didn't blame the bird for flying off.  I like the 2 lane roads but I sure didn't like all the construction.
We got into Myrtle Beach and I decided to take the route up through the senic part of town.  Bad idea,traffic was so heavy and then they were repaving the street. This had three lanes of traffic choked down to one lane.  After seeing a couple of fender benders and almost in a couple ourselves we make it through in one piece.
We got to our campground in Sunset Beach,then settled in for the night.